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Deputy's Apprentice part 5 (F/F)


Nov 28, 2001
Ok my dedicated and amazing readers! Time for another chapter in this series! I can sense you are all eagerly awaiting this particular chapter and I am grateful that you are. We are halfway through this series and things are heating up. Our young apprentice sees her mentor about to suffer and now, will she rise to the occasion? I hope you enjoy this part! I am having fun with these ladies and I am sure you are too. Oh, out of curiosity as I am still writing the final series of this Phase, The Deputy & The Outlaw: Retribution, I am realizing its sheer size. It looks like it will be 20 chapters long. I hope you enjoy it as it is a lot of story involved in there with a whole lot of action. Also, if you have enjoyed this entire saga please be kind and vote for it in the Golden Feather awards. Darby is counting on you (as she wiggles her pink soles in front of you. hahaha). Ok, on with the next part and any comments are most welcomed!


Becky witnessed Darby get put through a lot of tickle torture and she started to feel for her. The sound of that tortured laughter tore through her soul and knew she had to do something! She witnessed Darby go into silent laughter as Sabrina and Babs tickled her relentlessly. She figured it was time to do something, but then she heard Sabrina mention Darby’s feet. This stunned her as she saw the outlaw get off of Darby’s lap and move towards her mentor’s trapped feet. Her own curiosity got to her as she wondered if Darby had ticklish feet. She recalled her own feet being tickled by Darby and she even asked her if her feet were ticklish. She never got an answer and now wondered if her hero also had ticklish feet, just like her. This was such a surreal experience for her. She paused and watched in great anticipation.

Darby felt Sabrina’s hands on her right boot. She looked on in horror as her boot was going to be removed! This was always a very dreadful moment for her. Her experiences in the past included very torturous moments for her and now this new outlaw was going to torture her and humiliate her. Her entire body grew tense and she clenched her toes. Hopefully that would prevent her boot from being removed. “Sabrina!! This is ridiculous! I don’t want a foot massage! You already tortured me enough! How about you let me go and you can get away? I am sure the Sheriff is looking for me and you have a great head start. There is no need to take off muh boot.” she said in desperation.

“Hehehehe I love how you are SO afraid of me taking off your boot. I opened up your shirt, and even talked about what was under your bra, and you barely panicked. Maybe you want me to see your tits? Is that it? You like what is happening to you? Admit you like girls, and maybe you can enjoy what I am doing to you.” Sabrina teased.

“Will ya stop trying to remove muh boots if I admit it?” Darby asked.

“Possibly…..hehehe There is something about your boots that scares you so much…” Sabrina responded. She loved how nervous and frightened Darby looked. Her excitement grew and she really wanted to see what was inside this boot.

Darby started to sweat over the proposition. She could admit she is a lesbian to these women and maybe they would not remove her boots. She was going to be humiliated either way, but being tickled on the bottoms of her feet frightened her more. She decided she could just say she likes girls, and say it was a lie later. She lowered her head and sighed. “I-I like girls…” she whispered.

Sabrina smiled when she heard Darby whisper those words. She really didn’t care if she did, she wanted to torture this deputy. “Hmmm…..I could barely hear you. Can you say it a bit louder?” she teased, then started to tug on the boot.

Darby’s head lifted back up as she felt her boot coming down her leg. The sole of the boot already came off her heel and it was going to be moments before it was taken off! The boot slid under the rope around the ankle and realized her feet were tied very tight. “I LIKE GIRLS!!! I LIKE GIRLS!!!!” she screamed out, hoping to avoid her greatest weakness from being exposed.

“Hehehehe I know you do sweetie. But, I have a feeling you might be lying to me. I think you need to bare your soul and ask me to see your tits to prove it.” Sabrina said with lust in her voice. She was really enjoying this control she had over Darby. It amazed her that her favorite method of torture made this heroic deputy, a role model to so many different women, fall into a scared little kitten. She was going to savor this moment for the rest of her life.

“Y-You want to see muh breasts? I-I can’t…We are not, um, lovers.” Darby responded in a very meek voice. She started to have that helpless feeling again and she hated it. Why did these criminals have to tickle her? Why did they always want to humiliate her like this? She wished she wasn’t so sensitive.

“Hahahah well, we are not lovers yet! But I promise you this, by the time this evening ends, you will prove to me how much you like girls….Now, off with this boot!” Sabrina declared as she gave a very strong tug on the boot, and it came sliding right on off! She held the empty boot in the air like a trophy and a surge of pride flowed through her body. For some reason, removing this woman’s boot was the best thing that could have happened. She stared at Darby’s face and saw that abject fear on it. That look alone made her very aroused and she couldn’t wait to play with the foot. Her eyes looked down and saw the slightly dirty white sock covered foot and was already amazed. Sabrina could see how large the foot was and she had to see how big it was. She looked around the boot, trying to find the size of them. She located it and her eyes went very wide when she did. “ELEVEN???? Your foot is a size ELEVEN???? Wow! Hey Babs, Deputy Darby has some BIG feet!! Hehehehe” she taunted.

Babs smiled as she heard Sabrina’s taunts. This was also a very exciting moment for her. She was also very anxious to see Darby’s feet. She had so much fun tickling Ruth’s feet, she could only imagine how ticklish Darby’s feet were. The deputy seemed very frightened at the prospect of her feet being exposed. She wondered if she would get a turn to play with them as well. She also loved how her partner was going to completely humiliate this deputy, who ruined their plans. The woman admitted she liked girls and now her feet were about to be tormented. She laughed over the size of Darby’s foot and the humiliation would only continue. “Wow!! Those are BIG feet!! Maybe we can take a cruise on them to another faraway country. Hehehe” she teased.

Darby’s face went red from embarrassment. Once again, her feet were being ridiculed and it always made her feel embarrassed. The size of her feet was always pointed out by criminals she encountered over the last year and that feeling of helplessness washed over her body. She then saw her boot get tossed over Sabrina’s shoulder and she shuddered to think what was about to happen next. “Please stop doing this to me….I’m tall, that’s why muh feet are big. Please…please put muh boot back on.” she whimpered.

Becky was still in total shock. She just saw Darby admit that she likes girls, although she could have just said it to appease these criminal women. But if that was the case, or even if it was the truth, it meant that her hero, her role model, her mentor was deathly ticklish on her feet. She could see the socked foot exposed next to the still booted left foot and she wondered how bad this may go for her new friend. She remembered the horror she felt when Peggy removed her boots and her socks, exposing her barefeet. She remembered how bad it tickled and how embarrassed she felt when they tickled her. It looked like Darby was going to go through the same thing and her heart went out to her. Becky realized she would have to spring into action! There was no one else coming right now to save Darby, so it had to be her. She thought her being a deputy meant she had to put her own life in danger to save others. Just as she was about to do something, her eyes saw Sabrina’s hands go towards Darby’s sock and it looked like she was going to take it off! This made her freeze as the thought of Darby’s foot being exposed stunned her.

“Now, let’s see what is under this sock of yours…..hehehehe” Sabrina teased as she continued to pull on the sock. She could see it sliding down and loved the fact it was so easy. These must have been old socks, so they slid down easily. Once the sock got to the ankle, she felt a surge of excitement. She was about to bare the foot of Darby and have her ticklish way with it!

“NO!!!! SABRINA, YA CAN’T DO THAT!!! DO NOT REMOVE MUH SOCK! DO NOT! PLEASE! I AM BEGGIN’ YA!!!” Darby screamed in a panic. She could feel her sock being pulled down and that meant only one thing. Her foot was about to be naked. It meant that she was going to have to endure the worst kind of torture for her. Vivid memories of what happened in this barn a little over a year ago flooded her brain as she remembered how La Diabla first discovered her ticklish weakness. It was surreal that it was happening again. She then felt the sock come off her heel and the panic really set in. She started to sway her body and tried to move her feet around. That only made the sock slip up a little on her foot and if she continued, she would remove her sock herself. “PLEASE!!!! DO NOT DO THIS TO ME!!! LEAVE MUH SOCK ALONE!!!” she screamed.

“Wow! She REALLY does not want us to see her feet! Hehehehe Take it off Sabrina, take it off!!!” Babs said with great excitement. The way Darby was reacting meant only one thing. Darby was horrifically ticklish on her feet!

Sabrina swooned as she heard those desperate pleas coming from Darby. It only inspired her more to remove the sock. The fact this woman was so scared of this moment gave her complete power over her. Her eyes then looked at the heel that was just exposed. After seeing the very pale skin of the ankle, she almost had her heart stop when she saw the deep pink flesh of the heel. It looked extremely tender, and that was just her heel! As Darby shook her foot in a panic, the sock started to move further up the foot and more of that pink skin was exposed. She was in a trance as she looked at the bottom of the foot. The skin looked entirely tender and soft. She was now at the arch and loved how meaty the foot looked so far. The sock continued to peel up the foot, and the ball of the foot was exposed. Sabrina noticed her own body was hyper excited. The sole of this woman’s foot looked absolutely perfect. It looked like a very tender piece of flesh and her adrenaline level hit all new highs for her. She felt mesmerized by the sight of this foot. She then couldn’t wait anymore! She then quickly pulled the sock off the toes and held it up like a trophy. Her eyes then saw the bottom of Darby’s foot and she lost her breath. She could see those thick, meaty, medium length toes and it blew her mind. She had never seen a woman’s foot like this before. Her own feet didn’t look this nice. Babs’ feet never looked this nice. No other woman she encountered had a foot like this before. Her jaw dropped as she admired the deep pink skinned sole. “I-I-I can’t b-believe this….wow. Your foot….it’s perfect…” she stammered.

Darby lowered her head in shame as she heard Sabrina’s words. She was very familiar with this reaction as it only fueled her captors to tickle her feet and make her suffer. She always hated the fact that other women loved how her feet looked. Not only did criminals love and admire them, but also her friends. Gertrude and Mandy had their way with her feet before. Heck, even Phoebe and Bessie had some fun with her feet while she slept at their mansion. She had no idea why they loved her feet so much, but every single woman who saw them, admired them so much. It could have been a source of pride, but with that admiration meant a lot of tickling was soon to follow. Darby felt so weak and helpless at the moment and started to whimper. She was embarrassed and afraid that she was about to be tortured ruthlessly again. Then she felt the tugging on her other boot! She realized that both feet were going to be exposed and a lot of anguish was soon to follow. “Please….please don’t…please don’t take off muh boot. You embarrassed me enough right now….stop this please….” she whimpered.

Babs watched in stunned silence as she watched her partner strip Darby’s right foot naked. From her vantage point, she could see the top of the foot. She could see how pale the skin was, and loved how the toes were shaped. They looked quite thick and meaty. She loved the natural nails that were perfectly trimmed as well. The way Sabrina reacted to the sole of the foot made her wonder how they looked. She never saw her partner so enraptured like this before. She knew Sabrina loved a woman’s foot as she played with so many feet of her victims. But for some reason, the bottom of this deputy’s foot made her look stunned. Now, she wanted to see the sole of the foot. She had to see what Sabrina was so mesmerized by. Her own heart raced with anticipation as she heard the soft whimpering from Darby and now the left boot was being taken off!

Becky could see the bare right foot of Darby. She could see the deep pink sole and it amazed her. It was such a strange feeling for her to watch her mentor get tormented and she felt horrible for her as her footwear was getting removed. But she had to admit that large foot did look amazing, even from her vantage point. She could hear the panicked whimpers of Darby and she just couldn’t believe the deputy was this fearful of her feet being exposed. She swallowed hard as she watched the left boot slide off the foot and get tossed over Sabrina’s shoulder. She could now see that sock covered foot trembling and when she saw Sabrina’s fingers reaching for the top of the sock under the genes, she froze. Deputy Darby Reeves was going to be completely barefoot, and it seemed like she was really going to suffer! Becky started to think she had to interfere! She could not let Darby suffer in front of her. This was her moment to save her. As she saw the sock getting peeled off the heel, exposing that deep pink skin, she took very deep breaths. “Ok Becky! Ya got this. Ya can do this. Ya have to save Darby from the torture on her feet!” she thought to herself.

Darby really started to panic as she saw the sock sliding off her foot. She always hated these moments. She hated when her feet were bared against her will. She hated the fact that her weakness was going to be exploited. She looked at Sabrina’s face and saw a look of amazement and joy in it. She then shook nervously when she felt Babs right by her right ear!

“Soon, we are going to see both of your BIG feet! What we really like is someone having really ticklish feet. I bet yours is going to be REALLY ticklish. Pray I don’t get my hands on you….” Babs whispered.

Sabrina felt a lot of excitement in her body as the left sock continued to come off. More of that beautiful pink skin was getting exposed as she could see the arch area. She loved how thick and meaty these feet were. When the sock got to the ball of the foot, she stuck out her tongue to the side and smiled. Her heart started to beat faster as all she had to do was give a tug on the sock and those toes would be exposed! She looked up at Darby and saw the abject fear on her face. She had a sadistic smile on her face, then quickly tugged the sock off, exposing those meaty toes! She looked at the two bare feet and thought she went to foot heaven. The soles looked perfect. She tossed the sock over her shoulder and felt her mouth water. “Well, what do we have here? Why Deputy Darby! You have some BEAUTIFUL feet! Who would have ever thought your feet would be so……..amazing?” she teased.

Darby felt a sense of shame and defeat as she looked at her exposed feet. Once again, she was going to be tortured in the most humiliating way possible. She heard the threats. She had already been tickled on her ribs and underarms. Now, her greatest ticklish weakness was exposed and in the same barn when she first discovered that weakness. She looked at Sabrina and all she felt she could do was beg. “Please Sabrina….Don’t do this to me….please…..don’t touch muh feet. I told ya I like girls. What more do you want?” she whimpered.

“What more do I want? Hehehehe I want to hear laughter. I want to hear you scream! I want you to suffer and apologize for ruining my robbery attempt. You know, your feet must be ridiculously ticklish for you to have this much fear! I have never seen someone in your position so scared to have her feet played with. You must be INSANELY ticklish! I love it! I mean, I REALLY love it! I also love how soft your skin looks. Tell me, are they as soft as they look? I want to find out…..” Sabrina teased. She was getting great pleasure out of taunting and teasing Darby. She could see the soles trembling in fear, and the look of sheer fright on Darby’s face. She then reached her hand forward towards the left foot. She wanted to see if the feet were as soft as the skin looked. She then placed her palm on the sole of the foot and a tremendous amount of pleasure tore through her body! She could not believe how soft the skin felt. She never felt anything like it on a pair of feet. She got to tickle and play with many women’s feet, but none ever felt like this. “Wow!! They ARE softer than they look! Oh, I am about to have some FUN!” she shouted.

