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Eclipse Weekend Tickling (fm/multiple f; 30something vanilla first timers)


Sep 30, 2001
I'll post this story in parts starting with the lead-in segment below.

All of this flows from and contains spoilers for an earlier true story, the Retired Executive Tickle Session. It's a long one, but if you'd like you can hit that link and read it first.

There's another lead-in as well, which is basically a thread where a person from this story, Lisa, arranged a follow-up to the Retired Executive session with some of her Passion Party clients. That's a story I still need to write, but the thread, linked here, shares a bit several posts in about how this Eclipse Weekend session came to be, and even provides a few pictures of the main characters.

With all that, here you go. I'll try to get the remaining sections wrapped up before too long, but it's been hard to find time to write lately.
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The Eclipse Party, Part 1

I was sitting on the front porch with my dog Bear when the car pulled in. It was kind of a moment, as I knew the passengers had been in an interesting and maybe stressful discussion on their way down from Chicago. Lisa, the driver, smiled and waved excitedly as the dark blue Camry stopped and her passengers looked around to take in their new surroundings.

Bear cared about none of this as he ran and hunkered down in the grass near the edge of the driveway. He just saw a car full of pretty girls approaching and knew he was about to get showered with attention. He's a brown and white Golden-something mix who everyone mistakes for a Bernese Mountain Dog (hence the name) with his soft, heavy coat and soulful eyes. Women can't resist him, and he knows it.

Bear’s long bushy tail wagged furiously as the car doors opened. Sure enough, Lisa and a neatly attractive dark-haired girl – Anna, I presumed – climbed out of the driver’s side doors and pounced on him with squeals of delight. He licked their hands and faces and squirmed over onto his back for a double belly rub, delirious with joy.

In the meantime, two more young ladies emerged from the car’s passenger side. A beautiful Indian girl who had to be Khushi stepped out of the front seat and stretched in a way that made you think she knew yoga, while from the back a curious variation of the driver’s side rear passenger – Isabel, no doubt – uncurled like a cat and pushed a pair of dark round sunglasses onto her face.

Where Anna had the carriage and dress of someone who had just stepped out of an Everlane catalog, Isabel was rough and loose and tousled, like maybe she was being chased by a Terminator. I'd never met her, but she immediately broke into a huge smile when she saw me.

“My hero!” she said enigmatically as she grabbed a pack from the back seat and made her way past Khushi around the car. She stepped up to me and tipped her shades back, giving me a once over. “Mmm, you look like an FBI negotiator,” she said, “or maybe a finance professor. Not what I expected.”

“You must be Isabel,” I replied, smiling. “And you look like Sarah Connor. Nice to meet you.”

Isabel laughed and leaned in. Her voice dropped just above a whisper. “You have massively freaked out my sister,” she told me. “And for that I’ll be forever grateful.”

Lisa bounced over leaving Bear with Anna and gave me a hug from the side. “Quinn! Great to see you!”

“You too kiddo!” I hugged back, lifting her a bit. “Nice drive?”

Interesting drive,” she answered, grinning and cutting her eyes to Anna.

Anna looked up. “Is that what you call kidnapping your friends to a…to a…” her voice was stern but with a look that signaled she was in on the tease as she searched for a term.

“Bondage dungeon?” Isabel finished.

“More like a torture chamber!” someone added. I turned to find that Khushi had moved around beside Isabel. Her lilting voice was touched with the pleasant cadence of an Indian accent, faintly British, with a softly musical rolling of the r’s.

“Don’t let the pit in the basement fool you,” I insisted. “We’re perfectly safe hosts.”

This got a chuckle as right on cue, Laura stepped out through the garage and got her own hug from Lisa, who had met my wife the previous fall at a party not unlike the one being discussed now.

“Seriously, though,” Khushi went on. “Thank you so much for having us in your home.” She pulled a bottle of wine from her bag and handed it to Laura.

“We do appreciate it,” added Anna. “Especially at the last minute.”

“Thank you so much!” Laura beamed. “And you’re perfectly welcome here. Please make yourselves at home, and I promise the basement is pit-free.”

The women laughed and moved as a group up the front walk toward the house with Laura answering questions about her gardens. Bear trailed along, now getting pats and ruffled ears from Khushi and Isabel. I took my leave to go around back and put steaks on the grill.

As the women bonded, I took five filets out of the garage refrigerator and covered them to rest while I set the patio table. After a short while, with a high sign from Laura, the steaks went onto the grill. Everyone made their way outside just as they were hitting rare.

