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Katy and the Mentor Part 2 (Party Preps !)


TMF Expert
Sep 27, 2001
Katy beheld the still shuddering brunette with her dress and bra around her wrists, her panties and panty hose rolled down to her thighs, and one foot covered in nylon while the other pink sole was bare ! A shudder of lustful joy rippled through the tall blonde's body as she bent and snared the brunette's panties and panty hose and peeled them from her unconscious body; leaving her completely nude ! Then she rolled Jenny over onto her back, leaving her wrists still bound to the sofa leg with her very own bra !

Katy gasped and shivered again when she saw how firm and full the buxom brunette's breasts were ! Her still hard nipples were pointing right at her; looking for all the world like two, thick, dark red pencil erasers ! Discarding her now soaked thong, Katy lay down on the carpet next to Jenny and snuggled up to her as she waited for her to come back awake.

After another 10 minutes, Jenny's hazel eyes fluttered open as she giggled softly and cooed out a soft, sensuous moan.

"Hi Sleeping Beauty !" Katy breathed into her ear with that oh so sexy throaty voice of hers. "If we're going partying tonight, we've got to get you ready !"

Jenny's mind was in such a turmoil of emotions that she didn't know how to respond. Instead, she weakly shook her head back and forth, side to side.

"Oooooooo ! Still being stubborn I see!" Katy giggled. She leaned close to the trussed up brunette and blew across her turgid right nipple !

Jenny giggled and a flush of erotic joy traveled down her spine and nestled in the all too warm wetness of her love mound ! After that first orgasm, she was so hypersensitive that even blowing across her hard nipples tickled her !

"Sure ya don't want to reconsider ?" Katy giggled as she slowly started to swirl her long nails in Jenny's exposed underarms.

"NYAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!" Jenny squealed again as she tried to roll away from the blonde's tickling fingers. Her large breasts bobbled back and forth as her body once again shook with helpless, hysterical laughter ! The thermostat of her libido started cranking up her furnace, slowly building into what would be another earthquake of an orgasm !

"If you don't say yes, I am soooooo gonna tickle you !" Katy huskily whispered into her ear. "And we both know what will happen then you little tickle-baby !" she threatened as she danced her fingernails over Jenny's helplessly bouncing boobs !

Jenny's laughter ratcheted up another notch and in the deep recesses of her mind, something snapped ! She knew she was totally helpless to resist anything Katy would want her to do. If she protested, the sexy blonde amazon would just tickle her until she exploded again and again until she finally relented !

"C'mon ticklish little party-girl ! It's time to get ready !" she sang, dancing her fingers lower until Jenny's belly button and lower tummy turned a rosy shade of pink !

Insane, uncontrollable laughter erupted from Jenny's throat as she lewdly began to writhe and grind her hips ! She no longer hated being tickled – now she craved it! She WANTED this wicked blonde to turn her into a completely helpless cackling lump of jiggling goo ! Wantonly, she spread her legs wide – inviting Katy's fingers to tickle her throbbing, sopping wet womanhood !

"Are you ready to party gorgeous ?" Katy asked as she easily slid two fingers inside Jenny's curly brown fur.

Jenny's eyes shot wide open, as large as saucers, and her full lips formed an "O" of rapturous joy ! Her back arched painfully upward and every muscle in her body spasmed as she screamed out "OOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!! GAWWWWWD!!!!!!!!!"


Katy was stunned by the force of Jenny's massive explosion and instantly fell in love with the sexy, older brunette ! Here was her soul-mate and tickle-slave all wrapped up in one beautiful sexy package ! In the back of her mind, she toyed with the idea of even studying with this very horny and very ticklish little librarian !

Driven by the force of her new-found love, Katy began to seriously tickle her lover – wanting to give her as many delicious explosions as the violently quaking brunette could handle !

Jenny didn't let her down ! Each successive journey into bliss was more exhilirating and more raucous than the one before ! Her entire being was centered on her unchained lust ! She existed only to experience the absolute joy that her fiendish blonde student was tickling right out of her !

With her heart thudding painfully against her chest and her throat to raw to produce any kind of sound, the sweaty little brunette once again passed out with a sinful smile of delight pasted across her face !

While Jenny recovered, Katy untied her wrists and collected her discarded clothing; taking them to the laundry basket. When she returned, Jenny was just starting to blink her eyes open and was gasping in lewd delight ! The blonde wrapped her strong arms around the nude brunette and brought her up into a sitting position, then managed to haul her to her feet. It was a good thing Katy was so strong as Jenny's legs quivered violently as she was literally carried upstairs to Katy's room.

There, Katy laid Jenny face down on her bed and went to retrieve a bag of her “specialty items”.

