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Jenni The Clown: The Tickle Tub F/M (Device)


Jun 25, 2007
It was Jenni's Birthday! Otherwise known as her favorite day of the year. This wasn't because she was full of herself, but more because she just loved a good party. Lily had invited her to come out to the Peekaboo Club, and Jenni wasn't about to turn such an invitation down. She hadn't seen much of Lily ever since their encounter with Andrew and Junko a couple of months back. Not to say that the two hadn't spent any time together at all since then, it was just that Jenni missed her friend.

Jenni got to the club just before 10 PM. It usually opened around 8 and the dancers started taking the stage at 9. So, if you got there at 10, you were walking right into the middle of the party, just the way Jenni liked it. The comely young woman entered the club in a bright blue top and matching skirt. She made her way to the bar, catching the eye of nearly every young man in the vicinity, and sat at the bar. She flagged down Sheryl, who promptly approached her.

“Hey there, Birthday Girl!”

“Hey!” Jenni almost blushed, loving the attention.

“What are ya drinking tonight? We should do shots.” Sheryl suggested. “We've gotta celebrate your 21st birthday.”

“A couple years more than that.” Jenni confessed.

“Well you don't look a day over 18. I think you will be carded well into your 50's.” The bartender complimented.

“You're too sweet. How about a Heineken?” Jenni requested.

“You got it.” Sheryl reached under the counter. “you know, I think Lily has a surprise for you in the back.”

“Oh, really?” Jenni responded, intrigued.

“Dammit Sheryl, you were supposed to keep it a secret.” Jenni heard Lily curse from behind her. Lily wore a curve hugging black dress. Jenni turned to give her dark haired buddy a hug.

“It's been too long.” Jenni told her.

“Drama Queen.” Lily teased with good humor. “It's only been a couple of weeks.”

“I know, and that's too long.” Jenni giggled as Lily sat on a stool next to her. Sheryl brought Jenni her beer.

“I've got that.” Lily offered, handing her debit card to Sheryl. “Get me a shot of Captain and keep the tab open.”

“Sure thing, doll.” Sheryl took the card and wandered over to the register.

“So, what's this surprise of yours?” Jenni asked.

“Something I have been working on for a while.” Lily told her. “I started thinking about that tickle suit that you invented. Then about how much you loved it when I let you intrude on that male bartender's dreams a while back.”

“That was sooo much fun.” Jenni recalled fondly. “He still gives me funny looks whenever I see him. Heh heh.”

Sheryl returned with Lily's shot. Lily held the glass to her lips, inhaling the potent scent of the spiced rum before raising it to Jenni.

“To my best friend. May you live as long as you want, but never want for as long as you live.”

“Here here.” Jenni's bottle and Lily's glass clinked before they drank. Lily took a quick breath.

“Whew. No chaser.” She was proud of herself. “So, anyway, come with me. I want to show you your surprise.”

Lily led Jenni into the back room. It was shockingly large for what it was. There were various boxes and bottles taking up space on several shelves. In the middle of the room, however, there was something covered by a massive purple sheet. Whatever was underneath was enormous.

“Wow, Lily. Um... I was expecting a necklace or... I dunno... a blu-ray player or something.” Jenni stammered, wondering how she would ever get anything of that size into her house.

“No no no no no. Trust me. You will love this.” Lily grabbed a corner of the sheet and yanked it down. Jenni stared at the object. It was unique, alright. It looked like a hot tub, 5 or six feet wide and maybe 4 feet tall. It was filled with a blue, viscous substance that resembled jello in a way. On one side of the tub, however, was a kind of long tube with red and blue satin cloth over it leading to the top, which had a television screen on it facing the tub. The tube also had 8 spindly arms with white gloved hands. 4 on either side of it. It looked like a large caterpillar or a clown that would emerge from a jack in the box to surprise a child.

“Okay. You've got my attention. What is it?” Jenni asked.

“It is a Fully Functioning Multi-limbed Spirit Transference Device Constructed For The Amusements Of The Flesh.” Lily proudly declared.