“Hey!!! Hehehehehehe don’t touch muh foot! Sabrina! I am beggin’ ya! Please don’t do this to me!” Darby pleaded. That simple touch on her foot drove her wild and sent ticklish tremors throughout her entire body. She hated herself for giving up her weakness so quickly. She should have pretended to say her feet were not ticklish, but from experience, these criminals would then be determined to prove her wrong. The feeling of Sabrina’s hand on the bottom of her foot let her know she was about to go through another terrible ticklish ordeal.

“Babs! This woman’s feet are SOFT!!! I mean, it is as though she never ever walked on them before. Softer than a newborn baby! Hehehe And you know what the best part is? They are……..TICKLISH!!!” Sabrina shouted then started to lightly flutter her fingers up and down the bottom of that left foot. The feeling she had on her fingers sent her in erotic pleasure as the texture felt really nice. What she really enjoyed was Darby’s reaction. It was perfect…

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOO!!! NOT MUH FEET!!! DON’T HAHAHAHAHAHA TICKLE MUH FEET!!!!! PLEASE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE!!!!” Darby screamed as she felt those light strokes on the bottom of her foot. It amazed her that even after all the tickle torture she endured in her recent past, that her feet seemed more sensitive as time passed. Every tickle attempt on her feet, even with the lightest touch seemed to make her even more ticklish. Her head went back, and she screamed up into the rafters as those fingers continued to dance on her sole.

Becky’s jaw dropped as she watched and listened to Darby screaming in ticklish laughter. She could see Sabrina’s fingers barely touching the foot and that was the reaction. It blew her mind that Darby was so ticklish on her feet. She knew how that felt, but she put up better fights with her having her own feet tickled compared to Darby. It was such a surreal view. Her hero was very ticklish, and those screams echoed through her head. She knew Darby was in deep trouble and if she was going to do something, it was now or never! She then stood up from the hayloft floor and looked down. It was time to save her hero! “STOP THAT! STOP TICKLIN’ HER FEET!!!” she shouted.

Sabrina stopped her fingers from fluttering up and down that soft foot as she heard a voice from nowhere. She looked around the barn, then looked up. She was stunned to see another woman standing in the hayloft looking down at them. Her heart froze as she thought perhaps this was another deputy coming to capture them. She noticed the woman did not have a visible weapon and thought this was perhaps the owner of this barn. She stood up and anger filled her body. “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??!!!” she screamed.

Darby felt a huge sense of relief as the tickling stopped. Her foot was still tingling, but at least nothing was touching it at the moment. She also heard the voice over her ticklish screams and looked up. Her face froze in shock as she noticed who it was. It was Becky!!! Somehow her apprentice had found her and could possibly rescue her. She felt relieved that someone was here to try and help her, but then remembered something. Becky was not a deputy, and these were two outlaws. She was tied up, so she couldn’t help her!

Babs looked up and saw this red headed woman standing up in the hayloft and looking down at them. She figured this must have been someone that either lived here or followed them. Either way, it was time to fight! She slowly came out from behind Darby and stood next to her right side. Her anger started to grow because this woman was interrupting their fun!

“Muh name is Becky Lockhart! Ya will release the prisoner! Ya both are in big trouble! Stop torturin’ that woman by ticklin’ her feet! It is time for ya both to go to jail!” Becky said with confidence. She felt like a hero at the moment, but then she realized the two outlaws had guns and she didn’t. It didn’t matter to her. She had to save Darby!

Sabrina looked at Becky and was shocked. This woman dared interrupt her from having her way with Darby’s feet? Her eyes then looked at Becky’s waist and she noticed the woman did not have a gun belt. She was most likely unarmed and that made her feel in control. She also noticed the red pigtails and she appeared to be tall. It didn’t matter as she knew how to fight, and Babs was here. “Are you joking? Listen little girl, if you don’t get out of here, I will take you out!” she threatened.

Becky knew she couldn’t back down now. She exposed herself and now she had to rescue Darby. She could see both outlaws and figured what she could do was leap down from the hayloft onto Sabrina. Then after crushing the woman, she would roll off of her and pounce on Babs as well. It would be the greatest heroic move of all time and surely, they would make her a deputy! She would save Darby and apprehend two bank robbers! This was the moment to do it! “Alright, ya leave me no choice! I’m gonna get ya!!!” she shouted.

Sabrina watched Becky and prepared for whatever she was about to do. She then looked on in shock as Becky started to move on the hayloft and appeared to want to jump from that loft onto the ground. Her eyes did see the very large pile of hay in front of an empty horse stall, and that must be what the woman was going to do. She planned to pounce on the woman as soon as she landed to keep her advantage. The woman looked really young, so defeating her would not be an issue. Then her eyes went wide in shock! She saw Becky’s left foot appear to slip and now the woman was falling! She watched in stunned silence as she saw Becky making a slip forward, her arms waving frantically and soon she was head over heels, headed for that pile of hay!

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Becky shouted as she fell forward out of control. Her foot slipped on the loose hay straws on the hayloft floor and lost her balance. She felt herself flipping forward and did everything she could to get her body turned to avoid going headfirst into the pile of hay. Her eyes were wide with fright, and she felt like she was falling in slow motion. Then she managed to flip around and landed on her back, right on the pile of hay. Her legs bounced into the air, and she was stunned.

Darby was completely stunned. She just witnessed her young apprentice falling from the hayloft and onto the pile of hay. These turns of events were nothing like she ever seen before. Her heart felt like it stopped as she saw Becky crash into the pile of hay. Then she saw both Babs and Sabrina rush towards that pile of hay and were sure to capture Becky. “Becky!!!! Becky!!!!” she screamed out.

Sabrina saw Becky crash land onto the pile of hay, and she immediately pounced on her. She did not want this woman to recover and potentially land some lucky shots to take her out. She felt Babs next to her and they started to grab Becky’s limbs. That wasn’t too difficult because the young lady seemed to be stunned. She grabbed Becky’s arms, while Babs grabbed the legs. “Come on! Let’s tie her up quickly!!” she shouted to her partner.

Babs was in shock when she saw Becky fall like that. Never in her life did she ever see someone trying to do a stunt like that and fail miserably. She held onto Becky’s legs and quickly grabbed some rope from her pouch. It wasn’t long enough for the legs, but she threw it to Sabrina to tie the hands. She wrapped her arms around Becky’s long legs, with her own chest laying on the thighs. Her head was close to Becky’s waist, and she watched as Sabrina quickly tied the wrists together. “Hurry! Then we can get her legs!” she shouted.

Becky was stunned as she tried to recover from landing hard onto the pile of hay. It was a soft landing, but she was disoriented from the fall. She then felt her wrists being slammed together in front of her and then felt something being wrapped around them. Her mind was still spinning and when it started to clear, she realized these two women pounced on her. “Hey….what happened?” she asked.

Sabrina couldn’t help but smile as she heard Becky coming back to some semblance of awareness. She continued to think about the sight of Becky appearing to be in control, only to slip and fall onto this pile of hay. It was quite funny to her and now she wanted to embarrass this woman. She turned towards Babs, and it was time to get Becky prepared. After tying the wrists together, she got up and made her way over to Babs’s pouch. From there, she found a longer rope and went back to the pile. She handed the rope to Babs, so that she could tie Becky’s legs. “Quick, let’s get her set up, so we can have some fun with her! Hehehe” she laughed with evil intentions.

Darby was still in a state of shock as she saw Sabrina and Babs tying up poor Becky. Her apprentice was in trouble, and she couldn’t do anything to help her. She also started to realize that Becky could have seen her getting her feet tickled. That made her feel a little embarrassed as the woman who seemed to idolize her saw her in a weak position. Her eyes then went wide as she saw them tying another piece of rope around the wrist binds and then throw the rope up over the rafters and now the arms were being pulled into the air. She knew they were getting Becky ready to be tied up like her. That could only mean one thing! They were going to torture her as well! This made her heart sink because she knew Becky probably wouldn’t be able to handle real torture by these women.

Becky shook her head and now she was clearing her mind. That fall disoriented her and now she felt her arms being pulled above her head. She blinked her eyes a few times, then realized her predicament. She was tied up! Her breath was short and when she tried to move her legs, she realized they were bound. Her head looked down and she found herself sitting on some kind of a crate, and her feet were elevated and resting on a small crate. She was tied up just like Darby! She then looked forward and saw Darby looking back at her. She felt terrible that her rescue attempt went horribly wrong. Now, she was trapped and helpless. Becky turned her head side to side and saw both Babs and Sabrina looking at her. She gulped and put on a brave face. “Hey!! Ya got to let me go! Release me at once!” she demanded.

“Hahahaha she is SO cute!! Babs, isn’t she adorable shouting at us like that when she is all tied up?” Sabrina teased.

“Yes! She looks adorable! I mean, if my eyes are right, doesn’t she kinda look like the deputy over here? I mean, she has the red hair. She is pretty tall and….she looks like she has big feet! Hehehe” Babs teased when her eyes went towards Becky’s trapped feet.

“Don’t ya dare make fun of me! Ya don’t know what ya have done! Ya got deputy Darby over there and I promise ya, we are gonna take ya to jail!” Becky told them defiantly. She wanted to put on a brave face even though she was scared out of her mind. She also wanted to show Darby that she could handle a tough situation.

“Hahahahahahaha oh really? Well, we know that is a deputy we have tied up. But who are you?” Sabrina asked in a mocking tone. Even those Becky had good looking physical attributes, she could already tell this woman was not going to be the caliber of Deputy Darby.

“Me? Ya are looking at her apprentice!! Muh name is Becky Lockhart and ya both are in big trouble!” Becky shouted, with a hint of confidence in her voice. She tried to pull her wrists free, but it was no use. She could see the playful looks on both outlaws’ faces, and she was concerned. She did realize what they did to Darby could happen to her. Nonetheless, she had to be strong at this moment. Her body trembled a little as her nerves were starting to fray. She felt her heart thumping in her chest and even her palms got a little sweaty. For the first time in her life, she was face to face with actual criminals who committed serious crimes.

Sabrina looked at Becky, then looked at her partner. They both looked like they were trying to hold back their laughter, but that didn’t last long. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You hear that, Babs? Becky Lockhart is an………wait for it……….APPRENTICE!!! Oh no! What are we going to do??” she said in a mocking tone.

“I don’t know! I mean, there is no way we can possibly stop an APPRENTICE from capturing us and sending us to jail! I’m scared Sabrina, I am REALLY SCARED!!! Hehehehehehehehe” Babs giggled.

Becky turned red in the face as the two outlaws were starting to mock her. Her mind did admit that she did sound a bit ridiculous with the apprentice mentioning aspect, but she blurted out facts. She was an apprentice, so she wanted to say something important. “Don’t make fun of me…..” she mumbled.

Darby witnessed this entire scene and she had mixed emotions. She was grateful that she was not being tickle tortured on her feet and being humiliated, and she was very proud to see Becky trying to rescue her and showing incredible bravery right now. But she also felt sad for Becky because she knew what was about to happen to her. She knew Becky’s feet were a weak spot and if her feet were tickled, then Becky would also suffer. “How about you both let us go? Assaulting a deputy and her apprentice is a major crime and you will serve some hard time.” she warned them as she curled her toes.

Sabrina heard Darby and she laughed under her breath. Her two victims were trying to be brave. She knew Darby was already going to break under her touch. A woman that ticklish, especially on her feet would definitely break. Now, she wondered about Becky. She wondered since both women looked similar physically, if Becky would have the same reactions. That sent a thrill in her body to see two women screaming their heads off. She never had two women captured and tickled before. The fact they were supposed to be women of power would make it even sweeter. Then, she had an idea and a very big, evil smile formed on her face. She turned towards Babs and felt a lot of happy emotion. “Hey Babs, since these two are obviously dangerous, hehehehe, why don’t we continue to have some fun with them? I have a gift for you. I will take care of that ticklish deputy over there, and you…….you can have her apprentice. Have your way with her! Go all out. This is your chance to show me what you got! You can go as FAR as you want….” she offered.

Babs had a large smile form on her face as she heard the offer. She was going to have her own tickle victim to herself! It would be fun to tickle Darby, but to have the next best thing, a woman that looked like her on her own, sent waves of excitement in her body. This was her moment to show Sabrina she could also be an effective torturer. She rubbed her hands together and grinned. “Yes!!! I would LOVE to! Hehehehe” she laughed with evil intent.

Becky listened to the two women speaking and a chill washed over her. She heard Sabrina tell her partner that she could have her way with her. The realization that she was tied up and helpless really tore through her mind and unlike the training session with Darby, she was going to be tortured for real! Her body started to shake, and she started to try and pull free from her bonds, but it was no use. She then saw Babs walking to her and she was very scared. “Hey!! What are ya plannin’ to do to me? Get away from me and let us go!!!” she shouted with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

Darby heard the threat, and her heart sank. Her poor apprentice was about to suffer, and she couldn’t do anything about it. She then saw Sabrina walk up to her and the outlaw had a mischievous grin on her face. “Let us go! Sabrina, you can still get away! There is no way we can catch ya! I don’t even have muh boots on!” she pleaded.

Sabrina smiled as she heard Darby’s desperate pleas. She loved it when her victim displayed so much fear. She also looked at Darby’s naked feet when she heard the deputy mentioning her boots. She then knelt down right by those large soles and smiled. It still amazed her how big, soft, and sensitive they were. She was anxious to see what her owl feather would do to them as well. Her eyes then went back towards Darby’s face and saw that fear. “Hehehe but we were having so much fun until we were interrupted. I already miss tickling these big feet of yours. I am sure your feet want me to pay special attention to them. Now, where is my feather?” she taunted.

Babs approached Becky and saw the woman trying her best to get herself free. She was tied up tight and there was no escape. She figured it was time to strike deep fear in her, and then torture her. She got close and reached her right index finger under Becky’s chin. “You can demand all you like. I think you know what is about to happen to you. You arrived when me and my partner were having fun with the deputy. Now, it is YOUR turn. I wonder if you react the same way. You are kinda cute and I bet you have a very sexy body….” she told her.

Becky gasped as she heard the threat. She knew what was going to happen and she was scared out of her mind. She was also very upset with herself because she was supposed to rescue Darby from being tickled and now, she was going to suffer the same fate. She was really upset over her own clumsiness as it was about to make her truly suffer. She then saw Babs fingers reaching for the buttons of her shirt and starting to undo them. Her head shot back up and she saw the sadistic looking grin on Babs’ face. “Hey! W-What are ya doing? Why are ya unbuttoning my shirt?” she asked with fear in her voice.