Cooing sensuously into her ear, Katy said “I know those muscles have to be tired after THAT workout, love ! I'll just massage the stiffness out and you'll feel good as new !”

Jenny could only “Mmmmm hmmmmm” softly. She no longer was embarassed that she was laying totally nude before her student. All she cared and hoped for was that Katy would send her once again to new heights of unimaginable pleasure !

The blonde grabbed a large 1 gallon tub of cream from her large bag, popped it open, and began to liberally slather the thick cream on Jenny's upturned bare soles ! Jenny giggled delighfully as even THIS started to tickle her !

“Mmmmm heheheheeeeee !!!! What's that ?” she asked.

“A very special cream that will soothe and soften these pretty little feet of yours !”

The brunette wriggled delightedly at the complement. She had never thought that ANYTHING on her was pretty and here was this drop-dead-gorgeous blonde telling her that of all things, her feet were pretty !

“Now don't move your feet,” Katy admonished, “...I want to let that cream soak in a bit” she said as she finished layering on a good inch of the heavy cream which she didn't rub in.

Next she pulled out a bottle of baby oil and straddled her new love across the lower back. With firm and experienced hands, she began to knead Jenny's shoulders, arms, and sides; sometimes eliciting an inadvertant laugh as Katy massaged a particularly ticklish spot.

“Mmmmheheheeeeeee !!!!! What IS that stuff ?” Jenny giggle-whispered, “...my feet are tingling like crazy !”

Katy giggled herself. “Well, I grew up on a dairy farm, and if you've never noticed, a dairy farmer's hands are quite soft for someone who does such hard work ! Reason being, they use Udder Cream on the cow's teats so they don't get sore from milking ! After I'm done with you, your cute little feet will be as soft as they day you were born !”

Jenny shivered and gasped as she could imagine what would happen if Katy tickled her feet now !

“Oooooooo !!!!” Katy said with pleasure as she deliberately wriggled her bald mound against Jenny's firm buns, “....you're afraid I'm gonna REALLY tickle those hypersensitive feet now, aren't you ?” Katy bent over the prone brunette, making sure to rub her steaming mound lewdly against Jenny's firm buns, drag her rock-hard nipples across her back, and whispered huskily into her ear “not right now you sexy little tickle-girl ! Roll over and I'll massage your front ! But do it carefully – don't scrape off any of my special Sexy-Brunette-Foot-Cream !”

Jenny did as commanded. A small part of the back of her mind screamed that this was wrong; she was the teacher and shouldn't be in a situation like this with a student ! But that errant thought was soon discarded. She had never felt so loved and so unbelievably sexy ! Katy's comments only served to ratchet up her lust and heartily build up an ego that for so many years had been beaten down. Surrendering totally, Jenny let go a series of earthy, sensuous moans as Katy massaged her full breasts; rolling and tweaking her painfull/deliciously hard nipples ! Every muscle in her body had turned to jelly and she had never felt more relaxed or more satisfied in her entire life !

“I've drawn a hot tub for you sexy-party-girl !” Katy giggled. “Let's get you ready for a night on the town !” She slipped a pair of fuzzy slippers over Jenny's cream covered feet and guided her towards the bathtub – not sure if her wobbly legs would still carry her !

Katy hummed and sang as she lowered Jenny gently into the soapy water and began to bathe her. She washed and wrinsed her long, brown hair and to both of their delight, took a long time soaping and squeezing Jenny's large breasts ! But Jenny almost jumped out of the tub when the fiendish young blonde took a small fluffy scrub brush to her bare, super-sensitive feet ! She had NEVER felt anything tickle that much ! She squealed and splashed for a good ten minutes before Katy was satisfied that they were clean enough !

Towards the end, Katy inadvertantly “dropped” the soap into the water and had to go “fishing” for it ! Her long fingernails tickled Jenny's inner thighs and with a giggling moan of submission, the buxom brunette turned her head towards Katy and greedily accepted a hungry french kiss ! Eagerly her thrusting hips sought the blonde's fingers as they found their mark and and worked Jenny into a delirious fit of submissive ecstasy !

Katy dragged the still shuddering Jenny from the tub and dried her off with a huge fluffy terry-cloth towel – which only served to plunge the now sex-crazed brunette into another bout of squealing laughter !

The blonde was not immune to her feelings, though. She was falling sooo totally in love with this cute little brunette ! She was JUST the sexiest little tickle-toy she had ever met and when they kissed her head spun and her heart thumped loudly within her ample chest!

