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Morgana's Box F/F (Foot Tickling Only)


Jun 25, 2007
Most people think that there is a point in a relationship where you should more or less say no. Not to the relationship itself, but to the extent of what you would or would not do for your significant other. Becky had no such qualms. Amanda meant everything to her, and in a world where homosexuality was considered wrong by those crusty old men in power, Becky thought it was absolutely pivotal
for Amanda to see that there was nothing Becky wouldn't do for her.

Amanda was obsessed with magic. She had been given a child's magician's kit when she was young and had made a habit of performing tricks in the classroom, much to the annoyance of her teachers, but also to the cheers of her classmates. As she had gotten older, she had learned many of what audiences would call parlor tricks. Nothing too fantastic but enough to get applause at family and friend gatherings. Becky remembered one time in which her lover had levitated a necklace over around Becky's neck on her birthday. Becky loved it.

Perhaps this was why Becky was now committing a felony: Breaking and Entering. Specifically into a warehouse just outside of Peoria, Illinois, near where they lived, where many local theater acts kept props and supplies. Among those was a cache of crates belonging to Morgana Devereaux, a stage magician of some repute who was traveling through the Midwest with her show.

Morgana certainly wasn't as well known as say... Criss Angel or David Copperfield. Most of her tricks were tried and true. Though a couple days ago, Amanda had made Becky sit through a youtube video of Morgana performing an illusion regarding a Squeezebox. The concept was simple, but effective. Morgana had a young man climb into the box, which was shaped as a perfectly rectangular coffin of sorts, with stocks on either end to surround his neck and ankles. The box was then compressed, making the man shorter and shorter and shorter until the stocks came together, making it seem as though there was only an inch or two between the man's neck and feet.

This blew Amanda's mind. She wouldn't stop talking about it that whole night, wondering how the dark haired magician had pulled off such a trick. Becky took it upon herself to watch some more videos of other magicians performing the same act, and with them, it was relatively easy to tell how it was done. Not so much with Morgana's act, however.

Now, Becky had fairly simple access to just about every prop in Morgana's collection. There was one in particular that she was after: A wand that shot both fire and water at different times. An “Elemental”, as Morgana called it on stage. The redhead soon found what she was after. The Elemental was sitting in a small glass case near a window. Becky lifted the top and pulled out the wand, pleased that she could gift it to her lover, even though it technically made her a thief.

Becky turned to make her way towards the door where she had entered when she heard it open. Someone was coming in! Becky ran to hide behind a large crate, peeking through a crack in the wood to see who was entering. It was Morgana herself, followed closely by a young man. The same young man from the video. It was all fake! Becky knew that she would never be able to tell Amanda, but felt strangely justified knowing what she now knew.

“Why don't you go back to the hotel, pet?” Morgana suggested. She was quite the fetching creature. Curvy but not to ludicrous proportions. Dark, hypnotic eyes to match her hair, and fair skin. Her purple dress with matching Opera gloves gave her a truly mystical appearance.

“As you wish.” The young man obeyed, as if he was more a slave than an assistant. Becky's mind was suddenly filled with ideas pertaining to what Morgana might do with her boy toy. What magic might be involved in their lovemaking? The young man left, softly shutting the door behind him. Morgana and Becky were now the only ones in the warehouse. Morgana pulled her cell phone from her cleavage as if she was checking a message, before noticing the glass case which had held her Elemental was empty.

Becky wasn't sure what to expect as she watched. She could have easily anticipated Morgana screaming hysterically, or calling the police, or any reaction that made any kind of logical sense. But what Morgan did was something that Becky could have never expected: Nothing. Morgana simply stood, staring at the empty case.

“Whoever you are... you don't know what you are doing.” Morgana spoke, aware that the thief was still around. “That wand is quite dangerous to those who do not understand it's power. I don't know whether you have taken it out of desperation or some kind of ill conceived notion of desire... but return it now and I will not harm you in any way.”

Becky huffed silently. As if the woman could harm her in any way. Becky was quite athletic, and very certain that she could take the magician in any form of physical contact. She decided to stay put.

“This is your last chance.” Morgana warned as her eyes surveyed the room.

“One Mississippi... Two Mississippi... Three Mississippi... FOUR!” Morgana turned and lunged at the crate, somehow hopping it as a wolf might, and landing right next to Becky. The redhead fell over onto her butt in surprise.

“A young girl.” Morgana mused, towering over Becky. I have to say, I expected some high school dropout with a ski mask and too much cologne. Give me my wand.”

Becky tried to stand up, but Morgana was quick, grabbing Becky's arm and twisting it behind her back, causing her enough pain to not resist further. Morgana walked Becky over behind the crate she had hidden near and Becky saw the Squeezebox from the video she had seen. It didn't take much for Morgana to force Becky into the box, sealing her inside.

“Where is the Elemental?” Morgana asked softly. Becky struggled in the box for a few seconds before submitting to it. Becky looked over to the crate and Morgana saw the wand laying next to it. Becky had dropped it when Morgana surprised her.

