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HowTo: User Profile Customizing


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Jan 31, 2008
Note: There seems to be an issue utilizing images from albums in both User Profiles & Blogs. So if you run into this problem, please either post in as much detail the problem here or in the V4 Question thread. When this is resolved, I'll remove the note.

Customizing your User Profile:

It has actually become easier to customize your profile.

Note: For those of you with even mildly customized profiles, there is a chance you're going to have to go back and edit your settings to suit your tastes. Everything has been changed.

To begin customizing:

- Simply click My Profile along the top right of the forum.
- Once your profile pops up, there will be a button that says Customize Profile. Clicking on that will bring up a drop down menu of crap:

I started working on this Guide, untill I scrolled down & realized that it shows you your progress AS you apply changes. So there is no Image Guide needed. This will more or less serve as a Locating your Profile guide, I guess.

If there are any questions specific to Customizing your Profile, then feel free to post them here.
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Awesome :) have you seen my profile?!? Very customized.!!!
Just so everyone knows, instead of using the six character color code for backgrounds,
It could also be an image! Just Type URL(www.site/Img.jpg) or something like that lol. I did it on mine to create scales as the background. It looks really cool!!
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