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Discord Usernames


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Sep 24, 2020
Since discord is pretty popular for us tickle enthusiasts, why don't we start posting our discord usernames? :) mines slimothy_Jimothy#6140

Edit: my bad, I put my username in wrong XD it's fixed now!

Feel free to message me! :)
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I'm SecretTickleFan#8366. Feel free to message me as I'm always looking to make new friends and share in my tickle love.
Find me at: NobleTickler#5002

37, M, I'm fully Ler. I'll tickle women and men in RP (men on feet only)
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Hello! 24-year-old male ticklee here! Anyone can send me a message at 𝓞𝓷𝓮𝓲𝓻𝓲𝓺𝓾𝓮#5581 (make sure you copy and paste to get the right font). I’m also interested in roleplaying :)
Copy+pasted from another thread:

RenwaldoVan#8948 Just be sure to introduce yourself in the initial message please, so I know where you got a hold of me from.

30 year old gay male switch here by the way.
ShmuckeyTheClown#2648 feel free to say hi. I love memes and making friends and kinky stuff too!
S0rrowSong#9338, 27yr old german male switch in lee mood.
Let's have a chat about tickling, feathers and company and maybe RP^^ Just be nice and pollite!
aussie#…. (On my profile to keep from public view)
I’m a switch, love feet, happy to have just friends for chat or do rp’s :)
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Male lee always looking for a good time.
manta_black87 hit me up I’m a male Ler 32/yo down to RP with whoever

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manta_black87#8882 made tickler!! Open to chat

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Hi guys, since I re installed my discord I thought I would post my name on here too:


I'm a 36 year old tickler in nature (but have sometimes switched for friends) from the UK mainly into M/F tickling (but depending on my mood I am open minded) I have also rp F/F before with my OCs, always enjoy a giving out some online tickling (playful or torturous) but also good for conversation both tickle an none tickled related topics. Feel free too add me if you fancy it. But please let me know you are from the TMF and who you are! Cheers!
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