“How do you like ‘em?” I called out, and got answers of “medium” from everyone except Khushi, for whom Laura had whipped up a huge butternut squash curry. I nudged my steak aside at medium-rare and let the rest sear for a short time longer.

Laura set out an icy pitcher of Cosmos for the girls and a glass of bourbon for me as everyone grabbed plates and filed past the grill for their steaks. Laura dished up Khushi’s curry, and once the sides had made their rounds we all settled in to eat. The girls were starving.

Having missed the home tour, I was questioned for a while on the usual stuff about work and life stories, and caught up on the girls’ backgrounds as well. Lisa lives in the same flat as Anna, who works with Khushi. Isabel, whose work keeps her close to the artsy crowd, used to take Anna and Khushi out clubbing to some of “her” places, which were quite different from the preppy professional spots they were accustomed to, and far more interesting. Eventually Anna invited Lisa along on these adventures, and the four of them have been together ever since.

Isabel never came right out and said so, but she clearly enjoyed her friends suspecting that she was at least a dabbler in kink…apparently Anna once found some handcuffs at her place. Hanging around the edgier bars and clubs, they had discussed and wondered about kink from time to time over the years, which sort of set the stage for all the conversations that led to this weekend.

This, along with the fact that they were now on their second pitcher of Cosmos, brought the conversation around to my history. When did I get into kink? Why tickling? What else was involved? What was it like when I was dating, and now? How did Laura feel about it all? What was the craziest thing that ever happened?

Eventually we arrived at the experience shared by Lisa, Laura, and myself: the bondage and tickle demo at my friend M’s “Retired Executive” party. Finally Lisa and Laura could pick up the story thread, and I was able to refill my bourbon and serve up Laura's famous cheesecake.

“I can’t even imagine…” mused Isabel once the story got rolling. “All those uptight She-E-Os with a Dom doing a bondage scene!” Isabel was full of endearing terms for vanilla people from the surface world. A She-E-O was any high ranking businesswoman.

“It was something,” I agreed.

Khushi leaned forward, eyes wide. “And then being tickled!” she breathed.

“You should have seen Nancy,” Lisa offered. “She was straight-up scary. I don’t know how many staredowns she had with Quinn before getting tied up. I couldn’t believe she did it!”

“She was the attorney?” asked Anna.

“Yep,” Lisa answered. “She finally lost the whole thing and ended up in the tickle box at the end.”

“The one we’re supposed to get in,” said Khushi.

“Uh-huh,” answered Lisa. “You’ll see it soon. It was during the finale when Nancy couldn’t handle her feet being tickled that I finished her turn.”

“And how was it for you?” Khushi asked with a bit of concern.

“It was fun!” Lisa insisted. “It felt good, then it tickled, and I laughed pretty hard, but overall it was a blast! Who doesn’t like to laugh?”

I like to laugh,” Khushi answered. “But I can’t imagine someone locking me in and tickling my feet.”

“You won’t have to imagine it for long,” Isabel offered ominously. “So when are we going to do this thing?”

“It's all set up,” I said. “Whenever you all are ready.”

Khushi breathed “Oh my God…” and stared at Lisa. Anna gave Isabel a look that said I can’t believe you talked me into this.

Isabel was good to go, clearly enjoying her sister’s flusteredness. “Then let’s clear the table, jammie up, and knock it out tonight!” she said. “Why wait? I’ve got nothing else planned, and like the man says, it’s all set up.”

We’ll clear the table,” Laura offered. “You four just…uh…”

Relax?” laughed Anna, blushing. “Yeah right! I can’t believe this!”

Isabel shot me a wink as Lisa suppressed a grin. It was actually Khushi who leaned on Anna. “If I am going through with this torture,” she said nervously but sternly, turning to her friend, “you are sure as hell doing it with me.”

Lisa slapped the table with both palms and stood up, smiling. “Ok, we’re on! Where can we get cleaned up?”

Isabel bounced to her feet as Khushi stood and rubbed Anna’s shoulders. Finally, Laura gathered the girls and took them all upstairs past a very happy Bear to the bedrooms and bathrooms as I policed the table. There really was nothing left to do downstairs; the tickle box was positioned, the tools were in place, and everything was ready to go.

