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First REAL session! Grooming gloves are so so much worse than I could have imagined


Registered User
Jan 1, 2014
Yesterday was my first time being tickled by an actual tickler (from Fetlife) and WOW it was so much better than I could have expected.

I’ll spare some of the smaller details but I was naked, spread eagle, blindfolded, edged, and tickled ALL over. We agreed on no safeword (because I’m an idiot). The cuffs were attached to ratchet straps so as I wiggled here and there, he would tighten them to reduce my mobility. Eventually he got everything snug enough to where I could barely move, and that’s when things got INTENSE.

The first 30 minutes were a lot of exploring. He started at my feet, worked his way up to my pits (which was a nice break, phew) and worked his way back down. He tried flossers (!!), toothbrushes, guitar picks and god knows what else. They all tickled plenty but nothing crazy. THAT IS UNTIL he oiled my soles and the real fun started.

I have never been tickled by grooming gloves before. I’ve spent years telling Lers online they could never break me. Well…I have officially been humbled.

He started on my left sole and the glove was just fucking everywhere. My whole sole was being stimulated with tickles non stop. It was the most intense sensation I had felt and it was honestly too much. After a year (actually one minute) of those, of me pleading between laughs, of me praying for god to smite me and put me out of my misery, this MFer said “You have two more minutes of this” and THIS is when I entered “I fucked up” headspace.

I hit an actual point of fear that I could not do this. This was the first minute of the first glove and the sensation was sooo overwhelming I wanted it to stop. Luckily, he was just trying to fuck with me and he did not keep going for 2 more minutes. Maybe 30 seconds later he stopped and started working his way over to my other foot. My brain was going 9000 miles per second trying to find a way out of this. I could NOT do that again but I also could not move an inch.

He started in my right foot and I was right back to thinking how 33 years on earth led me to this mistake. It also turns out, my right foot is more ticklish than my left, which I didn’t think was possible after what my left one just went through. He was hitting a spot in my center sole that I can only compare to the ticklish version of the funny bone. It was so intense I was back to being scared that I wouldn’t survive and thinking how stupid I was for not updating my will before the session. I have no idea how he noticed but he definitely took note that the right one was more ticklish. I was actively trying to hide it because I did NOT want to go through that again, but somewhere between the laughing, begging and toe scrunching, my body gave away my darkest secrets because he pointed out that that foot was more ticklish 🙃

After those few minutes of hell, he stopped. I thanked the gods of every pantheon out there that it was over finally. Well turns out, he brought FOUR DIFFERENT GLOVES and he had to try them all. Each one brought me to a new level of ticklish ness that I didn’t know existed. I laughed, I begged, I cried, I sweat every ounce of water out of my body while he had his merry way with my defenseless, oiled up, overly ticklish feet. He would let me breathe for a few seconds or he’d give me a break by using a hairbrush instead (YEAH COOL BREAK). This continued for the better part of the rest of the session which lasted 90 minutes.

All of the time spent with grooming gloves on my soles kind of blurred together. It took me to a new ticklee sub space full of regret, fear and honestly a little bit of panic. I was genuinely afraid of those damn gloves but I couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

In the heat of the moment I thought “never again.” Now after some rest I’m wondering…what would those gloves feel like in stocks with my toes tied back and even more defenseless? 🤔
Sounds like an amazing experience. But to me, it seems like something was left on the table. I don't know what the plan was, but if I were the lucky guy tickling you, when it looked like you were past the breaking point, I would've offered you the option to end it. Since I would've been really turned on, I would have given you the chance to get me to stop by giving me head. If you did, then I would've returned the favor and given you a nice orgasm! Like I said, you may not have had those options on the table, but to me, it seems like it would've been beneficial to both.
Sounds like you had fun, speaking from one who like you has also been on the end of the wrath of a grooming glove it is ridiculous especially against my arches. I also had the pleasure of using it back on her that same accession, and it felt bloody good to Admire the power that glove has! Thanks for sharing 😁
Awesome experience, and we’ll told. When do you get to do it again?
My man! You were absolutely destroyed!! 😂 how did you agree to doing a no safeword session as a first session?? The grooming gloves have such reputation for a reason and this tickler took out four different gloves to test on your oiled soles? You were definitely tickled to oblivion! Haha

We all know you loved it though. Congrats on your first tickling session! It sounds like a torturous yet amazing experience. I hope you experience more of these 😉
I am glad that you enjoyed your first experience, even if it sounds like it got a tad bit intense without a safeword. It takes a lot of guts to meet up with someone on fet. I've never had the nerve, but it sounds like you had a fulfilling time nonetheless.
Lol! I didn't realize that this was written by a guy! I wouldn't have offered the same type of pleasure in the end!
It's the sign of a true tickle bottom that, after recovering from a torturous session, you want to know if you can handle something even more intense. I'm glad this was such a great experience for you.
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