“I think you know, Becky Lockhart. I want to see your skin. I want to see how it reacts to my touch. You see, I am also an apprentice in a way. My name is Babs McKenzie, and I have been learning the finer points of torture from Sabrina over there with your mentor. I bet you are just as delicate, maybe even more so, as the deputy over there. When I am done with you, you are going to reveal a lot of things to me. Especially how your naked body reacts to my touch……” Babs teased. She loved the feeling of power she had right now. She could see the fear in Becky’s eyes and already knew it wouldn’t take long to break this woman. The thought of Becky being naked excited her as she was a cute, young woman. She finished unbuttoning the shirt, then easily opened up the panels and saw the pale skin of the stomach and ribs area. She could also see Becky’s bra and her chest was heaving up and down. With the arms overhead, she couldn’t remove the shirt, but it was open enough for her to play with the skin. “Mmmmm….you are pretty cute. I can’t wait to get that bra off of you….” she teased.

Becky felt her entire body go stiff with fright when she heard that she was going to end up naked! She remembered when she was naked in front of another woman, and that was with Sue Ann at her home. That was a very nice situation and filled with sexual tension. This situation was entirely different. This was about to be pure torture to her. Hearing the fact she was going to lose her clothes to this woman sent her into sheer fright. “No!!! Don’t ya dare do that to me!! I don’t want to be nekkid! Let me go!!! I am heheheheheheheheh WARNIN’ YA!!! HEHEHEHEHEHE STOP THAT!!!” she pleaded as she felt Babs’ fingertips started to lightly flutter over her stomach area.

Babs felt extremely excited as Becky was very responsive to her tickling touch. She loved what she was about to do to this young woman and her fingers started to move a little faster. She could feel the body jerking around and she continued to follow it. She loved the sound of Becky’s giggles as they sounded very cute. She could see the look of ticklish agony on her face already. She discovered that Becky was going to be really ticklish, and she was going to push this woman far beyond her limits. This was her opportunity to live out a long-held fantasy and wanted to impress Sabrina as well. “Oooooh!!! You ARE ticklish!! We are going to have so much fun together!!” she taunted.

Sabrina turned her head and saw Babs starting to tickle Becky. She loved the sound of Becky’s giggles, and she couldn’t help but feel proud of Babs. She had a feeling her partner was going to truly torture Becky. She then turned her attention back towards Darby and noticed she had a look of concern. Probably over her own feet being tickled, but also towards her apprentice. “You hear that? Sounds like your cute apprentice is also ticklish! Did you ever imagine that happening? You and your apprentice being tickled until you lose your minds? Hehehehe” she teased.

Darby could hear that laughter coming from Becky and she grew concerned. After she tickled Becky’s feet herself, she knew her apprentice was going to suffer. During that training session, she did notice Becky tried to fight if off, but this was different. She was going to suffer. It was surreal that her imaginary scenario with Becky being in the barrel was coming true. She asked her apprentice what she would do if some evil female criminal had her trapped and tickled her. Now, it was a reality. Her heart went out to her, and she wished she could do something to help her. She then snapped out of her gaze when she felt fingers touching the bottom of her left foot. Darby looked down at her foot and saw Sabrina’s hand on the foot and she felt that intense ticklish feeling. Her own torture was about to resume! “Hey! Hehehehehe let her go!! Hehehe let us BOTHAHAHAHAHAHA go!!!” she begged as she felt a really quick flutter of fingers on her foot.

“We both know that is not going to happen. Hehehehe I have to admit deputy, I think I am falling in love with these feet of yours. They are SO soft and ticklish! I am truly, and I mean this from the bottom of my big heart, truly going to enjoy tickling your feet…..” Sabrina said with a grin. She then saw her owl feather resting on Darby’s lap. She knew her fingers would utterly destroy those big, soft feet, but wanted to have a little fun with the feather first. This was truly going to be a moment she was never going to forget.

Becky continued to scream as she felt fingers stroking and fluttering up her stomach area. It was already driving her crazy and she wondered how she was going to get out of this mess. It was such an embarrassing moment to be captured like this and going to be tickle tortured. She looked at Babs’ face and saw the look of happiness in her eyes. She tried to shift her body to the left or the right to avoid the fingers, but they just followed her everywhere she went. The tickling was already driving her crazy and she really hoped that it wouldn’t be too horrible of an attack. “HAHAHAHAHAHA QUIT IT!!! WHY ARE YA TICKLIN’ ME??!! I DON’T HAHAHAHAHA WANT TO BE TICKLED!! LET ME GO!” she screamed.

Babs loved how squirmy Becky was becoming as she continued to touch that sensitive skin. She still couldn’t believe she had her very own ticklish victim to have fun with. Her mind started to think about how much she could tickle this woman and especially where. She wondered if she should tickle her softly or tickle her viciously. She thought about various ticklish spots and there were certain areas she definitely wanted to explore. The stomach area was just the first on her tickle torturing journey. She loved the sound of Becky’s voice already. Just listening to her already begging meant she was very ticklish. Thoughts of Sabrina’s style came to her mind, and it was time to punish this young lady. “What’s the matter? You don’t like me touching you? You ask me why I am tickling you, and the answer is simple. BECAUSE IT IS FUN!!!” she told her in a very sadistic tone.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH GAWD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP THAT!!!“ Becky SCREAMED AND then felt Babs’ fingers pressing into her sides like lobster claws. a very strong wave of ticklish sensations tore right through her like a hot knife through butter. She tried to thrash her body and even swing her fists, but with her wrists bound above her head, she had no defenses for her sides. It tickled a great deal and she started to panic. The tickling was already getting to her and unlike Darby, this woman probably had no intent in stopping.

“Nope! I am not going to stop! You are my prisoner and you will be……..PUNISHED!!!!” Babs told her with viciousness in her voice. She figured she would attack Becky with a more brutal style of tickling, then drive her absolutely crazy with softer techniques. She wanted to craft her own style. If Sabrina was going to let her join in on tickling others, she had to come up with a technique of her own. She was happy Becky was here, because she was going to be able to have fun experimenting with her. She continued to lobster claw those sides and enjoyed herself. Becky may have been tall, but she was very slender, so she could really dig her “claws” into that flesh. Babs stared at Becky’s face and seeing her in a ticklish panic gave her chills. The power she had over her was addictive. She could see Becky’s face already turning red, and loved how the small beads of sweat were already forming. She truly could not wait to work this woman over and breaking her spirit.

Sabrina was on her knees, turned her head and saw her partners squeezing Becky’s sides and it made her smile. Her partner was going to really torture that woman and she felt proud. Then she turned her head back and stared at the soles of Darby’s feet. Those big, pink, soft soles were right there for her to play with. She now had her owl feather in her hand and couldn’t wait to see how they would affect those helpless feet. Her eyes looked up above the toes and saw the look of fright on Darby’s face. She then held up the feather and twirled it in between her thumb and index finger of her right hand. It was now time to really destroy Darby’s mind and her big, ticklish feet. “Awww…..you look so scared! Why are you so afraid of a feather? Feathers can’t hurt you. They only want to play with you….” she teased.

Darby could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she looked at the feather twirling. She knew her feet were about to be attacked and she dreaded this moment. She could also hear the panicked laughter of Becky and knew that poor woman was in ticklish trouble. She wished she could break free and rescue both of them, but she was trapped. Her toes started to curl and open up as the feather was dangerously close to them. She had to try and reason with Sabrina, or she was going to be laughing hysterically. It was bad enough that the outlaw’s fingers already touched and teased her feet. A feather would drive her wild and she knew she would suffer. “Sabrina….please. You already had your fun touching muh feet. Please stop. Please don’t do this to me. W-What can I do for you? What can I offer you so that you won’t tickle muh feet?” she asked.

“What can you do for me? Hmmm…that is a very good question, deputy. Let’s see….Ah, I know!! You can………laugh.” Sabrina simply replied. She then took the edges of the feather’s fronds and started to slowly stroke it down the bottom of the trapped left sole. The feather moved across from the base of the toes and onto the ball of the foot when she saw the foot wiggling wildly already. “Hehehe keep your foot still!” she said playfully.

Darby felt the feather touch her foot and it drove her wild! The sensations were very strong, and she knew if that feather kept touching her, she was going to lose it. She recognized the type of feather as La Diabla had the same kind. An owl feather. Very stiff and could pull out very strong ticklish reactions from her. She still couldn’t believe another outlaw was tickling her feet in this barn. She moved her feet to the side, but then she felt the feather touch her foot again. She let out a ticklish squeal and then moved her feet again to the other side. By doing this, the feather now stroked across the bottom of her right foot. She then defensively pointed her toes to try and protect the soles as much as possible. She did not want to keep feeling it touching her very delicate skin. “Hehehehehe Sabrina, please!! Get that feather away from me! It tickles me!” she shouted.

“I know it does! You know something? Your ankles may be tied to this crate, but your big feet are just too wiggly for me! Wait right here. I need to get something get this under control….” she told her, then stood up. She remembered a technique she used on a previous victim, and it was time to use it on Darby. The deputy’s feet were too responsive and moved around too much. That was an exciting trait to her, but she wanted to inflict a lot more ticklish punishment. She went over to Babs’ pouch and looked inside. She then found what she was looking for and returned back to Darby’s feet. She kneeled in front of the feet and could see those quivering pink soles. Sabrina grinned as she held up an object in her left hand as her right hand held up her owl feather. The object she grabbed was a rubber band. She stared at Darby’s face with a huge grin. “See what I have here? Hehehehehe You are going to love this!” she teased.

Darby looked at the rubber band with curiosity. She had no idea what Sabrina was going to do with that rubber band, but she did have a feeling she was not going to like it. She knew Sabrina had evil tickle intentions and somehow that rubber band was not going to be a good thing. “W-What do you have that for?” she asked with fear in her voice.

“Hehehe This rubber band will help me play with these lovely feet of yours. Watch…” Sabrina teased. She then lowered her owl feather, then using her hands to grip Darby’s toes, she started to wrap the rubber band around the two big toes. She could already feel Darby’s squirming and saw her starting to giggle already just from her making contact with her toes. She loved that because it told her that those toes were going to be insanely ticklish. She continued to wrap the band around the toes and finally, she was finished! She then looked at the toes and saw that the feet were now completely helpless. There was no way for the deputy to wiggle her feet away from her. She then also took another small strand of rope and wrapped one end of it around the rubber band and then connected the other end to the ropes around Darby’s ankles. When she connected the rope, she pulled it back, forcing Darby’s soles to become taut. Once she finished tying it, she then got back on her knees and stared at the helpless feet. Now, they were completely vulnerable and there was no way for those feet to protect themselves. “There!!! Now, we can have some fun!” she teased.

Darby looked on in horror as she saw the rubber band around her toes, then her feet were pulled back and tied to her ankles. She felt very intense ticklish feelings in her body when Sabrina grabbed her toes, but now she wondered why this was happening. She then tried to move her feet around and she couldn’t! they were trapped. She tried to move her feet forward, but she couldn’t! A tidal wave of fear washed over her as her feet were completely helpless and vulnerable! She couldn’t move them around to protect them. Her eyes then looked at Sabrina’s face and she knew what the look she had meant. It meant she was about to go through hell. She remembered that same look on La Diabla’s face in this same barn. She remembered that look when she was tied up in that secret closet in the Wellington mansion in Santa Selena when Gloria and Helga tortured her. Those women were delighted in torturing her feet and now it was to happen again. “What did ya do that for??!! Why did you tie muh toes up! I can’t move muh feet!” she said in a panic.

“I know! Isn’t that great! Now I have these feet just the way I want them. Helpless. Now, let’s have some FUN!” Sabrina declared. She took her owl feather and did a very quick stroke across the helpless soles and loved how much they started to writhe in their bonds. The feet could barely move, and she felt a large wave of lust growing in her. She was truly going to enjoy tickling Darby’s feet with her feather. She did another stroke, and another. She then slowly moved the tip of the feather from the outside edge of the right foot, through the arch, into the instep, the onto the instep of the left foot, through the arch and now arrived at the outside edge of the left foot. She looked up and saw a look of ticklish agony on Darby’s face. “Tickles?” she taunted.

“HAHAHA NO!!! DON’T DO THAT TO MUH FEET!!! HAHAHAHA THAT TICKLED A LOT! I CAN’T MOVE MUH FEET! Sabrina, don’t do this to muh feet!” Darby begged. She felt that feather’s kiss travel across the width of her feet and it drove her wild. She felt even more sensitive because her feet were completely vulnerable. She desperately tried to wiggle them away, but they were tied down pretty good and there was nothing she could do. She then felt the feather now dragging back along the same path. From the outside edge of her left foot, into the arch, into the instep, only to move onto the instep of the right foot, then into the arch and settled on the outside edge of her right foot. The stiffness of the feather really extracted ticklish feelings in her body, and she realized she was in deep trouble. This woman was truly going to torture her feet.

“I like how your poor feet are straining to get free. Too bad! I am going to tickle these feet probably for the rest of the night. You can probably tell how dark it is getting and believe me, we do have all night. I am going to enjoy torturing you deputy. I really am. It warms my heart that the great Deputy Darby is not really some strong, tough hero. She is simply a lucky………tenderfoot. Hehehehe” Sabrina taunted. She then zigzagged the feather up the right sole, going from the heel, into the arch and off the ball of the foot. She loved how meaty the sole was and could play with them forever. These were definitely the largest feet she ever tickled, so she was going to savor every square inch of them. She remembered she really didn’t get to play with Ruth’s feet, as she let Babs have her way with them. She was going to make up for missing out on those feet by tormenting the most beautiful pair of feet she had ever seen in her life. The fact they were extremely ticklish only made them perfect in her eyes. She loved listening to the ticklish shrieks coming from the feet’ owner and it gave her such a thrill. This was truly a beautiful moment for her as she continued to stroke up and down that right sole.

Babs turned her head as she started to hear some hysterical laughter coming from Darby. She noticed how Darby’s feet were tied. She then chuckled as she remembered the last time Sabrina tied a victim’s feet like that. The woman was hysterically ticklish and just touching the feet, not even trying to tickle would send her into high pitched hysterical laughter. Her partner truly wanted to make the woman suffer, so she tied her feet to be completely immobile to inflict the worst ticklish feelings in that woman’s body. The woman quickly broke, but Sabrina continued to torture her anyway. Babs figured her partner really wanted to break Darby and that inspired her to break her play toy. She looked at Becky again and stopped her lobster clawing. She decided to give her a little break, as she wanted to play with her mind. She figured Becky wasn’t the brightest person, so toying with her mind would be a lot of fun. “You silly girl! Look at you! So helpless and ticklish! But you should consider yourself lucky. Look at your mentor over there, Miss apprentice! See how her feet are tied? She is going to suffer, I mean, REALLY suffer. I suggest you play close attention because I want to do that to your feet….hehehe” she teased.