“Uh... what?”

“Tickle Tub for short.” Lily explained. “I use a spell to transfer you consciousness into the clown. Once inside, you control the machine. The victim stands in the tub. The jello-like substance reacts to your desire, inflicting whatever sensation you wish. It's a derivation of the tickle powder that I used on Andrew in the massage parlor.

“Holy Hossenfeffer!” Jenni's mouth watered at the concept. She was practically drooling as she stared at the contraption. “Does it work?”

“Like a dream” Lily assured her. “I used Andrew as a test subject until I perfected it.”

“Oh, I bet he loved that.” Jenni chuckled. “I wonder who I should try it on.”

“I say we go back into the bar area and you use you charms to convince some lucky guy to come back here with you. I will put a sleep spell on him and activate the Tub.”

Jenni and Lily returned to their stools at the bar. Jenni grabbed her beer and began to search the room. Their were so many different men and women. Most were young. Some were old. Many of them were campus students, she could tell. The problem was that most of them were in groups. It would be hard to pull any one of them away from their cliques without it being noticed. She began to feel disheartened until she saw a young man sitting near the door by himself. He wasn't up beside the stage like most of the men were. And he looked like he was alone. He was very skinny, with blond hair and glasses giving him something of a classic nerd appearance. He was cute in a way, though.

“Who's the guy over there by the door?” Jenni asked Lily.

“No idea. Never seen him before. I don't get the vibe that he has been in too many places like this before. Strip clubs, I mean. He seems... nervous.”

“You think he looks nervous now? Just wait.” Jenni grinned deviously, grabbed her beer, and walked over to the table where the young man sat. Lily got up and went into the back room to wait. Jenni plopped herself down next to the spectacled boy.

“Man, what a show, huh?” She smiled. His mouth opened just a little, as if he wanted to say something, but the shock of such a gorgeous woman choosing to sit down with him paralyzed him before he could utter a syllable. “I'm Jenni.”

“Hi, uh, I'm Rick.”

“Nice to meetcha, Rick.” She tapped his beer bottle with hers. “So what do you do?”

“I am studying Greek Mythology at the University.”

“Ooooh, I love Greek Mythology.” She crossed her legs and leaned towards him. “What brings you here tonight?”

“My car.” He responded with a smirk. Jenni laughed. Old joke, but still funny.

“Fair enough.”

“Why are you here?” He asked. “I wouldn't have expected to see many women here. Except the dancers, I mean.”

“I'm Bi.” She answered bluntly. “But, also, I know some of the girls here personally, so I come in once a week or so. I hope you don't mind me saying but you don't look 21.” She changed the subject.

“I am as of 2 weeks ago.” Rick told her. She couldn't help but notice that he was a bit fidgety.

“Look, can I be very direct?” She asked.

“Um... yeah, sure.” He adjusted his glasses.

“I kinda have a thing for guys with glasses.” She whispered to him, leaning in. “I have been watching you from the bar and wanted to say Hello, thinking that maybe...”

“Maybe what?” He was getting hot under the collar and Jenni could tell. She loved having that effect on men.

“Maybe you would like to finish your beer and come with me to the back. Nobody will mind. As I said, I know some of the girls. Maybe we could even invite one or two of them to join in. Whadaya say?”

Rick looked as though he was about to melt. Jenni could see the bulge in his khaki shorts. She had him.

As Rick came to his senses, the events leading up to him losing consciousness came back to him. He remembered talking to Jenni when she sat with him at the table. He remembered walking into the back room with her. That's when it got weird. He felt a hand touch his shoulder from behind him and suddenly fell into a slumber.

Now, as he awoke, he quickly became aware of the situation. He was in a tub of warm blue goo in the back room of the club. He stood up and realized that he was naked. He was about to step out of the tub and try to find his clothes when he heard a voice.

“Hey there, good lookin.”

He turned to see the TV screen on the face of the Jack In The Box clown. He saw a girl on the screen. A girl who was made up like a clown with detailed facepaint and pigtails. A girl that he soon recognized as Jenni.

