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DC Comics Babes - Audience Participation story (FFFF/f)


TMF Expert
Sep 1, 2013
Hi all,

Not written in a long time, but got the bug again. Thought I'd try an experimental story where you guys can shape what happens to the helpless captives who are at your mercy, or lack of...

As Roulette says, please give some feedback on what happens next, and to whom...

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a very special event indeed! In this you decide how the evening plays out!”

Maxine’s ears echoed with the announcement made by an ebullient female voice. She opened her eyes and immediately wished that she hadn’t. She appeared to be in a large amphitheatre facing the crowd. Stage lighting shone in her eyes and the crowd were hidden in shadows.

She peered around and could see Diana, Dinah, Karen Sonia and Kendra were also present. Rather alarmingly they were all strapped to medical trolleys, angled up vertically and arranged in a semi circle so that they could see each other and the announcer who stood in the middle of them.

Maxine gasped in dread as she tried to move her limbs and found that she too was immobilised to a medical trolley. She struggled desperately to free her wrists and ankles, but to no avail. She saw that the others were not struggling. Presumably they’d already tried and failed to free themselves? But if even Diana and Karen couldn’t get free?

“And let me introduce tonight’s contestants! Six lovely ladies who will be competing against each other in a series of challenges to, well... For our twisted amusement basically”. The announcer finished with a smirk.
The announcer was an attractive red head, hair tied in a severe bun, wearing a long green Chinese style dress. A large dragon tattoo ran down her leg. Maxine recognised her as Roulette. A villain that the JSA had run into before. She had kidnapped and tested the team in a series of deadly games and they had emerged alive, but having failed to apprehend her. And now she’d struck again!

“And our first lovely contestant is Maxine! Aka Cyclone, who is currently attending Harvard. Well done Maxine!” The announcer finished. The audience clapped in appreciation. Maxine brightened. It was nice to be appreciated. Roulette walked to Maxine and held the microphone to her mouth. “Any words Maxine?”

“Er, let us go, please?” asked Maxine hopefully. Roulette arched her eyebrows and smiled. The audience laughed. Roulette walked back to the centre of the stage.

“And second, we have Diana, Queen of the Amazons, aka Wonder Woman!” The audience cheered and hollered. Roulette held the microphone for Diana’s comment.

Diana scowled at Roulette and said, “I don’t know how you’ve managed to take our powers, but know that you’re all in serious trouble.” The audience laughed and Roulette gave a smile and a sardonic wink.

“And thirdly we have Dinah, aka Black Canary!” Dinah opened her mouth to emit a sonic scream, but nothing happened. She looked resigned as if she’d already tried and failed to use her powers. “Don’t worry Dinah, you’ll be doing plenty of screaming tonight.” Dinah and the rest of the captives looked alarmed. “Don’t worry we’re not going to hurt you. We’re not barbarians.” The audience laughed. Dinah kept a stoic silence when offered the microphone.

“Fourth we have Karen, aka Power Girl!” The audience cheered. “Although with the size of those puppies I don’t think anybody’s going to be confusing her with a mere girl. Karen, do you think you should rebrand as Power Woman? Or Power Pups?” The audience hollered in glee. Roulette smiled as she offered the microphone to Karen.

“Just you wait until I’m out of this you bitch! I’m going to tear your f-!” Karen carried on ranting even after Roulette snatched the microphone away and walked back to centre stage. Roulette tutted at Karen’s bad manners.

“And fifth we have Sonia, aka Judo master!” The audience muttered in confusion. “Don’t worry. She is a woman, despite the misleading title, as you’ll see for definite very shortly.” The audience cheered.

Roulette offered Sonia the microphone. Sonia spoke in stilted English. At least it was better than it was a few months back. “You are all in big big trouble. Give up now or you will get hurt.”

Roulette smiled as she walked back centre stage. “And last, but certainly not least, I am pleased to introduce Kendra, aka Hawk Girl!” The audience erupted into cheers as they realised that the games were soon to begin.

“Carter’s going to kick all your sorry asses.” Kendra snarled into the microphone. Roulette nodded at her captive’s defiance and strode back centre stage.

“And now, ladies and gentlemen, let the games begin!”

Maxine’s heart sank as she wondered what was going to happen next...

“And, here are the entertainers for tonight, to ensure that we get the most entertainment from our special guests!”

Roulette clapped her hands sharply and immediately a couple of dozen women walked on the stage, splitting off into groups of four to flank each captive. Maxine looked nervously at the four next to her. They all wore all over black cat suits and their faces were obscured by balaclavas, leaving only their carefully painted lips exposed. One of them turned and spoke to Maxine, “We’re going to have so much fun with you tonight.” Oh dear, that sounded ominous.

Roulette spoke, “Obviously these ladies have been up and about all day. They all need a good massage and a wash. Let’s start with our young friend Maxine!” She clapped her hands again and the four helpers around each Maxine got to work.

Maxine gasped in fear as each of the four ladies pulled out short one inch razor blades and began to cut through her green robes. She realised that she had her witch’s hat on only when one of the ladies removed it from her head.

“What are you doing?” asked Maxine nervously. One of the ladies smirked at the rhetorical question. Maxine gasped as she felt cool air around her midriff. Seconds later her robes fell apart at her feet, leaving her garbed only in her knickers and bra.

“I’ll get her boots.” One of the ladies offered. Maxine looked down and saw a lady make several slices in the sides of her boots before sliding off the remnants to reveal Maxine’s pink bunny socks. “You gotta be kidding me.” Said one of the ladies.
Maxine could hear Diana and Karen shouting at the ladies to leave her alone, but the sounds were muffled by the appreciative howls of the audience who were at least starting to see the show they’d paid criminal fortunes to participate in.

Maxine squealed in shock as the lady near her feet tickled her left sole through one of the socks. “Eeek! Please don’t do that!” Maxine protested. The tickler smirked and redoubled her efforts. “Eehee! Please! Nahahaha! Eheheeheee!”
She saw one of the ladies bring up the razor to slice open her bra, “No. Nonononono. Please no. Don’t do that. Eeeheeehee. Pleeeassee. Naaahhh!”

The lady smiled as she quickly cut Maxine’s bra strap. It fluttered to the floor, revealing her pert breasts, with nipples becoming increasingly erect. Maxine flushed with embarrassment as her modest breasts were thrust into the limelight. Her nipples were getting even bigger.

“Maybe somebody likes this game as much as us?” Taunted one of the ladies.

“Er. No. Eehehehe. Noheehee. It’s just a bit cold in heeeree eheehee!”

“Then let’s warm you up!” One of the ladies taunted. She snapped her fingers and 4 steel cables ending in wrist and ankle restraints appeared from above. This was a well equipped stage, thought Maxine. A fifth cable ending in some form of sling was also lowered down.

Two ladies held down Maxine’s right arm as the right wrist restraint was released. Her arm was forced up and a hanging restraint secured around her right wrist. Maxine panted desperately as she tried to struggle free, but she was just a skinny nineteen year woman, whose strength lay in her cyclone powers that she could no longer use. The medical trolley shook as her struggles grew more desperate. The audience howled in appreciation.

Maxine’s left wrist was similarly transferred to a hanging restraint. One of the ladies nodded and Maxine was abruptly hoisted up by her wrists. The trolley shook as Maxine writhed in her bonds and the vibrations went through her straps. The four ladies unlocked her ankles and stood back. Maxine kicked around her in a panicked frenzy as she realised that her legs were free. She was an incongruous sight snarling and kicking away in her pink bunny socks and knickers. The audience hushed as they appreciated the spectacle.

After a few kicks Maxine grew tired and the four women paired up to grab Maxine’s flailing legs. They quickly attached the ankle restraints. Maxine gasped as the cables went taut and began to slowly pull apart her legs. “Careful”, said one of the ladies, “Not too much. She’s not Judo master. We don’t want to hurt her.”

The medical trolley was wheeled away and Maxine felt queasy as she hung in the air, her arms pulled far above her head and her legs suspended four feet from the floor, so that she was nearly horizontal. She flopped in her bonds as her limbs failed to take her weight. Maxine felt some relief as the sling was placed under her buttocks and she could rest her weight down on the sling. Her relief was shot lived as she one of the ladies take a razor close to her knickers.

“Pl pl please. No. Please don’t.” She stammered. The lady smiled and ignored her. She took the left knicker strap and sliced through it. She then reached across and sliced the right strap. Maxine tried to hold her legs together, but the cable ankle restraints made it impossible. Her knickers fell to the floor, revealing her vulnerable pussy to the baying audience. Her face flushed crimson in embarrassment. She could hear her five friends curse Roulette and her lackeys for what they were doing. She could hear Roulette coldly telling them that their turn was coming up very very soon...

“Guess she’s a natural redhead.” Joked one of the ladies. “Looks like we’re nearly done. Just two more things...” The lady began to slowly peel off Maxine’s right sock. She was ever so slow, savouring the unveiling of Maxine’s soft tender sole. Her index finger tracked up Maxine’s sole, causing Maxine to titter.

Eventually the right sock was off and the lady continued to stroke her right sole with her nail, whilst another lady did the same with Maxine’s left sock, teasing her left sole all the while.

Maxine was now completely naked and spread at the mercy of her four tormentors in front of a leering audience of hundreds and her helpless friends. She had surely been in worse spots. She just couldn’t think of any right now.

Each of the ladies was now clutching a bottle of baby oil. Maxine’s eyes opened wide as she guessed what was going to happen next. Sure enough the four ladies spread copious amounts of oil across their palms before surrounding Maxine. One stood by each foot, whilst another stood behind her and another to her side. On cue all four ladies began to tease Maxine. The ladies on each foot began to slowly spread the oil across her soles with their slippery palms. The third lady began to slowly tease her oily hands along Maxine’s breasts and armpits, while the last lady began to slowly run her palms down Maxine’s taut stomach, from bottom of her breasts to just brushing the top of her red pubic mound. She writhed in her bonds, but was unable to do more than move her feet a few inches either way before exhaustion caused her to flop back into her suspended position. The ladies tittered at her feeble struggles.

Maxine moaned at the sensations, which she hated to admit were quite pleasant. Then all at once the four ladies began stroking her with finger nails rather than soft palms. “NNneee Naahhaaahaa!” She squealed. “Staaphhiittt!”

Her breaths came in gasps as she tried to escape the indignity of being forced to laugh like a child in front of all of these strangers. “Neeheeh Ahahah Nnee nee Nee uhuhuh nuughhh!” The ladies at her feet smiled wickedly as they dug their nails into Maxine’s soft and tender insteps; the thinnest and most tender skin on her body. “Guuaaahhhh! Nuuahhhaaa!” The lady behind her began to rake her nails up and down Maxine’s breasts, whilst still stimulating her erect and purple nipples with the oily palms. “Guuahhhh!” Maxine cried out. “Geearrghhh!” Maxine cried out louder as the tickling strokes changed to rapid finger stabs into her exposed armpits. The other lady then began a rapid staccato assault on Maxine’s sides. “NuahahauaaAAHHAH!” She howled in helpless rage and fear.

The two ladies at her feet were using all ten nails to scrape mercilessly up and down her soles and the tops of her feet. The oil greatly increased the sensitivity of her body and she threw her head back in raucous laughter as she lost all control. “Nahahahahahaha! Gahahahahaha! Fuuahahahah! Muahahahah! Fuahahahaha!”

Her eyes opened in panic as she realised that she was about to lose control of her bladder and piss herself in front of everybody. She summoned up an extra level of willpower and gritted her teeth. “Nuuhhh uhh uhh uhh” Maxine’s head twisted back and forth as if to deny what was happening to her. The four ladies smiled mercilessly. They’d seen this look before with other captives that they’d tormented over the years.

“Nuuhhuuuhuuuhuuu!” Maxine squealed in louder denial as the third lady began to cruelly knead the skin around Maxine’s taut stomach, poking her fingers in short jabs designed to cause the maximum amount of disruption to her bladder control. The feet ladies grasped her feet in their arms and scraped their nails mercilessly up her scarlet soles, leaving red trails from her instep to the soft flesh between her toes. “Nuuhhuuhuuu nuuhuuu nuuhhuuuhuuuu!” Maxine soldiered on, her eyes set in grim resolve.
“Geeeaarrghhh!” Maxine jerked up in her bondss as she felt fingers quickly tickling her anus and perineum through a hole in the sling chair. Her eyes opened in shock and her body jerked again as she lost all control and a jet of piss shot out between her legs onto the stage. She tried to stem the flow, but it was impossible now that she was in full flow and her feet and belly were being mercilessly assaulted. The crowd howled in sadistic appreciation.

Eventually she ran out of piss and the flow died and ended as a couple of forlorn drips on the stage. Maxine’s eyes welled with tears at her embarrassment. One of the ladies tried to console her. “You did alright kid. Let’s see if you high and mighty friends hold up anywhere near as well.”

Maxine’s eyes wide as she saw the scene again, now that she was no longer being tormented mercilessly in her own private little hell. Roulette stepped up and spoke, “Well, didn’t she do well for such a wisp of a woman? Three minutes from start of oiling until she failed. Not a great time, but maybe these other women aren’t as fierce as their reputation suggests?”

Roulette strode around the other five captive women. Maxine noted that they’d all been stripped, albeit whilst still strapped to the trolleys. They all glowered at her defiantly, even as they stole glances to check that Maxine was alright.

“So gentlefolk. I hope that you enjoyed the opening teaser. Maxine was game, but not the strongest contestant to be fair. Who is next for the oily massage challenge? Will any of them get to level two, or even beyond? What forfeit does the loser face? Any great ideas for other events that our guests can compete in tonight? Use your audience participation panels and let me know. This show is all yours.”

Roulette bowed and walked stage exit left, “Back in five.” She flashed a smile at the audience and left to collate the upcoming results. Maxine groaned inwardly.

Part 2 folks. Only 1 feedback so far, plus a prior request from a few months I'll fulfill in this story. Let Roulette know what else you'd like to happen to Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Cyclone, Judo master, Hawk Girl and Black Canary. :)


Maxine and the other captives hastily shouted across to each other. What the heck was going on? One minute they were in the JSA HQ for the annual JSA/ JLA meet up and the next second they were here, at the mercy of Roulette and her cronies. The last thing Maxine recalled was a flash of purplish pink light and then she was waking up here. Her friends asked Maxine if she was alright. She had been better, but the presence of her friends cheered her no end. She wished that Courtney was here as well, but bearing in mind the circumstances that might not be such a good wish after all.

The five minutes was all too brief for Maxine and the other captives. Roulette and her cronies strode back on stage and she announced, “I’m glad that you folks are enjoying the show so far. The feedback so far is more of the same for the other lovely ladies. Seems fair enough to me!” The audience cheered.

“Maxine’s time isn’t great, but there’s five more times to be counted yet. Let’s see how they do”. Roulette surveyed the five captives yet to compete and finally set her gaze on Dinah. She nodded at the four ladies around Dinah who smiled before setting to work.
With ruthless efficiency they reached for the ceiling cords and quickly placed them around Dinah’s wrists and ankles whilst she was still secured to the trolley. Dinah tensed her muscles ready for any chance of escape, but no opportunity was presented. The trolley restraints were released and Dinah sprang into action – causing her to jerk like a broken marionette as the cords restricted her limbs to a few inches of motion. The audience laughed. Dinah glowered in rage.

The arm restraints were raised first, followed by the leg restraints, leaving Dinah four feet off the ground in a spread X-form – her pussy exposed to the audience. A fifth cord with a support sling was secured beneath her buttocks and she was ready for her oil massage. The audience quietened as the four ladies oiled up their palms. Dinah’s breathing grew shallow as she awaited the assault.
Dinah scrunched up her eyes and gritted her teeth as her soles were gently oiled, along with her titties and bare tummy. The oily hands went to oil between her toes, but she scrunched them up. The foot ladies smiled and began to slowly tease their fingernails in between her toes, pulling their fingers up and down between her toes. At the same time they slowly, ever so slowly, teased the fingers of their other hands up and down Dinah’s shiny scrunched up soles, working their fingers in soft spirals on her soles before slowly teasing their finger nails across the soft tops of Dinah’s feet. Dinah failed to stifle a snigger.

