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Information, And What To Do?


Level of Coral Feather
Sep 9, 2002
When Ross sat down, he was handed a letter that said.

"Ross C is to be prepared to receive a "major lawsuit" on a whole list of claims from Mr Tim Tazzio ASAP"

Ross sighed, almost like he could not take it anymore.

"What are we going to do?" Vic said.

Ross sighed again. "What else? Wait it out, get the suit, and send it to shark Tom from Philadelphia, and Alan Hell, and then see how it plays out" Ross said.

Ross approved work that day, almost in a fog

Ross was not scared of the suit from Tazzio, whom he had battled many times before

Ross was scared.. of how "Loopy" and out of it he felt.

For Kayley, Ross tried to "soldier on" and show all resistance , and little or no surrender.

Yet, Ross knew there would come a time that he would simply. "Run out of steam"

When Ross got home that night, Kayley and Ross ate dinner

When they got into bed, Kayley started in with Ross.

At first Ross tried to service her, then, just lost it, and ran out of bed.\

"What the Hell is the matter with you? If you have some kind of a problem, would you like to try discussing it with me? Your partner?" Kayley said, trying to remain calm, but with a "clipping tone" to her voice.

"I dont feel right. I'm out of it. Okay, I'm sorry" Ross said, approaching the bed, and getting back in.

Kayley soothed Ross and said. "It's okay. Kale understands. I'm here to soothe you"

Ross kissed Kayley. "Kale, it s almost like, this time, even though we really have "big guns" with the company being as massive as it is, Shark Tom from Philly, and Alan Hell and his men consulting, I dont feel ready to go through another war. I;m not as sharp as I used to be. I'm not "Ross The Shark ready to take on all wars" Remember, Jack took all the day to day pressure off me at RossShell All I mainly do there is sign off, and approve new clients. OKC except getting there, is easy. Either we close a deal or we dont. I think that the people down there are not "Sharks" like they are up here. In all the years, except for the Toronto situation, and John Fish, we have never had any trouble with that company Tazzio is a different animal" Ross said.

"Ross, remember. One step at a time. Thats all you can do. If you think any other way, you will drive yourself crazy and get yourself sick. Just do what you can do, and dont worry about what you dont have control of" Kayley said,.

Ross kissed Kayley, and cuddled her. "Thanks"

Kayley drifted off to sleep, and Rsss tried to, but lied there, and could not rest his mind.

Ross could not help but feel that it would not be as easy as Kayley tried to make Ross think it would be

What would really happen, and what would really be the outcome?

That would be seen.
"Ross C is to be prepared to receive a "major lawsuit" on a whole list of claims from Mr Tim Tazzio ASAP"
"What are we going to do?" Vic said.
What he should do IMO is countersue Tazzio on every ground that Tom or Alan can put forward.
Kayley soothed Ross and said. "It's okay. Kale understands. I'm here to soothe you"
Glad to see that Kayley is still loyal to him.
Kayley is always loyal to Ross, and always will be, whether Ross has a billion dollars, or one dollar.

As we know, Ross is the one who always wanted the money, and worked his ass off to go after and have "The Brass Ring" so to say.

Ross is going to "Get vicious" with Tazzio now.

This time, Tazzio may really go down"

More to come by Monday, sooner if the author has the energy
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