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Literature Ticklers (7 F, 18+ only!!!)


2nd Level Green Feather
Apr 3, 2001
Literature Ticklers (7 F, 18+ only!!!)

This is an excerpt from my never-finished novel “Video Ticklers”. In this story, I fantasize about which tickling videos I would produce if I had infinite financial resources. At this stage, the casting of 20 attractive models is already over, and the first few videos have been a success. So I’m planning the next issues; one of the most erotic of them is called:

Literature Ticklers

Several years ago, I read a book that fascinated me. It was titled “Sappho Today”, and it dealt with lesbian lovemaking in history and nowadays. Some parts of it dealt with tickling, too, although the word ‘to tickle’ was widely in use in French erotic novels in the meaning of ‘to arouse sexually’. In many languages, the word ‘tickling’ is a synonym for ‘sexual titillation’; in French, they say ‘chatouiller’, in German ‘kitzeln’. Even better, the clit is called ‘Kitzler’ in German, which is a literal translation of ‘tickler’.

One of the historical samples of literature quoted a passage from the Marquis de Sade’s novel ‘Juliette’, and part of this had never failed to excite me to the point of instant masturbation. So I spun a storyline around it, and we decided to put this favorite fantasy of mine into reality for a tickle video. For that reason, we needed five of the youngest models: Judy, who had just turned 18 before our casting, Cindy (19), and Pamela, Joan, and Alice (20).

For the two main characters, age wasn’t that important. We chose the dark-haired Deborah for Juliette’s role, and our curly-redhaired Southern Belle Madeleine (both of them 26) as the Princess Borghese.

Somehow, we had to transport the authentic lines from the novel into the movie, so we created a new character: the storyteller. I wasn’t too enthusiastic as Peter encouraged me to play that part myself. It would sound much more convincing if Deborah / Juliette did it in her own voice. Just let me tell you how we put the movie into existence:

It started out like one of those stories you can watch in late night erotic TV-shows. An older woman, clad in a rich dressing-gown, read from an ancient looking book. Deborah had to color her hair white for this, and the make-up specialists converted her into a lovely grandmother. After a while, the picture of the reading woman faded over to the movie reality: While the viewer watched the action, the storyteller’s voice narrated on. By and by, her voice was drowned out by the sounds on the feature. So Deborah sat down and read, quoting from ‘Juliette’:

“In Rome, I acquainted two different women. One of them was the Princess Borghese. Before two days had passed, she permitted me to read from her eyes that she desired a closer acquaintance between the two of us. She was thirty years old, vivacious and open-minded. Hers were the most attractive face, spirit, expressive eyes, the most beautiful figure, gorgeous hair, imagination, and she was most attentive to me. There you have what she could offer me.

“ The Duchess Grillo was more demure, younger, more beautiful, and wiser; she deployed a majestic stature, she was modest, introverted, and less vivacious; she showed less fantasy, but infinitely more tenderness, moral, and sensitivity. I felt attracted equally by both, and according to the impression I had gained from them, it inevitably occurred to me that one of them occupied my intellectual mind, whereas the other excited all my heart and soul.

“As we were acquainted for a full week, the Princess invited me for dinner to her small palace in the vicinity of Rome. ‘We will be alone,’ she told me. ‘You seem to be a most desirable woman, my dear Countess, and I just have to implement a connection with you !’

“Such intimacies soon banned all formalities, as you can imagine. It was extremely hot. After a supple and luxurious dinner, served by five charming young maids in an arcade of roses and jasmine, surrounded by romantically murmuring cascades and nature’s refreshing pleasures of art, the Princess drew me into a secluded pavilion beneath poplars, the way there illuminated by her nymphs. We entered a small circular room, dominated by an only eight inch high sofa all around the wall and entirely covered by cushions. A myriad of mirrors, multiplying every image into infinity, turned this room to one of the most marvelous Venus temples in Italy. After the girls had ignited several lamps with aromatic oils, just bright enough not to hurt the eyes, they retracted.

“‘My dear,’ said the Princess to me, ‘we shall call each other by our maiden names only. I disapprove of everything that reminds me of my marriage’s hardships. Olympe is my child’s name, please don’t address me else. I will only call you Juliette. You do consent, don’t you, my angel ?’

“And immediately she pressed a particularly intense kiss on my lips. ‘Dear Olympe,’ I replied, embracing this delightful creature, ‘oh, what wouldn’t I consent to, just to please you? Hasn’t nature supplied you with sufficient charms, and don’t you bewitch all beings who are set to fire by your eyes ?’

“‘You are divine, my dear Juliette ! Kiss me a thousand times and more,’ Olympe said to me, letting herself tumble down on the divan. ‘Oh, my tender companion, I feel we will experience many things together. But I am afraid I have to explain a few things about myself first: about my tendency towards dissipation. Don’t misunderstand me, my beloved soul, I adore you. But not because of love for you. I don’t know any love, I only know lasciviousness.’

“‘Oh,’ I exclaimed, ‘heavens, is it possible that nature has created two such similar souls, five hundred miles apart ?’