“Does little Dinah enjoy the little foot tickles?” Cooed one of the ladies. “How about her soft sides?” One of the ladies switched from teasing Dinah’s tummy to slowly stroking the nails of both hands up and down Dinah’s toned abs. Dinah’s scrunched up her eyes and she broke into an involuntary grin of mirth. “How about her little nips?” Dinah began to pant as her erect nipples were oiled and teased relentlessly.
“Eeeheeeheeeheee!” Dinah began to struggle to stifle her titters as the four ladies teased and tickled her naked body with ever greater intensity and speed. “Neeheeheee! Neeheeeheeeheee!” Dinah began to shake her head violently from side to side as she struggled to fight off the sensations. Her black curly hair bounced across her face, covering her eyes that were scrunched up in ticklish agony. “NeeeheeeheeheeheeheeheeHEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” Dinah lost control and a wave of helpless laughter poured out. “NOOOOOO! STOOPPIIITT! NOOOOO! NOOOO!! AAARGGHHHH! NOOOOO! NOOOOOO!! AHAHAHAH! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!”

“Leave her alone you bunch of motherfuckers!” screamed Karen. “When I’m out of this I’m going to kill the lot of you!”

Roulette looked at Karen in annoyance and nodded a short command to the four masked ladies around Karen. One of them reached into her outfit and brought out a ball gag. She moved to place it in Karen’s mouth, but Karen kept her mouth tightly sealed. One of the other women violently tweaked one of Karen’s nipples and she gave an involuntary scream. The gag was quickly jammed in. Karen struggled to escape the gagging, but with no super strength she was unable to resist as the gag was jammed in tight. A button was pressed on the gag and it immediately inflated to nearly double its normal size, seemingly almost breaking Karen’s jaw as it forced her mouth wide open. Roulette nodded in satisfaction.

Maxine watched mesmerised as Dinah’s body shook in her bonds, bucking like a fish on dry land, but she was just as helpless as a stranded fish. There was no escaping her tormentors’ expert fingers. Dinah’s jaw was forced open in a rictus of mirth, her eyes scrunched shut even as tears poured from them. “GAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FUUUCKKK! FUUCCKKK!” Dinah howled as the torment continued. The four ticklers were now grinning broadly as they tormented Dinah as much as possible. Their fingers were scraping Dinah’s helpless flesh at a frenetic pace, whilst a couple of the ticklers began to lick Dinah in her armpits and across the soles of her feet even as they tickled her thighs and the backs of her knees. One of the ladies placed her fingers on Dinah’s puckered anus and let loose with soft gentle tickles.

“GEEAARGHHHH! FUUCCKKK! GEHAHAHAHAH! GEEAARGHHHH! FUUCKKK!” Dinah screamed at the loudest level that Maxine had ever heard. Possibly a remnant of Dinah’s lost sonic powers. Maxine’s breath began to quicken as she witnessed Dinah’s struggles. Her hair was soaking wet with sweat and as she flicked her head back and forth sweat droplets flew across the stage and her ticklers. Her entire body was slick with oil and sweat and she shone in the stage lights. Her soft pale skin was marked with streaks of red where merciless nails had crossed her body, especially the soles of her feet which were nearly purple in places. Maxine realised that she was starting to get a little turned on at the sight of Dinah’s struggles. Surely not. Must be nervousness surely?

“GGGEEAAGHH! FUCCCKK! FUUCCKKK YOUUU! FUUCCKKK!” Dinah screamed. Her body went rigid in the bonds as she tried to resist the urge to piss, but it was no use. “GEEEEAARRGGHHH FUUCCKKK!” She howled in anguish as a jet of piss burst from between her legs and splattered on the stage. The stream continued as Dinah’s merciless tickling continued, until after a seeming age it died down to a few drips. The ticklers stopped and Dinah sagged in her bonds.

“Four minutes!” shouted Roulette. “A good effort and, more importantly, better than our current last place, Maxine!” The audience cheered. “I told you that she was a screamer.” Joked Roulette. The audience laughed along with her.

Roulette looked across her other four captives. Diana looked defiant; Karen glowered at Roulette with unconcealed hatred; Sonia looked stoic and Kendra looked nervously around and avoided Roulette’s gaze. Sensing weakness, Roulette smiled and signalled the four women around Kendra to begin. “Let’s make her fly.” Roulette instructed them.

Kendra looked around in terror as the four ladies round her secured her to the four ceiling restraints. The cords were then pulled tight lifting her and the trolley off the floor. One of the ladies clapped her head at her error. Kendra was lowered again and Kendra was freed from the trolley restraints before she was again lifted upwards into the air. This time Kendra was suspended with her face to the floor, limbs spread akimbo so that she sagged forwards between her limbs. No sling support was offered.

The ladies oiled up their hands and got to work. Two ladies began to stroke Kendra’s soft soles while the other two ladies stood either side of Kendra and began to stroke her sides, from armpit down to hips. Kendra gritted her teeth and with a supreme effort hoisted herself up so that her arms were close to her body, partly covering her vulnerable sides, whilst she also pulled her legs forward so that her feet pulled away from the ticklers. The effect of this was to raise her butt higher into the air. Roulette smiled as Kendra held herself aloft. The ticklers held the positions of their hands where Kendra had been and waited for her to tire. Soon Kendra sagged in her bonds and her body flopped forwards. The ticklers attacked her soles and sides again with sadistic enthusiasm. Kendra howled in frustration and again hauled herself up. Roulette and the ticklers smiled in anticipation.

After a shorter time Kendra tired and sagged in her bonds. Again the ticklers got to work and Kendra began to grunt and curse her captors. “Bunch of bitches. Carter’s so going to kick your asses. Fuck you. Fucking whores! You won’t get away with this. Geergahhh. Fuck fuck fuck.”

Kendra hauled herself up again, her limbs closing tight to her body, moving her pert butt into the air and her soles and sides away from tickling. Kendra held the position for far longer than Maxine could ever imagine doing so, but eventually Kendra gave a sigh of despair and exhausted she flopped down again. This time the ticklers were merciless. They scraped their nails up and down Kendra’s naked sides and soles. They also attacked her calves and her pert titties. Kendra’s sides began to heave as she struggled to contain her mirth. The ladies attacked every part of her body looking for a weakness, but Kendra stayed stoic; until one of the ladies poked a finger into Kendra’s belly button.

Kendra’s back arched up and she pulled herself away from the ticklers. “No please, not that.” Kendra begged. The ticklers smiled evilly. This time they gave her no respite as they continued to tickle her naked body. Kendra bucked and jerked in her raised position, but eventually she slumped down again. “Please. No. Stop it. Please. Stop it. Stoppp IITTT! FUCCKK! GAHAHAHAH! AAGHHH FUU FUU FUUUCK!” Kendra bounced up and down and laughter broke free from her as her belly button was assaulted, along with her sides and bare soles.

Maxine realised that she was getting warm in her crotch as she watched Kendra’s struggles. Kendra had been a troubled soul and didn’t smile enough. Maxine had always wished that Kendra was more cheerful. It was nice to see her laughing whole heartedly at something, although this was not the ideal circumstances... Kendra’s entire body was slick with sweat, which dripped from her nipples to the stage floor. Sweat dripped from Kendra’s face and hair, as well as some small droplets of drool, as she laughed and cursed uncontrollably. Sweat pooled along the tops of Kendra’s legs, where it was then ruthlessly licked off by the two foot ticklers, even as they continued to assault Kendra’s soles with their finger nails.

One of the ticklers went for the coup de grace, ruthlessly kneading Kendra’s lower abdomen, whilst the two foot ticklers focused super hard strokes on Kendra’s soft and silky insteps. Kendra sobbed as she bucked in her bonds and then sagged, defeated, as a stream of her piss hit the floor.

The audience cheered at the show. Roulette looked at her watch. “Five minutes. A solid time from a great performer who was doing her best to fly away!” The audience cheered again. “Things are looking bad for Maxine! But, there’re still three contestants who may stumble at the starting line!”

Maxine felt sick to her stomach. At least Kendra and Dinah were safe, for now...

“Who next?!” Asked Roulette.

“Power Girl!” Someone shouted. “Let’s see her titties jiggle!”

Roulette smiled. “A great idea. But I want to give her something extra special for her rude behaviour. And I think that we all want Wonder Woman as the final competitor. How about Judo master next?!” She waved her microphone in the air and solicited audience views. After a second or two a murmur of assent echoed back.

Roulette nodded curtly to the ticklers around Sonia. Sonia looked nervous, but tried to mask it with a stoic warrior’s face. Maxine silently wished her luck.

Sonia, like the others was secured to cord restraints before being released from the trolley. Her arms were hoisted up, as were her legs. Her legs were pulled further and further apart until she was in a complete box splits position. She was then lowered so that her buttocks and feet were only a few inches from the floor. Sonia remained stoic throughout. The audience murmured appreciation at her flexibility. Maxine admired Sonia’s physique. She was shredded like a panther; not a single ounce of wasted body fat to obscure her perfect abs or toned athletic limbs.
Sonia looked nervous as the four ticklers around her began to oil up their hands. She then looked puzzled as the ticklers removed their boots and began to oil up the soles of their feet. They then shuffled slowly towards her on their buttocks. The audience murmured in confusion. Roulette smiled and said, “I think that we can assume that she’s going to be hard to break. I suggest a handicap to give Maxine a chance. I suspect that Power Girl and Wonder Woman are going to give us a hell of a show!” The audience clapped in approval.

Roulette nodded and the four ticklers began their work. The two feet ticklers lay on their sides, working on Sonia’s feet with both hands and their tongues and teeth. Meanwhile their feet gently caressed Sonia’s upper and lower thighs. A third tickler sat behind Sonia and stroked her feet up and down Sonia’s sides whilst her fingers began stroking the soft skin in Sonia’s armpits. The fourth tickler sat in front of Sonia. She sat legs akimbo so that her feet worked across Sonia’s tight breasts whilst her fingers gently teased at the sides of Sonia’s neck.

Roulette smiled and nodded for the ladies to begin. Sonia began to giggle immediately as the sixteen oiled extremities, plus some slippery tongues and nipping teeth, got to work on her vulnerable exposed body. “Neeheehee. No. Please. No”, Sonia tittered. Sonia had already broken out into a wide grin of mirth as she struggled with the unfamiliar sensation racing through her body. She was used to hard training and iron discipline, not the tender caresses of specialists in feminine teasing.

The ticklers sensed an easy win and began to ramp up their efforts. Nails raked across Sonia’s soles, even as tongues and teeth teased her toes. The sharp probing of her armpits intensified, causing Sonia to squeal in shock. Most surprising was the howl and torment and vigorous head shaking provoked by the sudden tickling of the sides of her face. “No Ears! No ears!” Sonia begged.

“More ears darling? Sorry, can’t understand your pidgin English deary.” One of the ticklers taunted.

“EEheeheeehee Kyak kyak ehee heehee heeh ehehehhehhhe!” Sonia began to laugh in a high pitched cute whine. Maxine couldn’t believe how cute, kawaii even, Sonia was. At the JSA she could kick anybody’s ass in a fight, but here she was a tittering beautiful young Japanese woman being forced to lose control in front of hundreds of strangers. Maxine had always considered Sonia to be beautiful, but it had been hidden under a mask of severity, even when not under a costume mask. But here Sonia looked like the beautiful woman that she was. She looked so cute as her eyes scrunched up and she laughed, showing off her oh so beautiful smile. Maxine had always wanted to see Sonia smile, and now she was getting her wish.

“Keekeekee ayakeekee akkeyyeee ahahaha!” Sonia giggled and squealed in a high pitched voice. “Neee nee kee hee hee kyak kyakakakaka!” Her body shook violently as she tried to fight her way free, but even with her powers she would be trapped in her bonds. The tickling continued and the high pitched giggles and smiles gave way to shouted Japanese curses and wails of anguish as Sonia realised the depths of her helplessness. “NNnaahhh! Naaahhhh! Daiban Ama! Fakku Anata! Fakku Anata! Nahhahhhahh! Ghhahhha! Ahhhh! Yariman! Yariman! Ahhahhaha! Ahhhh!”

Maxine was ashamed to realise that she was getting turned on by Sonia’s struggles. Her skin was now glossy with sweat, dripping down from her face, between her breasts and tips of her glossy black hair now matted with moisture. She saw that Sonia’s nipples were hard like dark brown bullets. The front tickler rapidly stroked her slicked soles over the nipples, further stimulating them. But most of all Maxine was turned on by the soft pink skin on Sonia’s soles. So full of nerve endings waiting to be stimulated. The intense pleasure tinged with helplessness as they were forcefully stroked by Sonia’s tormenters. Maxine realised with guilt that she wanted to be one of the ticklers making Sonia squeal and smile so beautifully.

Sonia continued howling and cursing and a large puddle of sweat and had dripped to the floor beneath her, but she still hadn’t broken. Then the back tickler moved down so that her face was under Sonia’s buttocks. She positioned her hands next to Sonia’s buttocks and then unleashed a rapid tongue lashing of Sonia’s anus, even as her fingers began to quickly tease Sonia’s butt crack and perineum.

“Mesuinu! Mesuinu! Kutabare! Kuso! Kuso! Kuso! Gahahahaha! EEhheeeheeee! Aaaghhhh” Sonia screeched in outrage as her most sensitive nerve endings were lickled with impunity. “Gaaahaaa! Guhhhhh! Guuuhhhh!” Sonia gritted her teeth as her body started to shake from the effort of controlling her bladder. “Kutabare! Ahhhhhh! AHHHH! Ughh! Ugghh! EEEhhhhh!” Sonia’s body arched up as she screamed in anguish as she pissed herself. The tickler teasing her anus continued her merciless lickling even as piss spurted out onto the stage. The other ticklers were also relentless, only stopping when Sonia’s piss did, leaving Sonia to slump down exhausted, muttering to herself, “kuso kuso kuso...”.

The audience hollered in appreciation. “What a great effort!” Exhorted Roulette. Six minutes, and it took a lot to break her down. Please give a big round of applause for Sonia!” The audience gave Sonia a great round of applause before it settled down expectantly for the two babes they most wanted to see get theirs.

“Time for another break folks!” Roulette announced. The audience groaned in disappointment. “But don’t worry, we’ll be back soon!”

"And please keep your ideas coming in for additional competitions and forfeits for any unfortunate losers. I know what’s going to happen to Maxine (Most likely it’s going to be her, thanks to April for the suggestion), but we need other ideas to keep this evening of entertainment going. Remember that we have a whole gamut of equipment and venues we can utilise to make almost any sick and twisted fantasy you may have come true – we make Christian Grey look like the Pope. Just let me know!"

Roulette looked conspirationally at the audience, "We may even have scope to bring in some other special guests. Just let me know and I'll see what we can do." She winked at the audience. See you in five...

Hi all,

Guess the story hasn't caught on as well as I'd hoped. Still, I've a few more scenes to write and a great finale cooked up for Maxine.

(Yep, ending is pretty much fixed, but the rest is still up in the air).


The captive women looked around defiantly at the audience and the tickler women as they filed off the stage. Sonia was putting on a brave face about her ordeal, but was still panting heavily at her exertion. Diana and Karen looked grim faced as they prepared for their turn. Maxine was particularly perturbed at the pitying looks the other five captives gave her when they thought she wasn’t paying attention. No way Wonder Woman or Power Girl were going to do as badly as her. Her stomach knotted in fear as she awaited the final two contests.

After all too short a time Roulette and her ticklers returned on stage. The audience settled down as Roulette announced, “And now for the clash of the titans, two buxom beauties we’ve all been dying to see like this for years: Wonder Woman and Power Girl!” The audience burst into rounds of applause.

“Now, we don’t want to be here all night watching these babes battle it out, so we’re going to further handicap them”. Maxine turned her head to look at several ticklers wheeling two large water bottles onto the stage. They appeared to be close to a gallon each. They were supported on stands and connected to clear plastic hoses.

The ladies then produced two gags with attachments for the hoses. Diana was gagged first. She opened her mouth as directed and obeyed the ladies’ commands. She was obviously saving her energy for when an escape opportunity presented itself. Karen was quite the opposite. Firstly her ball gag was removed and she began shouting and cursing at the ladies. “You fucking bitches! I’m going to smash the lot of you! Just you wait! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She moved her head around in a frenzy and snapped at the fingers of the ladies. Several of them turned to look at Roulette as they didn’t know how to proceed. They were at risk of hurting Karen as they tried to gag her.

Roulette smiled and announced, “A change of plan folks. Since we can’t give her the water by mouth, we’ll supply it the other end...” Karen’s eyes opened in shock and outrage, whilst the audience cheered. Karen was strung up in the air, much the same was as Kendra was, with her face towards the floor. This time she was turned to face the audience, so that they could all appreciate her mighty jiggling breasts, which even now pulsed back and forth as Karen desperately struggled in her bonds.