Becky felt such great relief after the lobster claws had finished squeezing her helpless sides. She was already out of breath and was doing her best to recover. She started to suck in wind and could feel how warm her body was. Then she saw Babs looking at her. She wanted to yell at her again, but she started to fear the woman. Then she heard her ominous words. She watched as Babs then got out of her way and stood to her left side. Now, she could see Darby in front of her. She looked in horror as she paid attention to Darby’s feet. She had a very clear view of those deep pink soles and what she saw really frightened her. The feet were bound together, and it appeared a rubber band was wrapped around the two big toes. She stared at those thick toes and saw how helpless they looked. For some reason, Darby’s feet looked to be stretched a little and looked absolutely vulnerable. Becky could see a feather slowly stroking across the bottoms of those meaty feet and could hear some very strong laughter coming from her mentor. She felt horrible for her mentor as she was suffering from having her feet tickled. It was still surreal to her that Darby had very ticklish feet.

“You see those feet? You see how a single feather is absolutely causing complete hell on them? Just imagine what will happen when I take your boots off. Imagine what will happen when I take off your socks and your helpless bare feet are teased by me. I am going to make you suffer, apprentice. I am going to tickle you all over your body. We are going to see who is more ticklish. The mentor, or the apprentice. Hehehehe” Babs teased as she leaned next to Becky’s head and whispered to her. She wanted to keep playing mind games, which she knew would make her victim more responsive to her touch.

“Ya can’t do that to me! Please, let me go! Stop ticklin’ Darby too! She doesn’t deserve that! Her poor feet are sufferin’!” Becky pleaded as she continued to stare at the feather stroking all over the helpless soles. She could see Darby’s head tilted back and could hear her laughing. She felt terrible for her, and she hoped that somehow, they both could escape.

“Hehehe too bad. It is your fault, by the way, she is suffering. You are so pathetic, you know that? I mean, we were going to have some fun with her, but then you and your clumsy self crashed our little party. You are definitely an apprentice. Not a very good one. So, Darby’s feet will suffer even more because of you. Don’t you feel like a fool?” Babs teased. She knew they were already going to torture Darby anyway, but it was still fun to mess with Becky’s head. She wanted to see if she could destroy her mentally.

Becky looked over at Babs and felt a sense of shame. She started to think it was her fault that Darby was really getting tickled tortured. She did botch the rescue attempt and now her mentor was suffering even more. She knew she had to do something because they were starting to tickle Darby’s feet anyway, but her clumsy attempt probably made it worse. “I’m sorry….I really am.” she apologized.

“Why are you apologizing to me? It is Darby you should apologize to! Listen to her. I want you to really listen to her and look at that feather stroking all over the bottoms of her feet. You caused that. You are the one who will make her feet suffer. Then, when it is your turn, your feet are going to pay a severe price for failure! Hehehehe” Babs teased. She could already tell she was affecting Becky’s mind and it was time to push it even further. “Not only will your feet suffer, but so will your naked body! Now, since you are such a failure, you should be punished! Time for more tickles!” she said with great delight.

Becky gasped as she heard the threat. She then saw Babs step into her view again and saw her hands once again headed towards her sides. She started to writhe already, and giggles started to come out. “No! hehehe not again! Please don’t tickle me again! Stop!! Don’t! NOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” she exploded into laughter.

Babs loved that reaction and continued to squeeze those sides. She moved herself completely in front of Becky, by mimicking what Sabrina did to Darby. She sat in Becky’s lap, facing her and just started to squeeze away at those sides. Her hands then moved down and were very close to the hipbones. That seemed to be a very ticklish spot as Becky reacted wildly. She felt her body thrashing and loved how her body moved. “That’s right, naughty apprentice! Laugh! I want you to scream!!” she shouted.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA STOP!! THAT TICKLES ME A LOT!!! STOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPP!!! YA ARE KILLIN’ MEEEEEEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Becky screamed in hysterical laughter. She felt those hands squeezing near her hipbones and it really drove her wild. She felt wave after ticklish wave in her body and she couldn’t even move. With Babs now sitting on her lap, all she could do was endure the vicious tickling. She shut her eyes and just endured the sensations. She felt horrible that she allowed herself to be in this position. She was supposed to rescue Darby, but all she did was get herself into trouble and her mentor was going to suffer even more for her failure. Guilt started to really seep in and that made her even more ticklish. Her eyes slowly opened again and saw just how much Babs was enjoying herself. That is what made it worse. Her tormentor was truly enjoying her suffering and that would only mean this was not going to stop anytime soon.

Sabrina could hear the hysterical laughter behind her, and she figured Babs was really working over Becky. She was proud of her partner and that meant she could continue to focus on these perfect feet that were in front of her. She loved how the feather would slowly slide over that pink flesh, and she felt herself really getting turned on. She was absolutely loving this moment. Having her favorite feather tickle and tease the most perfect feet she had ever seen was such a thrilling moment. She also loved the sound of Darby’s laughter. She was not laughing as hard as she would if fingers were being used, but those sweet giggles still sounded very beautiful. She felt as though she could tickle these feet all night long. Sabrina watched as the toes were starting to strain to get free, but it was no use. They were trapped. The soles were trapped, and she was going to take her sweet time with these feet. “Does this tickle? Hehehe I bet it does! My feather is really enjoying the bottoms of your feet, Darby. These big, soft feet of yours must love the feeling of it. It is bringing you such joy and happiness. You have the cutest giggles. Hehehe I love hearing them. I hope you don’t mind me tickling away….” she taunted.

“I MIND!! I MIND!!! DON’T TICKLE MUH FEET!!!” Darby pleaded as she saw the feather in the air again. Her body started to freeze up again as the feather got closer to her right foot. Even though it didn’t tickle as much as fingernails would, the feather did still tickle her very sensitive feet very well. Then she felt the feather touch her sole and she already started to giggle. She hated the fact that she couldn’t move her feet really frightened her. Then her eyes went wide as the feather started to slowly trickle down the length of her sole. She tried to grit her teeth when it touched the ball of her foot, but once it made it to her arch, she couldn’t hold back. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP!!! YOU ARE TORTURIN’ ME!!!!” she screamed.

Sabrina had a smirk on her face as she heard Darby’s desperate pleas. She didn’t care how loud the deputy got, or how much she suffered, she just wanted to enjoy the moment. She moved her head closer to the feet as she watched the feather sliding over that thick sole. She could even see the “prints” in the skin as the feather did its ticklish damage. Her ears could also hear the sounds of the feather as it touched the skin. *whisp* *whiiiiiissssspppppp* *whisp*. Each stroke delighted her and made that helpless foot tremble. She had no intention of stopping and was going to push Darby into insanity. This was a different attack. She didn’t want any information from the deputy. She wasn’t even planning to use her in a robbery scheme. This was all about torture, and she was going to make sure Darby never forgot this moment. “I really do love tickling these feet of yours. So perfect. Sooooo ticklish. Hehehe” she taunted.

Darby threw her head back and now she could see the ceiling of the barn once again. The feather was driving her insane and she felt so embarrassed. Her feet were a target again and it frightened her how easily she came apart whenever they were tickled. Her mind was desperately trying to figure out a way to get out of this situation and gain the advantage, but that feather continued its cruel path on the bottom of her foot. Her legs started to strain as she felt the feather moving up her sole again, and when it got close to her toes, she became desperate. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO MORE!!! YA GOT TO STOP!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE!!! SABRINA PLEASE!!!!” she screamed.

“Laugh deputy, laugh. Hehehehe I love hearing you suffer. Now, about these toes of yours. Are they ticklish too? I guess I will find out.” Sabrina teased. She took the tip of the feather and carefully stroked it along the base of the toes, right at the point where the toes connected to the ball of the foot. She loved the reaction she got when she did it. The toes started to tremble and wiggle around, but because the big toes were tied together, they couldn’t curl to protect those very delicate undersides. She loved how the feather moved from the tied big toe to the index toe, then to the middle toe, the ring toe and finally the baby toe. She could see Darby’s raised arms trembling, her chest heaving, and could see the bottom of her chin since her head was back. She could only imagine the tickle hell Darby was going through. Her desire was to keep her there.

Darby felt her lungs burning as the slow, methodical torture of her toes started to break her down. She couldn’t stand that sensation at the base of her toes. She also kept thinking about what Sabrina just called her. She was once again called “tenderfoot”. That insult was always applied to her, whenever her barefeet were exposed. She hated it when her enemies would call her that because it only meant they were going to torture her feet. Then, she grunted and shrieked even louder when she felt the feather now on the undersides of her toe stems. A torrential sensation of ticklishness flowed through her body, and this was becoming too much. She just laughed helplessly as the feather continued to wreck her feet.

Babs continued to squeeze into the hipbones, and she enjoyed watching Becky laugh in ticklish agony. She could feel her own sense of domination over this woman, and she was going to really push her. She then started to move her hands upwards and started to squeeze the sides. She was rewarded with a fresh jerking of the body and renewed laughter filled the barn. Hearing Darby’s laughter fueled her even more. The barn now had filled with two hysterically laughing women. She and her partner were really pushing these two women and she had no idea when she would stop. It was also very amusing that the two victims looked so similar. It even made her wonder if they looked similar naked. That would be a fun experiment. To see if they had similar bodies. Babs looked at Becky’s tortured face and couldn’t help but smile. “I know this must be really bad for you. I can see how desperate you look. You have the look of someone who just can’t stop laughing. You feel like there is no end to all this torment. Just me squeezing and tickling you until you feel like your tiny little brain will explode. I got bad news for you honey; it won’t stop! I LOVE tickling you. I am going to make you wish you were never born! Because you were born to be tickled by me. I will make sure you never forget this moment….” she teased.

Becky continued to laugh hysterically as she heard those words from Babs. There was a little sense of relief that the hands were not tickling her hips anymore, but her sides were, and it still tickled like hell. She continued to try and move her legs around, but it was no use. She was trapped. She looked at Babs and could tell she was enjoying herself too much. She could also hear Darby screaming in the background and her heart went out to her. She hated the fact her mentor was getting tortured and wished she could help her. Now, she was suffering at the same time and wondered if they were going to make it out of here alive. The feeling of desperation grew, and she had to try something. Anything to get this torment to stop. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA COME ON!! YA GOT TO STOP TICKLIN’ MEEEE I WILL BE YER FRIEND!!!!” she shouted.

Babs heard that “offer” and she stopped squeezing the sides. She was stunned to hear what Becky shouted and felt herself about to laugh hysterically. “Wait, what? What did you say? You will be my friend if I stop tickling you?” she asked.

Becky felt such great relief as those fingers stopped squeezing her sides. She started to take in huge breaths of air and hoped she was able to prevent being tickled further. She continued to breathe hard, and she heard Babs’ question. She felt silly for saying she would be friends with Babs, but she was desperate. “Yeah….I *gasp* will be yer friend if ya stop ticklin’ me…” she panted.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh wow, you are funny!!! That is your plea to me? You really want me to stop tickling you, so we can be friends? Hehehehehe” Babs laughed. She found that desperate saying really hilarious. She heard all kinds of desperate words from Sabrina’s victims, but never someone saying they could be friends if they stopped tickling.

Becky felt a little embarrassed by saying she wanted to be friends, but it also worked out. It got Babs to stop tickling her and perhaps this could be an opening. She felt a trickle of sweat coming down her face and she took a hard swallow. “Yeah…I was thinkin’ we could be friends, ya know. Can we?” she asked.

Babs shook her head in disbelief. This was definitely a different kind of victim and decided to try and play this out. “What if I don’t want to be friends?” she asked in return.

“Well, I would be very disappointed. I think we can be great friends….” Becky said, not knowing where this would all lead. She had to do something to get Babs to stop tickling her. She could still hear Darby screaming in laughter and her heart felt pain for her friend and mentor.

“You think so, huh? You’re a funny girl, Becky Lockhart. I will give you credit, I never heard of that request before. Hehehe but, I have to keep tickling you. You have to suffer.” Babs told her then lifted her hands again and moved them closer to Becky’s sides.

Becky saw the hands moving to her sides again and felt that abject fear again. She started to move her body around and started to giggle. She knew she was about to go through another round of torture, and she had to do something. “hehehehe come on! I said we should be friends!! Friends wouldn’t torture hehehehehe each other!” she giggled as she tried to move her body around.

“You’re right, friends wouldn’t torture one another. But you’re not my friend…hehehe you are just some pathetic apprentice that got her mentor in trouble. You hear that screaming? You did that. You caused her to suffer. Some friend you are….” Babs teased. She wanted to get her fingers on Becky’s body and send her into hysterics. She looked at the exposed ribs and couldn’t wait to tickle her there.

“But it is not muh fault!! Hehehehe Y’all were already ticklin’ her feet!!! Hehehehe don’t tickle me!” Becky squealed as the fingers were dangerously close to her ribs. She was correct in her assessment regarding the torture of Darby. The outlaws were already tickling Darby’s feet when she interrupted.

Babs dropped her hands and shook her head. The young woman did have a point and it stumped her. She then smiled again and put her face closer. “Ok, you’re right. We were already tickling those big feet of yours. BUT because you interrupted us, it made the torture even worse. So, it is still your fault. Now, you should suffer for it…..” she told her, then her hands made contact with the ribs!

“HAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOO I’M SORRY!! I’M SORRY DARBY!!! PLEASE, YA GOT TO STOP!!!! HAHAHAHA” Becky roared as she felt the fingers now squeezing her ribs. This new attack provided a new wave of ticklish agony, and she tried swaying her body. It was no use as Babs had a firm grip on her torso. She could feel the fingers pressing into her ribcage and wave after ticklish wave tore through her body. She was always ticklish on her ribs, and now she was unable to stop the attack.

Babs loved the sound of Becky’s laughter. She found the ribs to be very responsive and she was going to torture her for a while. The laughter of her victim was getting to be very addicting. It was such a strong laugh and the feeling of a body in distress within her grasp only made her feel powerful. Her eyes could also see the breasts bouncing around in the bra and she licked her lips. She knew eventually she was going to play with those breasts, it was just a matter of time. She also looked over Becky’s body. The shirt was only unbuttoned and not removed. The armpits were still under the shirt, and she knew eventually she would have to get this shirt off, so she could tickle a lot more skin. Babs wondered how much Becky would respond to the different places on her body. She could only imagine how ticklish she would be on her armpits, her sides near the armpits and breasts and the breasts themselves. She wondered if she could make Becky aroused from all this, that way it would be much sweeter when she finally got towards her womanhood. Her victim was a cute woman, and sexually dominating her would be a very fun thing to do. “That’s right, Becky. Laugh. Laugh for Babs. I want you to let it all out. Because when I get you naked, you will be all……mine.” she told her.

