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Intimately tickled a friend, then never spoke of it again. M/F & F/M


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Nov 3, 2006
I didn't bother writing this up before because it's not the most exciting tickle event, but it's a unique experience and someone might get a kick out of reading it.

Leah and I have been friends for a long time. We met through a mutual friend over a decade ago, and hit it off straight away.
Throughout the years we've never been intimate with each other, describing our friendship more like brother/sister than anything else.
There have been flirtatious moments, but nothing more than a cheeky compliment or prolonged hug.

Over the years Leah and I have discussed our intimate sides, however she expressed that "feet are weird and ugly" and "tickling is awful". She made it very clear that it was "each to our own thing, but that's not for her".

It was early 2020, and while I can't remember word-for-word what we said to each other, I can remember the gist of it.

During our friendship, there had rarely been a time when we were both single. Either I had a girlfriend and she was single, or she had a boyfriend and I was single.

At this point though, she had split with her BF about 6 weeks prior and had admitted she was feeling low and missing company, and I was single too. To cheer her up we spent the evening together drinking wine, eating pizza and having a conversation about past lovers.

After a few (large) glasses of wine, she said

"Do you think we'd have ever worked as a couple?"
"Mmm probably not. We're good as friends. I think we have different interests when it comes to...certain things"

She paused for a moment before saying "Oh yeah, you're into feet. Yuck."
"Seriously, what's wrong with feet? It's pretty common!"
"They smell. And they just...weird. They're so ugly"
"Some feet are nice"
"Mine aren't!"
"No they're not, you have nice feet"
"I do not. Have you been checking my feet out?"
"Well, no. But I've seen them and they're cute"

She looked at me for a while, then disagreed.
"What do you like about feet?"
"I dunno...the shape, the sole. It's kinda hard to describe it. There are parts I like, just the way they look. Not sure how to make it clear though"

Then, to my amazement she lifted her feet up onto the sofa and pushed them towards me
"Show me?" she said
"Really?", I asked with genuine surprise
"Yeah, just don't be weird about it"

I lifted her socked foot up and pointed at her sole, then asked "can I take your socks off?"
"I suppose she replied"

I removed her socks. Underneath her feet were very cute and pale. I could tell she didn't get them out often due to the complete lack of suntan. Her toes were painted a bright red, and I'd guess she was a size 5 (UK).

"I like this part" I said, pointing to the area behind her toes. "And the sole, down here at the side".
"Why?" she questioned. "It's just a foot".
"Why are you attracted to someone?" I asked "You like their eyes or their face, but I could say it's just a face"
"I guess" she replied, "I just don't like them. If we were together...what would you even want to do to my feet?"
"Well...give them a massage...kiss them. Suck your toes. Tickle them etc"
"Yeah...I don't know. That's just...odd"
"It's not for everyone, and that's okay"
"Have you done it to other people?" she asked,
"Yeah" I replied. "Quite a lot actually!"
"And they...liked it?"
"Yes, all of them!"
"It's just..." she hesitated, "I dunno...it'd be weird. But I've never tried it, so maybe it wont? But the idea of it is"
"It's fine" I laughed, "it's not for everyone, seriously. People are different"

I looked over at her and noticed she had gone a bright shade of red. Her cheeks were flushed and I could hear from her voice she was a little breathless.
Then came the phrase I thought I would never hear, and that has stuck with me since that night

"You...no...never mind"
"What? What were you going to say?"
"You...you can kiss my foot...if you want to... I'm curious now"

My jaw dropped to the floor.
"Umm. No. I'm being weird. Sorry. It's weird. Forget it"
"It's not weird."
"Yes it is. Just forget it"
"Honestly, it's really not!"
"Mmmmmmm okay just go for it" she said biting her lip

I pulled her foot to my lips and kissed her heel, slowly working up her sole. She started to giggle and twitch as I passed the middle of her foot. Her giggles got louder as I reached behind her toes at which point she let out a little laugh

"It tickles" she said, looking straight at me

As I reached the top, I moved forward and put her big toe in my mouth. She immediately let out a scream of laughter and started kicking
I barely managed to switch from her big to her second toe before she pulled her foot away
"Oh fuck!! Hahah. That tickles WAY too much"
"What about this?" I asked, then used my fingers to start tickling her sole
"HAHAHA NO NO!! HAHA FUCK OFF!!" She screamed, pulling away completely. "Sorry, no, I can't take that. I'm much too ticklish."
"Sorry" I said, letting her go
"It's fine. I'm a very ticklish person, but I find it overwhelming. My sister used to tickle me when I was younger. Tickling isn't imitate for me. It's just torture"
"It's okay. Some people like it, some don't"
"You said you liked it?" she asked
"I do, yes"
She poked my side gently. "Where are you ticklish then?"
I flinched slight, replying "oh you know, the usual places"

Suddenly she climbed up on top of my lap, sitting to look at me and placed her hands on my stomach, squeezing gently
"Hahah" I laughed out, "Yeah haha there!"
"I don't mind tickling other people!" She giggled, "I just don't like being tickled myself"
She began spider-tickling my sides and stomach.
"haha stoppp" I giggled out
"Nah, you said you like it" she replied, continuing to tickle

With the wiggling and squirming I fell sideways onto the sofa. She fell on top of me so she was lying pinning me down. She pushed her hands under my tshirt and began tickling my bare stomach.
"Hahah that's worse!!"
"You're cute when you laugh" she said.

There was a moment where we looked into each other's eyes, and then began kissing. As we kissed she continued to tickle my stomach. I giggled under her and placed my hands on her sides, giving them a squeeze.
She let out a cute laugh before grabbing my hands and pulling them away, before tickling me again.
We continued tickling and kissing for a few seconds before she sat back and said

"This feels odd...doesn't it? It's not just me, is it?"

"It is a bit..." I had to admit.
It very much felt like kissing someone you shouldn't be, but not in an exciting way. More like a cousin or distant relation.

She sat back and apologised. I told her not to, we had both participated.

There was a bit of an uncomfortable awkwardness between us for the remainder of the evening as we sat back down and changed the subject.

That night I slept on the sofa, and the following day we went for a walk in the local park before I came home.

We haven't spoken about it since. Four years on and not a word has been said.

The only thing that came close was during lockdown I got a message from her that said:
"Don't do anything weird with this"
I replied "Eh?"
Then a few seconds later she sent a photo of her feet.
"I painted my toes this morning...figured you'd appreciate it. Enjoy looking at my ugly feet."
"They're cute" I replied
She responded with :rolleyes: and hasn't said anything about it since.
Sounds like she might have been into you but was too shy to do anything about it. Nice (if a bit awkward) experience though (y)
I did get that impression. We'd been friends for a long time. Part of me wonders if either A) she didn't mind feet/being tickled, or B) I wasn't into those things, maybe we would have got together?
I did get that impression. We'd been friends for a long time. Part of me wonders if either A) she didn't mind feet/being tickled, or B) I wasn't into those things, maybe we would have got together?
My guess is, she realized the two of you were probably sexually incompatible but she liked you so, powered by liquid courage, she decided to give it a try.
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