To be continued…
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Wow, these true tales of yours are amazing. I have to say out of the women thus far my favourite women are probably Ellen and M.
Khushi.... now that is someone I can't wait to read about as well, especially as she is terrified of being tickled. :)
Khushi is definitely on my recent favorites list along with Nancy, Ellen, and Ellen's partner Debra (coming in a future story).
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Can't wait to read about Khushi.
I really enjoy reading about Ellen being tickled, I guess because she looks like she shouldn't be so ticklish. But is very. :)
And as for M, she is amazing.
Yep M is in a class by herself between this most recent group and the early days of H&K, Dianna, Rhi, and Terri.

For me it's tough to choose between Nancy and Terri as an all-time favorite lee. Both one timers, and for good reason. :)
I thought this would be short, but it seems like once things get going, the story kind of decides for itself how long it's going to be. Here comes the next part with the first round of tickle torture.
The Eclipse Party, Part 2

As I made my way toward the basement, the sounds of a female comedy review mixed with a GLOW match rolled down from the upper loft as the girls got ready. Laura was laughing and shaking her head as she came down the stairs. “Good luck controlling that,” she warned.

Bear was beside himself, busy racing downstairs and dragging toy after toy back up into the melee. He kept looking at me with bright eyes and his ears perked forward as if to say Dad, this is AMAZING…can we keep them?!

I went down to get a fire going in the basement. It's always chilly down there, which is actually perfect for tickle sessions, but the fire feels nice and also smells good with a few aromatic wood chips thrown in. Also, the tickle box was clamped to a heavy table right next to the hearth, positioned so the feet of whoever was locked in would be warmed by the flames.

I’d had lots of practice setting this up...

The ticklees would be sitting in a comfy armchair with their legs resting inside the box. A brace over their knees would also lock their wrists in place, and their ankles would sit in a set of stocks at the box’s far end, where there was also a crossbar for tying toes. Below is a pic from a recent LOL clip with M modeling the setup:

Tickle box with M

A thundering gallop announced Bear’s arrival on the basement stairway landing. He froze, locked eyes with me – Dad!!! They’re coming!!! – and shot upstairs again to escort the pajama-clad foursome plus Laura back down with him.

Three of the girls were wearing what you’d expect: comfy sweats or in Khushi’s case yoga pants, soft t-shirts or for Lisa a spaghetti strap top, and ankle socks. Isabel, however, was a vision in her crop-top Invader Zim pajamas and bunny slippers. All of them were watching me watch her, and I had to give her a slow clap.

“'Real Genius'?” I asked, referring to the slippers.

“Yep,” she replied. “Good call. I could eat 80s Val Kilmer like ice cream."

The classics never die.

Laura had brought down Khushi’s wine and was setting out glasses on the game table as the girls reviewed the tickle box setup. Lisa was retelling parts of the story from M's party, sitting now in the open box to demonstrate.

I stepped over and grabbed the top of the ankle stocks. "Want me to lock you in?"

Lisa shot up like she'd been electrocuted as everyone laughed. "Not yet!" she said. "I have to get ready first!"

I looked questioningly at her fetching pajama ensemble. "I mean, mentally ready," she clarified.

"Ok, so, how do we do this?" Anna asked. "Who goes first?"

Earlier I had dug out four different colored dice from several of our family board games and placed them on the table where Laura was arranging the wine. I indicated the small pile and suggested they roll for it.

The girls each picked a die color as they grabbed their glasses of wine. Then they all knelt in a circle on the floor, shooting each other questioning looks.

"Low number goes first?" Isabel asked, and everyone nodded. Dice rolled.

Khushi and Lisa rolled high, with the twins each rolling a two. What is it with twins and coincidences anyway?

"Roll off!" shouted Isabel. Trying again, she got another two to Anna's six.

"Fuck!" she shouted as Anna whooped with a fist in the air. "Ok then. Well. Damn."

"It's not so bad!" Lisa promised. "You'll have fun!"

"Just remember," Isabel threatened, "I get to get you all back!" And with that, she knocked back her wine glass and drained it dry in one impressive gulp. Then she looked at me. "Ok, let's do this," she said. "Your show, Marquis de Sade."

"Step right in," I offered, and helped ease her into place. She fit into the box nicely, bunny slippers dangling over the ankle stocks near the hearth. Here are a few Isabel pics to set the scene.

izcar.png twinsfeet.png Screenshot_20240408_154208_Gallery.jpg
Isabel head shot and sole lookalike, actual eclipse day pic

Anna and Khushi looked on in mild astonishment as I locked Isabel’s knees and wrists into place, followed by her ankles. For her part, Isabel closed her eyes through the process and softly hummed a tune.

"Finding your happy place?" I asked.