“HAHAHAHAH NOOOO!!! I DON’T WANT TO BE NEKKID!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOT NEKKID!!!” Becky screamed as she heard Babs’ threat to her. This was getting out of hand, and she had to do something. She once again tried to pull her feet free, but they were strapped in pretty tight. She closed her eyes and endured the tickling feeling she was experiencing. The hands continued to find really sensitive spots on her ribs, and she just could not stop laughing.

Darby was in ticklish anguish as she felt that feather sliding under her toes. She could feel the fronds on her skin, and it drove her wild. She hated feeling like this. She hated feeling so helpless and at the mercy of another. She liked being in control of situations. What really bothered her was she handled male criminals with no problem. But over the past year, female criminals have managed to dominate her at times all because of her weakness. Her ticklish weakness, especially on the soles of her feet. It was happening again, and no matter how much she screamed, no matter how much she begged, Sabrina was not going to stop. It was such a terrible for her to be in and she wished it could be over. It also bothered her that her poor apprentice was suffering as well. She could hear her hysterical laughter and knew she had to be suffering a lot. Darby wanted to at least help her, but she had to get out of her own predicament first. Then she felt the feather starting to slide between her middle toe and index toe. She let out a ticklish squeal as that very delicate skin was being tickled! “HAHAHAHAH SABRINA!!! PLEASE HAVE MERCY!! HAHAHAHAHA I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!” she screamed.

“You can’t? hehehe This is such a beautiful thing to see. The great Deputy Darby Reeves can’t take a little tickle tickle between her toes. This has got to be the greatest moment ever. I think I will have to spread the word. You want to invade Plotsville and get past Deputy Darby? Just take off her boots. Take off her socks. Feather the bottoms of her feet. She will beg for mercy every single time! Am I correct in that line of thought?” Sabrina teased. She loved what she was doing to Darby and couldn’t wait to use her fingers on the feet. When she touched the soles earlier, it felt amazing. These feet were incredibly soft and just hearing that laughter felt incredible.

Darby shuddered as the feather continued to slide between her toes. She also heard Sabrina’s words and that really got to her. She had always worried her ticklish weakness would be told to the criminal world, and she would always suffer for it. She was fortunate she managed to capture every single female criminal that tormented her, so that weakness was always safe. She even fell in love with one of the criminals, so her secret would still be safe. Another jolt of ticklish electricity tore through her body as she felt the feather sliding in between her baby toe and ring toe. She started to shake her head side to side, trying to do anything she could to fight these horrible ticklish sensations. Darby hated having ticklish feet and wished she wasn’t so sensitive. She then started to grit her teeth, trying her best to hold in the laughter, but it was no use, the feather continued to saw in between her toes, and it overwhelmed her. Then she felt the feather leave that toe crevice and relief came to her. She continued to giggle in the aftermath, but hoped Sabrina would be finished. As she continued to breathe heavy and sucking in precious oxygen, she could still hear Becky screaming in laughter. Her heart went out to her, and she prayed her apprentice would be ok. She was too tired to even lift her head at the moment and knew she had to take these precious moments to recover as much as she could.

“Someone is getting tired! Hehehe I really like your toes, Darby. I mean, I REALLY like them. But I am curious now. My feather has completely destroyed you, but I wonder if my fingers would be even worse. Hmmm…maybe I should test my theory. I have a feeling my fingers, and especially my fingernails will draw out even more of a reaction from you.” Sabrina threatened. She put the feather down on the ground and stared at the quivering soles. She was moments away from touching them with her fingers. She couldn’t wait until feeling that extraordinarily soft texture.

Darby groaned when she heard Sabrina’s threats. She knew she was about to go through a lot more suffering. It made her remember when she was trapped in the cavern in Santa Selena and both Helga and Priscilla tickled her feet. That was such a horrible feeling, and now she was about to go through it again. She lifted her head and looked down towards her feet. She could see her trembling feet and could see Sabrina’s face so close to them. She shivered a little as she hoped that the outlaw wouldn’t do something drastic to her, which was to use her tongue on her feet. Even though fingers and feathers were horrific tickling tools, a wet tongue would also destroy her. But it would also give her arousal. She definitely did not want to get aroused at this moment. That would inspire Sabrina to strip her naked and sexually humiliate her. She couldn’t handle that again. Not after her ordeal in Santa Selena. “Sabrina…..please…you have to stop torturing me…..why don’t…you just go? You can…escape. No reason to keep torturing me or muh apprentice anymore. We are tied up……we are helpless….you already tortured us and we won’t be able to chase after ya….please….stop torturin’ muh feet.” she pleaded softly.

“You know, you make a great point. You both are tied up. You both are completely helpless, and we have tortured you. We can escape and no one would ever find us. Hehehe but, I WANT to torture you! YOU ruined my robbery attempt, so you must pay a price. The price you pay will be the bottoms of your feet! Now, let me feel how soft they are….” Sabrina said with glee. She then reached her fingers forward and gently placed them on the soles of each foot. She pressed into the flesh and an erotic thrill just coursed through her body. She was in total awe. Feet just couldn’t be this soft. Just like when she touched them earlier, it set off excitement within her body like never before. What also delighted her was that she could feel the feet trembling and quivering under her touch. The moment had arrived. It was time to push Darby into insanity. “Your feet….your feet are magnificent. Tell me, does this……tickle?” she teased.

Darby felt the fingers barely touching her feet and when they pressed into her flesh, she felt her entire body tense up. She could feel those ticklish tremors already flowing through her and now, after what Sabrina just said about her feet, she braced herself. Then it happened. She felt the fingers scurrying up and down her feet and she wasted no time exploding into hysterical and uncontrollable laughter! “SABRINA!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOT MUH FEEEEEEET!!! HAHAHAHAHA IT TICKLES!!! OH GAWD!!! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” she roared.

Sabrina felt herself getting lightheaded with excitement. She absolutely loved how soft these feet were and hearing that maniacal laughter only gave her such an indescribable excitement. This was definitely by far the best feet she ever got to tickle in her entire life. The way she felt the feet straining in their bonds as her fingers danced up and down the soles was something that would be seared in her brain forever. She was hooked. She was hooked on these very soft feet and wanted to savor everything about them. She could feel the softness in the heels, and even on that normally hardened spot, it sent more screams out of the victim. Then she moved her fingers up into the arches and it seemed like the laughter got even louder. Then she made it to the balls of the feet and was amazed on how tender they were. Sabrina’s eyes never left the pink soles. She watched as her fingers moved up and down each foot. The way her fingers sank into that pink flesh was thrilling. She wanted to make sure she touched every square inch of the feet as she didn’t want to miss anything. She noticed there was a sweet spot near the insteps and that made her victim howl even more. She wondered if she could get Darby to pass out from all of this. She wanted to try and find out if she could! Once she knocked her out, she would wake her back up and do it all over again. She never wanted to stop tickling these feet!

Babs stopped her tickling of Becky as she heard a very loud scream of laughter coming from behind her. She loved hearing Becky’s hysterical laughter, but the sounds coming from Darby sounded very guttural and animalistic. She had to see what was happening to make that heroic deputy scream like that. She got off of Becky and stood up. Then she turned around and she saw Sabrina dancing her fingers up and down those sweet pink soles. She watched in awe as she saw how much Darby was shaking in her bones, but her feet were perfectly still. She knew at this moment; Darby was the most ticklish victim they had ever encountered. It still blew her mind that this well chronicled deputy was this ticklish on the bottoms of her feet. Babs licked her lips as she was in awe, looking at those feet. Her eyes even saw the boots and socks on the floor of the barn, and she loved that sight. There was something about seeing empty footwear on the ground, while the feet were being played with. That made her shudder inside as she would eventually get to Becky’s feet. She hoped she could get the same reaction.

Becky was grateful that her ribs were no longer being tickled. She took in huge breaths of air as her lungs were burning. She was already getting tired and didn’t know how much more she could take. She tried to focus on not breaking, just like she did when Darby tickled her feet during that training exercise. She had to fight this moment and somehow figure a way out of her. Then she was brought back to conscious thought as she heard that high pitched laughter coming from Darby. She looked over and saw her hero screaming as loud as she could. She could see the anguish on Darby’s face, and it bothered her a lot. She knew her mentor was in ticklish distress, and she felt so bad for her. She wanted to break free of her bonds and rescue her, but she was trapped, and she was getting tortured as well. Since Babs was now standing on her left side, she had a perfect view of Darby. Her eyes then looked at the bottoms of Darby’s feet and saw Sabrina’s fingers moving all over them. She saw the rubber band tying the big toes together and she wondered if Darby could even move her feet at all. She heard another high pitched shriek when she saw the fingers running rapidly in the arches and her heart broke. Darby was truly suffering. She must be horrifically ticklish on her feet, and it was agonizing seeing her suffer so much. Becky’s own feet started to wiggle around, as she felt like empathizing with the deputy. Her eyes went wide when she saw the fingers moving to the balls of the feet because the balls on her feet were also very ticklish. It made her wonder if she was going to suffer like that. She prayed she didn’t, and she wished they would stop tickling poor Darby. “Please….stop ticklin’ her feet. She is sufferin’ too much…” she whimpered.

Babs heard Becky’s soft whimpers and she turned to her right to look at her captive. She could see Becky was staring at Darby’s feet and she grinned. She wanted to mess with her mind some more, then she would resume tickling her again. She leaned down a bit and got close to Becky’s left ear. “You see that? You see how much her feet are suffering? Well, soon that will be YOUR feet as well. I think I want to see who has more ticklish feet. You or her? Unless there is another spot on your body you want me to tickle….” she whispered into her ear.

Becky felt goosebumps forming on her skin as she heard that whisper in her ear. The tickle threat towards her feet frightened her as she remembered how helpless she becomes when they are. Peggy had tortured her in the barn in her hometown, and even Sue Ann got her feet good. She came to Plotsville and the same woman screaming in hellish laughter right now even tickled her feet. She turned her head to look at Babs and started to shake her head side to side. “No…please don’t tickle muh feet. I don’t want to be tickled anymore. Ya already tortured me enough…please, don’t tickle me anymore.” she begged.

“You know what? I think it is time we made you more comfortable. How about this? You let me take off your shirt, and you can keep your boots on. For now….you refuse and I will take your boots off and have my way with your feet.” Sabrina offered. She hoped Becky would refuse to have her shirt removed as she did have a desire to tickle some feet. After watching Sabrina have a lot of fun with the feet of Darby, she couldn’t wait to play with Becky’s.

Becky looked at Babs in shock. She had to have her shirt removed, or her feet would be tickled. She figured her upper body might be tickled more, but in a way, it seemed better than her feet. She hated both choices, but she really didn’t want her feet bared. She also wondered if her upper body would be as bad as her feet. Sue Ann had tickled her there and it drove her wild, but these women were actually trying to torture her. She swallowed hard and lowered her head. “Ya can take off muh shirt….Please, don’t tickle me anymore…” she whimpered.

“Good girl!!! I am going to get this shirt off your body, so I can explore some very delicate places on you. Maybe even take your bra off too. I am curious about what your titties look like…” Babs said as she went behind Becky.

Becky’s eyes nearly popped out of her head! She heard those words from Babs and now she had great fear. “W-What?? Yer gonna take off muh bra?? But why? I-I don’t wanna be nekkid! That would be so embarrasin’!!” she told her in fright.

“I know it will. But I bet your breasts are really cute. So, do you still want me to take off this shirt, or should I go pay your feet a visit? You want a naked chest, or naked feet?” Babs offered. She was loving this moment as she had poor Becky in sheer fright.

Becky started to sweat over that choice she was given. Either her chest was going to be exposed, or her feet. Her mind bounced back and forth over the options as having her feet would be a disastrous tickle hell for her, but having her breasts exposed would be utterly humiliating. She felt herself starting to get emotional and she didn’t know what to do. Her arms were trapped over her head. Her feet were tied together and stretched out in front of her. She could still see Darby’s pink feet being tickled and could hear her screams. This entire situation appeared to be dire, and she didn’t know what to do. “I-I don’t know what to do. I-I don’t want muh breasts seen and I don’t want muh feet seen too…” she whimpered.

“Well, I guess I will have to make the decision for you. Just to let you know, I am really anxious to see you naked. I mean, I want to see all of your goodies! So, I guess I will have to---” Babs started to say.

“Ok ok!! Ya can….ya know…..see muh feet. Ya can see muh feet….” Becky whimpered. She felt so humiliated at this moment because she was forced to give her weak spot.

“Your feet, huh? Are you sure? I mean, I would love to see those breasts of yours….” Babs teased.

“Yeah…ya can see muh feet. Just please…please don’t touch them…” Becky responded.

“Good choice! Let’s see what is hiding inside those boots of yours….” Babs told her and she felt a thrill rip through her body as it was time to play with Becky’s feet. She also couldn’t wait until she got Becky naked as well. But tickling her feet would be a great way to weaken her victim, so she could easily take off the clothes later. She then stepped from behind Becky and made her way to where her feet were tied together. She could see the old worn brown cowboy boots and noticed they were also large in size. She then knelt down and looked at the soles of the boots. “Mmmmmm….I can’t wait to see your feet!” she gloated.

Becky started to feel her body tense up as she saw Babs by her feet. She knew she told her that she could see her feet, but it still scared her. She knew what was about to happen to her and she really hated the fact that she was about to be tickle tortured again. It was only recently her feet were tortured in this manner, yet she was about to experience it again. She saw Babs’ hands grab her right foot and she clenched her body. “Come on….Ya really don’t have to do this…” she whimpered.

“Oh, yes I do! I want to see your feet! You told me I could….” Babs responded as she started to tug on the boot and felt it starting to slide down. The boot was starting to come off from under the rope wrapped right around it and knew that once she got the boots off, she would have to tighten the ropes back. She started to get excited as the boot slid off, and now Becky’s socked right foot was revealed. She held up the boot and looked inside to see the size. “Wow! A size 10, huh? Why you silly apprentice, you got some BIG feet too…hehehehehe” she taunted.

Becky felt ashamed as the size of her feet were once again being pointed out. She hated it when Peggy did that to her in the barn. She knew she had big feet and didn’t want it to keep being pointed out to her. What also horrified her was she could still hear Darby’s screaming laughter in the background which shook her to her core. She realized that she too would be screaming her head off in mere moments. She curled her toes within her socks and looked at Babs’ face. She had that look of excitement, which only fueled her fear even more. “Please….do ya really have to see muh feet?” she asked with nervousness in her voice.

