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Coming soon! The Deputy and the Outlaw: Retribution preview trailer! (with pics)


Nov 28, 2001
Hello fans! As promised, I have created a "trailer" for my upcoming Deputy's Universe series The Deputy & The Outlaw: Retribution. Since the final Friday in August 2022, we had chapters from the seven lead up series all leading up to this series. It will debut on 5/5/2023. I am very excited to present it to you and I really do thank you for your support. This "universe" has grown and I still have future plans for it as well. Thank you for all your comments and enthusiasm because that motivates me to continue. It is a lot of fun and this next series will be epic. Now, for the preview trailer!

The Deputy & The Outlaw: Retribution trailer

*Fade In*

In The Deputy & The Outlaw: Justice, the Russian bounty hunter Helga was left in her cell. She was visited by Deputy Darby Reeves and the outlaw, La Diabla. After being defeated by the two women, she was tortured by both them and forced to have an orgasm, completing her absolute defeat. When it was over, she was forced to give up the name of a potential buyer of the sex slaves she had dominated. It was an exchange that would shape the lives of Deputy Darby and La Diabla in their near future……

“Yes..I understand. I want to tell you both something. The buyer is Christos Andino, but he is not who you should worry about. You should fear his chief lieutenant. If you think I was tough, then you will be surprised at her. Remember this name if you decide to go after them. Remember the name……. Thalia Laskaris…” she warned. The thought of that woman made her smile as she knew how dangerous she was. She also started to think that maybe, just maybe Thalia would end these two women after all.

(Series soundtrack song) Roman Reigns - The Head of the Table https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=n0QT_teLcNk (remove space)

A woman looked outside of a window, gazing at the sunset. She was located in an abandoned fort near the Mexico town of Ciudad del Reina. There was a gentle breeze flowing through her thick, auburn colored hair as she stared at the beautiful scene in front of her. She could feel a sense of peace as she thought about this moment. This moment was seven months in the making and it had finally arrived. She had never been so focused on something like this mission and looked forward to flawlessly executing her plan. This was not just any ordinary mission. This one was personal. Very personal. She thought about her friend who had been captured and is currently sitting in some prison in California. This friend of hers was a very powerful and talented bounty hunter, and somehow, she was defeated by a woman she knew was inferior. That same woman also indirectly challenged her as she read the newspaper account of what happened in the small town of Santa Selena. This was about getting even with this woman, a deputy from the small town of Plotsville. She wanted her to suffer beyond any measure. She knew she had to be patient with this situation as everything had to be perfect. Now, it was time to strike. The woman took a deep breath and a wry grin formed on her face. It was time for that deputy to learn her name……..

03. Thalia - WEB FRIENDLY.jpg

Thalia Laskaris. The name every woman should fear. A Greek bounty hunter known for her fighting skills, was in Mexico when she accompanied her employer, the Greek magnate Christos Andino. It was during this journey she discovered that her friend and sometimes partner, Helga, had been captured. From that day forward, she focused on a plan that would have her confront Darby, break her by torturing her, and then bringing her back to her home country of Greece, where she would become a sex slave at her pleasure. For seven months, Thalia plotted and prepared for her confrontation with Darby. She focused on a plan that would bring Darby to her and from there, she was going to make sure the deputy paid a severe price and would never forget her name. She knew she was superior to Darby in every way and wanted to make sure the deputy would fall in total humiliation. She even rescued another enemy of Darby and enlisted her help to bring down the famous deputy. Thalia now had the notorious outlaw Sabrina Alamain on her team.

04. Sabrina - WEB FRIENDLY.png

Sabrina Alamain was a ruthless outlaw from the territory of New Mexico. Along with her partner, Barbara “Babs” McKenzie, she committed many robberies in each town she visited. She would kidnap an innocent local woman, torment them and forced them to assist her in her crimes. She visited Plotsville and had her confrontation with Darby and managed to defeat her once. Her victory was short lived as Deputy Darby managed to defeat her in their next confrontation and was humiliated by her by submitting to her. It was a terrible ordeal for Sabrina, and she vowed to get revenge one day. On her way to another prison, she was rescued by the Greek force of nature, and found her idea to be perfect. She truly detested Darby and helping Thalia Laskaris destroy Darby would be the most satisfying moment of her young life. With her focus on helping Thalia, she knew that there would be nothing to stop her from gaining her revenge.

