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If it was up to you, would you rather?


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Jul 21, 2022
Tickle a hot popular girl

Tickle a queit nerdy girl

Tickle a weird/quirky girl


Tickle a sporty girl
well, I'd go with the nerdy girl. Have a nice intellectual chat would be nice, in between the moments i tickle her XD.
Kinda leaning towards hot, popular girl assuming she isn't a really nasty person. Physical attraction is part of it for me so the fact that she is hot is guaranteed by your question.

Realistically though, I wouldn't tickle any of them if they weren't ticklish. I mean what's the point then?
I’ll go with sporty but that would be my choice for a ler too
That is hard! Based on who I know irl the hot popular girls just about beat the sporty girls! So I would choose a hot popular girl!
Quiet nerdy girl studying on a bed in the popular “Pose” pose oblivious to me approaching her bed
That's impossible to answer, given I don't know their personalities, and physical attraction.
Impossible to tell without me knowing:
1. Whether she's ticklish or not
2. Whether she likes getting tickled or not
3. Whether we get along personality-wise
I suppose hot popular? But you know hot popular girls can be a bit "nerdy", weird/quirky or sporty right? People can be a combination of all those things.
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