One of the ladies brought out an alternate pipe attachment and positioned herself near to Karen’s bum hole. One of the ladies had oiled up her hands and began to lubricate the skin around Karen’s anus. “Fucking bitches!” Roared Karen. “Going to fucking kill the lot of you!” She smiled with a mixture of malice and desperation, “You’re so fucking dead. I’m going to – eeekkk! Fuck! Stop it! Fuck you! Fuck you! Motherfuckers! Aarrghhh! Fuckfuckfuck!!!” Karen continued to shout and curse at the top of her lungs as the silver butt plug was deployed up Karen’s anus. Karen shook mightily to free it from up her violated rear passage, but it was now firmly wedged as the lady behind Karen made it wider and wider inside her anus.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!!! Mother fuckers! Gonna kill the lot of you!!” Karen screamed hysterically as her face grew bright crimson with rage. “Fucking fucks! Geearrhh!” Karen screamed in shock as a cascade of warm water was released down the pipe affixed to her butt plug and began to fill her up. A mechanism in the butt plug stopped the water backing up. Sonia, Dinah and Kendra averted their gazes, whilst Diana looked on impassively and Maxine watched enraptured. Karen’s breasts were in full motion, like two massive meaty pendulums that slapped against each other and her stomach and her chin as she wailed like a banshee and struggled like a dervish.

Over the next few minutes all of the water disappeared up Karen’s anus, causing her stomach to bloat alarmingly, especially a she hung face down, so that she appeared to be heavily pregnant. Karen panted and tears of rage and embarrassment streamed down her face.
Roulette gestured to the eight ladies around Sonia and Kendra to join the four around Karen. Karen’s eyes opened wide in terror. She had run out of curses to make and could only await the inevitable.

“Geeearrghhh! Fuckkkk!” Screamed Karen as twenty four oily hands descended upon her suspended naked body. Two women took her feet, whilst another two tormented her knees. Two more tickled her buttocks and around her sealed up anus. Two more women squeezed in close to torment her blonde hatched pussy and sides. Two more women focused solely on Karen’s massive jiggling titties. One of them was oiling a titty like a ripe melon, whilst another of the ticklers had grabbed hold of it and was gently nibbling on the nipple whilst still tickling Karen with her fingers.

The final two ladies were by Karen’s head, tickling under her chin and around her ears and were taunting her. “You were going to kill us Power Jugs? When is that going to happen? Maybe when we stop tickling you, like This!” Karen shrieked as the lady tickled around her neck and chin twice as quickly as before.

“Are you having fun,. Powerless girl?” Taunted the other as she tickled Karen’s ears and teased her face with her tongue.

“Geeeaaagghhh! Fuuckkk Youu Fuuckkkk yoouuu! Fuuuhahahahhaha! hahahEEAARGHHH. FUCKERS! GONNA fucking kill yooouuuuuuaarrghhhh!” Karen’s voice grew high pitched and desperate as the tickling barrage wore down her defiant spirit. “Kill youuuu! Killahahhahaeeearrghhh! Fuckeerrsss! Nooo pleaseee stapphit! Noooaarghhh! Noaarghhhh! Please! Please! Noooarghhhh!” Karen broke down into racking sobs as she was brought so low by her tickling tormentors. A stream of piss shot out from between her legs and splattered at high velocity against the stage floor.

The audience cheered. Roulette looked at her watch and raised her eyebrows in surprise. The ticklers had stopped and Karen panted and wheezed in relief. Roulette gestured at them to continue. “I think that Power Girl’s going to need more than that to relieve her pressure. You know what to do...”

One of the ladies behind Karen started to remove the silver butt plug even as Karen jerked and screamed in her bonds as the ladies began tickling her again. Her body was slick with sweat, oil, drool and tears. Maxine noticed that some of the piss was dripping from some other fluids that had exuded from Karen’s pussy and were hanging down in a slimy trail. She looked like a female bodybuilder, but she was now reduced to a crying ticklish little girl by her tormentors. One of the ticklers noticed the signs of Karen’s excitement and taunted her further, “Ooh, does Powerless Girl enjoy being owned by lesbians. Maybe she wants more?!” Karen sobbed in reply.

“Neeeaoooo! Muther fuckeenneesserrghh nooooo. Leave me alone! Fuckerssss. Gonna kill youuu!” Karen’s body hung limp and exhausted in her bonds and a massive jet of mostly clear water shot out of her anus and onto the stage floor, staying solid for a good second before losing pressure and starting to dribble down between her legs. The audience hollered in appreciation. The ticklers stopped and Karen’s head hung limp, sweat, drool and tears dripping from her face.

“Two minutes fifty!” Announced Roulette. “Maxine’s off the hook! I guess that the extra ticklers and extra water, with added diuretic, was a bigger handicap that I thought. Never mind, Wonder Woman’s got the same conditions, so at least it’s fair between her and Power Girl.”
She turned to Wonder Woman. “And now let’s get her set up!” The ticklers moved to set up Diana in an akimbo position and Roulette turned to the audience. Roulette was about to speak when she heard the audience gasp in shock and she heard the patter of a stream of liquid hitting the stage floor. She turned around and saw Wonder Woman pissing onto the stage whilst looking at her defiantly.

“I refuse to play your sick game. I forfeit the round. Leave my friends out of this.” Wonder Woman spoke in a cold voice. Roulette, despite her clearly superior position, looked briefly flustered. She looked even more worried as she heard the audience booing and crying out.

“What’s this bullshit!” One heckler said derisively.
“Yeah, we wanna see her squirm!” Shouted another.
“Why’d the stupid bitch do that?” Shouted another.

Roulette held her patience for a few more seconds before shouting, “Shaddup! She did it because she’s a hero, who protects her friends when she can. Which none of you can understand” Her face softened, but only for a moment. She smiled sadistically as she announced, “Wonder Woman has now volunteered for the forfeit. At the end she’s going to wish that she’d let Power Jugs lose!”

The audience hollered in anticipation. Roulette nodded to her assistants to take Wonder Woman to the treatment room to receive her forfeit. She grinned at the audience, “We’ll be right back!”

I am loving this set of stories. I am a huge superhero fan and love the scenario. I would like to see a situation where the heroines are forced to tickle each other or be tickled themselves. :)
Thanks guys.

n2tickling, Nice scenario. Trouble is they're all so darned heroic that they wouldn't normally tickle their best friends even under the most dire threats. But Roulette has a plan...

WW part coming tomorrow.

Thanks nyticklr. Always nice to get positive feedback. :)

Didn't get the whole Wonder Woman forfeit done, but still managed 2,600 words of depraved bondage fun. It just kind of grew and grew. Part two soon, and then onto the second contest.

I'm open to more suggestions for events. Ideas to me by Wednesday 25th please.

Diana felt somewhat apprehensive as she was wheeled into the forfeit room still strapped to the medical trolley. But she’d been captured before by other foes and had always managed to escape via either her own or the efforts of her allies.

And this time Roulette and her cronies had made a bad mistake. They’d kidnapped six members from two of the most powerful super teams on the planet. Very soon Roulette would rue this day, despite the fact that she was undoubtedly dangerous: shown by being able to kidnap them from the middle of the annual gathering. Roulette also had the ability to neutralise their super powers, which was a rare ability.

Rescue would come, but for now Diana had to support her team mates as best she could. Maxine was far too young and frail to go through an ordeal such as this, whilst Karen, for all her bluster was also less equipped to deal with this set back. She’d bear the weight of the forfeit for the team.

Diana was snapped out of her reverie as the trolley stopped by the edge of a padded medical examination table. There was a set of strap covered gynaecological stirrups at one end of the table, and head, wrist and elbow straps at the other end.

There were a dozen tickling ladies arrayed around the room, except that they’d been dressed up in white nurses’ uniforms, with surgical masks covering their faces. One of the trolley operators pressed a switch on the trolley and Diana was surprised to find herself now attached to a steel frame, to which she was strapped. That frame was then lifted on to the massage table by four of the faux nurses, even as the stirrups were swung aside, for now.

She was placed onto the table and each of her arms in turn was grasped by three of the nurses, unstrapped from the frame and strapped to the table. She tested her strength, but she was still as weak as a mortal and could not resist the force from three nurses experienced in restraining struggling prisoners. They also strapped her head securely to the table via a forehead strap. They then unstrapped her legs from the frame and slid the frame out from underneath her. Her legs were both free, but the nurses stood well back, even as two of them gingerly moved the stirrups back into placed, so there was nobody she could kick, even half heartedly.

One of the nurses bade Diana to place her legs into the stirrups and she did as commanded. It was unlikely that she could free herself, and even if she could her friends would still be in great danger. Better to conserve her strength rather than make any pointless displays of defiance. She placed both of her bent legs into the stirrups, which were slightly raised up serving to expose her anus for treatment. Straps were tightened across her thighs, knees and ankles. She was shocked to see that they even had ten steel cable nooses that they placed around her toes and then tightened up to leave her toes pulled wide apart. She was further surprised to feel her fingers being individually restrained. No doubt to heighten her feeling of helplessness. Diana had to admit to herself that it was working. Finally a Johnson gag was placed into her mouth, leaving her mouth vulnerable to any oral insertions that they wanted to give her.

A speaker blared into life from a corner of the room, relaying Roulette’s voice “Glad to see that you’re comfortable Wonder Woman. And my sincere admiration again for your courage. Let’s see if you feel it was worth it. This treatment is designed to cure you of always being so serious all the time. Welcome to the patented laughter therapy treatment room.”

Diana’s eyes flicked around as she could see the dozen nurses in her peripheral vision move closer to her. She was sure she could see lust and malice in their eyes. She only hoped that Hera would give her strength to endure.

“Begin.” Commanded Roulette.

One of the nurses spoke, “Right ladies, we need to cheer this sour puss up. Let’s begin with a gentle oil treatment.” The nurses each opened a bottle of oil and, rather than slicking up their hands, poured the contents all over Diana. Oil was poured down onto her arms, breasts, stomach, legs; across her toes and onto her pussy, where it dribbled down her perineum and anus – causing Diana to gasp.

The dozen nurses then placed their hands across Diana’s immobilised body and began “treatment”. Two of the nurses gently massaged the tops and soles of Diana’s feet with the palms of their hands, with the occasional stroke of their soft fingertips between her splayed toes. Diana gasped in relaxed pleasure with every stroke. “Good patient response there team. Well done.” Commended the senior nurse. “Next team.” She commanded.

Two more nurses massaged the oil across her calves, shins and upper and lower thighs. She gasped every time the stroking palms gently passed the backs of her knees.

“Note that spot ladies.” Instructed the senior nurse. “Next.”

To Diana’s surprise the next pair was the two ladies on her arms. They massaged oily palms across her outstretched arms, from her splayed hands – even between her fingers, all the way down to her armpits. She tried to control her breathing even as they stroked her sensitive armpits, but she still gasped in pleasure. Diana couldn’t understand how she could have so little control. Maybe there was something in the oil? “Note those treatment areas team three.” Instructed the senior nurse. “Next.”

The fourth pair of nurse began to massage their oily palms across her firm breasts. She gasped as the palms dragged across her nipples, but she also tittered gently as the undersides of her breasts were massaged. She further gasped as their hands strayed all the way up her breasts and into her slick armpits. She was also surprised to find herself gasping as the sides of her neck were gently stroked by the nurses as their hands rounded Diana’s slick and perfect breasts. Her breathing was starting to catch in random gasps as the sixteen oily hands strayed upon sensitive parts of her body. “Good work.” Said the senior nurse. “Team five go.”

Diana moaned as four oily hands started to stroke their way up and down her six pack abs and sides. Her muscles spasmed as they were stimulated in turn by the nurses’ oily hands. Her breathing grew faster and faster and one of the nurses lingered near her belly button, probing it with a firm finger. She emitted a slight yelp as the nurse poked the fingertip all the way in and swilled it around in the little pool of oil that had gathered inside it.

“Nice work.” commended the senior nurse. “Team six, prepare the area before treatment.

Diana was just about able to discern two nurses arrayed around her crotch. She could feel a liquid being massaged into her neatly trimmed pubic mound by firm fingers. Her eyes opened in alarm as she guessed what they were planning to do. She tried to move her hips anywhere she could but the straps were far too strong. She heard the rasp of a razor going through hair as she was shorn of her pubic mound. The razor strokes were repeated, along with several more applications of shaving lubricant. Eventually the nurse was finished. Diana gasped as a warm palm pressed down hard on the recently shorn skin. She moaned at the unfamiliar sensation which she could not even remember from years ago. She gasped even louder as four palms began to massage her pubic mound, buttocks and anus. Diana’s eyes rolled up in her head as slick fingers teased her perineum and anus. She realised now why Sonia had broken so quickly when her own anus was teased. It was like nothing Diana had ever felt before in her life. “Uhhhhhhhh.” She began to moan lewdly, despite her best efforts. Her anus and perineum started to tingle with warmth. There must definitely be some chemical in the oil. “Uhhargghhh!” Diana moaned even louder as her labia were also subject to the oily massaging palms.

Back on the stage Maxine looked up at a large display screen to which Roulette, the audience and her fellow captives were watching intently. Diana’s body was so perfect. She was six feet tall and her legs seemed to go on for miles. Her breasts were perfectly sized and her abdomen so tight and slender. Her limbs were toned, but not excessively muscled so as to detract from her femininity. She was also amazingly beautiful. Even in her gag her jaw was strong and set. And her eyes were as deep blue as ever. The camera continued to pan around Diana’s struggling form as she was massaged, eventually lingering on Diana’s soft and perfect feet. If Wonder Woman was supposed to embody the Amazon ideal, she had succeeded in spades, possessing the body of Aphrodite. Her toes were all long and slender and the skin of her soles looked so soft and lickable. Maxine’s eyes opened in shock as she retracted that last thought. What a weird thing to think. She wasn’t into women, was she?
As the camera panned around again Maxine noticed a small patch of rough skin on each of Diana’s heels. Even Aphrodite wasn’t perfect then.

One of the ticklers who had stayed with her whispered maliciously, “Enjoying yourself much?” Maxine realised that her nipples were fully erect and that her crotch was burning hot. Pussy juice was starting to form and was soon going to dribble out. Maxine’s eyes opened in embarrassment. “Don’t worry kid, “Said the tickler, “Your secret’s safe with me. My pussy’s boiling right now, watching Wonder Woman get owned like that. I wish I was in there.”

Maxine felt strangely dejected. The tickler said, “But don’t worry kid, it’s been fun tickling you as well, and we get a better view anyway.” The tickler began to gently stroke her firm hands across Maxine’s pert breasts and engorged nipples. Maxine gasped in shock, and was even more shocked to realise that she didn’t mind at all. She turned back to the display screen, enjoying the attention her breasts were receiving.

Diana’s eyes darted back and forth and her breathing was no longer at the slow and controlled tempo that she’d tried to maintain. Her whole body was melting with relaxed pleasure as the dozen nurses massaged and caressed her body across every inch of her exposed flesh. Her pussy was boiling hot now, from both the oil and from frustration as her clit stood erect but untouched by any tickling fingers or palms.

“Begin Stage two,” Barked the senior nurse. Diana would have leapt right off the table as her clitoris was gently stroked by a single finger tip. She began to breathe rapidly as the finger teasingly stroked her nubbin, but pulled back at the last second without fully stimulating her. Diana tried to thrust her hips upwards, but the straps frustrated her efforts. The nurse teased Diana’s clit again, this time pressing down just a bit more firmly. Diana moaned in satisfaction. This gentle clit teasing, plus all of the other massaging continued for an indeterminate amount of time. Diana’s eyes rolled back in her sockets and drool trickled from her gag as she gently moaned with pleasure. This was more relaxing that any massages she’d ever had in Themiscyra. Not that she was enjoying this, obviously, she told herself. Roulette and her cronies would still pay for this indignity, but so far it hadn’t been as bad as she’d feared.

Diana grunted in alarm as soft fingers began to gently pry apart her labia. Her eyes widened in fear as she realised that she was going to be violated. She determined that she was going to remain stoic. Far better that she rather than Maxine or any of the other captives should suffer this indignity.

“Vibrator.” Barked the senior nurse. Diana strained her eyes and could see a nurse placing an object near her crotch. She could also hear a low buzzing sound.

“Geeearrghhh!” Diana moaned as her clitoris was subjected to a vibration unlike anything that she’d ever felt before.

“Anal dildo.” Barked the senior nurse.