“‘What ?’ replied Olympe enthusiastically, ‘you are lascivious, too ? We will caress each other without love, we will spend like lechers, without reservation, without tender emotions, we will allow others to participate in our pleasures… Oh, I would like to eat you, my angel, with a thousand kisses. It is the over-saturation that leads us there… It is the force of habit, the huge wealth we live in. We are accustomed that nothing is denied to us, we get overfed by all of this, and those dullards can’t understand where this indifference of soul leads us to.’

“Chatting thus, Olympe took off my clothes, then she undressed herself. As soon as we were both naked, we fell into each other’s arms. The first thing the Borghese did was to spread my thighs, to lay both hands under my buttocks, and to stick her tongue into my pussy as far as possible.

“Soon I was in such ecstasy that the lesbian woman triumphed instantly. She devoured my juices. I turned her around, and falling onto the cushions which covered her boudoir, I lay down on her in reverse position. While I licked her with all my skills, my head between her luscious thighs, the female rake returned all the pleasures the same way. Such we spent for five or six times.

“‘We shall not be content with this,’ Olympe said to me. ‘It is impossible for two women to really satisfy each other. Let us call the maids who served us. Not a day passes on which they fail to serve me. Do you desire them ?’

“‘Of course, I love all that just like you. Whatever adds to my lasciviousness is valuable to my senses.’ The Princess rung the bell, and the five maids appeared in our wanton little theater. Nothing was cuter than their faces, nothing fresher and better shaped than their juvenile young bodies. As they surrounded Olympe, they seemed to me like the nymphs dancing around Venus herself.

“‘Juliette,’ the Princess spoke to me, ‘I will sit down opposite of you, these five maids will group around you, and by very tender tickling and lustful positions, they will bring you to orgasm. I will just watch your climaxing, that’s all I want. You can’t imagine how much pleasure I derive from seeing a beautiful woman in ecstasy. I just enjoy to do it to myself during it, and let my thoughts wander. And I tell you, they will wander far…’”

The narration was underlain and interrupted by pictures of what was being told. The viewer saw the women and maids during dinner and dancing around Olympe, they heard the sighs and moans of their 69 lovemaking, and Olympe’s last words were spoken by the actress herself. Then the real action started. Madeleine as the Princess spread her thighs and began to masturbate slowly, while the other girls surrounded Deborah. The southern belle had a lesbian tendency in real life, and she enjoyed the girls’ manipulations tremendously.

Alice encouraged Deborah to lean back, putting her head into Alice’s lap. Joan and Judy each held one of Deborah’s wrists and began to kiss and lick her palms, while Pamela and Cindy did the same with her soles and toes. From somewhere, Alice produced a soft ostrich plume and gently feathered the breasts and stomach of ‘Juliette’.

Deborah let out a sweet giggle from time to time. This treatment tickled her, but it felt so sexy. After a few minutes, Deborah was turned over. The hand and foot girls reached for more feathers and started to touch the knee hollows and the buttocks, while Alice guided her plume all over the bare back, tracking up and down the spine. Deborah uttered low moans of pleasure, only sometimes returning to the giggling.

Every now and then, the camera turned to Madeleine, the masturbating Princess. Watching the sexy ongoings around Deborah attentively, both her hands played with her nipples. Sometimes she reached down to caress the red curls between her legs.

In the meantime the five nymphs had rolled Deborah over once more. They moved in circles around ‘Justine’, half caressing and half tickling her delicious body gently. Each of the five girls pressed her cuntlips on Deborah’s mouth for a Venus kiss, so that the center of their attention could get a taste of each pussy. Then Alice stretched out Deborah’s arms alongside her head and knelt over her elbows. This time Joan and Judy got hold of Deborah’s feet, kissing her toes while their nimble finger tips danced softly across the arches. This made Juliette laugh, and her giggling increased as Cindy and Pamela did a twenty finger spider-walk on ribs and stomach. Slowly, all the spiders wandered down the V-shaped loin creases towards the pubic mound. Alice’s fingers circled around Deborah’s puffed aureoles and nipples, tickling those sensitive spots with her long fingernails.

Deborah became hotter every moment, moans and sighs intermingled with her giggling and laughing. Gently she drifted into her first climax. “Oh God !” she cried out, I’m comiiing !”

These were the first words since Madeleine’s speech; we lined the scene with soft violin music, shooting the scene with a conture-softener. No sharp cuts, no quick camera movements.

After wiping off the orgiastic Deborah with silk scarves, four girls put Alice into the same position as Justine had taken before: arms stretched out alongside the head. Deborah was encouraged to kneel over Alice’s face. Then two nymphs started to tickle Alice’s feet while the other two resumed their spider walk, this time on Alice’s body. And their fingers applied more tickling now. Alice writhed around, laughing heavily into Deborah’s pussy folds. This made the still horny face rider get very excited. She played with her nipples and shot sexy glances over to the constantly masturbating Madeleine.

Soon Deborah climaxed once more, and she rolled off Alice’s red-hot face. The juices were wiped off tenderly, then the sexy game continued. Alice stepped over Deborah’s face to take the redhead’s previous position. She reached forward and drew Deborah’s legs towards her till the girl’s weight rested on her shoulders. Pamela and Judy each grabbed one of the lower limbs and held them prisoner in a widely spread position, almost in splits.

