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Last college experiences; my first time with both cuffs and tickling, and embarrassment from a toothbrush. M/F some F/M.

Saga of Sonja

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Nov 25, 2023
Been a while since I’ve been on here with the changes confusing my lil hamster-monkey brain, but aiming to continue posting my experiences :) here’s another from college where my tickling experiences started getting more serious, which verified a lot of thoughts I’d had about the fetish for several years (if things still needed verifying at this point in my life). I’ll try not to make it too long/try to not contextualize things too much, and as usual dialogue is roughly what I recall. This is a series of mostly quick incidences with a few steamier ones. Also rereading I keep slipping between Anglo and US English- the inevitable result of being taught both when learning.


I met Connor very early on in my second year at uni following a brief encounter at a shitty house party. We began talking after he made some passing comment about the buffet food. He was/is tall, mousy brown hair and blue eyes, and was on a study abroad year/exchange thing from the US. He was pretty much leaving the house party as we were speaking, but we did exchange social media, and over the next week had a few brief conversations before going on a few casual dates (it wasn’t specified they were dates and we only hugged at the end).

One rainy Sunday afternoon, I ended up at his student flat to watch trash on TV. His roommates were elsewhere, so it was just the two of us, although I was still unsure if anything was going anywhere and if we were just friends or dating or what. Being somewhat naïve, I was still unsure on what the dynamics of this were (I was very attracted to him) even when we ended up essentially spooning on the sofa, with his arms around me, and we were stroking each other's hands intermittently.

The key moment came from his hand was resting on my stomach and lightly stroking (I don’t think it was under my thin top, but I can’t entirely recall). It tickled like hell, and I didn’t want to laugh and embarrass myself, but I couldn’t help breath in and squirm under his touch.

“Oh you’re ticklish,” he said, with what I imagine was a stupid grin.

“No,” I said, although clearly not with any tone of convincingness as his hand then began digging into my stomach, making me burst out laughing.

“Really?” he teased, continue to torment me. I tried to squirm away, and ended up semi-falling from the couch on the floor, where he slid beside me and tickled my stomach and sides for another twenty seconds or so.

“Well that’s adorable,” he told me after relenting and we slid back up onto the couch. I didn’t know what to say, and being slightly giddy from laughter, kissed him on the cheek. He then lent in and kissed me fully. It was cute, and we spent the next hour or so just cuddling on the sofa. Eventually one of us had to go to something or other, and that was left there. We met again in the evening, and agreed to casually exclusively date (he would be leaving at the end of the semester/term so it wouldn’t amount to anything serious).

Sometime in the next week I was staying over in his room, which very conveniently, was just occupied by him as the other occupant had dropped out or left college, leaving two single beds that we could easily push together. Annoyingly Connor was pretty preoccupied with last minute project submission whilst I was trying to sleep, noisily printing something out (I don’t know why it couldn’t wait). Out of annoyance, boredom, I tried kicking him from the bed (his desk was right by the end). I left my bare foot exposed and hanging for a while, hoping he’d take the bait. Before very long at all, I felt his nails on my sole, making me squeal/laugh and my reflexes dragged my foot away.

“You definitely wanted me to do that,” he said presciently.

“No, I was just trying to distract you,” I said embarrassed.

On another occasion, likely within the next week, we were again on his bed, likely making out, and he began exploiting my ticklishness by going for my sides and stomach again, making me laugh helplessly and try to escape. He pinned me down at one point, tickling my helpless armpits, stopping when I began begging. I managed to get a bit of payback, and when his guard was down straddled him with his arms by his sides, and began probing for any possible ticklish spots of his own. His stomach didn’t seem sensitive, but his sides got him squirming, and his ribs got him laughing once I dug in with my nails. Before long he was asking me to stop, saying I was hurting by tickling him with too much force. I wasn’t too sympathetic, but did stop after what was probably a mocking response. A few other times I got his feet, jumping on his ankles, and found them to be fairly ticklish, where I could get him laughing after ten seconds or so, although rarely enough to make him beg.

There was a number of similar sporadic incidents in the weeks after that, usually following my initiating play fighting, or a little during foreplay. Once he was tickling my stomach (his go to spot for me), and I was laughing and squirming so much I fell off of the bed, and ended up bruising my knee pretty badly from where it hit the frame of the other bed. Another time I was riding him, and he very briefly tickled both my bare feet at once, making me squeal loudly, squirm on his cock, and push it another half inch or so in me. I wanted him to do it again, but he just lightly slapped my ass cheek instead, and he came not long after. On another occasion I was lying on the floor between the two beds after pretending to sink between them from where we’d merged them together, and he quickly took advantage, sitting on my ankles and driving me into wild hysterics by attacking both my upturned socked soles at once (this exact thing happened twice).

Another time we were planning on getting a few drinks, and were again hanging at his beforehand. I was barefoot in jeans, and whilst on his floor for whatever reason found myself pushed over and lying face down, whilst Connor swept in, grabbed my ankle, and mercilessly tickled the centre of my poor foot. I vividly remember him concentrating on that one spot, his fingers like a drill, and with my feet being one of my absolute worst spots I’m pretty sure I was pounding the carpet. “Buy me a couple of drinks and I’ll stop,” he teased. I didn’t hold out long and soon submitted, quickly putting on shoes and saying “fine, I’ll get you the stupid drinks.”