With shivering delight, Katy began to get Jenny ready for a night out ! She laid her back out on the bed and started to work on her nails. Jenny just sighed and cooed deliriously – not caring that she was laying there completely naked with her throbbing nipples pointing straight up in the air ! The pedicure was another matter altogether ! Jenny squealed and writhed each time Katy touched her super-sensitive size 5's and it took quite a while before the blonde could get the polish on her toe nails without ruining the job !

“One last thing before we dry your hair !” Katy announced. She spread Jenny's legs WIDE and said “Stay just like that ! I'll be right back !”

At this point she could have ordered the helpless brunette to eat glass ! Jenny felt as if she absolutely oozed sex !

Katy returned and snuggled up between the diminutive brunette's thighs. Jenny looked up just in time to see the blonde squirt a healthy amount of shaving cream on her brown curly fur and start to slowly rub it in !

“OOOOOUMMMMMMM!!!!” she crooned. Before she knew what was happening, Jenny was getting her pussy shaved completely bald by her VERY sexy student ! In just a few minutes, her once furry mound was quite naked – except for a small patch of curly hairs at the very top; deftly shaped into a cute little heart ! Jenny started to grind her hips lewdly once again as Katy cleaned up the last of the shaving cream, but Katy scolded her with a long fingernail! “UN, Uhhh Sexy Girl ! We've got to get you ready ! We'll play later tickle-doll.... TRUST ME !” she finished with a wicked threat !

For the next 30 minutes, Katy did a complete makeover on the shy brunette. She pulled her long hair back and tied it into a sexy little pony tail that sat at the very top of her head; like a brunette Barbie Doll. Then she set to work on her makeup; thickening her lashes and adding just the right amount of lipstick and rouge.

Jenny was begging to look in the mirror but Katy wouldn't let her. “Not until I'm done, hon ! Here, put these on !” she ordered.

Katy looked at a pair of strappy sandles that were more sandle than straps and had stilleto heels that were easily three inches high ! Doing as she was told, she slithered her now gorgeous bare feet into them and wondered if she'd even be able to stand up in them!

“Ooooo I almost forgot !” Katy giggled. From one of her bags she retrieved something that glittered and sparkled in the light of the bedroom. Kneeling to the floor, she plucked at Jenny's longest toe and slid on the most beautiful toe ring that Jenny had ever seen !

“Ohhhhh !!!!!” she gasped as she wriggled her toes. “That's so everybody will look at those GORGEOUS little feet of yours !” Katy giggled. “Now stand up, I've the PERFECT dress for you !”

Jenny wobbled to her feet, still VERY nude as Katy slithered a silky, filmy sundress over her upstretched arms ! When snuggled into place, it barely covered her firm boobs and was two inches shy from exposing her upper thighs ! Two thin spaghetti straps managed to keep the top up, but her every move made her full breasts jiggle and strain the thin fabric – and a great deal of the side of her buxom bosom could be seen peeking out from either side !

“Bu.. but... I need some underwear !” Jenny blushed.

“Now who told you you would be ALLOWED to wear underwear young lady ?” Katy sternly asked.

A shudder of humiliation, joy, and terror rippled through Jenny's body and her nipples sprang to life once again ! The thin fabric of the dress made her arousal quite noticeable to anyone that would be looking at her breasts... and that would be about anyone !

“Come here and look !” Katy ordered as she marched Jenny on tottering high heels towards the fool length mirror.

Jenny gasped in astonishment ! This couldn't be her ? This woman was far too beautiful and shamelessly sexy ! She wasn't sure it was her reflection she was looking at until she pressed a hand to her cheek and the image in the mirror mimicked it !

Jenny was absolutely stunned and for many moments could not even breathe ! From the sparkling diamond toe ring on her bright red painted toes to her trim waist and buxom torso, the brunette saw beauty she could never have imagined belonging to her ! Her blonde student was indeed a master of makeup as she beheld her now alluring hazel eyes that seemed to draw one to them and her cute brunette pony tail that made her look 15 years younger !

She giggled and blushed as she noticed how easy it was to see her rock-hard nipples though the thin fabric ! “Ooooo GAWD !!!!” she thought, “...everyone will be able to see my tits !” That thought alone would have her shuddering in shameless delight, but then she remembered that if she wasn't careful, EVERYONE would be able to see her newly saved mound !

Katy smiled in lustful possession as she watched Jenny's reaction. She truly was a darling beauty and Katy had successfully polished the rock into a beautiful diamond ! She snuggled up close to the gaping brunette and kissed her neck and ear. “Jenny you are like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot ! Gimmie twenty minutes and I'll take you to a place you'll just LOVE !”

After having taken her to so many places that she would just die to experience again, Jenny shivered with anticipation at what her sexy student had planned !
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