"Mmm-hmm," she hummed back.

I popped off the bunny slippers and set them aside, catching Bear’s eye with what looked like a matched pair of new toys. Isabel’s bare feet were shapely and narrow, probably size 7 or 8. She flinched and struggled a bit as I looped the string over the crossbar and snugged it in place around her big toes.

"Uh oh," I said. "You may be laughing here in a second whether you find your happy place or not."

"Screw you, G-man," she said. She had concluded earlier that I looked more like an FBI negotiator than a finance professor.

Behind me, Khushi giggled. "Ooo I think I'm starting to see the appeal. This will be fun to watch!"

"Watch?" I asked. "I thought you three would do the tickling."

"Hey wait!" Isabel protested, uselessly twisting in the stocks.

Lisa and Khushi exchanged a look, but Anna lit up. "I like that idea!" she said, making her way forward.

"Wait! No, wait!" Isabel struggled some more, but the box held her tight. "We need some rules!"

"Now that's something I never thought I'd hear you say!" Anna teased. "But you're right." She looked over at me. "So, Quinn, how should we do this?"

"No gift certificates this time," added Lisa, referring to the games played at M's party.

"Well," I said. "You could just make a bet. Money or maybe bragging rights for whoever lasts the longest."

"What do you mean 'lasts the longest'?" Anna asked suspiciously.

"Before safewording," I explained. "You just say 'red' when you can't take it any more, and whoever endures the longest wins."

The girls nodded but then shook their heads. "Not money though," said Khushi.

"And bragging rights are lame," added Isabel.

I pondered for a moment. "Well, you all go out a lot together, right?"

They nodded.

"Any karaoke bars around?" I asked.

Lisa smiled. "There are!"

"So I wrote a story once where the loser of a tickle contest had to sing at a karaoke bar in front of all her friends."

Lisa actually clapped. "I love it!"

"God no!" Khushi protested. "I would die of embarrassment!"

"So don't lose!" answered Lisa.

"Or get really drunk if you do," Isabel suggested.

"Want to know the song I used?" I asked.

Lisa nodded eagerly.

"'You Oughta Know'," I said. "Alanis Morissette."

The way this was met with a round of howls, laughing, and protests, I was pretty sure I'd picked a winner. And sure enough, Lisa finally talked them into it.

"So whoever lasts the shortest time has to sing?" Anna asked

"I'd do it differently," Laura chimed in. "Whoever lasts the longest gets to pick who sings."

"You're a genius!" Lisa declared. "That's it!"

And the rules were set.

"I love us having this little chat while I'm locked in the torture box," Isabel said. "But could we please get on with it?"

Laura agreed to run the timer and I stepped away as the girls took their positions around Isabel’s feet. Lisa had to nudge a shoebox aside to sit on the hearth.

"Oh, are these the tools?" she asked. She'd seen the same box at M's party.

"Tools?!" Isabel echoed.

"Ah jeez," I said. "I almost forgot."

I moved the shoebox to the table where Isabel could see and popped off the lid. For the girls' benefit, and as Isabel’s eyes grew wider, I rummaged in the box through a small bag of feathers, a few pairs of chopsticks, some lotion and a pair of dollar store claw backscratchers, and a pair of electric toothbrush chassis with the vibrating wands exposed.

The girls oohed and aahed as poor helpless Isabel grew visibly paler. "God it sucks going first," she finally said.

"But as you pointed out," Khushi countered, "you can get us all back."

"Here's a final thought," I suggested, shaking several stiff black feathers out of the bag and into a pile on the table. "Maybe use only these for the first minute or so to start off easy."

"Feathers on your feet are easy?!" Khushi gasped.

Lisa smiled. "It feels good!"

"Maybe to you…" Khushi went on.

"It's these little buzzies that'll curl your hair," Lisa said, grabbing one of the toothbrushes and letting it whirr.

"Did this just become one of your sex toy parties?" Isabel teased. Lisa shot her a look and dragged the humming wand across her toes.

"Oh my GOD!" Isabel shrieked as everyone laughed. "No fair! Feathers first!"

"Are you ready?" Laura asked, poised over her smartphone timer. Each girl settled in and picked out a feather as Isabel whimpered and rocked. "On your mark, get set, go!"

Khushi was giggling again as the feathers began stroking Isabel’s soles. She and Lisa were looking at Isabel’s feet as they tickled, but Anna was starting intently at her sister's face.