Holding her ankles with both hands, they applied their sharp tongue tips on soles and toes, which brought Deborah to break out in laughter. Alice arched her back an delightful shivers as Deborah wriggled her head around, frigging her snatch wonderfully. Then she bowed forward, bringing her own tongue into contact with Deborah’s clit from above. Cindy knelt behind Deborah’s bottom to support the upturned girl with her body. Her tongue tip explored Deborah’s **** lips and vulva opening, sometimes drifting down over the perineum to the sensitive sphincter muscle. Deborah cried out in ecstasy. Joan reached down with her hands to tweak, twirl, and tickle Deborah’s nipples, sometimes changing her position and licking the hollows under the spread knees.

Deborah almost kicked away her foot ticklers in her next climax, so strong was her struggling. Alice came almost simultaneously as she felt Deborah’s lust cries in her own pussy. The voyeuristic princess raced into orgasm as well, this sight was too sexy.

But the game wasn’t over yet. Deborah kneeled on the carpeted floor, leaning back to Joan who sat behind her to support Debbie’s weight. Cindy positioned herself behind Joan and finger-tickled Deborah’s feet, Pamela and Judy applied their sharp tongue tips to the sides and ribs of the writhing and laughing Deborah. Alice kneeled on Deborah’s right side, her tongue playing with her ear while her fingers frigged the thrust forward ****, Joan kissed Deborah’s left ear, both her hands caressing the nipples. Sometimes Pamela or Judy participated in the **** manipulations. This treatment shot Deborah’s arousal right through the ceiling. She reacted with a row of extremely heavy orgasms, almost making her pass out. Madeleine, too, raced into her next enormous climax, shot in slow motion. She even squirted out a few drops of orgiastic liquor.

Alice, obviously the most active of the nymphs, glanced at her co-manipulators, and nodding their heads they agreed without words. They dragged Deborah to a spot on the circular couch where previously unnoticed restraints were hidden under cushions. The girl’s arms were once more stretched out alongside her head, fixed by leather wrist-cuffs. Her legs were spread apart, and her ankles received similar cuffs to keep her in that position.

Then Alice and Judy led the still trembling Madeleine over to the couch, making her lay down in reverse position over Deborah. Her upper body now rested on her elbows, and her hands were tied to the couch. That way, neither girl could move a limb, and both had a hot snatch in front of their faces. Eagerly they started to lap up the love juices flowing in abundance. But the nymphs wanted to participate, too, so Pamela and Alice began to tickle the fettered feet. To prevent too much body movement, Cindy and Judy pinned down Madeleine with their weight, lying crosswise in opposite directions, their tongues tickling the sides of both girls in turn. Joan kept changing her position every few seconds. She tweaked a nipple here, applied a ticklish buttock kiss there, kneaded ribs and thighs and stomachs. Both bound beauties freaked out from the tickling, but the only action they were able to perform was to lick the clit and **** in front of them.

They climaxed at least four or five times, but then the five nymphs became too horny themselves. In a huge daisy chain they licked each others’ cunts, their hands applying a little tickling here or there, giggling, writhing, and moaning with lust. Madeleine and Deborah just couldn’t let off each other’s snatch, they came over and over again, their own lust spurred on by the orgasmic screams from the daisy chain. Finally the scene faded out.


The whole male technical staff had big bulges in their pants, including Peter and me. Even Jim, one of the cameramen, admitted that this had aroused him considerably, even though he was gay. My mouth was parched dry, we all were badly in need of a drink.

The best thing was: We got the whole tape shot in one single take. We didn’t even get a chance to interrupt, the girls were so hot in action, we just couldn’t disturb them. Afterwards, all the girls were knocked out. They just lay down where they were, some stretched out limply, others cuddling to one another, some of them falling asleep instantly.

We left them alone to recover. Several crew members retired to the lavatories to freshen up. Two hours later, we all had dinner together, and I asked some of the girls about their feelings on this movie. Madeleine slightly blushed: “To be honest, I can’t even recollect all that happened. My head swam in and endless sea of lust, and my whole body seemed to be a huge clit, convulsing over and over.” Deborah nodded eagerly: “It was the same for me. Luckily I didn’t have any text to remember. I would have been lost helplessly.”

Alice agreed: “I was barely able to hold back my own lust, just trying to keep in mind the next position to assume according to the script. But our final daisy chain wasn’t in the script at all, it just happened spontaneously.” Judy had remained very taciturn throughout the dinner. Only when I asked her directly, she spoke up: “I don’t know whether you are aware what you have done to us, and to me in particular. You definitely awakened a lesbian streak in me, one thing I haven’t known before at all. I think, from now on, I’ll just have to stick with girls !”

I admit I was shocked. In an attempt to contradict her, I said: “Please, don’t say such a thing, you make me feel guilty. Try to look at it in another way: You are now able to choose from the best of both worlds. Take it as an enrichment to your personality, not as a mere turning around. Okay ?” She smiled shyly and replied: “Okay, I’ll try. Thanks !”
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