“Oh, good.” Morgana walked over to the crate and picked up the wand, gently waving it in the air as a conductor might wave their baton during a concerto. “Why was this so important to you, little girl?” She looked back at the bound woman.

“Not to me.” Becky responded.

“Then to whom?” Morgana moved back to the box, standing beside Becky. You know, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: A lot of these tools and tricks are fake. But the wand... and this box... are real.”

“Bullshit.” Becky laughed. “I saw your helper come in with you. You had a plant in the audience.”

“Mathias?” Morgana smirked. “Yes, he assists me, but that doesn't change the fact that the box is not an illusion. It really works. Here... I'll show you.” Morgana tapped the side of the box with her index finger and it started to compress. Becky's eyes went wide as her whole body from her neck to her ankles inexplicably went numb, almost as if they were disappearing as the box closed. After about 13 seconds, the stocks met in the middle. From a bird's eye view, Becky was now little more than a pair of feet with a head.

“Shit! Undo it! Whatever you did, turn me back!” She shouted. Morgana only covered her chuckling mouth with a purple gloved hand.

“Oh, I don't think so. I am sure you will be much more fun this way.” The enchanting enchanter decided. “Nice running shoes, by the way. I used to be much more into working out then I am now. Of course, I don't worry much about my figure these days. I bet you work out regularly though.”

“When I can.” Becky answered sardonically.

“So, I figure there is something you want to tell me. A story.”

“Not really.” Becky really didn't want to talk to this woman.

“Oh yes. A story. A story about why you are here trying to steal a wand. Especially when you claim to not believe in real magic.” Morgana started sliding off Becky's shoes.

“What do you think you are doing?” Becky asked with a tinge of anger in her voice.

“Making you more comfortable. Ooo... Nice nylons, too. You have wonderful taste.” Morgana admired the nyloned feet in front of her. “You wear these for your boyfriend?” Morgana noticed the redhead's You-couldn't-be-more-wrong expression. “Oh? Girlfriend?” Becky looked up at Morgana with admitting eyes. “My my, you are interesting. Are you going to tell me why you are here?” Morgana scratched the pad of the big toe on Becky's right foot.

“Hey, now.” Becky objected.

“What's wrong? That didn't tickle you, did it?” The magician smiled.

Becky realized her situation was fairly hopeless. Her arms were not only bound, they were basically non-existant. If Morgana decided to tickle her, she wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

“How much fun would that be? If I tickled your feet? If I piggied your toes only inches from your face, huh?” Morgana suddenly had a much more teasing demeanor. It was as if she had switched personalities. She bicycled her middle and index fingers against the smooth, nyloned sole of the same foot, watching Becky's face like a film fan watches the envelopes on Oscar night, waiting to see if she had found a winner.

Becky felt helpless as a baby but tried hard to ignore the nails scratching so gently through the fabric.

“I know this tickles.” Morgana told her. “You had better tell me what I want to know before I find your weak points.” The nails touched on Becky's heel and she snorted. “Ooo, there's one now.” Morgana chuckled. “Tickle tickle tickle...”

“Heheheheheheheheheh stop thahat.”

“Why?” Morgana shrugged her shoulders, now attacking both heels. “You broke in here and tried to steal from me. I figure that one good turn deserves another.”


“Coochie coo... I'm starting to get the feeling that you didn't do this for you. So who did you do it for? One of my rival magicians? My, you seem quite ticklish here under your toes.”

“Oh Gohhohoohohhod Nohohohhoh hahahahahhahahhahahahha” Becky hadn't been tickled often in her life. Amanda tickled her sometimes but never on her feet.

“Who did you do it for?” Morgana demanded.

“Amanda! Hahahahahhahaha...”

“Amanda?” Morgana stopped tickling. “Who's that? Your girlfriend? You risked jail time for your girlfriend?” Morgana seemed dumbstruck, attempting to relate to why someone would do such a thing.

“She idolizes you. She loves magic.” Becky tried to explain.

“And thieves, apparently.” Morgana sneered.

“She didn't know I was doing this.” Becky told the illusionist. “It was my idea.”

“Ha!” Morgana harped. “I just had an idea of my own.” She pulled out her cell phone once again. “What's your pretty thing's phone number?”


“The number, my dear, or I will tickle your feet again.”

“748-872-2985.” Becky spoke through clenched teeth after hearing the threat.

“Thank you.” Morgana dialed and held the phone to her ear. “Now, stay silent, Dear.” She warned. Amanda answered the call, Becky could just barely hear her lover's voice.


“Hello, is this Amanda?” Morgana asked.

“Yes. May I ask who is calling?”

“This is Morgana Devereaux.”

“No way. You've got to be kidding me.” Amanda sounded so excited to be speaking to her idle. “Wait a minute. How did you get this number?”

“Your young sweetheart gave it to me. I am here with her now.”

“You're with Becky?” She told me she was going to a movie.

“Oh no, Dear.” Morgana placed her hand to her collar with a chuckle. “She is here with me. She loves you very much you know. Enough that she tried to steal my Elemental.”

“She what???”

“Yes, I'm afraid so. Anyways, she and I got to talking and we have decided to put on a show just for you.” Morgana moved the phone and set it upright against the windowsill, pushing the video call button so that Amanda could see what was happening.