“Jenni? What the Hell is going on?”

“You are my entertainment for the evening. You should be honored.” She replied. “A friend gave me this machine for one purpose and one purpose only.”

“And that is?”

“To tickle cute boys like you, of course.” She grinned. Tickle? She wanted to tickle him? The two top arms of the clown reached out and grabbed his wrists. They were stronger than they looked and held his arms up above his head. He couldn't pull them down.

“So where are you ticklish, little Ricky?” The clown girl cooed.

“I'm not ticklish! Let me go right now!” Fear started to corrupt Rick's mind.

“Is that so?” The bottom set of arms raised up and wrapped around Rick. The hands were on his back and pushed his belly forward towards the clown. Another hand reached forward and drew a gloved finger around his tummy. “I'm gonna find your ticklish spots.” She sang on the screen.

Rick's first reaction was to try to hold in the laughter. Like most boys, he had a very ticklish belly. But he was terrified at what might happen if this giddy vixen found out how ticklish he was.

“What's this over here?” Jenni asked as a finger wiggled in his bellybutton. Rick snorted and started to squirm. To make matters worse, he still had some of that goo on his upper body from when he had woken up and stood in the tub. This made it even easier for the finger to glide about. As the finger now wiggled softly against the knot in his navel, the ticklish sensations flew through him like waves. “Tickle tickle, Ricky.” Jenni tittered. “Ya know, it's not just the hands that I control.”

Rick suddenly felt the goo start to thicken a little bit and he felt a rippling sensation against the soles of his feet. It felt like little slivers of the stuff were passing over the naked soles like feathers.

“No!” He clamped his mouth shut. It was intolerable. He felt thin little worms passing between his toes and probing his arches. Jenni saw the smile climb onto his face as he tried to fight it.

“Yes, that's it. Put on a happy face.” She smiled.

Another hand joined the one that was teasing his belly and then the two of them spidered lightly up to his ribs. Jenni was rewarded with a snicker when the fingers touched him there. The fingers teased the ribs, stroking between the bones.

“Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe...” He tried to hide his face from her as he giggled, turning away from the screen.

“Aaaawww, it's okay, Sweetie. A boy as skinny as you was bound to have tickawish wibbies. Tickle tickle.” The final set of hands fell upon the young man, pressing into his hips and opening the floodgate.


“Kitchy Kitchy Koo!” Jenni teased him like a playful sister. “Tricky Ricky is tickly wickly”

The slivers in the goo now passed over his knees. He tried to pull his arms down but the hands held him fast. His ribs were stroked and his hips were poked and all that he could do was continue giggling up a storm.

“Let's play a game!” She suggested as the tickles stopped. She still held his wrists above his head but allowed him to breathe.

“What game?”

“A tickling game.” She chirped. “I'll tickle you. And you try not to get a hard on. If you are still flaccid after 2 minutes of my tickles, I will let you go.”

Was she serious? That would be a breeze! He could never become aroused while being tickled. He would only have to play her game and then he would be free!

“You promise to let me go if I succeed?”

“Scout's honor.” She promised him.

“Okay. You got yourself a deal.” He said confidently.

“Yay! Alright. No boners. Starting... now!” A pair of gloved hands began trailing up and down his sides. He started giggling right off the bat.


“Tickle tickle ti-ckle...” She sang softly. “I'm gonna get you...”

Ricky felt the slivers in the goo teasing his butt. This was new. He had never been tickled there before. It tickled terribly, but as he felt the touch, he looked into the screen and saw the naughty expression on Jenni's face. The pair of hands that had tormented his hips earlier now wiggled index fingertips against his nipples.

“One minute and a half to go... and it's already starting to swell.” She told him. Sure enough, something about being tickled on his nipples and bottom was having an effect on him that he didn't anticipate.

“And now for the tickle that you can't resist.” The goo pulled his butt cheeks apart and he felt a sliver attack his asshole. The touch was so gentle and calculating that he almost immediately stiffened between his legs.

