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Metroid: A Strategic Surrender?


TMF Master
Jun 13, 2003
“Why did I agree to do this again?”

“Sorry Samus, but orders are orders. This is our only chance to discover their hideout!”

“Yes, I know that, but why do I have to surrender to the pirates, of all people?”

“It’s their demands. If you don’t do this, they’ll kill the hostages they have with them. We have no choice but to do this, you know that. The safety of the people comes first.”

She simply sighed. “I just wish there was another way… Preparing to land. Samus out.”

She soon landed at the designated coordinates given to her; what seemed to be a deserted station in the middle of an asteroid field. Here she was, the greatest bounty hunter in the entire galaxy, forced to surrender herself to the space pirates just to infiltrate their underground base and rescue the hostages. Her orders came straight from the Federation command. She has to leave her power suit behind in order to make this bust all the more believable. “I’m really gonna hate myself tonight.”

Her ship soon landed on the landing pad of the station. She lifted her hands off of the controls as the chair transformed into a lift and slid her down out of her ship to the ground below. Wearing nothing but the zero suit, which fit her rather well for something made out of liquid fabric, she stepped off of the ship’s landing pad as she looked at her surroundings; her blonde ponytail flapped around as her ship’s engines ran. Space pirates had surrounded her ship; armed with their cannons pointing straight at her head; the hostages, a man and a woman wearing scientist trench coats, were shoved toward her as they scurried to Samus’s ship. The ship soon kicked into autopilot as it lifted the hostages inside and soon took off back to the Federation.

“Why…why did she give herself up?!” The man said with such surprise. “She could’ve taken them all down within a matter of seconds!” Soon, the woman went and grabbed onto his arms. “Calm it!” she soon exclaimed, “She did it because we were being held hostage! She gave up her freedom to save us! I would THINK you’d be grateful for her sacrifice!”
“Not quite a sacrifice, actually.” A holographic image of the Federation General took up the screen of the cockpit, “Samus was given the mission to aid in a pirate bust. We believe they have created a new base of operations close to the Federation homeworld, so we gave her the order to infiltrate into their society and see what they’re up to. Her ship will pilot you back to the safety of the Federation base.”

“But what about her?!”

The General sighed. “I’m afraid she’s on her own from here. Only our elite SWAT team can pull her out by blind luck.”

The pirates closed in on her position as she soon sucked in her pride. Soon enough, she found herself raising her hands in the air. The pirates tilted their heads in confusion. “What are you waiting for?” Samus suddenly said, “I’m surrendering to you.” She soon kneeled down onto her knees and placed her hands behind her head. “Do with me what you will.” One of the pirates walked up and took a bigger look at her. Samus’s eyes looked up at the pirate’s rather disgusting face. “Didn’t you hear me? I said I surrender.”

“Back up, you worthless idiots!” soon came a voice from behind them. The aliens lined up with a salute to reveal a grey humanoid cyborg with a yellow facemask. A rather lethal sword protruded from his right hand and also, a maroon ponytail escaped from underneath the mask and leaned down behind his head against his back. Weavel? Samus thought, why is he here? The cyborg pirate looked down at her and, even though his face was hidden behind that yellow visor, smirked.

It didn’t take long for the pirates to subdue her into binds and force her down inside of their base. A metal arm band wrapped her arms behind her head as it hung from the ceiling of what they called the “interrogation room”. At the same time, her feet were secured beside her butt, again with the metal bands that connected themselves with the arm band above. A rather uncomfortable position that resembled that of a human hogtie, but it still worked in what it does best: Keeping its victim immobile. She wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon for sure as Weavel and two other pirates soon joined him alongside him.

“This was quite a surprise, hunter,” Weavel soon spoke out to her, “that you, of all people, would surrender without even a say in the matter.” Samus simply growled. “It was to ensure the safety of the hostages and you know that! Nothing more than foul play on your part.” Weavel chuckled a little. “That may be true, but that is now in the past. In the present, we can now have a little revenge after your many deadly encounters with my men.“ Samus merely smirked. Even in only her Zero Suit, she could still take these simple pirate grunts on with her agility and nothing more. Besides, what are the worse these guys can do besides a little bit of a beating here and there? It’s nothing she hasn’t dealt with before.

But somehow…..this was different. The pirates weren’t acting like their barbaric selves.

A vibrating sensation was suddenly felt near her legs as the zero suit basically melted off. Samus soon remembered that her zero suit is a liquefied suit that forms on and off her at anytime. The pirates must’ve found some kind of sound modifier that can control the way the suit is formed. Soon enough, the shoe part of the suit melted down her leg into the leg part of the suit, revealing her impressive size ten bare feet. She was usually embarrassed to show off how huge her feet were, especially in public, yet their beauty was incomparable. They seemed really soft and smooth, a rather surprising sight for one who’s always on the go. Looking up at her sexy-looking toes were blue polish toenails, which were polished with the same color as her suit…well, close enough anyway. Her feet curled and flexed as she looked around at her space pirate captors. This was definitely something new they were trying.

What are they up to? Samus thought to herself as only silence could be heard all over the room.