“Geeaaughhh eeeghhh eeerrr eeeeeeehhhh!” Diana moaned and squealed as her anus was gently prized open and a thin, warm vibrating dildo was inserted up it. This stimulation reacted with the clitoral vibrations to double the effect of both. “Geeeaaahhhh Uhhh uuuhhh uhhh.”
Diana barely noticed that the nurses massages were being added to by soft tongues stroking across the soles of her feet; between her toes, across her nipples (Which were also being gently sucked on) and down her taut stomach muscles. Most shocking of all was a nurse who began flicking her tongue across Diana’s lips, exposed by the Johnson gag. Diana could not believe how sensitive her lips were. Tingles of sensation shot through her lips. She strained to get away but her head was secured too tightly. “Eeehh eerghh eeehh ehh ehh ehh eerghh ermaged goddessss gahhhh.”

“Vaginal dildo.” Barked the nurse. “And be gentle with it.”

Diana gasped as her labia were gently pulled apart and she groaned as she felt a large warm semi pliant object enter her vagina.
“Looks good.” Confirmed another nurse. “Looks like she’s providing plenty of her own lubrication to help out the oil. Guess she likes this, eh?”

Diana gasped again as the dildo was pushed further and further up her slick pussy. Her tight vaginal muscles pressed down on the invader, determined to gain as much stimulation from it as possible.

“GGahhhhh! Gahhhahh goddesss goddess gddsss geearrghh unnfff!” Diana moaned as the dildo was forced millimetre by slow millimetre up her grasping, slick and oily ****. Diana was now as filled as she’d ever been in her life. She could begin to feel an orgasm starting from her clitoral and anal stimulation. “Geeeaghhhh Fuuuckkk! Fuucckkkk!” Diana screamed as the vaginal dildo was turned on and vibrations tore through her G-spot. “GGGEAHHHH FEGHHH FFUCKKK! GEEARHHH! UGHHH! Fugh fugh fughahhhahaaa OOHHHH FUUUCCCKKKK!” Diana’s eyes bulged and her muscles were taut against her restraints as an overpowering orgasm tore through her body.

“Fuuughhhh! Fuggh fughghh fduggh egghh fuggh fughh fugh fuhfuhfuhfufhufhfufhfufhfhfhfhfhhh EEARGGHHHH!” She panted and screamed as vibrations tore through her crotch, heightened by the gentle licking and stroking of the rest of her body.

Diana screamed and thrashed and hollered in orgasmic bliss for far longer than a normal woman could manage. Her Amazon constitution stopped her from passing out several times when a normal woman would have been overwhelmed by pleasure. But Diana felt every single one of the dozens of continuous orgasms that ripped through her body as the vibrating dildos were left inside her and she was stimulated by dozens of skilled fingers and tongues.

Tears of effort flowed from her eyes and drool fell in a trail from her mouth all the way down her chin to the table below. She hardly moved now as her body was spent. She could still feel all of the stimulation, but she was mostly numb to it, her nerves overloaded by sensations.
After several more minutes the senior nurse shouted out, “We’re done for now. Give her five minutes rest and prep for stage three.”

Diana stared up insensate at the ceiling and wasn’t even able to register the thought as to what the heck stage three was?

Back on the stage, Maxine realised with a great deal of shame that she was looking forward to finding out.

OMG! That was fantastic. Please hurry with the next part. Your writing is wonderful :)
Thanks Joker Jack. Hope to get posted up by Tuesday.

Also, as these characters are pretty obscure, some handy pics (Remove spaces and paste into navigation bar) of what they actually look like. Of course you all know what WW looks like, but an interesting take on her...

h ttp://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120918212515/marvel_dc/images/b/b1/Roulette_003.jpg
h ttp://www.comicbookreligion.com/img/c/y/Cyclone_Maxine_Hunkel_2.jpg
h ttp://th08.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2013/118/6/7/wonder_woman_in_chains_by_jeffach-d3kzv6r.jpg
h ttp://static1.squarespace.com/static/51b3dc8ee4b051b96ceb10de/t/53da948ae4b067cbb1f4db8a/1406833802285/tumblr_n9in0dkM131qg8i80o1_1280.jpg
h ttp://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/262/e/4/canary_by_irvintustin-d6mwvco.jpg
h ttp://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130711084151/marvel_dc/images/b/be/Judomaster_II_1.jpg
h ttp://thegamersguild.net/cricket/dc/hawkgirl.jpg

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Thanks lancashirelad1. Got second part of WW's forfeit done earlier than I expected. Got the next contest suggestion to work on, but after that I'll wotk on the next forfeit (Not sure how I'm going to top WW's) and then launch into the conclusion. I'm still open for ideas, btw.


Diana had gathered her wits back after five minutes rest, thanks to her superior Amazonian stamina. Her breathing was back to normal, but she still felt slightly light headed and tingly in her crotch and across most of her skin. The nurses had assumed positions around the treatment table.

Roulette announced, “That was just preparation for the treatment. Now let the laughter therapy begin!”

Diana gasped as the nurses again poured oil over her nude immobile body. They then rubbed the oil over her skin as before. The touches were even more pleasurable than before. It was as if her cascade of orgasms had sensitised her skin to the slightest stimulation. She started to purr as the oil was stroked teasingly across her skin.

“Begin treatment.” Ordered the senior nurse. Diana gasped as the slow teasing palm strokes changed to more rapid hard strokes with fingernails.
“Nuuhhhh! Nuuhhhh! Naaughhh!.” Diana moaned as she fought against the tickling sensations. She strained at her bonds and the table creaked as the leather of the straps stretched imperceptibly without breaking. Diana gritted her teeth against the gag and scrunched her eyes up tight as she strained against the sensations. “Neeerghhh. Neaghhh!”

“Right teams.” Said the senior nurse, “We need to crack her first, then increase intensity.” The other nurses nodded. They’d broken dozens of hot women before this.

The gentle teasing finger strokes of Diana’s skin continued. They stroked their fingertips across almost every millimetre of her slick bare skin, their teasing touches lubricated by oil, sweat and other bodily fluids. “Eeehh!” Diana gave a little squeal of ticklish shock as a finger gently jabbed into her armpits. The nurse experimented with different speeds and intensities of jabbing, eliciting more surprised yelps from Diana. “Aeghh heehee!” Diana cackled as a finger pumped rapidly in and out of her belly button. “Ahhnuu! Eheauughh! Nugghheghhh!” Diana tried to shake her head from side to side, but she was strapped in too tight. She was barely holding on.

“Eeghh Ahhghh Agghhh Ahahahagghh!” Diana began to cackle as mischievous finger tips began to tickle under her chin and inside her ears. “Eehhhehheheeheehehheehhh!” The tickling of her belly button, armpits and neck intensified. “Eeheehehhahh eahhh nnoo nooo eehhh eeheehehehhhheeehhEEHAHAHAHAHHA!” Diana burst into a hearty full throated roaring laugh as the tickling began to overcome her attempts to maintain her composure. The nurses around her sweaty; oil covered, writhing, helpless, aroused body smiled viciously as they knew that Diana’s resistance had been cracked. Now it was time to strike!

The nurses at Diana’s feet began to viciously scrape their nails up and down the soles and tops of Diana’s feet. About twice per second they scraped their nails up and down, leaving red trails of teased flesh in the oil coating her tender feet. One of the nurses smiled sadistically and grabbed a stiff handled hairbrush. She began scraping the hairbrush up Diana’s sole. “GAHAHAHAEEEAGHHH EGAHAHAHAH EEEGAHHHH!” Diana screamed in tortured laughter, completely unable to maintain her composure.

“Who’s a ticklish little pwincess? Who likes laughing at the ickle tickles?” Cooed one of the nurses.
Two nurses kneaded the skin under Diana’s knees whilst also stretching over to scrape the soft skin between Diana’s splayed out toes. “GAAHHEEAAARGGGHHH!” Diana cackled in helpless hysteria. “AAGGHHHAA NAHAHAHHA nAHAHAHAHAHAHEEEHHAHAHAHAH!!!”
Two nurses ran their nails up and down Diana’s sides, whilst also kneading the skin of Diana’s tummy. “Coohy coochy coo! Wonderfully ticklish woman. Do you like that tickling on your little tummy?”

“NAHAAHAANAAAAHNAAAHHHH!” Diana screamed in a mixture of rage and terror at her lack of control.

“NEUHHAHAHHAHA HAHAHHA!” Diana screamed at the top of her lungs as her perfect breasts were tickled mercilessly. Diana’s laughter grew even more hoarse, which hardly seemed possible, as the undersides of her breasts were focused on. One of the nurses bent over and began to gently nibble on one of Diana’s completely engorged nipples, as well as sucking hard on it.

“Mama Mama.” Joked the nurse. She laughed. All of the nurses were laughing now, revelling in their sadistic glee; their eyes shining with malice as they tormented their helpless captive. They’d had some sweet captives in their time. Some real tough cookies, but they’d all broken down into the end, reduced to bubbling cackling shells of their former selves. Wonder Woman was about the most beautiful and majestic woman on the planet, with unsurpassed grace and presence. To bring her down to this level of cackling helplessness was especially satisfying to them. Whilst all of the super heroines were stupidly beautiful and well formed, Wonder Woman was the one they envied the most. Now they’d shown that Wonder Woman was just as flawed as them when pressed hard enough. And, to be honest, tickling hot babes to a complete loss of control was damn horny.

Diana’s mouth was so wide open in roaring laughter that the gag hung loose from the straps into her mouth. Spittle flew from her mouth as she laughed uncontrollably, and her drooling increased as she lost all control over her facial muscles. Her eyes were scrunched up tight as could be and her face and upper body was bright red from exertion. Diana’s soles were now a dark purple as the sadistic nurses had scraped and brushed her oily foot bottoms as hard as they could, but still they continued. Piss spurted out from her urethra, hitting a couple of surprised nurses, who laughed cruelly. The piss spurt soon became a slow trickle that cascaded over the turned off dildo still stuck up her vagina.

“GAHAHAHAEEARGHHH! AGHAAGHHHAHAHHA! AGHKKAKKKAKKA! AHKKAKKAKKKKAKAKAKAAHAHH! AKH AHK AGhee hee agghhh eeggh eak ak!” Diana’s roaring laughter began to trail off as her diaphragm tired and she was unable to draw in enough breath. Her mouth was wide open but no sound emerged. The only sound was the gentle creaking of the straps on the table as her body subconsciously tried to break free – although Diana by now had no idea where she was or even who she was. She was just a tormented plaything for a group of evil ticklers.

The nurses carried on their merciless tickle assault, enjoying Diana’s increasingly feeble struggles. Their nipples were virtually bursting through their white uniforms, and several nurses were rubbing themselves against the table. One of the nurses was even drooling as she cackled maniacally in tickling sadistic pleasure.

Eventually Diana could take no more and her eyes opened up unseeing at the ceiling and she no longer responded to her tormentors’ ticklish ministrations. After a seeming age the nurses stopped as Diana’s treatment was deemed complete. “Good job ladies, we’re done.” Said the senior nurse. “Now, let’s get her freshened up.”

Diana started to recover some composure as the nurses went away to wash their hands. A nurse removed the dildos and vibrator from Diana’s orifices that had been left after stage 2. She groaned as her vision blurred and she blinked at the sweat in her eyes, as well as some slick hair that was now plastered against her forehead. A nurse tenderly stroked it away and wiper her brow with a wet cloth. “Don’t worry babe, we just need to clean you up and you’ll be back with your friends.”

Diana groaned in acknowledgement. Her eyes opened up wide as she heard a rushing sound like a dozen small water jets. She grimaced in fear as she saw that several of the nurses were holding small electric brushes in their hands. One of the nurses demonstrated how it worked. She pressed a small button and a glob of liquid soap was extruded onto the brush head. She then pressed another button and the head whirred rapidly and shot out a small jet of water. The glob of soap flew off and narrowly missed a fellow nurse’s eye. The nurse shrugged at her mistake. “Plenty more soap and water Wonder Woman, don’t you worry.”

Diana was too fatigued to breathe rapidly and her only sign of her unease was her eyes blinking rapidly. “EEEHEEEHEEEE!” Diana hollered as ticklish water jets struck her hypersensitive skin. “GGEEAAGHHH NOOHAHOHOHOHO EARGHHH!” She squealed as rapidly rotating brush heads, lubricated with soap, began to mercilessly vibrate against her skin. “EEEHHHEEEHHEEEHHHEHHHH! AHAAHAHAHAHHA!” She cackled as the brush heads swept against her soles, armpits, titties and sides. “GGEAARRGHHHH!” She screamed, nearly ripping her head free of the restraints, as brushes teased her perineum and anus, whilst another lingered up and down her labia, studiously avoiding her throbbing clit.

“Got some rough patches here, boss.” One of nurses noted. “I guess that even Miss Aphrodite isn’t perfect. Needs to wear better fitting boots.”

“Good spot.” Said the senior nurse. “Deploy the stones.”

Diana was so overcome with sensations that she didn’t notice the nurse pick up a pumice stone and roughly scrape the rough skin around her heels. Her humiliation increased as she noted the criticism of her otherwise flawless physique, although at least the tickling didn’t get any worse.

“GGEEAHHEHEEEHEEEHEEEHEEE!” Diana squealed as the whirring brush heads were stroked around the insides of her splayed toes. Another shot of piss splashed onto the table.

“Don’t worry Wonder Babe, we’ll make sure you’re nice and clean for your pals. You’ve got lots on yet.” One of the nurses teased.

Diana continued to struggle and squeal as her entire body was brushed and soaped mercilessly. She was soon covered in a thin layer of bubbles, with only her face visible through them. Even her hair was being washed and was a mass of soapy suds.

Maxine, back on stage was moaning softly as she struggled to hold in a powerful orgasm. The nurse who was teasing her nipples had moved further south and was now stroking around her vagina, but never touching her clit or sensitive areas. But Diana’s ordeal was so sensual that it was enough to start sending Maxine over the edge.

“Let’s give everybody a happy ending.” Commanded Roulette. Another tickler placed her mouth over Maxin’e pussy and began to start gently lapping at her upthrust clit. Meanwhile four ticklers paired off around Kendra and Dinah.

“Yeeaghh, Gonna fucking kill you whores!” Screamed Kendra as she fought against the sensations being forced on her captive nubbin, also guiltily engorged after ages watching Wonder Woman’s ordeal. Tears streamed down her face as she ranted at her tormentors “Nooohh! Fuckers! Nooo!”

Dinah was more composed and looked to Kendra. “Don’t give them the satisfaction of looking weak Kendra. Be proud.” She was glad to see that Kendra partly composed herself. She meanwhile was finding it harder and harder to think of anything else but the expert ministrations of the woman eating her pussy. Oliver had done his best, bless him, but he’d never eaten pussy like this. She was already well lubricated from watching Diana’s struggles. Her breathing began to slow and deepen as a mighty orgasm approached.

Three ticklers smiled evilly as they approached Karen, their fingers waving teasingly. Karen glowered at them, vowing to herself that they would pay for all the indignities they’d inflicted upon her and her friends. Her face Grew redder and redder in embarrassment and rage, but then in arousal as a tickler ate her pussy, already dripping from watching Diana writhing on the table. The other two ticklers each nibbled on her aroused nipples. Karen gritted her teeth but she knew that it was no use. She was going to expose her most intimate feelings to these evil tormentors.

Sonia squealed and screamed as the ticklers took up positions around her. One of the ticklers began to lap at her clit, and deeply tongue her pussy, whilst another tickler gently tickled her sensitive anus and the third tickler licked up and down her sides and flicked her tongue into her armpit. “GGeeheeeheeeheeeheee eaeearrghhhhhhh!” She cackled and squealed at the tickling, and then her face scrunched up as she fought the oncoming orgasm, but it was no use. She gave a kawaii scream of defeat as her pussy gushed.

Maxine’s moans of orgasmic surrender mingled with those of the other four captives, adding to the symphony of erotic moans and groans. She’d never had her pussy eaten before. It was like nothing she’d ever imagined as she sneakily fingered herself up in her room at the JSA mansion. She realised that it was the lack of control and the inability to influence what was happening to her that made it so sensuous. Even as she came, her eyes were glued to the display screen.

Diana’s body was being brushed down with soft downy towels and her hair was being brushed. The nurse brushing her hair cooed at how beautiful Diana looked after her wash. Once Diana was ready the nurse around her began to slowly lick at her captive body. She moaned as she was lickled between her toes and up the soles of her feet. Her armpits were also stroked with tongues, as well as the backs of her legs, her stomach and her perfect form breasts. Her nipples were also softly sucked and nibbled. A nurse stroked her face and cooed at what a good girl she’d been. Diana moaned as her lips were gently stroked with fingers and tongue, which she was helpless to prevent.