“Yes! We just went through this. I asked if you would rather have me look at your tits, or your feet. You chose your feet. So shut up and let me expose them!” Babs hissed back at Becky. Even though she knew this young woman was a total goof, she did get a little annoyed with her whimpering. She then reached for the left boot and started to tug at it. She felt it sliding down and felt a rush when it came off the heel and then slid off the rest of the foot. Now, she saw two socked feet before her, just waiting to be tickled. She dropped the other boot and rubbed her hands. “Ok, now it is time to take off these socks!” she said with glee.

Becky continued to twitch in nervousness as she saw Babs reaching for the top of her sock under her jeans. Her socks were kind of loose as they were older socks and when she felt it sliding down her leg, she held her breath. This was not going to be a good experience for her. She then looked over at Darby who was still screaming and laughing uncontrollably. That truly sent a wave of fright in her entire body because she was going to suffer the same fate. “I don’t want muh feet nekkid….” she whimpered.

Babs continued to slide the sock down and soon, it came off the heel and she then quickly pulled the sock off! She was getting too excited to see the foot that she was going to skip the teasing maneuver of slowly taking the sock off. Her eyes then saw the light pink skin on the sole and she loved it! It wasn’t as deep of a pink as Darby’s, but it still looked very nice. She also saw the creamy skin in the arch as well as underneath the long toes. The foot looked very tender, which only added to her excitement. “Well, well, well, what do we have here? Would you take a look at this foot! You got some really big feet, apprentice!” she taunted.

Becky felt her face burning with embarrassment as she heard Babs teasing her. She wiggled her toes a little and felt really ashamed of this moment. She then gasped as she felt her left sock now being removed. The sock easily slid down her leg and she felt it come off her heel. She watched in horror as it slid off her foot and now her left foot was exposed. Her barefeet were now naked and she felt like it was her chest being exposed. She knew Babs had some cruel tickle intentions for her feet and she couldn’t do anything about it. “Please….can ya put muh socks back on? This is really embarrassin’ me….” she whimpered.

“Hell no! I have to admit apprentice, your feet are cute. They are big of course, but very, very cute! They look so tender too. Are you a tenderfoot, just like your mentor over there? What’s with the deputies of Plotsville? They got tender feet! Hahahaha Hey Sabrina, check out these tender feet!” Babs requested. She was really excited about this opportunity to tickle destroy Becky and wanted Sabrina to take a look.

Sabrina pulled her fingers away from Darby’s helpless feet for a moment as she heard her partner ask her to take a look behind her. She turned around and now could see the bottoms of Becky’s feet. Her eyes went wide with excitement as she could see that light pink skin and those creamy arches. She saw those long toes and was quite impressed. They were not as beautiful as Darby’s, but they were still very, very nice. “Wow, she does have some cute feet. They DO look really tender! Hehehe They also look really BIG! These women of Plotsville have some really big feet, don’t they? Hehehe” she teased.

Darby felt a great sense of relief as the tickling of her feet finally stopped. It was just nonstop tickling on her soles, and she did not know when she would ever feel this relief again. Her endorphins were running at a fever pitch, and at the moment, she felt really good because that tickling had stopped. Her eyes were very watery, and she felt exhausted already. Her head slumped forward as she sucked in precious oxygen. Then she heard Sabrina and Babs talking and she lifted her head. Her eyes then caught a peculiar sight, yet familiar sight. She could see the bottoms of Becky’s feet. That made her alert as she realized her poor apprentice was about to receive the same torture she just had. She remembered how much stress she put Becky through when she tickled her feet during the tryout. She admired Becky for trying to resist, but eventually caved in. That was her being playful, now these two women were going to truly torment her. Her heart ached for her, and she hoped they wouldn’t torture her young apprentice. “W-what are you doing to Becky? Leave her alone…” she mumbled.

Sabrina turned back around to look at Darby’s face after hearing her voice. She could see the exhaustion in her eyes and heard her heavy breathing. She also looked at the quivering soles and was very tempted to touch them again. But she wanted to mess with Darby’s mind as well. “Awwww…. You don’t want Becky to suffer the same fate as you? Well, it is possible that she might not be ticklish on her feet. You might be the only one with ticklish feet! It is still uncanny how similar both of you are. You both have red hair. You both are tall, and you both got really big feet. Even the bottoms look similar. Her skin is not as pink as yours, but it is not a stretch to think you both are related somehow. Is that it? Is she your sister or something?” Sabrina teased, then fluttered her fingers quickly up the exposed feet.

“HAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOO!! WE’RE NOT SISTERS!!! DON’T TICKLE ME!!” Darby screamed as she felt those fingers on her feet. She was grateful that they stopped, but it was another reminder on how vulnerable her feet really were.

“Could have fooled me….The other thing is, you both are delightfully ticklish! Well, let’s watch to make sure Becky is ticklish on her feet. Make sure you pay attention….” Sabrina told her, then turned back to her partner. She wanted to watch her tickle Becky’s feet for a bit before she returned to tormenting Darby.

Babs grinned as she realized she had an audience. This was a big moment for her. She was going to tickle some feet and have both Sabrina and Darby watch her. She thought about how much fun she had tormenting Ruth’s feet, but this was going to be a lot more fun. She then turned towards the naked feet and could see the toes curling in fright. “Awww…look at those piggies of yours! They looked so scared!!! Are you scared?” she teased.

Becky watched in horror as Babs was very close to her feet. She was doing her best to brace herself for this torture and also thought that perhaps she should show a strong front. She heard Sabrina telling Darby that they didn’t know if her feet were ticklish. Her mind tried to convince herself that if she could not scream in hysterical laughter, she might give up and not tickle her feet very long. She tried to focus on that plan and braced herself. “Ya got to stop this madness already. Ya got to let us go! There is no need to try and torture us!” Besides, muh feet are not that ticklish…” she lied.

Babs grinned after hearing Becky tell her that her feet are not ticklish. She already knew that was a lie and it was going to be a lot of fun humiliating this woman. She thought that since Becky was pretending to be strong, she would tease her and slowly break her will. Because once she broke her, then she could really dominate her mind. She placed the fingers of her left hand near the left foot as she was a little off to the side of the trapped feet. She wanted Sabrina and Darby to get a good look at what she was about to do. “Oh, you’re not ticklish on your feet? So I guess you don’t mind if I do this…” she said, the gently stroked the tip of her index finger down the length of the helpless sole.

Becky let out a loud gasp, but then clamped her lips as she wanted to now show just how ticklish her feet were. She felt that finger pressing into her flesh and traveling from the ball of her foot, then slowly linger in her arch, and finally off her heel. She held her breath the entire time and gritted her teeth. That feeling was agonizing and she tried to fight the feeling to giggle. Then she took another deep breath as the finger once again slowly, yet firmly, trickled down her foot again. Her left foot started to shake as the sensation kept getting worse. She closed her eyes to focus on not laughing, but she was starting to lose that battle.

Babs loved the determination Becky had and knew the poor girl was in sheer agony. She then slowly dragged her finger back up the length of the foot, going from the heel, into the arch, then off the ball of the foot. She loved how the foot was shaking and could hear the grunts of ticklish agony. She looked up and saw Becky’s eyes were closed and showed her teeth. She loved that small gap she had in between the front teeth and wanted to break this woman and embarrass her. “Hmmmm….maybe she isn’t ticklish. Maybe when I…….slowly……move my finger on her foot, it doesn’t……tickle…….her. Are you sure this doesn’t……….tickle………you?” she taunted as her finger still made its cruel path up and down that foot.

Becky was in agony at the moment. She felt the horrible sensations on her foot, and she was barely holding on. Her head shook violently as she fought that desire to explode into laughter. The way Babs used her words were driving her crazy as well. She tried to fight as hard as she could, and her entire body started to spasm. Then her eyes shot open when the finger started to diddle at the base of her toes. “It doesn’t *grunt* tiiiiiccckkllleeeee…..” she grunted.

“Are you sure? I mean it seems like it would tickle you a lot! Your foot is also very soft! You got some tender feet, Becky. I love how soft it feels on my finger. You know your mentor has some very tender feet, and so do you! I am sure you want to be just like her, and you are! Well, except you say you are not ticklish. We all know Darby is ticklish! Hmmm…maybe you are better than her, but I got this feeling you are just as ticklish as she is….” Babs teased. She continued to stroke her finger along the base of the toes and loved how they curled under her touch. She then slid her finger across the ball of the foot, and she felt the foot shaking. She loved how ticklish the foot was and when she got Becky to admit how ticklish she was, she was going to truly torture her.

Sabrina watched with great delight as she saw Babs stroking her finger up and down Becky’s foot. She couldn’t help but smile when she saw how the young woman was desperately trying to not laugh. She remembered when one of her victims tried to stop laughing and she really played with her. She made sure she teased her to start breaking her down, then when the woman was desperate and about to burst, she went all in. She tickled that woman viciously and even told her she was punishing her for trying to hide how ticklish she was. She remembered the conversation she had with Babs afterwards. Her partner was curious about her tickling style, and she told her there was a certain psychology to tormenting a victim with tickling. To torture someone with tickling, the most effective way was to also get their minds to break. The physical sensations would always be there, but someone can make the sensations unbearable once their mind was broken. That was something she learned a long time ago. Sabrina listened to Babs at the moment and could tell her partner was going to use that kind of approach with Becky. She wanted to see how well she did with her, and if she did a great job, she would probably make her tickle victims with her more often.

Darby watched in horror as she saw Babs stroking her finger up and down Becky’s left foot. She could feel it in her own body as moments ago, she was laughing uncontrollably. She was happy she wasn’t being tickled at the moment, but she still felt for her apprentice. She saw Becky trying not to laugh and it took her back to that day she tested her. She remembered how much Becky fought the sensations, but she eventually broke. The way Babs’ finger was touching that foot, she knew it was just a matter of time before she was going to be screaming. “Come on Becky, be strong….” she thought to herself.

Becky started to grunt and felt her neck straining as she tried to hold in her laughter as long as she could. That finger continued its cruel path on her foot and when it made it to her arch, she felt it circling in that very sensitive area. Her eyes started to water up and she was about to burst at any moment. Then the finger started to press a little harder into the flesh as it dragged slowly across the arch and over to her instep. “*grunt* noooooo hehehe noooooo *grunt* come on…..” she grunted in agony.

Babs heard the slight giggle and she smiled. She loved this little game they were playing, and she was looking forward to making her break. She moved her finger to the instep area and once she was there, she did a few small circles in that very delicate area. “I bet this really tickles, doesn’t it? Other women would be laughing their heads off right now, but you must be a strong apprentice! You are not going to break over a little tickle tickle tickle are you?” she continued to tease.

Becky felt a tear falling from her eye and she did everything she could to not laugh. Her face was beet red, her teeth were clenched tight, she even held her breath. Then a giggle game out. Her resolve was starting to crumble, and she felt herself slipping. She heard those teasing words, and another giggle escaped her mouth. She then clamped her lips tight, trying everything she could possibly think of to not explode in laughter. That touch on her instep and arch was too strong and she was about to snap. “Come on Becky! Ya got to hold out! Ya can do it!” she thought to herself.

Babs looked at Becky’s face trying to hold in the laughter and knew it was going to break at any moment. She saw her body writhing around in its bonds and it was time to push her over the edge. She then used her nail to tickle directly into the arch area. “Tickle tickle” she teased.

“BWWWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA IT TICKLES!!!!!” Becky screamed as she could no longer hold out. That nail on her foot was too much to handle as it produced a major ticklish shockwave in her body. After holding out for as long as she could, she now exploded into laughter. She let it all out as the nail continued to wreak havoc on her arch. Her feet started to move around, but that nail kept tickling. It was such a horrible feeling, and she didn’t know what to do next. All she could do was laugh.

“There you go! Yep, just as we all knew. Becky Lockhart is……………TICKLISH!!!! Hehehehe” Babs teased as she continued to stroke her nail all over the arch area, and over the instep. She really wanted to drive Becky crazy, and she scribbled her nail all over the sole. She even looked back and made eye contact with Sabrina. She gave her a wink, then looked at the foot again. Her nail was now going after the tender ball of the foot and loved how soft the skin was. She was going to really enjoy this moment for a very long time.

Sabrina smiled when she heard Becky exploding into laughter. There was just something about forcing a woman to scream in laughter when tickling their feet. Just like she did with Darby moments before; her partner was now doing it to Becky. The young apprentice was doing what her previous victims did. Holding back the urge to laugh only made it worse and now she hoped that woman suffered. She then turned her head back towards Darby and could see the look of concern on her face. This gave her a thrill because the deputy was suffering in more ways than one. “Awww…..looks like your apprentice is a ticklish one! See how her big feet are being tickled? Like mentor, like apprentice. Hehehehe” she taunted.

Darby felt her heart sink as she continued to hear the tortured laughter of her apprentice. She knew how ticklish she was, and that poor girl was really going to suffer. She then looked over at Sabrina who had this grin on her face. The outlaw was truly enjoying this moment and she felt helpless. One thing that always got her was when someone else suffered in front of her. She always hated it when she was tortured, but when she saw someone else suffer in front of her and she couldn’t stop it, she always felt horrible. It reminded her of when La Diabla was tormented in front of her in that cavern in Santa Selena. That was someone she truly cared about and to see her suffer, it broke her heart. Darby didn’t have romantic feelings for Becky, but she knew she had a good heart and was trying her best. She wanted to break free so badly, but she was completely helpless. Her feet were bound to the point she couldn’t move them at all, her hands were still tied up above her head, and she just could not set herself free. She looked at Sabrina and hoped she could beg for mercy on Becky’s behalf. “Please Sabrina, you got to stop torturing her. She is just a youngin’ and she can’t take this. Please, stop Babs from tickling her poor feet.” she pleaded.

“Hehehe why should we stop playing with her feet? She interjected herself in all of this. No one told her to follow us here. No one told her to come rescue you. She did it on her own. She is a bit clumsy and now she is going to pay a price. She said she is your apprentice, right? Well, she is getting a valuable lesson today. It is the same lesson you are learning. You do not mess with Sabrina Alamain and Babs Mckenzie!!! Like I told you, I will be the most feared outlaw in the entire Southwest! Hehehe and speaking of suffering, maybe I should start tickling your feet again. They look lonely….” she threatened.

Darby gasped loudly as she heard the threat. She did not want her feet tickled right now! She already felt she suffered too much and wanted to get free. “No! You can’t! Sabrina, torturing me is going to get you in big trouble! Again, if you and Babs leave right now, you will get too far away for me to do anything. Torturing a deputy is a serious crime!” she tried to explain.