Suddenly, she could hear the hurring noises of two small robots piloting out. These were unlike normal pirate technology, as they looked more like something out of a children’s book. Their bodies were round and gray with a single glowing red eye on the top. The bots scanned Samus from head to toe with their single eyes before they soon sprouted robotic arms and hands from their sides. What the heck?! Samus once again thinking to herself, Is this some kind of a joke?

She’d soon learn that this was no joke.

Before she knew it, the robot hands began to wiggle their fingers down her arms and into her armpits. Samus’s eyes grew wide as she tried to keep the swarm of giggles inside of her from blasting out. Samus was insanely ticklish just about everywhere. Not even wearing the zero suit could stop the ticklish sensations from entering her body as the robots continued. Samus could only bite her lip and blush as the robots kept this up for a minute or two before pausing. This gave her a chance to take a breather and sigh from relief, but it was far from over.

Suddenly, she heard a clanking from both of her sides as she looked over at the bots. The heads had opened up and escaping them were two smaller bots floating beside them. However, unlike their bigger brothers, they had no arms or hands to reveal. The smaller bots soon began to scan Samus’s body, but she had little time to react, as the bigger bots immediately went back to work on tickling her upperbody. Once again, like before, Samus tried her best to hold in her giggles as the tiny bots continued their scan. It only takes one giggle to completely lose it, she thought, I can’t give in now…

This was not to last, sadly. From out of nowhere, the small robots suddenly began to fire tiny laser beams from the holes in their bodies against Samus’s bare feet. But the sensation she was feeling then wasn’t of pain, oh no... It was right then and there… Where she just couldn’t take it anymore…

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” Samus suddenly busted into laughter as soon as the lasers made contact with her feet, though it wasn’t helping that the big robots were digging into her sides with their cold metallic fingers. She may have been the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy, but every woman has a weak spot to tickling, and Weavel had found this to be the perfect torture for poor Miss Aran as she tried to fight the sensations again and again, forgetting that she was even restrained.

“GAAHAHAHAHAHAHHHOHOHOHOHOHOOEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAAHHAHHA!!!!” Samus’s defenseless feet were being fired upon by the small robots’ “tickle” lasers, a piece of craftsmanship responsible of Weavel himself. “There’s only one way out of this one, hunter,” Weavel spoke in that cocky attitude of his. Samus was wiggling all about, trying desperately to escape the ticklish sensations before her. The lasers on her feet were by far the worst, as her feet were pretty sensitive to begin with. “NOOOHOHOHOHOHOOAHAHHAHAHAAAHHAHAHAH!!” Nonetheless, Samus’s armored will refused to give in to this.

The tickling, however, refused to let up as well. It was tickling her so bad that it brought the brave hunter to tears, but she still did not even budge nor even thought about giving up. The hands kept squeezing and pinching her sides while the lasers fired all over her feet. It seemed like she would be alright with dealing with this….until the lasers made their way up to her toes. “EEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAA!!” Samus shouted with surprise as she curled up her toes, “NOOHOHOHOHOH, NAHAHT THEHEHEHERRHEHE!!” A mistake she would live to regret.

The lasers soon began to make this spot their main focus. They passed under, in between, and just all over them. Samus couldn’t take this; she was already slowly being driven insane by the tickling, as the lasers continued to focus on her toes. She could do nothing but wiggle them all about as the bots made sure to not leave any spot untouched. As if she weren’t already in tears and driven to near insanity, Samus couldn’t hold onto her will any longer. “GAAAAHHAAHHAHHAHHAHAHEHHEHEHEHHOHOOHOHOHOHOGOOOHOHOHOHOD STAHAHAHAHAPAHAHAHA IEHEHE GIHIHIHIVE UHUHUHUP!!”

The bots immediately shut off and fell lifelessly to the ground, leaving the bounty huntress in nothing but her own tears and bonds. Her only thought in her mind was that she was just glad they finally stopped, not caring in the least what will happen to her now. “I’ll do whatever you wish” she said to them, “…just…don’t do that anymore.” Weavel was already in front of her, behind his visor was a smirk of victory. He soon readied his blade and then….

“NOO!” Samus suddenly awoke on her bed, sweating and breathing at a rather fast rate. She blinked as the pulse in her body continued tensely. “What the..?” She looked around, only to see the pleasant sight of being in her own bedroom. It was then the bounty hunter let out a big sigh of relief. It never happened. The events that transpired before her didn’t exist. It was just a figure of her imagination. “Oh thank God…It was really all a dream….” She looked over at the clock. 3 AM was the time it had displayed. Samus awoke at the crack of dawn, all because of her silly nightmare. The huntress peacefully laid back down as she looked over at the edge of the bed, where a Super Mario plush doll had been laying in front of her. She took him in beside her as she hugged it softly and soon fell back asleep, glad to know that she’s free from their hands still.

Writer's Comments:
I noticed that there was a lack of Metroid stories (and tk material in general) about, so I was hoping on remedying that with this one story that will probably never actually happen in the series itself. This was actually based on a picture that fellow member reiko did for me as a request, so that helped out as well.
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