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Double Pedicure


TMF Regular
Mar 19, 2003
I just shared this incredible memory with a good friend and thought if would be a nice idea to post it.

I remember taking a wonderful play partner of mine named Eva to a nail and hair salon in the Marriott hotel near the LA airport for a pedicure. She flew in from New Mexico for a couple of days to see me and then visit her sister who lived in Redondo Beach.

I checked in early, found a salon on the premises, made an appointment for her and paid the nail technician extra up front to purposely tickle Eva’s feet. When I advised Eva that I was treating her to a pedicure she cringed and pleaded with me to cancel the appointment advising that her feet were already nice and smooth, just the way I like them. Of course I already know how hard it is for her to sit though a pedicure and the sadist in me got to grab a ring side seat and watch her squirm and laugh hysterically from the technician’s torturous technique especially because she had already gotten a pedicure a couple of days before out play time which of course I also already knew.

After the purposely long drawn out pedicure, I had Eva slip into a pair of 6 denier ultra sheer stockings, one of the gifts I brought her, and we went to one of the busiest restaurant at the hotel for lunch. Of course I tickled her legs and incredibly sensitive stocking feet and legs under the table all through our meal continuing to drive her (and me) wild.

Both of us were very turned on by the time we finally headed up to our room where we literally played all night and well into the morning. I spared her another restaurant tickling that night by ordering room service but breakfast the next morning was another story.&#55358;&#57014;&#55357;&#56419;&#55358;&#57014;
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That’s a great story! My wife used to get pedis from her (very attractive) friend whom I knew because we all hung out in the same circles. She had no problem at all tickling my wife while I was there. I always threw her an extra $20.

We’ve since moved and I’ve considered offering it up to the nails techs near my home, but I’d feel a little pervy doing that, as I don’t know them personally.
I wonder how often that happens, where someone slips more money to the mail tech to tickle the wife, gf, etc. here is the hard part. So you do it a couple times and stop. Does that create an awkward situation with the nail tech? Is the nail tech upset because they were accustomed to the extra $20 and now they no longer get it?
My experience happened at a hotel that I had very little intention of staying at again so it was easy to set up and no weird or pervy feelings, in fact the nail tech thought it was fun.
I haven't gone for a manicure and pedicure with my wife in a while, but I want to go again and I am dying to bring her sister in law with us. She is a big, really strong, tough girl, but the day she went for a pedicure with us it looked like she was going to jump out of her chair.

I was surprised by this because the salon wasn't that good and the people doing the pedicure weren't scrubbing too hard. So I was upset to think that it wouldn't work, but wow, she was making faces, she was squirming. She must be REALLY ticklish.

I want to go with her to a much better salon that gives great pedicures, like REALLY scrubs the feet, but it never ends up working out.
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