“I think it is a bit too late for me to stop, don’t you think. I am already having so much fun tickling these sweet, big feet of yours. In fact, let’s play with your toes a bit, shall we?” Sabrina threatened. She then got herself in position and faced the helpless soles. She then wiggled her fingers in the air and then applied them to the very tender undersides of Darby’s toes. She felt the toes go into a panic and saw Darby’s entire body stiffen. It was a joy to witness Darby losing her mind and screaming laughter to the top of her lungs. She also enjoyed how tender these thick, meaty toes were as well. She started to wonder if she should just take Darby home with her back to New Mexico, so she could tickle these feet every single day. She giggled at that thought and actually took it into consideration.

Babs turned her head after hearing some very explosive laughter coming from behind her. She saw her partner now tickling Darby’s toes and that made her giggle. Now this barn was going to be filled with hysterical laughter from two women. She then turned her head back towards Becky and smiled. She then started to wiggle her fingers up and down the bottom of the left foot once again, sending the poor red headed woman into screams. “Tickle tickle tickle!! That’s right, Becky! Scream! I want you to SCREAM!!!” she told her.

Becky felt those fingers on the bottom of her foot, and it drove her wild. She did not hold back at all and just let all of her laughter out. She tried to cover the left foot with her right one, but when she tried it, her delicate heel was tickled and that made her open up her sole again, only to be tickled once again. The feeling was starting to become agonizing, and she didn’t know what to do. A feeling of helplessness washed over her and knew she was going to be tortured for a long time. This seemed a lot worse than what Peggy did to her. Peggy was trying to torment her, but this was different. This seemed a lot more malicious. She could also hear Darby screaming in laughter as well. That made her seem even more ticklish because that laughter got to her. It was unbelievable that earlier today, she was on assignment with Darby and now they were both tied up in a barn together and having their feet tickled at the same time. Becky tried to cover her foot once again with the right one, but immediately moved that foot away when she felt fingers tickling that foot!

Babs grinned as she started to use both hands to tickle Becky’s feet. That right foot kept interfering with her tickling of the left foot, so she used her left hand to tickle the right foot, and her right hand to tickle the left foot. She moved her fingers in random patterns on the sole, and found very responsive spots mainly on the arches, and even some parts of the balls of the feet. Going after both feet seemed to have made Becky keep her feet in place and now, she could really dig into them. Her eyes continued to stare at those long toes and looked forward to playing with them next. She also started to think about other fun things she could do with these feet. When she was tickling Ruth the previous night, she saw how Sabrina was trying to get her aroused. That was also part of the tickling style they would employ. Tickle the victim with no mercy, but then get them aroused with a lot of sensual pleasure in order to make them more compliant. Because if they suffered long enough, they would crave sensual pleasure and become a lot more agreeable to their demands. The difference at the moment was they had no real plans for these two deputies. This was all about torture, and no other plan. But it would still be a lot of fun to torment them sexually as well. Babs looked at Becky’s toes and wondered how they would taste. She imagined those toes in her mouth and sucking on them. She hoped it would get this woman aroused, so she could take full advantage of her naked body. She did find Becky cute, so sexually dominating her would be a lot of fun. These thoughts made her own nipples hard and now she was looking forward to having her way with these feet. But right now, it was all about tickling them. She really enjoyed these ticklish feet and that hysterical laughter. “That’s right you clumsy apprentice, laugh. Just laugh and laugh and laugh. You will eventually love me, trust me.…” she teased.

Becky continued to laugh as she felt those fingers moving up and down her soles. This was such a horrible feeling and then she let out a very loud shriek as she felt nails now scurrying up her feet. Those hard nails pressed into her skin and found all her sensitive nerve endings. She continued to laugh uncontrollably and even started to cough as the sensations overwhelmed her. This was by far the worst she ever had her feet tickled. Soon, she started to panic as she kept coughing and laughing, which made it harder for her to breathe. Her face turned beet red and now she was trying to beg for her life as her she was not inhaling any oxygen!

Babs heard the deep coughs, and she looked up. She saw the look of distress on Becky’s face and then stopped her tickling. She wanted to torment the woman, but not kill her. She then stood up and walked over to where Becky’s upper body was and started to pat her on the back. “There, there. Let it all out. Come on, breathe…..breathe…” she said in a soothing voice.

Becky continued to cough, but then managed to start inhaling again. Now she was taking very deep breaths as she tried to recover. A sense of relief flowed through her because her feet were not being stimulated. Her eyes were very watery, and a tear trickled down her right cheek. Her lungs were burning, and she let out an exhausted groan. In the background, she could still hear Darby’s demented laughter and she started to really get emotional. These women were really trying to torture them to the brink of insanity. The entire moment weighed on her mind, and she felt defeated. She felt the pats on her back, which helped her recover from her coughing, but she still felt like she was going to suffer. “Please *cough cough* stop this….Yer about to kill me…*cough cough* I can’t take it anymore….*cough cough cough* Yer nails are killin’ muh feet…” she gasped.

“Oh, they are? Hehehehe Good!!! Because that’s what I want them to do. You got some really ticklish feet there, Becky. Seems like they might be your weak spot, although I think there are other places to explore. I am not done with you yet, my pretty! But, to show you that I am not evil, I think I will take really good care of your feet right now. Just wait until you feel what I am going to do to them. I bet you love it….” Babs said in a soft voice. She then made her way back to Becky’s feet and knelt down. She looked at the soles and couldn’t help but smile. That light pink skin seemed flusher at the moment. She loved how much fun it was to really torture these feet and still had plans to attack them later. But since Becky was on the verge of losing her mind and possibly her consciousness due to a lack of oxygen, it was time to play with her feet sensually. She reached her hands forward and wrapped them around the right foot. She felt the foot flinch, and she grinned when she heard a quick giggle from Becky. The foot was still very sensitive, which meant she really had to be careful not to send her into hysterics just yet. Her thumbs then began to knead the sole, concentrating on the ball of the foot. She loved how soft the foot was as her thumbs pressed into that flesh. The foot itself was not as thick as Darby’s it seemed, but it was not a thin foot at all. It had a nice plumpness to them, so she could enjoy massaging that foot. She looked up and saw Becky’s mouth hanging open and it looked like the woman was about to start drooling. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” she smiled.

Becky felt those hands on her foot massaging it and it did feel nice. After that horrendous tickle attack, this massage was a definite change of pace and brought about new feelings. The way the thumbs were pressing and kneading into the ball of the foot made her feel good inside. She even felt a sense of relief washing over her body as the thumbs were relieving some of the tension in her foot. She then let her head fall backwards as the massage felt soothing. It didn’t tickle as much, and she could feel herself calming down. The stress of the tickle torture really made her body tense, now this massage was loosening her up. She had no idea why Babs wanted to give her pleasure, but she didn’t care. This felt very good to her, and she would take it. “Mmmmm…..that feels….good.” she moaned softly.

“There you go…..that’s right Becky Lockhart, you just enjoy yourself right now. Feel all that stress leave your body right now. I am going to take really good care of your feet. Feel the way my hands soothe your large feet. Hehehe” Babs teased as she continued to massage the sole. Even though she was getting good at tickle torture, she was always great with foot massages. She loved giving them, especially to lovers. She even had the opportunity to massage her partner Sabrina’s feet before. They came back from a long walk, and she got to massage them. She liked her feet in her hands and gave her a wonderful massage. Now, she was working on Becky’s helpless feet, and she noticed that the feet were not quivering. Her eyes saw Becky’s head leaning back and didn’t see her squirming in her bonds. Her massages were almost hypnotic, and she wanted to make Becky fall under her spell. Babs started to think this would be part of her attack if she had the opportunity to play with a victim’s feet. Sabrina had sensually pleased so many feet of their victims, now it was her turn. She also could hear that hysterical laughter coming from Darby, which was a perfect background sound to her.

Sabrina continued to work on Darby’s helpless toes and loved every moment of it. The screams then started to go silent and knew that this heroic deputy was now in silent laughter. She loved these moments. This was when her victims started to break. This was when they started to become compliant because they would do anything to not be tickled anymore. She loved how her fingers were in between the toes, digging into the crevices. Even though she worked on these feet for a while, she still could not believe just how soft they really were. She started to wonder if Darby was soft everywhere on her body. That gave her a thrill as she imagined what it would be like to touch Darby’s special places. She looked up at her heaving chest and wanted to get that bra removed. She also realized that she wasn’t hearing any additional laughter behind her. Sabrina became curious, so she paused her fingers in between the toes, and turned her head as far as she could. She saw Babs massaging Becky’s foot and it made her smile. She knew the torture was now moving into the sensual phase, and to get the victim aroused. That made her turn back around and look at Darby’s feet. She could feel the toes clenching around her fingers and saw Darby’s body trembling with ticklish agony. She then removed her fingers and decided it was time to do the same to Darby. Plus, the way those feet felt and looked; this was going to be really enjoyable for her. She patted both feet softly and smiled. “How are you doing, Deputy? Loving what I am doing to your feet? Hehehehe” she giggled.

Darby let out a loud moan as she finally felt those fingers leave her toes. Her toes were always her weakest spot and the way Sabrina played with them, she thought she was going to pass out. She couldn’t even get her toes away because her two big toes were tied together. This was the first time she ever had her feet so helpless like this. There was a time it was similar when the Russian bounty hunter, Helga, held onto her big toe and tickled her helpless foot. She started to breathe heavily and felt her body aching from all the squirming and straining. She was desperately trying to pull her wrists free, but it started to cause her pain because the ropes were biting into the skin on her wrists. She then looked at Sabrina through her tired eyes and she really hated that evil smirk on her face. She didn’t want to say how she really felt because it would only lead to more suffering on her feet. “Please….leave muh feet alone. You tortured them enough….” she whispered.

“I know! I have really played with your feet for a long time! I can’t help it! I never touched feet like this before. I know this must be a lot for you because you have probably never been tickled tortured on your feet before by an outlaw. Hehehehe Maybe after I tell everyone, it will happen more often. I am just happy I am the first!” Sabrina bragged. She was loving the fact she was tormenting Plotsville’s greatest hero by doing the one thing she loved to do, and that was tickle the feet of a woman, as well as the rest of the body.

Darby almost laughed when she heard Sabrina bragging about being the first to ever torture her, but if she did that, it would be two things. For starters, she would get tortured even more on her feet and second, it would humiliate her more, letting Sabrina know this happened many times in her career already. She did not want Sabrina to try and best the others as well. She shook her head and decided to once again reason with the woman. “Please….Sabrina, you got to let me go. At least stop torturin’ muh feet. I am suffering…” she told her.

“I know you are! That’s what makes this so much fun! Even though I will be the most feared outlaw in the west, I am not totally cruel. In fact, I think your poor ticklish feet deserve some loving care. So, just enjoy what happens next….” Sabrina told her. She then leaned forward with her head and put it very close to the right sole. She could see those print lines in that deep pink skin, and she felt excited. She then put her face closer and then gave that foot a kiss! Her lips made contact with the tender skin, and she felt a surge of arousal in her body. That skin felt incredible on her lips, and she felt herself starting to swoon. She had kissed the feet of a woman before, but nothing like this. She then kissed it again, and again, trying to savor the taste and feeling of that wonderful foot. “Oh my goodness! Your feet….they are so *kiss* incredible! I think I could *kiss* them all *kiss* night!” she said and just kept kissing them.

Darby winced with each kiss on her foot as it still tickled her, but it also felt nice. The worst case scenario was now happening again. This outlaw was going to pleasure her foot and that meant she was doomed. She remembered previous tormentors kissing her feet and it always broke her down. She especially remembered when Gloria Wellington was kissing her feet. That woman was completely obsessed with them and took advantage of them all the time. She looked at Sabrina’s face close to her feet, and there was nothing she could do but feel those kisses. They were very nice, and she also felt that twinge of arousal building up in her body. “Ya got to ooooh stop kissing muh foot….that’s ooooooh not nice…” she cooed.

Sabrina heard those soft coos of Darby and knew the deputy loved this moment just as much as she did. She then pulled her head back and looked at that sole. She just loved how that foot was designed. The thickness, the color, the softness. She then thought about what would happen within her own body once she wrapped her lips around those delicious looking toes. She knew once she got one inside her mouth, it was going to be such a great experience. She had to think about controlling her own lust if she was to remain in control of the situation. She then decided to massage the foot, just like Babs was doing to Becky. She reached her hands forward and started to massage the foot. Once again, she felt tremendous pleasure in touching this perfectly soft skin. There wasn’t a single callous anywhere on this magnificent body part. “There you go….Enjoy this massage deputy. It has been a long day for you. You deserve to have these sweet feet of yours pampered a little bit. Mmmmmmm your foot feels so good.” she cooed.

Becky continued to feel such pleasure in having her foot rubbed. She was still trying to recover from the earlier tickle assault and really started to feel a bit more relaxed. She felt her left foot now experiencing the massage and she felt her eyelids feeling heavy. She couldn’t believe how worn out she was already. Being tied down and tickled was such a strenuous situation. The way the fingers and hand kneaded into her sole sent waves of pleasure in her body. She even felt each of her toes getting rubbed and she giggled a little. Her toes were feeling a bit sensitive still. Then she felt the fingers now starting to lightly caress her sole. This made her eyes open wide because she knew what that would do to her. When she was trapped in a barn back in her hometown, Peggy had softly caressed her feet, and it caused her to feel “funny”. It really turned her on and discovered it was a sexual weakness of hers. If Babs found out that she would get aroused from this, she was sure to exploit it. She didn’t know what to do. Would she tell Babs what this does to her, only for the outlaw to return to tickle torturing her foot? Or would she keep quiet and allow her body to get really horny? She bit her lower lip as the fingers slowly made their way down from the base of her toes, across the ball of her foot, into her arch and off her heel. It was as though Babs was petting her foot. It felt incredible and she became really worried when her nipples stiffened. She was grateful she still had her bra on, otherwise, Babs would surely exploit that.

Babs loved the feeling of Becky’s skin on her fingers. She really did enjoy massaging the foot and wanted to continue this sensual attack. She loved how the skin felt on her fingers as they slowly traveled down the length of Becky’s left foot. Once her fingers slid off the heel, she then moved her hand over to the right one and repeated the procedure. She started from the base of the toes, went over the ball of the foot, into the arch, and off the heel. She could see Becky’s toes curling open and closed and knew this woman was starting to enjoy this. It was a soothing feeling. She knew any woman would love to have her feet softly played with. She then felt a thrill in her body as she heard a soft moan coming from Becky. That got her really excited as she realized that his young lady was probably getting turned on. That was what she wanted to hear. She knew it was close to the time to sexually conquer this woman. She looked up at Becky and wondered if her nipples were stiff. “You like this, don’t you? That’s right silly Becky, enjoy me playing with your feet. Let me make you feel sooooo good.” she said in a teasing voice.

