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Massage Exchange Tickle


TMF Regular
Aug 26, 2012
So I've been a massage therapist for 15 years now. And I have made a lot of great connections over the years. A few I keep in my phone in the event I need a good ass-kicking. Recently, I've been seeing an old coworker for massage exchanges. Admittedly, I have a huge crush on this therapist. She's a beautiful, tall, tan, puerto rican, amazonian type gal. 5'10, plump build, and some very nice size 10/11 feet.

So recently, we had a great exchange and we decided it was great enough, we decided to do it again. I work out of a spa that I have access to outside of operation hours. I always tell my boss whenever I do this just because you can tell if people are inside of it from the street, so he doesn't get alarmed.

So this past weekend, we met up at my work around 7pm. She wanted to smoke beforehand to get into the mindset for a massage. I do not normally partake in smoking but I do edibles. I did one before going to the spa, as it takes an hour or so for it to actually kick in. She rolled one and we shared it outside of my work. Near the end of it, I started to really feel it.

She was having issues with her neck, so she asked if she could be first the receive. I was more than okay with that since I can work first and enjoy my massage after lol

We don't actually start the massage til about 9 and I do my usual routine with an added attention to her neck. But she recently did her toes.... aaaaand I figured maybe I can give THEM extra attention, too.

Well, I decided to do a nice foot scrub for her(Using a sugar scrub we provide in the spa), and she was not taking it well. She has shapely feet with a beautiful arch that's a bit higher than average. Beautifully tan, sun-kissed tops with a creamy soft-brown bottom. Having just recently got a pedicure, her feet were in perfect condition. I comment "Wow, this is a nice color on your toes" and I just gentle grab them to kinda indicate I was talking about her toes and she goes ballistic saying "yo yo yo watch the toes" and I said "Oh what these toes?" and I start gentle grabbing her toes, and she doesn't kick away but her body starts convulsing. This was clearly her weakness. And I said "Girl, your toes are a bit too close together, we need to spread these piggies out" and I start sliding my fingers between her toes and she arches her back and started giggling up a storm and calling out my name saying "Stop! Oh god, not my toes, you gotta watch the toes!"

Honestly, had I been a bit higher or even had a drink or two with it, I was tempted to just start kissing these feet, I was simping hard for them. I know if I did, it would have been even worse for her, as I have a pretty fully-grown facial hair going now. She said under her breath after I finished teasing her "I'll remember this"

So she gets dressed, comes out, she had another blunt rolled up. We smoke it. I'm trying to keep up with her, I am not as used to smoking. By the time we were at the end of this thing, I'm definitely feeling the last one, this edible, and this one.

My turn for a massage.

It started out fine, but unfortunately, she decided a crop top was the right shirt to wear to this. As she's working on my back from the side, her crop top is tickling my side. And I try to keep it together but she started to notice it and said "you alright?" and I let out a chuckle "I'm trying but your damn shirt is flowy and tickling me" and she goes "Oh shit I'm sorry" and adjusts herself. She goes to the other side and again her crop top starts to lightly tickle my other side and I start trying to keep it in, and she goes "Oh my bad" in a teasing, condescending way and then start kinda massaging right into my ribcage that sent me into an uncontrolled laugh. I was in trouble. I was high and it was then I realized "Oh shit, I think I'm more ticklish than I normally would be"

Fast forward to near the end, and she's at my feet, throws a few nice hot towels on to warm them up and get them ready. I failed to mention this earlier, but not only were her toes done, she got nails on her hands for a vacation she was going to. And she warned me that she had nails and that she would try to not go scratching me or anything. Well she starts to massage my feet and it was going well, I was kinda snickering because even her just rubbing my feet was a little ticklish. She noticed this and started to scratch the bottom of my feet.

I lost it.

She starts teasing "yeah, you remember doing this to me?" and I said "Yeah but I didn't have NAILS! This isn't fair, it's so much worse!" and she started to wiggled her nails between my toes and I was howling laughter. I was trying not to kick around as I normally get massage without any underwear on and I didn't want to kick the sheets off and expose myself. I was just trying to get through it, and my feet were at her mercy and I just vaguely remember because by now my high is to the point where I can only barely remember anything. She was scratching right at my arch and my toes were spasming like crazy and she was like "Why are your toes curling like that??" and just kept tickling me. I was trying to hide my face in embarrassment but then realized: I'm excited. I then immediately focus my attention to trying to hide myself because I didn't want to show I was getting into this, but I have a feeling it was too late, she probably knew I was enjoying this.

I've never felt so embarrassed, excited, flustered, and happy in a long long while. She stopped tickling me finally, massaged my feet and then we ended that. It was 2am by the time we were done and I have no idea how long my massage was, it felt like it was way longer than what I gave her, but I can't complain.

So, this was my first true tickling story. Probably my last, as well. But I'll be honest, it's been on my mind since then and I've pitched a date to her to which she replied "We'll see, when I move back"(She currently lives out of state but her job is contract based so she moves around often and will be back in a few months.

So here's to a very unlikely, but very fun and memorable tickle experience.
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