Isabel tried her best to curl up into a ball, but the box wouldn't let her. She clenched her fists and toes and hunched her shoulders, shuddering and barely suppressing a high pitched squeal as the feathers stroked and probed.

"Come ooon," Anna coaxed. "Don't hold it in. You know you’re gonna laugh…"

Isabel's keening stopped as she switched to rapid heavy breathing through puffed cheeks, threatening hyperventilation. Her legs vibrated in the stocks and her feet squirmed wildly. Her hands began to open and close. Anna's smile became an evil grin.

Khushi laughed and said "God, look at her! This is so much fun!" Lisa made coochi-coo noises like she was tickling a toddler.

"One minute!" shouted Laura.

Without a plan, the girls fumbled for a few seconds at the minute mark, deciding what to do next. Isabel caught her breath and shouted, “Holy fucking shit this is torture!

Lisa finally popped open the lotion bottle while Khushi grabbed a chopstick from the showbox. Anna stood and moved around behind Isabel, placing her hands on her sister’s shoulders.

“What are you doing?” Isabel asked in a growing panic.

Anna flipped Isabel’s long hair aside, her answer heavy with sisterly knowledge. “Just a little neck massage,” she said.

NoooOOOO!!!” Isabel shrieked as Anna’s fingers danced across her neck. Her arms instantly broke out in gooseflesh, and then a scream tore the air.

Khushi had set down the chopstick and decided to just tickle Isabel’s left foot full-on with her nails, as Lisa was busy rubbing lotion into the sole of her right foot. A back scratcher sat threateningly nearby.

And that’s how the next few minutes passed, with Anna tickling her sister’s neck while Khushi and Lisa worked over her soles with fingernails and a backscratcher. Isabel fought and squirmed and screamed, alternating high pitched laughter with incredibly creative cursing.

Laura called off three minutes, then four, and Isabel was clearly wearing down. She finally slipped into begging, but stubbornly refused to safeword.

Until Lisa fired up the toothbrush again.

The buzzy tip on Isabel’s sole brought on a new level of screaming. And when Khushi joined in with the other, it was all but over.

Nononono stop stop STAHAHAAAHA RED RED RED!!!” were the words that ended Isabel’s round. She had lasted four minutes and forty seconds. I released her to much applause and whooping from her friends as she crumpled onto the ground.

“You are all so fucking dead,” she promised ominously once she gathered her wits.

“I don’t know if I can do that…” Khushi began, but Isabel cut her off.

“Oh you absolutely will fucking do it,” she said. “All of you. Or I will murder you in your sleep.”

Khushi swallowed as Lisa scooped up three dice from the carpet. “Next?”

To be continued…
Did you say Khushi Khushi Coo, when you tickled her? If not you missed a trick. ;)
The writing on this is fantastically immersive. I can almost imagine being their...that box sounds like quite the fun time.
Your stories are just about the most entertaining as any I've read on this site! Keep up the great work!!!
The Eclipse Party, Part 3

This time Lisa dropped her die early and rolled a one. "Oh poop," she said.

Sure enough, Khushi and Anna rolled a three and a four. It was Lisa's turn.

lisax.png lisaxfeet.png Screenshot_20240408_210033_Gallery.jpg
Lisa lookalike head shot, sole pic, and actual eclipse party pic (on the right, next to Khushi)

Having now seen the process, everyone helped lock Lisa into the box. It reminded me of a Hollywood diva being attended by her makeup team between movie scenes. Lisa scooched and wriggled around to settle in as her friends closed stocks and inserted locking pins. Moments later, the girls stood back to watch Lisa giggle helplessly as I peeled off her socks and tied her toes to the crossbar.

"Man are you ever in for it," threatened Isabel as she stepped back in to organize her tools. "Don't let these pj's fool you, I'm a dignified person. I blame you for that embarrassing display I just went through."

"Do your worst," taunted Lisa. "I'm a veteran at thiiiIIIIIiiiiis…."

Isabel slipped a feather between Lisa’s toes as she spoke, causing the sing-songy finish. Anna and Khushi rushed in to help as Laura started the timer.

But the next minute wasn't so hard on Lisa. I knew from past experience that feathers on Lisa’s feet could easily be a spa day highlight, if not foreplay for her. Smiling ear to ear, she only squirmed and moaned amorously. It was a little X-rated.

"If she has an orgasm, do we win?" Isabel asked as Lisa's face and neck shaded pink and her breathing grew shallow. Everyone laughed.

"You know what? I'm gonna say yes," I answered.