Becky realized she let moans leave her lips and her weakness was probably discovered. She felt regret in her mind, but her body loved this feeling. She was having both feet lightly caressed and hoped she wouldn’t succumb to her own sexual desires. She remembered how Sue Ann really took advantage of her arousal and she ended up having lesbian sex for the first time in her life. She would think about that moment often, as she did like how it felt. She would never ever tell her parents about it because if they found out she had sexual relations with a woman, she was sure to be disinherited. That experience was going to be a deep, dark, secret of hers that she planned to take to the grave. What worried her at the moment was, what if Babs sexually exploited her. Her feet were being played with, and she really hoped that Babs did not want to make love to another woman. She was so tired that she wouldn’t be able to stop her from doing so either! Then she felt just her right foot being lightly stroked, then her eyes went wide open, her mouth agape and she stared at Babs. She just felt something on the bottom of her left foot! It was warm and felt moist. Then she realized that Babs…..kissed her foot! This stunned her and really sent her arousal into orbit. When Sue Ann did it to her, she felt incredible arousal and now it was happening again! But this time, it wasn’t someone she felt comfortable with. It was with someone what wanted to torture her! “W-What did ya do? W-Why did ya kiss muh foot?” she asked in shock.

“Because…. I wanted to. Your foot looks so adorable right now. I thought you would like your foot being kissed. I can tell you are feeling good. Isn’t this better than being tickled? Would you rather have me tickle your foot instead with my nails?” Babs taunted. She then started to wiggle the fingers of her right hand in the air.

“No!!! Please don’t tickle muh foot! I-I don’t know what to say….I can’t believe ya kissed muh foot!” Becky said. She definitely did not want to be tickled again, but also was very well aware that if Babs kept kissing and stroking her foot, she would be at her sexual mercy.

“Hehehe I know what you can say. If you want me to not tickle your precious feet, then I want you to ask me to kiss your feet. Let me hear you say it….” Babs teased. She was feeling the power of being in control.

Becky gulped as she heard what she had to do. She saw those fingers wiggling in the air and it frightened her. But she also knew what would happen to her if Babs kept kissing her feet. She had to decide if she wanted to be aroused or screaming in laughter. She decided to be aroused. “Ok…ya can, um, kiss muh feet.” she said softly.

“I couldn’t hear you! What did you say?” Babs teased then started to run her nails up and down the pink soles.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA KISS MUH FEET!! KISS MUH FEET!!! HAHAHAHAHA NOT TICKLES!!!” Becky screamed as she felt those wicked nails on her soles. The intensity of the ticklish sensations tore through her very soul, and she was desperate to get it to stop.

“Good girl……Ok, I will kiss these sweet, big feet of yours…” Babs teased, as she stopped raking her nails on Becky’s helpless feet. She then planted a kiss directly on the arch of the left foot, then planted a kiss on the arch of the right one. She loved the feeling of that tender skin on her lips, and it was time to drive Becky wild with lust. She moved her lips from the base of the toes, and kissed all the way down the foot, going right over the ball of the foot, then the arch, then the heel. Then she moved to the left foot and repeated that pattern of kisses. She could feel Becky wince with each kiss, and it also turned her on. She felt her own nipples getting stiff. This was becoming very erotic for her and now visions of her sucking on Becky’s toes really got her going.

Becky was stunned as she felt those kisses up and down her feet. She would never admit it to Babs, but it did feel really nice. After being tickled silly, having her feet massaged, then kissed felt so much better. She also grew concerned that she was starting to really become aroused. She moved her feet a little, but those soft lips kept kissing. She looked up and saw Darby. She could see Sabrina massaging her feet and also giving them kisses. She realized they were both experiencing the same kind of torture. She also wondered if Darby was getting turned on like she was. She looked at the face and saw a look of satisfaction on her mentor’s face. Becky wondered how they were going to get out of this. They both were having their bodies played with and there was nothing they could do. She then let out a moan as the kisses got stronger. Her eyes then looked at Babs’ face and she saw a grin. She had no idea what the woman was going to do next, but whatever it was, it was not going to go well for her.

Sabrina continued to massage the big feet of Darby. She was enjoying the feeling of Darby’s feet on her lips and now it was time to do more. She knew Darby was getting aroused as she could hear her soft moans. Her eyes then looked at those thick toes and she just had to taste them! She looked up at Darby and grinned. “Hmmmmm...i wonder how these toes taste? I bet they are delicious….” she teased.

Darby heard that tease and felt her body tense up again. She knew what that meant. Her captor was going to have her way with her feet using her mouth. She looked on as Sabrina stuck out her tongue and she saw it headed towards the toes of her left foot. She tried to move her feet, but once again realized that she couldn’t move them at all. She stared at that pink tongue and soon, she couldn’t see it because it must have been right under her helpless toes. Then she let out a giggle as she felt the tongue licking the undersides of her toes. She felt that warm, wet tongue slithering under the digits, and she couldn’t help but giggle. “Hehehehe hey! That tickles! Hehehehe don’t lick muh toes!” she laughed.

Sabrina let out a soft moan as she heard those sweet giggles coming from Darby. What really got her was the taste of these meaty toes. Her tongue slid on the bottom of the index toe, and she even closed her eyes to savor the taste. The fact her victim was starting to giggle only got her more excited. Her tongue slowly licked up that toe stem and when it got to the tip, she then moved it over to the middle toe. She could taste the sweat on the skin, but she didn’t mind it at all. She wanted to taste each and every toe, and drive Darby wild. This was becoming about her own feelings now. She felt her own sexual excitement and she was going to enjoy this lustful feeling. Her eyes looked at Darby and could tell her toe licking was affecting the deputy. She paused for a moment and smiled. “You like me licking your toes, don’t you?” she teased.

“Ya got to stop doing that to me….I don’t want you to lick muh feet. Please let me go…” Darby pleaded. She then let out another giggle as the tongue resumed licking the delicate undersides of her toes. She wanted to curl her toes really bad, but since her big toes were tied together, she was not able to do that. She had to endure that feeling and hoped it would end soon. She then looked up and saw Becky. She could see her apprentice staring back at her and she felt that helplessness. She could see Babs kissing the feet and it amazed her that both of them were enduring the same thing. This was such a humiliating moment for the both of them. She really felt for Becky. That young lady had never experienced anything like this and hoped it didn’t break her spirit. She then let out another moan as the tongue continued to taste her delicate toes.

Becky now felt her body heat rising as her feet were still being kissed. She didn’t know what to do anymore. Her own lust was building, and she didn’t want Babs to do this to her. But she feared being tickled a lot more. She stared at Babs at her feet. She wondered just how long she would have to endure something like this. It felt incredible, but she felt very ashamed for enjoying it. Then she watched in shock as she saw Babs moving her head towards her toes. She watched as the mouth opened wide and she wondered what was about to happen. She really hoped that Babs was not about to do what she thought she was about to do. She held her breath in anticipation, then saw her big toe enter Babs’ mouth!

Babs wrapped her lips around the big toe on the left foot of Becky and started to suck on it. The feeling of that toe in her mouth drove her wild and she started to suck on them harder. She had enjoyed Ruth’s toes the previous night, but there was something about sucking on this woman’s toes that felt even better. She was starting to dominate her and wanted to drive her wild. Her tongue started to swirl around the toe, and she felt the foot starting to jerk. She loved that reaction because it meant that poor Becky could still feel those ticklish tremors. This made her more determined to suck this toe even harder. Then she heard what she wanted to hear. A deep moan.

“Ooooooohhhh that feels….that feels…..” Becky started to moan. She did not want to say it felt good because it would only encourage Babs to keep sucking on her toe. The way the sensation felt really started to break down her resistance. The fire within her loins increased and she felt herself getting wet. She started to hate herself because she did not want to feel this way. She did not want this woman to get her sexually excited. She was feeling those pangs of lust grow with each suction on her toe and she also felt the urge to giggle as the tongue swished across the pad of her big toe. Then she felt her toe come out of the mouth and watched helplessly as her index and middle toes went inside Babs’ mouth. Her own mouth dropped in shock as she felt the warmth of that mouth and drove her wild. “Ya got to stop doing that! Ya got to stop sucking on muh toes…..” she pleaded.

Babs could only grin as she heard that soft begging. She let the toes slip out of her mouth and she stared at Becky. She recognized that kind of look on her face, as it was the face of someone that was in sexual heat. She knew it was time to push her further down the sexual abyss, then she would be able to REALLY tickle her out of her mind. “Hehehe don’t lie to me, Becky. I know you know that you like what I am doing to your toes. I will make sure I take care of each toe and give you pleasure. Just give in to the pleasure. Let yourself go. You know this feels…….so…..good.” she taunted in a seductive voice.

Becky gasped again as her ring toe and baby toe now went inside Babs’ mouth. That mouth felt so warm, so wet, so incredible on her toes, she knew she would eventually submit herself. Then she felt a strong jolt of ticklish electricity as she felt that slimy tongue slithering in the crevice of her baby toe and ring toe. It made her body start to shake in her bonds as she felt that urge to laugh. “hehehehe hey!! That tickles!! Please hehehehehe that tickles!” she giggled.

Babs giggled herself as she continued to slither her tongue in that space. She then decided to slip her tongue in each of the crevices. She loved hearing those soft giggles as her tongue continued to play with those helpless toes. She could even feel them starting to wiggle around. This amused her as she was playing Becky’s body like a puppet. Then she started to think about taking her clothes off. That excited her because she wanted to completely humiliate this woman and sexually conquer her. It would be her very first victim of that method. Her partner Sabrina would do it all the time, so now it was her turn. She then went back to kissing the sole of the foot. Once she finished kissing down the sole, it was time to explore the toes of the right foot. “I swear, your toes are so delicious….” she teased.

Becky looked on as she saw Babs heading over to her right foot. The work that was done on her left foot left her very horny. She could barely move her own body as she felt so at peace. Just like when Sue Ann played with her like this, her body was surrendering to the feelings. Her mind however, still raced with fear. She had to fight this feeling! If she was to ever become a deputy, she had to be able to find a way out of this predicament. She was sure Deputy Darby would! Then it hit her. She realized that perhaps she would not be able to achieve that because her hero was going through the same thing! She looked up and saw Sabrina licking and playing with Darby’s toes. It was just surreal to see her mentor having her feet played with. She wondered if Darby was feeling lust in her body. She then made eye contact with Darby, and it was the most surreal feeling. They both stared at each other, and it appeared they had empathy for one another.

Darby could see Becky staring at her and she felt ashamed. That young woman looked up to her and she was bound and helpless, having her feet played with. She could see the same thing was happening to her and she felt that humiliation for her. Both of their barefeet were being worked on by these outlaws who wanted to completely embarrass them. She felt her own arousal and wondered if Becky felt the same. She also knew that no matter what happened, from this point forward, this was going to be an experience that would traumatize them both. Then she felt another surge of lust as her toes were being sucked on and she could hear Sabrina slurping on her toes. She hated feeling this way. She hated that her feet were once again a target of an outlaw. Darby wanted to get free and then try to place these two outlaws in jail where they belonged. She knew she could never tell Sheriff Dickerson or the other deputies what happened to her, but Becky would know. This moment would forever link them together. Then, she felt something tickling her foot. Her eyes then looked down and she saw her right big toe in Sabrina’s mouth and felt her fingers lightly dancing up and down her left foot. “Heheheheh That tickles!!! Please stop tickling muh foot!” she squealed.

Sabrina laughed as she had Darby’s toe in her mouth. Her fingers were softly pawing at that left foot and hearing Darby’s giggles and desperate pleas got her really excited. She wanted to really push this woman far, but she also knew that eventually they would have to stop. They still had business to attend to in Plotsville and had to get back. But for right now, she was truly going to savor these feet and the torture of Darby. “I swear, your laughter is so intoxicating. *Slurp* your toes are *slurp* divine. Laugh for me *slurp slurp* laugh for me….” she said as she continued to savor the toes.

Darby felt tingles shooting up through her body as the toe sucking was really getting to her. The soft foot tickling also kept her alert, but the way her toe was being ravished, she could start to feel her nipples throb. She was becoming sexually submissive, and her eyes closed. She had to fight these feelings as much as possible. Then she felt a very hard sucking feeling on her toe, and she let a moan escape. This frightened her because her body wanted more of this. Wetness grew between her legs and her sexual desires grew. She always hated those moments when her feet were being attacked. It was much different when she was with someone she cared for doing this to her, but when an enemy did it, it made her feel weak and helpless. She then felt her head fall back and her body enjoyed that warm, tingling feeling between her legs. She wished she could stop this, but it was no use. Her body started to surrender. “Please….ya got to *moan* stop this. I can’t *moan* handle this…” she groaned.

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UP NEXT: A moment of reckoning and a new target.

Ok folks, how did you like this part? Looks like our ladies have their hands full with these outlaws. Will they survive? Or will Sabrina and Babs pay for their attack? Stay tuned! Thank you again for all of your support. I really do love how excited and enthusiastic all of you are for these ladies. They truly appreciate you! Your comments are most welcomed!
This was everything I wanted to see since Becky's introduction, one of the hottest entries of the ENTIRE series, and my new personal favorite chapter.

Bravo, Prime. Brah. Vo. *slow clap*
This chapter is a love letter to feet tickling.
I have noticed an improvement in the description of the details to build the tickle anticipation.
This is perhaps (for me) the highest point you've ever reached, and I didn't believe it could happen after reading the masterpieces you've written in the past (and who knows, maybe you'll surpass yourself again in the next chapters/series! ).
I really admire your dedication and your mind always full of new ideas
"YOU ruined my robbery attempt, so you must pay a price. The price you pay will be the bottoms of your feet!"
Mmm... how I loved that line! Great story. I just can't get enough of Darby being tickle tortured to insanity.
This is an amazing chapter. I really thought Becky was going to save the day. This does feel like an erotic throwback to classic foot tickling stories with your style of writing. One of the best chapters ever. Much respect &#55357;&#56911;&#55356;&#57342;
Very hot chapter with Darby and Becky both increasingly aroused but desperate to not show it! Wow i start sweating just thinking about how this could continue on Friday!
Thanks for the awesome comments! I am glad you enjoyed this chapter a lot. Believe me, it was hard to write this chapter as it was way too hot. hahaha Our two ladies in law enforcement are having such a difficult time right now. Just wait until you see what happens in the next part!

Thank you for all of your support! Your comments really do inspire me.
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