Her eyes flew open in deep shock as an index finger was forced up her anus and. The finger was then rapidly stroked back and forth, slick with oil and soap so that it did not hurt, but worked to arouse her anal passage. Meanwhile several fingers were placed palm up into Diana’s vagina, even as her clit was being rapidly lapped at by an expert tongue. “GGuugghrrghhhh.” She moaned as her eyes were opened in shock at the multiple violations. The fingers teased around and then began to press upwards a few inches inside Diana’s vagina. It was the most wonderful feeling that she’d ever known. The fingers pressed with the exact right pressure in the exact right place at the exact right intensity to give her enormous pleasure. Her vaginal muscles tightened around the fingers, as if to prevent them from leaving. But the fingers were going nowhere. They continued to stroke her G spot even as her clit and anus were stimulated intensely.

“GGEEEarrghhhuhuuuhuuuhuuuuuhuuuu!!” Diana screamed in bliss as her vagina spasmed in ecstasy and her piss and her juices flew freely. The finger stroking continued and she screamed again and again as further orgasms ripped through her body. The pleasure was now too much, almost worse than searing pain, but the stroking and licking and rubbing were relentless and she orgasmed again and again. After a while Diana floated in a bubble where all she was aware of was the next upcoming orgasm and the loud thump of her rapidly beating heart.

“Geeuugghhhhh.......” Diana looked up unseeing as drooled as she lost consciousness. The senior nurse, who had taken personal charge of Diana’s orgasm therapy, rubbed at Diana’s body for several more seconds before stopping and congratulating herself on a job well done.

“Great work team!” Said the senior nurse. “That’s a wrap!”

“But, miss.” Said one nurse, “She’s all dirty. Look she’s pissed all over the place.”

The senior nurse nodded. “Good call. We need to wash her again. Best do everything just to be sure.” She smiled sadistically beneath her surgical mask. “Let’s make sure she’s awake first so that she can appreciate our efforts.”

The other nurses nodded and smiled just as maliciously at the suggestion.
Just as good as I hoped for - thank you! The WW in chains pic (link above story) is great too. Just gazing at those exposed underarms :)
I loved all your previous works and this didn't disappoint, i always enjoy DC women involved in fetish related adventures.

Your writing technique are always wonderful and creative and never compromising on the sexuality of the situation it always makes it a joy to watch.
Thanks guys.

n2tickling, i hope that this part of the story fulfills your request. Words just flew out and I didn't even get halfway through the contest...

Please let me know if any more requests for the captive DC babes. Their numbers are thinning already, so get in before it's too late...

Also, thanks for the kind words guys. I wanted to reply with something substantial, which i think I've managed. :)

A lot of preamble you may wish to skip, but I think I set up the finale, and the next forfeit, quite well.

Star Girl appears in this part, but won't be getting tickled at all in this story. (Even though she drives and goes to college, her actual age is open to question, being in the seventeen to eighteen range). Appearance below:

h ttps://thefaust.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/268915-18964-stargirl_super.jpg

Other characters introduced - pictured for reference.

h ttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/2/23/DrSivana.jpg/250px-DrSivana.jpg
h ttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/1/11/JakeemandThunderbolt.png/250px-JakeemandThunderbolt.png
h ttp://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/4/48605/2530811-zatanna41.jpg


Maxine glanced away from the display monitor, flushing red with embarrassment as well as her own post orgasmic bliss. She sagged in her bonds, exhausted with her ordeal so far. But a part of her realised, despite the tongue lashing she’d just received, that she wanted more. Seeing Diana teased and oiled and soaped up and brushed had made her hornier than she’d ever been. She wondered what was wrong with her. She felt consumed with guilt that she was getting off on Diana’s ticklish torment. Diana’s laughter, squeals and moans, as she was soaped again, made Maxine’s heart beat faster with its pure sensuality.

She looked across at Karen. She was defiant and looked strong in her bonds. Dinah was a veteran crime fighter and had been through many gruelling ordeals, and was holding up well. However Kendra and Sonia were not doing so well. They both looked haggard and fearful. If there was anything that she could do, Maxine wished especially that she could help them.

There was a spark and a crackling sound a split second before all the lights failed and the entire auditorium went pitch black. There was a collective gasp from the audience, Roulette and the tickler ladies. “Get the lights back on!” Roulette roared.

There was confused murmuring and sounds of bumping and fumbling in the dark. A few seconds later the lights were switched back on and the audience gasped. Maxine glanced to her left and saw that Kendra and Sonia, and their trolleys had disappeared. The tickler women who had been guarding and teasing them were all hog tied with a selection of string stockings. Near one of the struggling tied up ticklers was a top hat. Roulette glanced across to it, walked over and picked it up. She frowned as she pulled out a note from inside. She read it out loud, “I hope that you enjoyed my disappearing trick. (Signed) Z.”

Roulette’s face was stony and her frown deepened as the audience booed at the loss of two of their six attractions. Roulette brightened, “Don’t worry everybody! They weren’t much fun anyway! And we’ve still got Wonder Woman and Power Jugs! I can assure you that won’t be happening again!”

The audience seemed satisfied and quietened down. Roulette continued, “And to set the mood for our four remaining attractions, including the radiant Wonder Woman” - Diana had been partly wheeled in by the twelve faux nurses before the sudden power cut. Maxine could smell the scent of the soap and shampoo on Diana’s naked and restrained body. Her hair shone in the spotlights – “We’re going over to Doctor Sivana”.

The display screen lit up with the image of a cadaverous, creepy, bald man wearing child molester glasses. He spoke with a creepy voice and Maxine noted with distaste his teeth were too large for his shrunken gums. “Good evening everybody. I’m here to tell you about my latest invention.” The camera panned past him to a sturdy leather dentist style chair. He walked to it to better show off its features. “I was going to use this when I eventually managed to capture Mary Marvel.” His eyes glazed and he shook his fist at the camera. “One day, just you wait. One day...”

Roulette prompted him, “I’m sure we can relate to your frustration with the meddling Marvel family. But, please tell us what the chair does.”

“Ah yes,” Said Sivana brightening, “It is designed to harvest bodily fluids: Sweat, Tears, Urine, Vaginal secretions... Pretty much any fluid that can be extracted without harming the subject.”

The audience and captives were all silent as they realised that Sivana was batshit crazy.

“The hope then is that I can distil some of her magical energy from the fluids into an effective serum that I can then clone to make an effective power potion. But lots of work is still required.”

“And we’re glad to help.” Said Roulette. “We’re going to see just how much fluid can be extracted from the loser of the next contest.”

“Ah yes,” Said Sivana, “I am hoping for at least two litres per hour, maybe more.” Sivana waved his arms enthusiastically as he walked around the machine. “You’ll note the various restraints, of course. There’s also the tank above filled with the diuretic water administered via the gag attachment. There are then a series of rollers and probes that stimulate the subject in order to maximise fluid production. An integral heart rate monitor to ensure that the harvesting is kept at the maximum level without killing the subject. I also had designed an all over body suit to ensure that the maximum fluid was collected without any lost to evaporation, but for some reason you insisted on this very bare bones version.”

Roulette winked at the audience. They pretty much all knew that Sivana was in another world to the rest of them, although their respect for his mad genius had gone up a notch in the last few minutes. “Well, sometimes Science must make sacrifices for greater exposure for new discoveries. Exposure being the operative word here.”

“Bah.” Agreed Sivana. “I’ll be working on other experiments. Let me know how it goes.” Sivana signed off.

Roulette shook her head as she shared the audience’s disbelief that he wasn’t going to watch the show. He really was a mad scientist.

Roulette turned to the four captives, “Now ladies, you’ve seen the booby prize. It’s time to show you the next event.” A drum roll sounded and two large spotlights shone on the stage as two large inflatable paddling pools were wheeled out by several masked ladies. Maxine could see that there was several gallons of liquid inside each, which glistened strangely in the bright lights.

“We’re going to pair you off to each pool and you’re going to tickle each other for our amusement.”

“Hell no!” Shouted Karen. “We’re not going to do your dirty work for you!”

Roulette smiled menacingly, “Remember that the loser goes to the chair. That’s you at this point deary.”

Karen looked perturbed, but then turned to Diana and drew strength from her stoic resolve despite her recent ordeal with the nurses. “Bring it on bitch.” Karen said contemptuously.

Roulette smiled and she waved her hand. At the signal another spotlight appeared that illuminated a frightened looking older teenager with long blonde hair. It was Courtney! Rather than her Star Girl garb she was dressed in jeans and a cute pink jumper.

Maxine was shocked at Courtney’s appearance, whilst the three older captives were outraged.

“You heroes are so noble and willing to martyr yourself for your friends. Well, you need to do so again or young Star Girl is going to be the visitor to Sivana’s chair.” Roulette smiled as she played her ace card. She knew that she had the captives over a barrel.

“I swear, if you harm her, I’ll kill you.” Karen threatened. The other captives nodded in agreement.

“I’m sure that won’t be necessary ladies. I trust that you’ll do your best and that nothing unfortunate will happen to your young friend here.”

Roulette motioned up to Courtney, “Why don’t you give your friends a wave?”

Courtney smiled wanly, revealing the cute braces she was so self conscious about, and said, “I’m sorry guys. Good luck.”

The spotlight on Courtney was turned off, even before the captives could shout up to ask her how she’d been captured. The last tiem Maxine had seen her, she'd been messing about wirh Jakeem's magic pen. She remembered Courtney saying "That's so cool." followed by a flash of pink lightning and then Maxine and the other captives found themselves in this place...

Roulette gestured to the pools. The captives were released from their restraints and they walked, stiff limbed, to the pools. Maxine was paired with Diana whilst Karen was placed with Dinah. Maxine stepped into the pool and nearly fell straight onto her butt as she slipped. The pool was filled with several inches of baby oil! Diana grabbed her around her waist. Maxine noted the strength in her Amazon arms.

“There will be a dozen judges kneeling around each pool and they’ll be encouraging you to do your best to tickle your opponent senseless. No slacking or young Star Girl gets the forfeit.” Roulette threatened. “It’s a single sixty minute round. Good luck!”

Maxine gasped as she heard the length. She’d be lucky if she lasted sixty seconds versus Wonder Woman... “I’m sorry.” Diana whispered. Maxine gasped as Diana lifted her up and gently dropped her into the baby oil. Maxine tried to turn face up, but her elbows slid in the oil. Diana gingerly stepped towards her, but eventually gave up and slid herself face forwards towards Maxine. Maxine squealed as Diana slid her nails down Maxine’s slicked up left sole. She struggled to turn herself upright but she slid in the oil. She felt Diana’s iron grip on her ankles as Diana pulled herself atop Maxine. She felt a flush of excitement as Diana’s taut muscular body rolled up the backs of her thighs.

Maxine as pinned as Diana straddled her lower back. Diana began to tickle Maxine’s sides with her fingers as Maxine clawed backwards helplessly. Diana’s fingers scrabbled up and down her sides and then up and down her lats and finished at her neck, all causing Maxine to giggle in helpless mirth. Maxine thrashed around and Diana slipped and fell off to Maxine’s side, gifting Maxine a flash of her anus and shaved pussy as she fell legs akimbo.

Maxine hesitated. Was this her chance? She managed to slide herself up and slide astride Diana. She had been slower in getting up than Maxine has expected. Her thighs locked around Diana’s waist and she gingerly tickler Diana’s sides. Diana guffawed in helpless mirth and her arms splayed out wide. Maxine saw the opening and gently poked her fingers into Diana’s armpits. This was easier than Maxine expected.

“First warning Wonder Woman.” Roulette hissed. “No feeble play acting or Star Girl gets the chair. Now compete properly!”

Diana’s face set in a grim mask as she bucked, easily sending Maxine flying off. Diana scrabbled adroitly through the oil and wrapped both of her thighs around Maxine’s knees so that her soles were trapped near Diana’s stomach. “I’m sorry Maxine.” Said Diana. “Power Girl would have been a fairer match for me”.

Diana began to mercilessly scrape her fingers up and down Maxine’s trapped soles. “Eehhhehhheehhe ehehheeeeehhh neeooooo staapphhiiittttt!” She cackled as ten nails scrabbled rapidly around her soles and the tops of her feet. The oil magnified the ticklish sensations coming from her soles, causing her to squeal madly and also her crotch to begin getting warm. Maxine’s eyes opened in shock as she realised that part of her was enjoying this. This was far more intense than anything she’d experienced so far.

“Eehhheehhehhehhhhee!” Maxine squealed continuously as her soles were abused by Diana’s fingers. Tears streamed from her cheeks and she struggled to keep her face above the top of the oil. She couldn’t figure out any way to escape.

“That’s it.” Said one of the judge ladies. “Reset. No further points can be scored in that hold.”

Points? It made sense, it was a competition after all. She slowly pulled herself upwards and knelt with her shins on the pool bottom. She faced Diana who was similarly posed. “This reminds me of my wrestling training as a child.” Diana mused wistfully. “Although without the nakedness and the vast quantities of oil...” She added hastily.

“Maxine glanced across at Karen and Dinah. They both slid across each other like glistening fish in water, or like two hot oiled up babes being forced to tickle wrestle each other. They both had finely honed athletic bodies. The oil accentuated their honed physiques as the light glinted off the angles of their hard muscles and the curves of their breasts and asses. It appeared to be an evenly matched affair as Dinah’s superior martial arts skills were pitted against Karen’s superior, albeit non super powered, musculature. Neither could get a firm grip on the other. Karen had Dinah in a hold, but Dinah slid free and her face slid past Karen’s mighty oiled breasts. She was rapt on the match.

Maxine grunted as Diana bore down on her, knocking her back. She scrabbled to get back up but it was too late. Diana slid up between her legs. Maxine gasped as she felt Diana’s shaved pussy rubbing against her stomach. “A warrior must never be distracted in combat.” Lectured Diana. Maxine shrieked in shock as Diana’s fingers began to rapidly knead the muscles of her stomach and sides.

“Nahahaha heeheehahahah!” Maxine shrieked in ticklish shock as Diana’s oiled fingers sent waves of ticklish sensations shooting up from her defenceless tummy. “Nahnahnahnahnahnahneeheehahahaha!” Maxine shrieked as she struggled futilely. But Diana was a far better wrestler than her, as well as being far bigger and stronger than her.

“I’m sorry Maxine.” Said Diana. “But I know that you’d rather suffer like this than have Courtney exposed to the chair. And Zatana may even come back before then.”

“Zaataahahaanananana?!” Maxine managed to say, even as she was mercilessly tummy tickled.

“Yes. That was her trademark top hat and tights. I’m sure that she’ll be back for us as soon as she can.” Explained Diana. Maxine registered most of what Diana said, through her haze of helpless ticklishness.

“Greattehehehhehe achkahahahha EAAGAHAHAHA!” Maxine howled with laughter as Diana upped the tickling of her tummy, as well as beginning to rapidly scrape her nails up and down Maxine’s slick sides. Diana looked stoic even as she mercilessly tickled Maxine’s sides. Diana was beautiful, but she was far prettier whenever she smiled, but that was rarer than hens’ teeth. Apart from the display in the treatment room...

“Gehehahahahhahahahahah!” Maxine cackled even as she began to plot as to how she could possibly beat Diana. She bucked up and down as rapidly as she could, but Diana’s balance, despite the slick layer of oil between them, enabled her to stay astride Maxine.

“Good try.” Diana said. “I’ll teach you some moves when we get back.” Maxine flushed as she briefly imagined doing this again, albeit without the oil and nudity. She realised sadly that it wouldn’t be anywhere near as much fun. Fun!? She was actually enjoying being dominated by Diana. That and being made to cackle helplessly as she was tickled mercilessly by a slicked up Amazon babe. Maxine realised that at least part of her was enjoying this.

“Reset.” Instructed one of the ladies. Diana released Maxine and they knee walked apart. “Go.” The lady instructed.

They got close and this time Maxine made the first move. She launched herself at Diana, who nimbly evaded her clumsy lunge, leaving Maxine sprawled face down in the oil. Diana quickly slid next to her, even as she quickly turned right way up, and locked Maxine’s arms above her head with one of her own arms. She then began to rapidly tickle Maxine’s breasts and armpits with her free hand.

“Neeaarrghh heheheh heeheehee!” Maxine screamed in ticklish torment, as well as frustration that she couldn’t give Diana a good tickling. She realised now that was she wanted to do, after seeing Diana’s treatment earlier. But all she could do now was cackled madly as Diana outwrestled her again and again. She tried to free her arms, but to no avail. She tried to bring her legs up to help her buck Diana off her, but it was just wasted effort. But the audience appreciated as Maxine’s long slicked up legs cycled up and down in mid air. As she launched her legs up and down, her oiled pussy and anus were exposed to the audience’s view. “Geeearrghhhh!” Maxine grunted in frustrated exertion, even as Diana kept the same stoic expression even as she dominated Maxine completely.