That earned me a sly desperate look from Lisa and a different kind of look from Laura along with a few chuckles from the girls. I wondered if I was in trouble.

Just then Laura called "One minute!" and the girls shifted tactics. Having heard the stories from M's party, Khushi and Isabel wasted no time generously slathering Lisa’s feet with lotion while Anna hurried around behind her.

"Guys, wait, no!" Lisa cried out as everyone got into position. “Let me catch my aaiiiiii!!!” Anna was already stroking her neck, causing Lisa to squeal and squirm. Khushi and Isabel grabbed the little clawed backscratchers.

I'd tickled Lisa twice before, but now the girls had her off-balance, and when the claws touched her feet she straight up lost her mind. She screamed to high heaven and rolled right into an uncontrollable high-pitched laugh, thrashing helplessly in the stocks. Her toes flexed wildly. She kept trying to say “wait!” but couldn’t quite get it out.

Her friends looked at each other in wonder, laughing at Lisa’s reaction but not backing off. Lisa became frantic; I thought she'd break any second. I was surprised when Laura called "two minutes!" but not surprised when Lisa safeworded not thirty seconds later.


Everyone clapped and cheered; Lisa was completely winded. Finally she gathered herself enough to speak.

"That was insane! You guys started so fast I couldn't get control of myself!"

"You were wonderful!" Khushi observed. "That was so much fun!"

As they spoke, Anna reached up to remove a pin from the wrist stocks. But Isabel stopped her.

Lisa looked with concern from Isabel to her sister, then back again. "Iz, what are you doing?"

Isabel smiled fiendishly and picked up one of the toothbrushes, its buzzy wand hovering above Lisa's toes. She revved it a couple of times, the tinny whirr making Lisa twitch.

"You didn’t even go three minutes, and we haven't used these yet," she teased.

Lisa leveled a stern warning gaze at Isabel. "Don't. You. Dare." But she was also fighting a tiny smile. This encouraged Khushi to pick up the other tool.

What I knew, and Laura knew, and Lisa knew but her friends maybe didn’t, was that the buzzies were a bigger turn-on for her than the feathers.

So when Isabel and Khushi dragged them across her toes, instead of more screaming they got a pretty enthusiastic affirmation: “MMMhmmm…!” Lisa rolled her shoulders and bit her lip. She might have been acting a little, but if so it was fun to watch.

“You are fucking kidding me right now,” Isabel declared. But the more they stroked and teased her feet, the deeper Lisa plunged into gently writhing ecstasy. After a few seconds, her eyes were closed with her head thrown back as “ah…ah…AH…” sounds escaped her throat. Khushi pulled back, wide-eyed, and even Anna was blushing a little.

“That’s it,” Isabel finally declared, stopping. “I love you honey, but I’m not going to make you come in front of these nice people.” Everyone laughed as Lisa took a deep breath and blew it out. More than a little flushed, she flashed a small triumphant grin as her turn ended.

Finally, as the girls set Lisa free, it was down to Khushi and Anna.

To be continued…
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The Eclipse Party, Part 4

Khushi looked pretty happy with her five until Anna rolled a six. Amidst the sounds of Anna’s celebration and everyone’s drawn-out ooooooohhh at the lucky roll, the reality began to slowly sink in for Khushi. She was next in the box.

khushcar.png khushift0.png Screenshot_20240408_210033_Gallery.jpg
Khushi lookalike head shot, actual sole pic, and actual eclipse party pic (on the left, next to Lisa)

Khushi stood up slowly from the floor, and for a moment it looked like she might bolt for the stairs. The impression was strong enough that Isabel actually danced around behind her, blocking her way and smiling.

“Guys? Guys. I am serious." Khushi bargained. "I don’t think that I can do this.” She was slowly shaking her head, glancing from the box to her friends and back to the box again.

I studied her closely, knowing that if she were truly afraid or uncomfortable I might have to step in. But what I saw was only the natural nervousness and anticipation that precedes an intense new experience, like a child about to ride their first roller coaster or someone preparing to bungee jump.

The girls were hemming Khushi in, driving her inexorably toward the device. Her arms were tucked defensively with her shoulders drawn in as she shuffled back, a noticeable difference from her usual confident stance and demeanor. It suddenly clicked for me that Khushi was the “responsible adult” of this group, and everyone was adjusting to a sudden new social dynamic where she would soon be at their mercy in a very childlike game.