“Oh my God!” Amanda gasped as she saw Becky locked in the squeezebox.

“I don't think that Becky believed in magic until I got her in my box.” Morgana joked. “Did you know that she was ticklish?”

“Well, yeah, I guess. I mean she normally is the one tickling me.”

“Then you are in for a treat. Watch this.” Morgana brought her nails back to Becky's soles, and soon the redhead was giggling once more.


“Lulz. That's too funny.” Amanda snickered as she watched Morgana tickle her girlfriend's feet.

“No illusion here. These nails are for real. Tickle tickle...” Morgana taunted as Becky shrieked.

“Hey, you should try the tops of her toes.” Amanda suggested, still thinking this was a game.

“Should I now?”

“No!” Becky protested.

“That must be a really bad spot.” Morgana observed before sweeping her fingers over the tops of Becky's nyloned toes.


“Told you.” Amanda laughed.

“Mandy, this isn't an act! It's happening for r-EehEHHehEHHEHHEhHEHEhheHHEhEHE!” Morgana was now tweaking the toes with her nails. Amanda realized that Becky was telling the truth.

“The squeezebox is real?” She asked.

“It sure is. Becky can't move a muscle from neck to ankle.” Morgana informed her.

“Mandy, help me! Do something!” Becky pleaded.

“I dunno, Becky.” Amanda's response made Becky's heart sink. “I love you and all, but you lied to me about where you were going and I never would have thought you were capable of stealing. I don't see any problem with letting Morgana have her fun.

“Wanna see what else the Elemental can do?” Morgana aimed the wand at Becky's left foot, holding it only an inch away. Suddenly, Becky felt a steady, pressurized stream of air spray from the wand onto her feet, an invisible beam of pressure teasing her arch, then her toes, then her heel, then her toes again...


“All of the elements are at my command with this wand. That's why I told you it was dangerous.” Morgana told her captive. “Why, we wouldn't want you starting a fire or anything. Hahaha. Now laugh like a good little girl.”

Becky obeyed (as if she had any choice in the matter).


“Damn, that's really tickling her.” Amanda pointed out as she watched her girlfriend cackle. So how does that thing work exactly? Is she really smooshed in there?”

“Of course not, Dear.” Morgana assured her. “The box breaks the body down at a molecular level. It's all a bit complicated but your sweetheart feels no pain.”

“She looks like she's ready to represent the Lollipop Guild.” Amanda joked. Morgana laughed.

“I love that movie. I might have to work that joke in when I do my next show.” Morgana told her. Morgana focused the thin blast of air against the stems of Becky's toes. Becky's eyes watered.


“Tickle tickle tickle...” Morgana sang charmingly.

“This is like the best thing ever.” Amanda watched joyfully. “To be honest, it's kind of a turn on to see her getting tickled like this. Like I said, before, she is usually the tickler when we play. I will have to remember all of these tickle spots on her feet.”

Morgana put down the wand and went back to tickling with her nails, scraping at the wrinkles underneath the fabric.


“I knew there was a reason I got my nails done earlier.” Morgana wiggled her fingers and popped her knuckles between tickles.

“Hey Becky, Coochie coochie coo!”

“I'm Goohhohoohohohnnnnna get you foohohhohohohohrrr thihiihihihihssss!” Becky threatened Amanda.

“Oh no, you won't.” Morgana interjected. “Because I am going to teach her all of my tricks. You won't be able to say boo to her without her instantly having you at her mercy.” The magician promised. “Now, as every good composer knows, the finale is the most important part. And I feel a bit pekish at the moment. Morgans grabbed both of Becky's feet in her hands.

“You're not gonna...” Amanda began to ask as her heart started beating rapidly.

“I sure am, Dear.” Morgana placed her mouth over the toes, gently nibbling and gliding her teeth over the tops of Becky's toes.


“Tickle tickle. Coochie coo!”Amanda teased her partner

This went on for about 6 minutes, but for Becky, it felt like an eternity before she passed out.

Becky awoke in her and Amanda's apartment in their bed. She was in her pajamas. She might as well have been asleep for days as she felt so rested that she could barely move. Amanda peeked in the door with a bright smile.

“Yay! Baby, you're awake.”

“What happened?”

“Well, after you lost consciousness, Morgana wanted to wake you and continue tickling you, but I told her enough was enough and that you had learned your lesson. She drove you back here and I tucked you in. She and I had a long talk though. Why did you think you had to steal to impress me?”

“I don't know.” Becky admitted. “Do you hate me?”

“I could never hate you. Not for long anyways,” Amanda kissed her softly. But if you ever do piss me off... I will use this.” Amanda held up the Elemental.

“Where did you...?” Becky gasped.

“Morgana gave it to me. I guess she actually has, like, three of these things. Now...” She pointed the wand at Becky like a gun. “How about a nice breeze, Lover?”
I love this story! Would be really cool to see this continued. maybe she gets put back into the foot box? tickle doom?
Fantastic story! After all of the years and all of the stories, it is a challenge to pen an original tale. Well done!
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