(Series soundtrack song) The Weeknd - Die for you https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=QLCpqdqeoII (remove space)

Meanwhile, our hero had been quite busy in the town of Plotsville where she continued her heroic deeds. She gained an apprentice, a beautiful, fun, yet sometimes clumsy woman named Becky Lockhart. Together, they helped make Plotsville a much safer place. Becky was very eager to become a deputy much like her hero Darby, and that opportunity to succeed would come. It would be a moment of truth for her. Will she rise to the occasion, or will she fall to the pressure?

01.-DARBY--LOW-RES[8260].png 02. Becky - WEB FRIENDLY.png

Darby was focused on helping her young apprentice and enjoyed her life. The events of Santa Selena made her stronger as she survived such a horrendous ordeal and managed to help so many different women. During that event, she also learned that her former enemy had strong feelings for her, just as much as she was falling in love with her. The love really started to grow between Darby and the notorious outlaw, La Diabla. The outlaw resided with the Elu tribe in California, but she always hoped to see the woman she truly adored. Darby hoped that one day they could be together as a secret couple. Life was really good for her and having that kind of love in her life would make everything complete.

Darby also managed to defeat a new enemy in Plotsville where she defeated the outlaw tandem of Sabrina Alamain and Barbara “Babs” McKenzie. Both women tested not only her, but her apprentice as well. The two outlaws defeated the heroic deputy in their first confrontation; however, In the end, she faced them again and she managed to defeat the outlaws and sent them to prison. During her confrontation, she learned that Sabrina was a former lover of La Diabla which made for an interesting coincidence. Once again, justice prevailed, and Plotsville was safe from any intimidating criminals.


La Diabla had finally found peace in her life. After many years of committing crimes, she started to fall in love with the one woman who defeated her for the first time in her life. She had formed an alliance with Darby and together, they managed to bring down some notorious criminals, including an intense adventure in Santa Selena. It was there that she expressed her feelings for Darby and together, they had some very special moments. She also decided to make her residence with the friendly Native American Elu tribe, where she could live in peace.

It was also during this time where she finally found the former boss of her gang, El Guapo, in Mexico and knew that part of her life was over. She made new friends, Gabby and Veronica, that would help out whenever she conducted her outlaw activities in that country, as she still enjoyed being an outlaw. However, her mind never stopped thinking about the famous deputy from Plotsville and she yearned to see her again. Since her close friend Cheyenne was still in school, she decided to go make a surprise visit to Plotsville, just to spend some time with the woman she deeply adored. It was a risky mission as she could be caught and sent back to prison, but she had to see the woman who made her feel special.

It was spring of the year 1889 and Darby looked forward to the future. She was unaware of the impending trouble that was headed her way. There was a cold and calculating woman that was planning on her demise. Thalia Laskaris managed to arrive in Darby’s home state, ready to execute her plan of revenge. Now that she had her own Greek army with her, along with the outlaws, she was determined to destroy Darby once and for all. Her plan was now in effect and her execution had to be flawless. This was going to be the greatest challenge for Darby and her friends. They had never encountered a force of nature like Thalia, and when the dust settled, every woman involved would never be the same.

Get ready for 21 exciting and deep chapters! Enjoy the many characters of Deputy’s Universe being involved as they will all come together to face this great challenge. There will be drama and also lots of exciting action! There will be emotions. There is a lot of tickle torture, as well as soft and sensual tickling. Can the ladies defeat the great Thalia Laskaris? Or, will the Greek force of nature dominate and break these women? For Thalia, she only had one word in her mind to describe her focus………

Fans, get ready for the series, The Deputy & the Outlaw:


final Retribution- WEB FRIENDLY.png
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