“Nohoohhohohohoohohhooh Heheheehehehehehehehehehehehee!”

“Ha ha. I win.” Jenni giggled. “I guess I know how to really tickle your fancy. What do you want to bet that I can make you cum in that tub?”

“Please, Noohohhohoohhoohohohohohohoho...” Rick was already so incredibly humbled and embarrassed that Jenni had managed to manipulate his body in so many ways. If she caused him to orgasm, it would humiliate him in a way that he couldn't bare to think about.

“Whatsa matter?” Jenni trilled. “Is the ticklish boy scared?” A random finger stroked under his arm up and down, making him chuckle. “Scared that Jenni's tickles are gonna make him happy? You know, I can make that goo feel like anything. How about I cover your penis with kisses?”

“Please let me go. You've had your fun. I won't tell anyone.”

“You won't tell anyone regardless because nobody will believe you.” She countered. Rick knew she was right. “Tell you what. One more game. 2 minutes, just like before. But this time, all you have to do is not cum.”

“What happens if I do?”

“Then you do. I am sure the goo will absorb it. But, afterwards, I will tickle you with all 8 of my hands until you lose consciousness. If you are able to make it without climaxing though, I will let you go.”

“Do I have a choice here?” He asked, not seeing any other option.

“Yes, actually. I could let you go right now.”

“You know what? I think I would prefer that.”

“Lemme finish.” She shushed him. “If I let you go, you don't get your clothes back.” Rick watched in horror as one of the hands held up his shorts and tee shirt. His underwear was folded up on the shorts. “You will have to walk back through the full club in the nude. Not to mention back to your car. And I promise you that the other girls here will tickle the shit out of you if you go out there naked. My friend will see to that.”

“I guess I have to do it then.” Rick conceded. “Okay. I accept your challenge.”

“Oh goody!” She cheered. “Okay, ready or not, here you cum.” The hands returned to his nipples and the slivers attacked with a newfound tenacity, tickling his crack and anus. He laughed hysterically, trying to think about anything but the tickling. The warm goo enveloped his erection and it felt as though a loving hand was slowly masturbating him while he was tickled.

This was going to take all of his willpower.

He thought about his studies. He started listing all of the Greek Gods and their titles, in an effort to distract from the tickles and teases.

“Zeus... King of the Gods... Hades... God of the Underworld... Ares... God of War... Aphrodite... Goddess of Beauty...”

“Jenni!” The clown interrupted him, “Goddess of Raspberries!” He felt little zerberts on his balls and the underside of his cock. That did it. He tensed and cried out as he came. Just as Jenni had predicted, the goo absorbed the semen as it pumped out of him.

“I win again.” She rubbed it in. “Alright, a deal is a deal.” The hands holding his wrists released him and he fell back into the goo, weak as a kitten from his orgasm. The screen turned off and the machine turned off. A few seconds later, Jenni appeared behind the tub and she helped him out of the tub, handing him a towel. She then laid his clothes down next to him on the floor. “As promised.” Rick frantically covered himself with the towel.

“Why?” He asked defensively. “Why did you put me through that?”

“Because you looked like you needed it.” Jenni told him. “You came in all by yourself. You sat alone. You needed attention. That's what I do, ya see. It's not all about making someone laugh or making someone cum. Those are natural responses. It's about making someone feel good. Admit it: You enjoyed being tickled. Maybe not the sensation, but that I was touching you. That I was pleasing you. That's what it's about. I could have had my pick of anyone in there, but I chose you. You felt wanted. You felt it the second I sat down next to you.”

Rick looked back. Jenni was right. He only now realized how much he needed what she gave him. She was beautiful. And for a little under an hour, in a way, he was hers. The erotic nature of the whole ordeal paled in comparison to the awesome feeling of being wanted.

He looked up at her.

“Thank you.”

It was a heartfelt response and Jenni gave him a hug.

“You're welcome. Just stop on in from time to time like you did tonight, when you are feeling lonely. I will hook you up to the tub. I should keep it here anyways. After all, I will never get it in my damn house.”
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