The girls were obviously eager to have at their friend as they circled in, smiling and a little wolflike. Khushi’s aspect was more tremulous. It was clear she was reluctantly willing and curious to experience this, but also terrified now that the moment was upon her. With the right nudge to overcome her fight or flight instincts, though, she'd soon be locked in and helpless to resist the experience.

When the backs of her legs touched the table, Khushi started saying “Oh my God” over and over again, eyes locked on the box. Her friends stepped forward and gently took her arms, easing her around and down into position. A steady high humming sound issued from the back of Khushi’s throat as the girls settled her in.

Anna positioned the knee brace over her legs easily enough and tapped it into place, pinning Khushi’s legs. Next Lisa gently took hold of her friend’s clenched fists and eased her arms away from her sides, toward the shallow divots that formed the bottom of the wrist stocks. But before Anna could drop the top piece into place, Khushi snatched her arms back.

“Ok wait,” she demurred. “I really, really can’t believe I’m doing this!” I noticed that nerves made her rolling r’s more pronounced.

Isabel lowered her gaze. “Khushi Banerjee,” she warned. “If you wimp out right now, not only will I invite everyone – and I mean everyone you know – to your karaoke night, but I will also make you my project.”

Khushi gulped and blinked.

Isabel went on. “You know me, Khushi. I have skills and I have time. I’m also creative and a little bit mean. And finally, I don’t give a fuck. Believe me, you don’t want to be my project.”

Khushi’s wrists crept back to the stocks, and Anna locked them into place.

The ankle stocks came next, leaving the final job for me. Toe ties. Khushi still had a pair of white ankle socks on, and her feet kicked and shifted nervously as she methodically twisted and pulled and tested the box’s hold.

“Do you really need to tie my toes?” she asked as I knelt with the string. I looked up to reply, but from around me a chorus of yeses beat me to the answer.

She yelped quietly as I peeled off each sock. Khushi’s feet looked ridiculously soft and unblemished, maybe a half size larger than Isabel’s or Lisa’s but still narrow and shapely, absent the toe rings visible in the picture above. It was no stretch to suspect how ticklish she was, so I tried to be firm as I wrapped her toes to the crossbar. Amazingly, her skin felt softer than it looked, and finally after a few startled yips my work was finished and her struggling feet were held secure, toes flexing gently.

She looked around nervously as I stepped back to make room for her friends to take their places, feathers at the ready. As Laura tapped her phone, Khushi started to bounce and hum, spinning already into a panic.

Please don’t!!!” she finally wailed, before the countdown even started. Everyone laughed, and it was Lisa who took some pity.

“Khushi, listen,” she began. “Aren’t you always telling us about mindfulness and meditation?” Khushi nodded. “Well, here's a perfect chance to use it!”

“That’s right,” Anna agreed. “You’re always meditating away stress and pain. Well now just meditate away the tickles!”

Khushi considered this. “Maybe,” she allowed. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply through her nose, held it for a bit, exhaled slowly, and then paused before inhaling again. I relaxed a little just watching her.

Slowly, the tension dropped out of her shoulders, and her hands unclenched. Even her face relaxed. Finally her head dropped forward and she rolled her neck a bit, lifting her face again with a perfectly serene expression, much changed from just a few short minutes ago.

“Ok,” she breathed. “I think I’m ready now.”

“Are you sure?” Lisa asked.

“Yes,” Khushi answered calmly. “I am ready.” The r barely rolled.

An overarching sense of calm now pervaded the entire basement. Even Bear at his perch on the landing had his chin between his front paws, squeezing his eyes and breathing slowly. You could hear air circulating in the furnace vents. A moth landed on the basement window.

Softly, Laura prepared to start timing. “”On your mark,” she whispered, “get set, go…

The sound Khushi made in the next instant shaved three years off our lives.


So much for meditation! The instant the feathers touched her feet, Khushi lost her mind completely. The girls, Laura, myself, and Bear all screamed and jumped six inches in the air. This was followed by half a beat of silence, and then hysterical laughter all around…from everyone but Khushi.

“Oh my God are you ok?!” Lisa finally asked.

Khushi was wide eyed in shock. “God in heaven you canNOT do that again!”

Another half beat of silence.

I…want…you to know,” Isabel sung quietly in an astonishingly good Alanis Morissette imitation. “That I’m…ha...ppy for you.

“Oh my word,” Khushi moaned.

I…wish…nothing but…the best…for you both…

“Oh God…”

“I’ll tell you what honey,” Isabel continued in her normal voice. “I know my sister, and you can count 100% on me being the one who picks our karaoke singer.”