“Reset.” Instructed a judge, after a seeming eternity of tickle torture of her breasts and armpits. “Go!”

Maxine was more cautious this time. She spared only a very quick glance at the other match. Dinah had caught Karen in a knee bar and was now mercilessly tickling Karen’s bare left sole. It might have been Maxine’s imagination but Karen seemed to be enjoying herself, at least far more than when some strangers were being so intimate with her. And she was sure that Dinah was smiling slightly to herself as well.

She got back to her own match. She faked a lunge at Diana, but pulled back at the last second. Diana didn’t take her bait, although she did nod in approval at Maxine’s initiative. Maxine dived in again and Diana managed to slide through Maxine’s legs like a salmon out of a fisherman’s hands. The audience gasped in admiration. Maxine moved to turn around, but Diana wrapped both her lags around Maxine’s waist and bore her back in a rear hold position. Diana’s hands began a merciless tickling of Maxine’s breasts, stomach, neck and armpits, rapidly her scrabbling fingers around Maxine’s helpless torso. “You need to use the environment to your favour.” Diana lectured again.

“Geeharghh hehahahah heehahahah EEEkkk! Eearghhh akhakhakahhh neaghhh!” Maxine squealed and cackled and shouting as her body was played like a ticklish instrument by Diana’s expert hands and there was nothing she could do about it. Maxine’s eyes were open in helpless mirth even as she laughed so hard that drool flew from her wide open mouth. Her chest heaved as she began to lose her breath. Her legs banged up and down and scrabbled across the slippery surface, whilst her arms scrabbled ineffectually at her sides. “Geehehheheh ahhhe ahhh eehheheheh ahahae er eh eh eheh ahk eheh eh...” Maxine’s eyes stared up silently as her laughter was silenced as her chest would no longer move.

“Maxine?” Diana asked in concern. She released Maxine with no prompting and turned her over. Maxine breathed shallowly and she winced as her eyes caught sight of the spotlights staring down at them. Diana smiled faintly that Maxine was okay.

“New rule. Quarter time break.” Announced one of the judges. Maxine moaned. How the hell was she going to handle another forty five minutes of that? She glanced across at the other pool and even Dinah and Karen looked tired and were breathing heavily, and that was a fair fight. At this rate Diana was going to tickle her to death.

The break was for two minutes, which passed all too quickly for Maxine. A couple of the judges had been conferring with Roulette and Roulette announced, “While we all respect young Cyclone’s valour, I think we can all agree that having her take on Wonder Woman was too big a task for her. So we’re introducing a handicap.”

One of the ladies pulled out a pair of cuffs. Diana glowered as she was instructed to secure her right wrist to her right ankle, leaving her entire right side almost immobile.

Maxine tried to conceal a smile as she figured that she’d have a chance to tickle Diana. Diana smiled at her and said, “Now it should be a fair contest, young one.” Maxine felt rotten for wanting to mercilessly tickle such a worthy paragon of moral as well as physical perfection. But that wouldn’t stop her from trying!

“Go!” Shouted one of the judges. Diana shuffled along on her butt, her mobility severely restricted by the hobbling of her right side. Maxine dived forward. Diana slipped to one side and wrapped her left arm around Maxine’s body and slipped her left leg under her. She then bore down on her and started tickling Maxine’s sides with her right hand and smooth soft right foot in tandem. Maxine cackled with laughter and she was also aroused as Diana’s ever so soft oiled sole stroked up and down her taut right side. She hadn’t realised that she’d find the touch of a woman’s sole so arousing. She tried to disguise her moans amongst her giggling. She was trapped like this for a couple of minutes before the judge called reset.

Again Maxine dived at Diana. Diana did a nimble hop and Diana caught Maxine’s left arm between her body and right elbow. She then wrapped her left leg around Maxine’s left arm, trapping it outstretched. She then began to gently tickle Maxine’s chin and neck, pushing aside her oil soaked bright red hair. Maxine struggled, but it was futile. Diana had levered her entire body against just Maxine’s arms. Maxine’s legs thumped uselessly into the pool of oil, splashing oil up over her soft soles, slick wet legs and pert glowing buttocks. Maxine breathed heavily as the ticklish sensations shot around her face. She felt like a little kid getting her face tickled by mummy. “Don’t be so hasty Maxine.” Lectured Diana. “Use your advantage fully.”

“Ehhehhheehhehhheehh okayehehehehe ehhheeeheeee.” Maxine responded.

Again, after a few minutes, the match reset. This time Maxine was more cautious and circled to Diana’s right side. She dove in and cried in triumph as she managed to hook her right leg through Diana’s cuffed foot and hand. She twisted to one side and Diana was face down in the pool. Diana’s soft bare right sole was at her mercy. She admired its flawless perfection for a split second. The oil slickened off the perfectly smooth skin, treated earlier by the nurses. Then she grinned maliciously (which she immediately realised and made herself as stoic as possible) before attacking Diana’s soft sole with all ten of her fingers. Diana grunted as she writhed to Maxine’s tickling touches, but was yet to lose herself in laughter. Maxine found it hard to disguise her cruel delight in having Diana at her mercy. Watching Diana’s perfect long toes scrunch up as she scraped her nails up and down Diana’s sole was indescribably enjoyable. She pulled back Diana’s toes with one hand and punished the gaps between her toes with her other hand. She realised that her crotch was warming up at the horniness of it. At least the oil should hide that.

“Ahheeheee! You bitch!” Squealed Karen. Dinah stuck her tongue out at Karen as she had her trapped in another leg bar. She then proceeded to mercilessly tickle Karen’s soft shiny red soles. “Ahhehhheee naaaah naahddd there! Staaappphhhiittt!” Dinah found herself smiling at Karen’s discomfort, before setting her expression neutral as she remembered that a large number of people were watching her.

Maxine squealed as Diana took the opportunity to buck her body. In a display of amazing skill which Maxine had no idea was possible (And the audience who saw it couldn’t believe their eyes) Diana managed to trap both of Maxine’s arms up past her head using her left leg, even as Diana flipped herself underneath Maxine, who was now stuck on top of Diana. She scrambled helplessly even as Diana began to mercilessly tickle Maxine’s sides with both hands and her smooth right sole. “Never assume that the battle is won.” Diana cautioned. “It is easy to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”

“Geeearrghhhh!” Maxine howled in rage at getting yet another lecture from Little Miss Superior, as well as the frustration of being held helpless and mercilessly tickled. But most of all, she realised, it was because she had been having such an honest to goodness hot time tickling Diana’s sweet foot bottom. Maxine was shocked at herself, but she realised that she liked Diana in a way she’d never liked any other woman before. (She loved Courtney, but as an older sister – even though Courtney was younger than her. And the rest of the JSA ladies were dear friends). But what she was feeling for Diana... Even as she laughed helplessly she began to began to appreciate the soft yet firm touch of Diana’s fingers as they teased her vulnerable and slicked up body. She realised that some of the heat she was feeling in her face was arousal, mixed in with embarrassment at her nakedness and submission.

She realised that she was looking forward to the rest of the wrestling match, whatever it may bring.
wow really loved it!!
love hearing about DC characters tickling and being tickled pretty hot stuff..
Good job..now we just need pictures lol
Oh you want to add some more DC Babes? There is plenty ! From the usual Batgirl, Starfire, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy I could add some we see less like Raven, Miss Martian (which can transform so... imagine that someone force her to take a form easier to tickle), Mera, Vixen or the only female Robin, Carrie Kelley.
If I think of some more I'll tell you :)
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Thanks guys. Hope to finish on Friday. I think that I'll be finishing off the oil bath bit, do the chair forfeit and then on to the grand finale. Story's kind of expanded faster than I expected.

I'm not great on pictures. Just got my Wacom Bamboo, but I'm having issues even drawing straight lines with it. More practice needed.

Great story so far, will more heroines be joining the proceedings to?
Hi guys,

Penultimate part posted.

heman2045, story is nearly done. It's a good thing I didn't get many requests. Story was epic enough as is. :)

I might revisit the whole heroines thing in future, but I've got 4 more ideas to try out, plus ending this, before revisiting anything.


After an indeterminate amount of time Maxine’s eyes gazed up sightlessly at the spotlights and low ragged breathing escaped from her mouth as Diana tickled her sides relentlessly.

“Reset!” yelled one of the judges. Diana slid out from underneath Maxine and gracefully made her way to her side of the pool. Maxine lay there, unmoving, too exhausted to even raise her head up. “Come on Red!” Yelled one of the judges. Maxine felt firm hands drag her up and slide her back to her side of the pool. Her chest was leaden and she couldn’t summon up the energy to move her limbs.

“Tsk, tsk, Cyclone.” Roulette mocked. “It looks like you’re going to forfeit if you don’t buck up!” Maxine looked over at her, too shattered with exhaustion to even understand the implication of Roulette’s statement.

“Cuff my other side.” Ordered Diana, commandingly. “Even this is hardly a fair contest between an Amazon from Themiscrya and a young child.”
Maxine bristled. She wasn’t a child! She was nineteen years old and a Harvard student – majoring in Theater!

“Agreed.” Said Roulette. Diana looked impassive as her left wrist and ankle were cuffed together. Diana was now virtually immobile. Surely Maxine could outwrestle her now?

“Go!” Barked a judge. Maxine slid forward cautiously in the slick oil. Diana gamely waddled forwards. Even though she had no chance, Diana was still a warrior first and foremost. Then Maxine realised that underestimating Diana was a very bad idea.

Both women moved up cautiously. Maxine made the first move and Diana attempted to slide aside, but the cuffs restricted her movement and Maxine was able to pounce on top of her. She quickly circled her thighs around Diana’s waist, locking herself in place, before launching a merciless tickle assault on Diana’s breasts and armpits. Diana’s stoic facade cracked as she gave a small smirk. Maxine redoubled her efforts, scrabbling her nails up and down Diana’s slicked up titties. Diana began to titter. Maxine gave a sadistic grin, which she immediately suppressed. She hoped that Diana hadn’t seen it.

Diana bucked between Maxine’s legs. She realised that the motion was causing a very distracting lubricated rubbing against her own slick crotch. Maxine struggled to keep herself from moaning at the pleasure of it. She redoubled her efforts to subdue Diana via her ticklish assault, but Diana’s rock hard and slick stomach continued to rub against her clitoris and vagina relentlessly. Maxine’s face grew flushed as she struggled to fight away the orgasm that was starting to work its way up her body. She gritted her teeth and continued her tickling. But Maxine was tiring, whilst Diana seemed as fresh as ever despite being tickled madly for several minutes by now.

An orgasm started to shoot Maxine’s clitoris and up her spine. She flushed and grimaced and felt her limbs lose strength. She had to escape this position or she was going to cum uncontrollably and be at Diana’s mercy. She unwrapped her legs from Diana’s waist and hopped to one side.

Diana seized her chance and grabbed Maxine’s left foot with her left hand. Diana’s grip was like iron, even with the slick oil. But Maxine should be able to get free. Then Diana reached across with her right hand and gripped Maxine’s left ankle with both hands. Maxine’s left leg was now outstretched in Diana’s vice like grip.
“Why did you move out?” Diana asked. “You were winning. If you are going to change your battlefield position, make sure that it is safe to do so and that the benefit is worth the risk.”

More lecturing, thought Maxine sourly. But at least Diana’s hands were both occupied, so what could she possibly do now?

Maxine’s eyes widened in shock and she gave an effete squeak or surprise and Diana’s slick warm tongue travelled all the way up Maxine’s left sole. She grimaced and struggled to pull her left leg free, but it was no use. But she still had two arms and two legs. She struggled to reach Diana, but Diana had twisted herself so that Maxine’s knee was bending into the pool, so she couldn’t bend her leg to get to Diana.

“Eeeehhh! Aaaghhhh! Noooo!” Maxine squealed as Diana’s tongue continued slurping up Maxine’s slicked up sole, now licked clean. Maxine hoped that the oil was edible. Her mind was torn from that thought as she squealed again as Diana hungrily licked Maxine’s soft tender sole. Maxine squealed and cackled with greater intensity as Diana was relentless. Maxine’s face flushed and she realised that she was getting increasingly turned on by Diana’s tongue lashing. Maxine realised that this entire wrestling/ tickle match was having a far greater effect on her than even the initial tickling by the four women, or the orgasm she’d had forced on her. Why was that? She was distracted from her reverie yet again as Diana’s tongue started to slurp between Maxine’s toes. She scrunched them up and Diana began to gently nibble on her toes and sole of her captive foot. Maxine’s breathing grew more and more rapid as she was overcome by a storm of humiliation and arousal.

Maxine thought that she was going to cum just from Diana’s soft tonguing of her sole. Her face flushed and she struggled to suppress her moans of arousal.

“Reset!” shouted a judge. Maxine sighed with relief. She didn’t want to end up cumming from being tickled by Diana. Diana released Maxine’s foot and quickly hopped back to her side. She wasn’t even breathing heavily. She flashed Maxine a look of concern. Maxine was breathing heavily now, but she was still hopeful that she could triumph over Diana. She felt ashamed at her thought. Diana was hobbled. This was no way a fair match. But Diana had handicapped herself to give Maxine a chance. But one thing Diana was not good at was bluffing, so she was competing as hard as she could so that Courtney wouldn’t face the forfeit by default. Diana had done all she could. It was up to Maxine now.

“Go!” Shouted a judge. Maxine slid carefully towards Diana, who hobbled towards her. Maxine was definitely taking Diana seriously now. Maxine dived in, then backed up. Diana dived forwards, fooled by Maxine’s bluff. Diana sprawled face down in the pool. Maxine summoned up a burst of strength and jumped over Diana. Before Diana could respond, Maxine had wrapped her thighs around Diana’s. Diana scrabbled to tickle Maxine’s feet, but she increased the pressure of her legs, forcing Diana’s arms and legs out. Diana writhed to escape, but Maxine’s legs held Diana firm as Diana’s bonds stopped her from generating any power with her legs.

Maxine then gazed at Diana’s exposed pussy and anus. Maxine reddened with embarrassment. When she had woken up this morning for the annual get together, she had no idea she’d have the most beautiful woman in the World at her mercy. She hesitated, ashamed at how turned on she was.

“Get on with it!” barked a judge.

“Go child.” Diana ordered.

Maxine had had just about enough of Diana’s patronising tone. She steeled herself and gently stroked her fingertip around Diana’s lubed up anus. Maxine grinned with satisfaction as Diana gasped in shock. Maxine continued her teasing of Diana’s anus, gently stroking around it and up and down her perineum. Diana began to moan. Maxine was getting her rhythm now. She stroked the fingertips of both hands around Diana’s anus and perineum, and also starting to slowly trespass onto Diana’s slicked up clitoris, exposed by the heat that even she was feeling.
“Maxine?” Diana asked in alarm. “What are you doing?”

Maxine felt a heady and sadistic sense of superiority as she had Diana at her mercy. She stopped tickling with her fingers and used her hands to prise apart Diana’s taut firm buttocks. Diana gasped as she guessed what was coming.

“Guuuhhhynnnn!” Diana gave a prolonged grunt as Maxine’s tongue slurped up and around Diana’s exposed bum hole. Maxine noted that the oil tasted of raspberries. Hopefully it was edible after all. She felt a sense of contentment as she was able to impose her will on the Amazon hottie she had trapped between her thighs.

“Geeeaghhh uugghh eerghhh.” Diana moaned and bucked as she struggled to free herself from the violation of her ass hole. Maxine’s grin widened and her eyes narrowed with glee as she continued to slurp Diana’s anus whilst also starting to stimulate Diana’s oily clit.

“Geeugghhh, nuggggh ugghhghhhh.” Diana started to pant amidst her grunting. Maxine increased the intensity of her tongue flicks and finger strokes. “Geeeaarrgghhhh!” Diana grunted in frustration as Maxine started to force the orgasm out of her.

Roulette announced cheerily, “Well done to Maxine. We had to help her out a bit, but she’s about to win. Well done!”

Maxine stopped teasing Diana’s womanhood and spoke up, “Surely we still have time left?”

“Not if you manage to achieve the sudden win condition. Whoever cums first loses. It shouldn’t take you much longer Maxine. Better get back to slurping.” explained Roulette cheerily.

“Do it Maxine.” Diana managed to gasp, despite her impending climax. “I’ll take on the machine whilst we wait for Zatanna.”

Maxine began to resume her slurping of Diana’s anus and stroking of her clit. She even slipped a finger up Diana’s vagina, drawing another gasp of pre-orgasmic pleasure. Maxine felt Diana began to pump her body up and down on Maxine’s inserted finger and breathe more heavily as she gave up holding back her orgasm. Soon Diana was going to cum and Maxine, and Courtney, were going to escape Dr Sivana’s dreaded machine.

