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Comfort, Facing Up, Major Scare, The Worst, Or, Escape?


Level of Coral Feather
Sep 9, 2002
Ross at first could not move , then he knew that he had to go over, and comfort the sobbing Kayley.

Kayley was crying hysterically.

"Kayley, honey, please. I'm here. Can you please try to tell me what all this means?" Ross asked.

"A.. Apparently, the lump is suspicious, and it will have to be biopsied. It .. could.. it could.. be Cancer!" Kayley, sobbed,. losing it again with hysterical crying.

"Kayly, Kayley, honey, listen to me. A lump that has to be biopsied does not specifically mean it's cancer. It could be lumpy tissue, or.. a pre cancerous cell that has to be removed, like if someone has a polyp Please.. please dont think the worst until you see. Do you want me to go with you to the appointment?" Ross asked, trying to be supportive.

"Cathy (Kayley's twin sister_) will go. I told Cathy not to tell my mother, and we decided not to tell Sarah (Kayley's other sister) until we know something. " Kayley said.

"Kale, honey, please. Let's go lie down. Did you take anything to calm you down? (A tranquilizer?" Ross asked.

"A tiny piece. I'm going to take a bit more" Kayley said.

"Okay. I'm here , baby. Ross is not going anywhere but with you" Ross said.

Ross got undressed, and got into bed. Kayley had calmed down after taking the calming med, and was trying to close her eyes. Ross could feel his heart beating wildly, and he too, finally had to take a calming med before he went to sleep.

The next morning, after a restless night's sleep, the couple awakened.

"I'm going to call the Doctor this morning. Joan (The principal at Kayleys school, as Kayley was now the Vice Principal) said that I can come in two hours later. I told her about this, and she was mega supportive. "Kayley said.

"Okay, how can I help?" Ross said.

"Please just go to the office. After I make the call, I am going in to my work. Both of us sitting here driving ourselves crazy wont help. Please get out of your office and be home by five if you can, so that I dont have to sit here alone all night" Kayley said.

"I will likely be home earlier,. You go in after you're finished calling. I will go in, probably stare into space, and get nothing done, and will be home early. With this going on, I dont give a flying fuck about deals, Charles Harton, RossShell, or energy. It's only money. It's bullshit, when the woman who I've loved for 27 years is facing this crisis, we will, as always, face it together" Ross said.

Kayley told Ross to go to the office. Ross gently kissed Kayley goodbye, and left, while Kayley called the Doctor, and herself decided to take an Uber to her school a few miles away. Kayley entered, went into Joan's office. The two talked briefly, and had a supportive conversation, and then Kayley went to her own office, and went about her day, writing up staff assignments, and behavior reports and recommendations for the students. Kayley, then , as she always did, went to the lunch room to supervise the students. She had her lunch of an Apple and an Apple Juice, and then herself went back to her own office, busying herself With staff recommendations, in school suspension reports, and detention assignments. To the students who were the troublemakers, Kayley was "The Bitch Ms C" Kayley knew that she just had to deal with it, and just let that roll off her back.

At 330pm , after basically her usual day work, Kayley arrived at home, to find Ross. Ross looked at Kayley somberly. Kayley said. "Biopsy is the day after tomorrow. Cathy will go with me. I please ask you to go to the office. Even if you busy yourself with approximate net worth reports of energy deals, or you search for BS nothing companies to buy that are in quesion, it is better than you driving yourself crazy I am going to work. I actually accomplished a decent amount today. Please just find some potential small company to pick apart, even worth less than a million dollars. Its like going to the casino to play a penny slot machine, plau wisely, but play" Kayley said.

The waiting was the hardest part. Two more sleepless nights for both Ross and Kayley. On the morning of the second day, Cathy came over to Ross and Kayley's apartment, :Fetched her twin, and it was off to the Doctor for the twins, while Ross dragged himself to the office, disinterested in anything except Kayley.

Kayley spoke to the Doctor, then readied herself, and had the biopsied, and was told that the result would be back in 48 to 72 hours

Another two sleepless nights for the couple On the afternoon of the third day, Kayley received a call from the Doctor. The biopsy was back. Kayley was told to come in at 10 am the next morning to speak to the Doctor.

Yet another sleepless night for the couple.

The next morning, when they awakened at 6 again after little sleeo, Kayley said,. "Doctor for me, office for you. I will let you know as soon as I do . " Kayley said.

"I will be home within an hour of your call, depending on traffic" Ross said.

Ross kissed Kaykey, and relucatantly, headed to the office.

The weight of the world was on his shoulsers with Kayley's situation

Kayley had a ten am Doctors appointment.

"Around noon, Ross received a text. "Please come home ASAP I will tell you when you get here" The message saod/.

Ross saw the message, picked up, and went into Vic's office.

"Vic, I'm sorry. I really must go home immediately. Kayley needs me for something urgent" Ross said.

"Of course, Ross. Best wishes with what you and Kayley are dealing with, and I will see you when you can: " Vic said.

Ross got home in his Uber. He went upstairs, saw Kayley sitting alone, and slightly shaking

"R, go get iced teas for both of us. This will take some explaining. We need to be hydrated for this" Kayley said.

Ross got the two iced teas, one for himself, and one for Kayley.

Kayley could not speak. Finally, the words came out of her mouth.

"It's still very scary. It's not the worst, but its not the best. Its lumpy pre cancerous tissue that has to be completely removed. I will need a procedure on my breast. They will do the procedure, which will be the day after tomorrow. Again Cathy will go with me. You can just go in, and I will keep you posted. Be prepared to come home, but if God Willing it is not Cancer, then we will see" Ksyley said, calmer, but clearly still very distressed.

Ross dragged himself to the office, and Kayley and Cathy went to the Doctor.

The Doctor called the twin sisters into his office , they sat down, and then the Doctor said.

:Kayley, the results are back. This is the news"

What exactly was "The news? Was it not the worst, in the middle, or a small , treatable problem?

The two twin sisters sat with bated breath as the Doctor prepared to speak about the details of Kayley's case.

Just what exactly were "The details" of the find on Kayley?

That would be seen
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Very scary biopsy and procedure. I am rooting for Kayley to recover.
Yes, the procedure is scary.

More to come over the weekend, depending on R/L

I am home today, waiting for the phone to ring.

Chances are, if God Willing all is okay, I will be able to write sometime over the weekend.
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