Hey…” Anna started.

“Stuff it,” Isabel replied. “So let me tell you this. I’m planning to lean hard, I mean really hard, toward whoever wimps out the fastest. And if you don’t at least beat Lisa, that’s a big ole target right on your forehead.”

“How long did she go?” Khushi asked.

“Two minutes, twenty eight seconds,” Laura reported.

“Oh my word,” Khushi said again.

“Look,” Isabel explained. “It’s less than two and a half minutes, and it won’t kill you. It won’t even hurt you. You just need to sit there and take it. You can’t move anyway. If meditation doesn’t work, just think of it as another kind of mental endurance test.”

“You don’t understand,” Khushi pleaded. “I couldn't…that was…it was…”

“Worse than stage fright?” Isabel asked.

“Ok fine,” Khushi agreed. “I’ll hold out. But you can’t start all over again.” She looked around at Laura. “How long did I go just then?”

Laura looked at her phone. “One point six three seconds.”

“You are kidding!” Khushi gasped. “Well, don’t reset! And someone must tell me when I beat Lisa’s time!”

“I will,” Laura promised. “Ready to pick it up?”

The girls took positions again. Khushi closed her eyes and began slow breathing. This time, Laura, Bear and I were all poised and ready as Laura counted down. “On your mark, get set, go!

Khushi at least put up a fight this time when the tickling started. She bucked and thrashed in the tickle box, and for maybe four or five seconds screamed “NOOO!!! AAAHHH!!! NO PLEASE!!! AAAHHH!!! NONONONONO!!!

Mind you, this was just feathers. After a final helpless scream she finally broke into a sustained soprano belly laugh, interspersed with more screams and NOs and PLEASEs as she fought to breathe. But she did not say the safeword, and the tickling went on.

“One minute!” Laura called.

I wondered what the girls would do at this juncture, and to prove they all had souls, they simply started mixing some fingernails in with the feathers on Khushi’s soles. Still, Khushi’s hysteria shifted up a notch at the new sensations, lacing her laughter with renewed frantic screaming. Fortunately the tickle box is pretty forgiving – it holds you fast without bruising or scraping – because Khushi fought to escape like a woman possessed.

This was intense. The only person I’ve tickled personally who compared in any way was Terri, from the old LOL clip store days. And even though I’m officially out of that business, let me share a short Terri tribute clip just so you can see something close to the level I’m talking about:

View attachment eclipse2.mp4

Khushi’s mind was gone. I came to believe she simply devoted what mental discipline she had to the act of enduring her torture. And the fact that she resisted safewording spoke volumes for the level of that discipline.

“Two minutes!” Laura finally called out. She had to shout to be heard over Khushi’s uproar.

Now the girls tickled harder, adding more high pitched screams to the sounds of Khushi’s suffering. Finally she gasped, “How long?!

“Ten…nine…eight…” Laura started counting down, and the girls joined in. Khushi’s laughs finally became a sustained shriek of suffering and victory as the group finally reached “...three...two…one…zero!

REDREDRED!!!” Khushi yelled, and everyone fell back clapping and cheering. Even Bear romped down from the landing to join the celebration. Khushi collapsed sideways with only the box holding her up. Finally the girls opened the stocks and laid her down on the basement couch to recover.

Khushi was panting like a marathoner but smiling. “That was ridiculous!” she declared. “I am so dizzy…I might be a little high.”

“You’re going to have one helluva tickle buzz,” I told her, and began explaining the phenomenon. Bear hopped on the couch with Khushi for more petting while everyone talked about Khushi’s ordeal.

Anna was sitting near Khushi’s head, rubbing her shoulders. As the talking wore down, she noticed all the stares drifting toward her.

“Okay, okay,” she said finally. “I guess we’d better get this over with."

To be continued…
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Just to be clear, I've changed all the names. Please don't go stalking any Khushi Banerjees out in the world... :)
Oh Wow I hope she gets tickled again as well as Ellen. Khushi Kushi coo lol.
I do wonder what Isobel meant by her project :D
Oh Wow I hope she gets tickled again as well as Ellen. Khushi Kushi coo lol.
I do wonder what Isobel meant by her project :D

They all decided to try hogties the next evening and there was a little more tickling. I'll probably cover it in a single wrap-up episode.

Apparently Isabel is a bit of a prankster, and being her "project" means you become the butt of endless practical jokes. The idea of it sure got Khushi in line quickly...
I was thinking more along the lines of Isobel trying to tickle her when she least expected it;)
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