She then felt a great sense of shame as she considered her cowardice. She was a member of one of the two greatest super hero teams in the World and she was going to hide behind the sacrifice of others... She stopped stimulating Diana. Diana paused in puzzlement, then began to continue grinding herself on Maxine’s inserted finger.

Maxine stood up, pulling away from Diana, who clumsily turned around to face her. “I forfeit.” Maxine announced.
There was a stunned silence from everybody in the auditorium. Diana managed to gasp, “No Maxine. Don’t do it. I was ready to go. Now Courtney is going to suffer in the chair.”

The audience erupted in a chorus of boos and catcalls as the news sank in. Roulette tapped on her microphone and the discord soon ended as they awaited her announcement.

“Well, another surprise moment of heroics from our lovely ladies; this time our scrappy younger super hero.” Roulette announced, admiration clear in her voice. “Now, of course, it’s Courtney who goes into the chair.”

"Don't lie to us Roulette. Courtney isn't really here. Is she?" Maxine stated.

Roulette smiled. “Well done Maxine. How did you know?” She gestured and a spotlight shone on a cardboard cut out of Courtney. “It’s all smoke and mirrors, something that you’d know all about Maxine.”

Maxine’s face cracked into a wide smile of relief and gratitude. Somehow, deep down, she’d known that Courtney wasn’t really there. But she didn't understand how she'd known. Courtney had been at the kids’ table with Wakeem. Last time she’d seen Courtney it was as she shouted at Wakeem to stop messing about and then a purple flash.

“What the fuck?!” Exclaimed Karen. “We all saw her move and speak with us. There’s some bullshit going on here.” Karen clammed up as Roulette glanced venomously at her.

“Let’s hope that Maxine doesn’t regret her largesse.” Roulette added with a menacing tone. Maxine’s musings were cut short.

“No Maxine.” Karen pleaded. “We figured that Diana would go easy on you and it would be one of us three in the chair”.

Dinah said, “You can change your mind. Diana is stronger than you. Or you could have carried on and try to get the normal win and see if Karen or I ended up the worst performers.”

Diana nodded at Maxine and said, “I was ready to take the fall.”

Maxine protested, “I’m a full member of the team as well as you guys. I can contribute as well!”
Karen said drily, “But we weren’t expecting you to be strapped into some sort of pervy cum chair.” Diana and Dinah nodded in assent.
Maxine nodded at them grimly as she was hoisted up and out of the pool by two burly judges. Her heart began to beat in staccato rhythm and her eyes widened in fear as she looked more closely at the chair, covered in all manner of restraints; cylindrical objects for obvious insertion and all manner of probes, brushes and vibrating attachments. She steeled herself and looked back at her three team members. She was comforted that she caught a hint of respect in Diana’s eyes that was not there before.

“Stay strong warrior!” Diana shouted. “Rescue is on the way. Our team mates won’t let us down.”

Maxine nodded in assent and smiled wanly at her friends.

Her expression was grim as she was led to the chair. She sat down in the large chair, which looked more the size of a small car than an item of furniture. She looked to face her friends and the audience and gave a defiant look, spoiled by the look of concern as she felt clamps snap tight across her wrists and ankles, preventing any hope of escape.

She felt hard metal arms press against the right side of her head. She turned away from it. Another probe then moved to the left side of her head. When her head was central a strap snaked out across her forehead completely immobilising her head. She was now stuck facing the audience and could not even see the rest of her restrained body.

There was a whirring sound and a hiss as a hypo spray injected something into her neck. She felt her throat going numb. Two metal arms snacked out to Maxine’s mouth, hovering by her lips. She obediently opened her mouth. The two arms attached to her teeth and slowly forced her mouth open into a wide “O”. Her eyes opened wide in fear as she saw a long transparent plastic tube snake towards her open mouth. She started to panic as the tube was fed down her throat. But she was relieved as she found that the injection had numbed her enough that the insertion was painless. She saw that water was starting to pour along the tube – to be forced down to her stomach. She heard a gurgle of bubbles rising in a water container out of sight. By the low sound it must be at least the size of a water cooler tank. No way she wasn’t going to be pissing herself in front of hundreds of people...

There were more whirrs and clunks as various other appendages moved into position around her naked body. The final sound she heard was the rapid beeping of a heart rate monitor. Her heart was betraying her fear. But she thought of how she was helping her team mates and felt a little bit better about the situation. But only a little bit...

“Begin Purity Protocol.” Intoned a tinny voice from next to her head. She gasped as she felt a soft presence – soft rubber? – press against her anus. She heard the squirt of sprays and felt liquid stimulating her bum hole. The rubber probe pressed more insistently against her anus. Maxine gasped as she felt it push past her sphincter. She gasped as she felt liquid shoot out of the probe, deeper into her back passage. The probe began to gently vibrate even as it forced its way up her violated ass hole. She was surprised that there was no pain, but assumed that the spray was a muscle relaxant. Her eyes rolled in her head as she felt the probe make a series of thrusts, sprays and deeper thrusts. Eventually her eyes boggled in her head as she was totally filled up. Then the probe began to vibrate even more rapidly. She began to moan as stimulation of her sensitive sphincter muscles and deep inside her continued.

“A clever design,” Commented Roulette. “It not only blocks her up to stop her spoiling the harvested liquids, but it also provides extra stimulation to facilitate the collection of her fluids.”

The audience murmured in admiration of Dr Sivana’s genius.

Maxine’s heart rate increased rapidly as she was assailed by waves of pleasure mixed in with her fear at her helplessness.
She felt small metal clamps grip her toes. She made no effort to resist as her toes were forced apart and held splayed apart. “Begin Harvesting Stage 1.” intoned the metallic voice. Maxine gasped as she felt small brushes press against the soles of her feet. She then gasped as she heard the whir of the brushes begin to spin. The ticklish sensations, from easily dozens of brushes on each of her soles, shot up her legs and caused her to laugh uproariously.

“Huuhahahhaha! Nuuhahahhaha! Geetaffggggg!” Maxine squealed in impotent fear and rage. The tickling was even worse as she couldn’t even see what was being done to her. She could only hear the whir of dozens of brushes and the ever increasing beat of the heart rate monitor.
She gasped in alarm as her arms was forced upwards, away from her sides. She didn’t resist the implacable power of the chair. Soon her arms were above her head and she heard the thrum of dozens of motors whirr into action.

“Geeaahghhh! Fuucchjkkk!” Maxine screamed as hard rubber probes began to knead the skin of her armpits and sides. Lubricant was squirted on her, making the probing and teasing even more infuriating.

Her heart rate was going far faster than Maxine had ever imagined it could go.

“Begin Harvesting Stage 2” intoned the machine. Maxine heard the sound of a small vacuum tube, like the sort the hygienist used during her dental checkups. Then another tube. She felt two sharp pains as the two tubes affixed to her nipples and began to suck her already engorged nipples deeper inside the tubes. She gritted her teeth at the pain, but this did not last long as she was still compelled to laugh uproariously by the sole brushes and rubber probes. And the anal probe was threatening to give Maxine her first ever anal orgasm very soon. She then realised that the pain in her nipples was actually turning her on. She hadn’t realised that she was so kinky.

“Geeaaghhh! Ugghhh! Fuuughhh! UUhhh! Uhhh! Fuhhkkk!” Maxine screamed ever louder as she felt soft rollers whir into action between her splayed out toes and across the tops of her feet. “GGeehhhhggg! Fuuuhkkkk!” Maxine screamed in ticklish torment.

Maxine heard a trickle of water cascade into a container beneath the chair. The audience cheered. “1% collection complete.” The Machine intoned. Maxine’s heart sank, even as she was outwardly a picture of helpless mirth. She wasn’t going to last that long. She felt the warmth of more piss cascading out of her urethra, and dribble across her vagina.

The next few minutes, or they might have been hours as far as Maxine could tell, merged into one long sea of ticklish torment. At one stage she felt some hope as the Heart rate monitor stuttered and the machine intoned, “Subject unlikely to survive procedure. Undertake remedial action.”
Maxine had hoped that the machine was going stop, or at least reduce its torments. But instead two oxygen tubes were inserted down her throat and she heard her heart rate strengthen and grow more steady, even as it beat at what was surely 200 bpm.

“Guuhahhuuu! Uhhahhha! Gauahahhaha!” Maxine screamed over her gag. The oxygen had greatly increased her stamina, so she wasn’t even going to have the respite of fainting or falling unconscious.

“Begin Harvesting Stage 3” intoned the Machine. Maxine’s eyes opened wide as she wandered how this could possibly get any worse?
She felt a vacuum tube attach itself to her clitoris and she screamed in pain as her clit was sucked mercilessly. She then felt a long rubber probe begin to work its way deep into her vagina. Maxine realised that her vagina was sopping wet, and not just from piss. She realised that some masochistic part of her was getting off on the feeling of helplessness and humiliation.

The probe squirted more lubricant up her pussy, even as it relentlessly burrowed its way deeper. Maxine couldn’t believe that it was still going. Surely her **** wasn’t that big? She’d never felt so filled up in her life, even when she’d used a cucumber to stimulate herself in her JSA quarters room.

“Geehheee! Aarghhehehehahahah! Fuuuucccckkkkk!” Maxine squealed as the vaginal probe began to rapidly vibrate. The vibrations matched the anal probe in pitch and intensity, merging into one super orgasmic feeling deep within the depths of her crotch. This was unlike any orgasm that she’d ever experienced before.

“GEEAARGGHHHH! FUUUFUUCKKFUUCKKKK! ARGHHHH UUHHUHHUHHHUHHH! FUUUCKKKK!” Maxine screamed through her gag as her body bucked in her restraints. “FFUUGUUU! FUUGHHHAAEEARRGGGHH!” Maxine screamed, losing herself totally in the intensity of her orgasm. She heard the slurping of tubes as her vaginal excretions were harvested by this infernal machine.

“NNEERGGHHH!” Maxine screamed in despair as she felt the Machine’s torments continue. And post orgasm her body was even more sensitive to the numerous probes and brushes torturing her hyper sensitive skin.

She cried as deep sobs wracked her body. As her tears cascaded down her cheeks a small vacuum tube appeared and sucked them up, to contribute to her harvest. A small part of her, almost completely buried under her despair, was thankful for small mercies. Drool cascaded from her mouth and this too was efficiently harvested.

“70% complete.” Intoned the machine. Maxine barely registered any sense of hope as she screamed and shouted helplessly. She just couldn’t take any more.

“Geeearrrghhh! Neearrghhh ahahahhaha egahh fuuckkyoouuu fuuckckyoouuu alllll!” Maxine screamed in rage at her captors.

Then the machine suddenly stopped. “Geeaghhh.... eh?” Maxine stuttered in surprise. Then a feeling of dread filled her as she was sure that the machine was going to start up again. Maybe Roulette, the sadistic bitch that she was, would punish her for insulting the audience? Maxine opened her eyes cautiously and was amazed to see that the audience was gone. Her eyes darted from side to side but her head was too firmly restrained for her to see anything. Then the clamps, restraints and tubes all unfastened and withdrew from around her body.

Maxine slumped forward in the chair, too weak to even look up at the reassuring voice that spoke to her, “Cavalry’s here Maxine. You’re nearly home free.”

Maxine made a supreme effort to look up and she saw the jaunty form of Zatanna, grinning like the Cheshire Cat from beneath her top hat.
Maxine blinked. She didn’t dare hope for rescue. Surely it was some cruel trick? Her head slumped forwards as she expected the nightmare to continue.

Zatanna gently raised Maxine’s chin upwards and Maxine could also see Diana, looking magnificent in her Wonder Woman garb. She looked around, puzzled, and saw that only the three of them were there. Even Dinah and Karen were gone.

“Don’t worry about them Maxine, they’re safe and sound, back at the JSA meeting room. It’s just the three of us here.” Zatanna explained.

“Can I go home now?” Maxine whimpered, with rather less heroic inflection than she’d hoped.

“That’s up to you Maxine.” Explained Zatanna. “You’re going to have to get yourself out of this.”

Maxine’s eyes widened in puzzlement.

“You see this is, indirectly, your fault.”

Maxine’s eyes grew even wider with amazement and shock. She looked to Diana for confirmation and Diana’s grim expression confirmed Zatanna’s statement. Diana’s face cracked a radiant smile, “But we’re going to help you get home.”

Maxine was still confused, but far more hopeful than she had been a mere few seconds earlier.

Hiya folks. Holy Moly, I didn't realise it had been 4 weeks since the last part.

I had writer's block on how to end this 24,480 word monster, but I got there at last.

Thanks for the feedback and ideas guys.

A bit more audience interaction: Which of these stories should I start/ finish up next?
"Sorceress' Revenge." F/f, F/f (Warning, shock ending) Prequel to "A Rogue's Predicament".
"The Spoiled Princess" M/f, F/m Another Prequel to "A Rogue's Predicament"
"Heaven in Hell." M/f, F/m Set on the higher planes of the "Rogue" stories


“What do you mean that it’s my fault?” Maxine protested.

Zatanna gave Maxine a sympathetic look. Zatanna explained, “At the meeting you were hit by a stray bolt of magical energy from Thunderbolt.”
Maxine’s eyes opened in realisation. She was starting to remember!

“The bolt hit you and caught Wonder Woman, Power Girl and the rest in the area of effect. They were then transported to a scenario of your creation where your wishes came true.”

“What the fu...!” Maxine caught herself from cursing just time. “I didn’t want any of this to happen to me or my friends.”

“Not you Maxine.” Zatanna said, “At least not the part of you that makes you Maxine. I’m talking about your Id. The deepest and darkest part of your psyche: The subconscious part of you that, well...”

Maxine’s eyes widened in protest. Then she paused and stood stock still in silent realisation that Zatanna was making perfect sense. The way that she’d wished Sonia and Kendra to be rescued; the way that Courtney showed up to force the four heroines to take part in the oil wrestling: how Maxine knew that Courtney was fake when her appearance was no longer convenient. And then Zatanna had only been able to rescue her other friends when she was occupied on the chair and unable to subconsciously hinder her efforts. She started to shake with shock as she realised that she was responsible for what had happened to her friends.

“My God, I’m some kind of monster!” Maxine shrieked. “Diana. I’m so sorry! And poor Dinah and Sonia and Kendra and Karen. What have I done?!”

Diana placed a firm and comforting hand on Maxine’s shoulder. “We all have a dark side. Even Superman, Zatanna, or, indeed, even me.”
Maxine began to sniffle, “My God, this is beyond dark. It’s all sorts of kinky and wrong! I bet there’s nothing as bad has happened to any of you guys. And they must hate me!”

“I don’t hate you.” Diana said. “But I do need you to pull yourself together; stop the self loathing and help us get you out of here.” Diana finished sternly.

Maxine looked at Diana in shock, and nodded her head meekly.

“At least it’s not as bad as Superman’s and Big Barda’s porno tape.” Said Zatanna, brightly. Diana rolled her eyes. Maxine looked sceptical. “It’s true! Sleez, a servant of Darkseid, mind controlled Superman and Big Barda to star in a porno, then Darkseid showed the tape to Mr Miracle.”

Maxine laughed. “That’s the stupidest plot by Darkseid I’ve ever heard of. You’re making that up, surely?”

Diana shook her head sadly. Zatanna shook her head, “It’s all true kiddo. Don’t mention that I told you by the way. Superman and Big Barda don’t like to talk about it.”

“Geez, no surprise there...” Maxine snorted.

“And there was the time Raven was summoning the eldritch creature with hundreds of tentacles and it broke loose of its binding rituals...” Zatanna said.

“Enough!” snapped Diana. “We need to focus on getting Maxine out of here.”

Maxine and Zatanna nodded in agreement.

Maxine scrunched up her eyes and concentrated really hard. Diana looked at her perplexed and Zatanna smiled thinly.

“You look like you’re doing a really big poop, kiddo.” teased Zatanna.

“I’m trying to think myself back home.” protested Maxine.

“But your subconscious doesn’t want to go...” Mused Zatanna. Maxine looked stricken.

Diana unhooked the Lasso of Truth from her belt and handed it to Maxine. “Maybe this will make things clearer...”

Maxine took the lasso from Diana. She yelled out in shock as the lasso suddenly started to animate, like a golden snake. It wrapped around Maxine’s arms and dragged her to the ground. Maxine struggled to free herself, even as the golden rope wrapped itself around her ankles and pulled her legs wide apart, exposing her pussy to the Diana and Zatanna. In mere seconds Maxine was firmly bound with her legs akimbo and her arms stretched above her head as the magic rope wrapped around both ankles and both wrists whilst maintaining a tension that somehow held no matter how Maxine struggled.