Connor laughed, and said, “You know I wasn’t being serious with that.” I actually wished he had been serious, as the dynamic of him exploiting my ticklishness to get certain concessions from me really turned me on, although I never told him that.

Beyond these minor experiences, there were a couple of more intense ones that again, verified this was a serious kink for me. Around the time of his birthday, I asked if he had any specific fantasies he wanted to try. He told me he’d always had a bit of a schoolgirl fantasy, which I told him was clichéd but if he wanted me to dress up, tie me down, and fuck me, then he could.

This led to me a few days later spread-eagled on his metal bed frame, wearing knee high grey socks, my black pumps, dark skirt, white button down blouse, and a cheap charity store blazer and tie buttoned up, in what I believed was the stereotypical British uniform. Each of my limbs was secured by cheap metal cuffs ordered from Amazon. As much as I’d teased him about his choice of fantasy, I was horny as fuck just from being restrained like this. We’d had sex numerous times, but I’d never been tied up like this before.

After some generally fondling and foreplay, he began unbuttoning the blazer and skirt, leaving my midriff exposed. “Don’t you dare tickle me like this,” I said, hoping to provoke him.

“I think you actually like it though,” he said. I wasn’t sure if he was serious and knew it turned me on, or was just using it as teasing talk, but he went for the ploy, and soon I was tugging on the restrained as his fingers delver into my sides and stomach, making me throw my head back with unrestrained laughter and pleas for mercy. After a few minutes he tugged the skirt down a little way, and stumbled upon one of my absolute worst spots (alongside my feet), which is that spot just above my hips bones. Upon discovering this particular weakness, he went for both at once, and my more playful begging turned into genuine pleas for mercy and “I’ll do anything”s.

At some point, between further foreplay, my bra removed, and my pussy explored by probing fingers, he slid to the end of the bed and removed one of my pumps. “Just to make you beg again,” he said, and began tickling my stockinged foot. I had no resistance, as per usual when my feet are tickled, and fell into a cacophony of laughter and pleas almost immediately. He kept up that particular torture for about thirty seconds, just the one foot, but it was enough to drive me wild. He undid my ankle cuffs after that, soon entering me, and we both came both very quickly and pretty much simultaneously, which was of course hot as fuck to me.

The other significant tie up time was close to before he was leaving back for the states, and we were drinking brandy or whisky in his room. My specific memories are a little hazy of how things led to another (not in a weird, me super drunk way, just the experience was intense and the build up was just kinda forgotten). To get further use from the cuffs, I ended up spread eagled again, completely naked. Then came fingering, fondling, the inevitable tickling of my belly and his teasing voice mixing with my laughter. Connor then pulled out an electric toothbrush, which he said he’d just bought.

Wiring bristles descended on the wet, exposed region between my legs. What followed was one of the most intense experiences of my life. In part, the bristles were electrifying, the constant rotation sending wave after wave of warm convulsing panging across my body, especially after he moved from my labia to my clit. However, what I didn’t know until this point was how freaking ticklish I was between my legs. It didn’t just tickle, it tickled like hell. I’m not sure what combination of noises I was making, but I was definitely loud, and likely producing a mix of cackling laughter and banshee-esque screams. I was so horny that every second was bliss, but so ticklish that every second was simultaneously intense torture.

“You’re really ticklish everywhere,” his voice said, sounding distant, as though muffled by heavy fog. I was lost to the sensations, especially as the pressure build up in me, the edge of that toothbrush alternately caressing the sides of my lips and nuzzling against my clitoris. I came, of course, and hard, like, as the cliché goes, a volcano. My body let go with one divine spasm. Unfortunately my bladder was caught in this, and to what was perhaps one of my most embarrassing moments ever, I began squirting pee all over his bed sheets. Still not recovering from the orgasm, I demanded to be untied, and likely red faced I stripped the bed, and took everything to the washer (whilst entirely naked still), without looking him in the eye. Connor later told me it was hot that I’d squirted. I said it was just pee, but he said it was definitely squirting. I let him have that one.

We parted ways not long after that as December was approaching and his flight was around mid month. Things might have led somewhere if he stayed- he was the first guy that actually made me climax ha. He did come back to the UK on a couple of various visits over the next year, and we had sex a couple of times, not with bondage or seriously tickling, but he did playfully exploit my weakness that clearly he’d not forgotten.

Well, hope you enjoyed that! Am aiming to continue with these- I’m very tired as I write this and think I’ve missed an obvious one, but that is the last of the sexual college tickling experiences. Also if anyone has any full Laughing Gas videos let me know- seeing clips of those is what partly got me into all this weirdness!
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Your stories are always so great.

Do you think if he teased you about the pee it would turn you on?
thanks For taking the time to write all these experienced you have had for us here, clearly you have some fond, hellish and exciting experience, always a pleasure to read!
Sonja, you sound like every guys dream!!! Ticklish as hell and liking it!
I’m a little late to the party it seems but glad your little hamster-monkey brain was able to post this story for us to enjoy. Sounds like you had a ton of fun with him and I agree the brush is absolutely killer ;)
It really is a delightful experience to have a partner discover your ticklishness for themselves. The was a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing.
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