“How’s that even work?” Asked Zatanna.

“It is magic.” Diana said, smiling.

Maxine’s eyes glistened with both fear and anticipation as Diana sat on her haunches between Maxine’s legs. A feather appeared in Diana’s hand. “Well, well.” Teased Diana. “Where do you think this should go?” Diana smiled playfully as she slowly stroked the feather across Maxine’s red haired bush. Maxine tittered as the sensations travelled across her curly hairs to her skin. The tip of the feather stroked towards Maxine’s clitoris, still red and aroused from her time on the chair. At the last moment Diana pulled the feather away and resumed stroking Maxine’s bush. Maxine groaned in disappointment.

“Maxine, how about we get out of this gloomy theatre and into the great outdoors?” Asked Diana. “A beach on Themiscrya: The Sun is warm and the surf is gently lapping on the sand. Inland is a dense jungle of palm trees, the foliage filled with the bright colours and the loud cries of many beautiful creatures. Don’t you want to be there Maxine?”

Almost instantaneously the scene shifted and Maxine was now tied up on a sunny tropical beach. She could feel the warmth of the sun beating down on her naked body and could hear the surf and wildlife, just as Diana had described. She scrunched her eyes against the bright sunshine overhead. Diana placed her hand over Maxine’s eyes, shading them from the sun.

Diana looked around. She and Maxine were both on the beach. Zatanna was sat on a nearby deckchair wearing a black bikini. She sipped a martini and waved at Diana in acknowledgement. Diana smiled. The magic of the lasso, plus some assistance from Zatanna, was allowing her to shape Maxine’s reality.

Diana lifted up Maxine’s head and gestured to the jungle edge. “I’d like you to meet some of my friends.”

Maxine gazed in trepidation as the foliage parted and half a dozen powerfully built Amazonian women strode towards her. They all wore red bikinis that allowed her to fully appreciate their lithe and toned physiques. They looked like avatars of Aphrodite: goddesses made flesh.

Maxine blushed, “Er, hi ladies.” She smiled sweetly.

“She’s cute.” Said the lead amazon approvingly. From her long blonde hair Maxine guessed that this was Artemis, one of Diana’s greatest rivals and closest allies. “I think we’re going to enjoy initiating her.”

Maxine looked concerned. She instinctively struggled in her bonds, but was unable to move an inch. She couldn’t even lurch up. It was as if the lasso was cemented to the beach sand.

Maxine gulped as the six amazons took up positions around her. One sat cross legged at each of her feet. One sat behind her and two others lay facing her on either side. Maxine’s breath caught in her throat as the sixth Amazon sat between her spread legs. Diana smiled down at Maxine. Maxine was both scared and excited as she guessed what was coming next.

Diana clicked her fingers and the end of the lasso rose up from beneath Maxine’s head and began to slowly wrap itself repeatedly over Maxine’s eyes, creating a golden blindfold in a few seconds. Her breathing grew shallow as she prepared for the first of the upcoming ticklish sensations.
“Ladies!” Zatanna announced, “You don’t want poor Maxine to burn do you?” She smiled as she produced a half dozen bottles of suntan lotion and threw them to each of the amazons. They smiled wickedly at each other. They unstoppered the bottles and squidged copious amounts of lotion onto their palms.

Maxine bucked and nearly rolled away from the Amazons as she registered the first touches of their lubed up hands. But they quickly held in place, even as she still slipped and slid between their greased palms. The Amazons by her feet locked her legs in place with their own and savagely scraped her soles with their nails even as the suntan lotion dribbled down her feet. Nail scraping was interspersed with soft palm strokes up and down the tops and bottom of her feet, followed by more nail scraping of her soles, just because it was so much damn fun. Maxine squealed and cackled and writhed in the hands of her tormentors.

The Amazons by her sides were merrily greasing up her titties and scraping their nails down her sides. Maxine howled especially loudly as their long oily fingers intruded into her exposed armpits. The two Amazons spent a lot of time there, teasing her pits with dozens of tender and tantalising strokes across her sensitive shaved flesh.

The Amazon by her head was rubbing the lotion into Maxine’s face, taking the opportunity to tickle her ears. The Amazon smiled tenderly at Maxine as she squealed and giggled under the Amazons’ ministrations. The Amazon then started to rub the lotion up and down the sides of Maxine’s neck, using her finger nails. Maxine tucked her chin in desperately and gurgled and squealed helplessly.

Maxine emitted the loudest screech they’d ever heard, which caused parrots to fly up from the nearby jungle canopy, as the Amazon between her legs began to oil up Maxine’s vulnerable anus and exposed perineum.

Maxine screamed and squealed and giggled and her body arched and writhed desperately as all six Amazons continued to oil up her naked body using their nails and palms of their hands.

“NEEAGHHH! Geehahahaha! HEEARGGugghughhh! EHAHAHA NAAARGHHH! FUUCCGHHHH!” Maxine screamed incoherently as the six Amazons played the skin of her naked body and her helpless screams of panicked anger was their symphony. Each of the Amazons was devoted to making Maxine squeal and struggle as violently as possible through their ministrations. They varied where they tickled, ensuring that the oil was spread across her vulnerable skin, which was now almost as red as her hair, through a combination of the Sun high above; Maxine’s desperate exertions and the pressure trails of the many nail scrapes that they’d inflicted upon her. Her skin glistened in the bright sunlight, slick from the oil and the sweat that was now pouring from every inch of her tormented body.

The Amazons were tireless and relentless as they teased, tickled and stroked Maxine’s body from top to bottom, again and again and again. One area they studiously avoided was her vagina, which was now slick with Maxine’s juices, which dribbled down into the sand. Every so often a spurt of piss would shoot from Maxine’s urethra as she no longer had any control over her bladder under the ticklish assault she was enduring. The Amazon between her legs was caught a couple of times, but laughed it off before grinning evilly and tickling Maxine’s anus, or perineum or stomach, or anywhere else she could reach with renewed enthusiasm.

Maxine’s struggles would eventually cease as she fainted from exhaustion. The Amazons would apply more sun cream and gently massage Maxine’s exhausted body. The Amazons by her feet would gently lick between her toes as the others massaged her with the gentlest of caresses. Maxine would awake and moan as she realised that her pussy was remaining untouched by any contact whatsoever. When an Amazon’s fingers approached near her pussy, Maxine would try to quickly thrust her hips forward to catch and contact with an Amazon’s hands, but they always avoided her feeble attempts to have her pussy stimulated, smiling wickedly at Maxine’s lusty desperation.

The Amazon by Maxine’s head periodically fed her iced wine, holding her head up so that she could drink well from the chilled glass. The other Amazons would gently caress Maxine’s slick skin or plant gentle kisses on her body at this time, allowing Maxine to drink her fill with no risk of choking in a ticklish spasm. Sometimes the wine serving Amazon would place the bottom of the chilled glass on Maxine’s erect nipples, or even stroke it across Maxine’s taut stomach, drawing angry curses from Maxine and amused titters from the Amazons.

After her wine, and any glass related mischief, the Amazon would then slowly and passionately kiss Maxine, tongues entwining and both women moaning in their embrace. The Amazon would gently stroke Maxine’s neck adding to the sensuality, even as the other Amazons sucked and nibbled on Maxine’s tootsies, her rock hard erect nipples and gently licking at her soaked perineum.

Then the Amazon would kneel back up, separating their lips. The first time this happened Maxine sighed in disappointment. The second and subsequent times this happened Maxine gasped in dread as she knew what was coming.

The Amazons would attack her helpless bound body with every tool at their disposal. They’d scrape at every inch of her most sensitive flesh with harsh nail strokes, leaving red scores on her skin; or they’d poke her with hard fingers into her sides or her armpits: Whatever caused Maxine to laugh and cackle and writhe the most. And she’d piss herself again and again as she was totally lost under the Amazons’ domination.

“Diannaahhhhaaa AHAHAHHA! Pleassehahahhahah! Heellppp MEEEHAHAHAHA!” Maxine screamed.

Diana replied, “But you’re not ready to go yet Maxine. But don’t worry, you will be.”

Maxine registered some sense of worry at that ominous statement, but any thoughts were then swept away as she was again assaulted by the Amazons and her whole world was an unending stream of sensations violating her very sense of being as she was made to laugh and cackle at the whims of these six cruel women.

And so it continued for hours and hours, although Maxine had no way of knowing this. The Sun stayed at the same spot in the sky – this was a magical reality after all, and Maxine glistened in the sunshine. Her hair was soaking wet and matted across her face, and her pubic hair was soaked with sweat and slick with her juices that had flown upwards as Maxine violently thrust her butt up and down, again and again and again.
Her pussy was on fire, but it wasn’t painful. It was like a slow simmering pot, bubbling for hours that needed just a bit more heat to come to the boil. Maxine was no longer laughing or cursing or cackling or giggling in her bondage. She was now grunting like an animal. All of the ticklish sensations were starting to make her pussy hotter and hotter. Now that she was no longer aware of herself, her identity swept away by the relentless tickling, she was no longer embarrassed or afraid of the tickling and her subconscious began to take over and revel in the sensations assailing her. She craved the contact of the many fingers and tongues and hands on her hyper sensitive skin. She thrust her pussy upwards, again and again and again, trying to stimulate her clitoris with even the gentle friction against the air.

“NNuughhhhh! Nugghffufffufuufufuuuuucckkkk” Maxine grunted, with teeth clenched. Her muscles stood out in her neck and across her limbs as she tried with inhuman desperation to stimulate her pussy. But the Amazons were merciless in enforcing her abstinence. All Maxine wanted, more than anything else in the World was for her pussy to be filled and pumped repeatedly until she came.

Maxine existed in this feral state of utter lust for what seemed an eternity to her orgasm denied psyche. Then she felt a gentle breeze across her clitoris and she nearly jumped out of her skin with the pleasure of the sensation. Another gentle breeze blew across her clitoris and Maxine howled in frustration at how close she was to cumming.

Three slender fingers made their way up her gaping and slick walled clunge. Maxine squealed at the violation, both wanting more as well as alarmed by the intensity of the sensation. The fingers then slowly retreated out of her pussy. Maxine screamed in frustration. She clenched her teeth together so hard that they almost cracked. Maxine’s mouth opened wide again to scream louder and a small part of the magic lasso untied itself from around Maxine’s eyes and slid between her teeth. Maxine squealed and grunted as the tickling by the Amazons increased in intensity. Her soles and upper feet were being scraped mercilessly, even as her stomach and titties were being teased, along with her neck and the sides of her stomach. She could now see Diana face down at her pussy.

Maxine grunted and bit down on the rope even as her eyes opened wide in shock as Diana started to violate her anus with a single teasing digit.
“Nuugghhhagahahhjahahhaha! Neagrhhhahahhahaah!” Maxine’s crotch started to bounce up and down in a frenzy, slapping the sand in a rapid staccato beat. The magic lasso produced more rope from nowhere and tied Maxine’s thighs so tightly to her arms that she couldn’t move at all. This intensified the sensations she was feeling from all over her body. Diana gently licked at Maxine’s throbbing clit, standing to attention, desperate to attract any kind of sensations to itself. Diana obliged with soft and gentle slurps with her tongue, even as she again triple fingered Maxine’s pussy and stuck a finger from her other hand up Maxine’s bum hole.

Diana’s fingers probed up Maxine’s orifices, gently stroking in and out with a slow rhythm. Maxine grunted in one continuous desperate plea to be allowed to cum, but Diana continued with her slow implacable stroking of Maxine’s sensitive spots. Feeding into the mounting sensations was the continued tickle torture of the rest of her body.

Diana slightly sped up the thrusts with her fingers and the ticklers began to tickle Maxine with even greater intensity, matching Diana’s rapid finger thrusts and rapid tongue lashing that Diana was giving her clit.

“NuguguguguguguguguguguguguguguguEGEGAHGHhhAGHHAGHHHAGHHHAGHHHAGAHHHHHHH!” Maxine grunted and screamed in an animalistic frenzy as she came like she’d never cum before in her life. It wasn’t a feeling of pleasure, like she’d experienced in her room with a marrow or banana. This was a primal release: the completion of a natural imperative that had evolved over millions of years. Her eyes gazed up unseeing even as she squealed and her body shook as an almighty orgasm tore through her. Her body jerked and stiffened like a board. But still Diana and the Amazons continued their stimulations. Maxine’s eyes opened impossibly wide. She was already at her limits! She couldn’t take anymore. But her subconscious craved orgasm after orgasm.

Diana fingered Maxine relentlessly, pumping in and out of her holes, in and out, in and out, like pistons on a steam train. The Amazon ticklers were at their limits now, starting to tire as they attacked Maxine’s soft skin with every technique they knew.

Maxine’s body shook with orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Her juices, mixed with piss, spurted out but she was heedless of this humiliation as her gasping clunge closed on Diana’s fingers, greedy for yet more orgasms. And they came, again and again and again until her body shook for one last time and she lay still on the beach.


Maxine slowly blinked her eyes at the bright light above. She squinted and could see Diana asleep on a nearby bed of cushions in the JSA meeting room. She looked around and could see dozens of her friends looking upon her with concerned eyes. There was the full roster of the JSA, as well as the JLA. Humanity’s finest super hero teams. Her eyes opened wide in humiliation. She was naked! She leapt up from her horizontal position. Dr Midnite put his hand on her shoulder and gestured to her to rest back down. Maxine was about to protest when she realised that she was wearing her green dress. Her floppy witch’s hat was laid by her right hand.

Courtney leapt through the crowd and winded Maxine as she embraced her in a massive bear hug. “I was so worried about you Maxine! But Wonder Woman and Zatanna got you out!”

The crowd of heroes smiled and looked approvingly at Dr Midnite. Their gazes fell upon Diana, who was now awakening. She looked at Maxine and smiled at her, pleased that she was free from her self induced bondage nightmare.

“So, what happened?!” Asked the Flash. “Zatanna’s been very tight lipped about what’s been going on.” Zatanna smiled enigmatically at the Flash, before disappearing in a puff of magic smoke. The assembled heroes were briefly surprised, but then quickly adjusted themselves and faced Diana.

Diana stood up, Lasso of Truth held in her right hand. Maxine flushed. With the Lasso Diana would have to tell everybody what had really happened!
“Maxine was more deeply trapped in the magical reality than the other team members, due to being the main target of the errant bolt.” Diana explained.

Everybody turned to glower at Jakeem, who stood shame faced in the corner.

“With Zatanna’s aid to enter Maxine’s reality, plus the help of my magic lasso of truth and several of my Amazon comrades conjured up by Zatanna, I was able to extricate Maxine from the situation.” Diana lifted up a finger to forestall any further questioning. “And she’s been through a very trying ordeal which we’d rather not talk about.”

Maxine looked relieved and the other heroes looked satisfied with the true, albeit incomplete, explanation. All apart from Batman who glowered suspiciously at Diana and Maxine. He knew Diana was hiding something, but would he try to prove it?

Over the next few minutes, after Courtney has helped her to her feet, Maxine was congratulated by the assembled heroes. Maxine was relieved to see Kendra, Dinah, Sonia and Karen looking well and apparently none the worse for their experiences. She hugged them all and could see in their eyes that they were happy to share their secret between them. Maxine realised that her memory of the entire incident was fading, as if she was awakening from a bad dream. She hoped that her friends’ memories were similarly fading as well. She sighed as she realised that some parts hadn’t been so bad at all. The oil wrestling and the beach had been particularly fun, in a masochistic way. She gazed at Diana, who locked gazes with her. Maxine flushed. Diana walked over and led her to a quiet corner of the room, smiling at her friends who waved at them in greeting.

Diana spoke, “I just want to say, Maxine, that you conducted yourself in a fashion that I would be proud to see from any of my fellow Amazons. You displayed great courage and always thought of others before yourself. I’d be honoured if you chose to visit Themiscrya some time.”

Maxine clasped Diana’s hands and enthused, “Hell Yes!”

Diana winked. “The beaches are lovely.” Diana smiled as Maxine flushed. “I’ll send you an invite soon.” Diana walked away, smirking to herself. As she’d admitted earlier, even she had a dark side, and making Maxine squeal in ticklish torment had been damn good fun.

Maxine smiled to herself. Diana was a wonderful person and she’d love to see the island in reality. Not that she was expecting to actually do any naked oil wrestling or be assailed mercilessly for hours by seven Amazons until her body erupted in wave after wave of seemingly endless orgasms, but Maxine could always dream...

The End
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