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My wife's (Partially tied tickling) M/F


2nd Level Orange Feather
Nov 11, 2002
Since some people have asked about this I thought I would write the story about it.

My then fiancee Xu; i've described her before, was actually half asleep and as she didn't notice me, I very quickly managed to tie her up.

Using a thin curtain tie I slid it under her calves and then pulled either side up above and did a gentle knot around her ankles, she didn't feel it and then I did an even stronger knot and tied it. Xu I think sat up at this point and opened her eyes and asked me what I was doing, I just said tying your feet. lol :D
She was lying sideways now with her soles exposed; not the best way to lie to protect your feet :D so I did a tickle test for a few seconds, her feet really tried squirming away, pulling away, but had a hard time getting away from my fingers. I gave her a minute to think the coast was clear and attacked. :)
I think had she not been half asleep she would have given me a run for my money, but as she was stuck there she just lay there and took it. :D

I started by giving her soles a few ticklish strokes, her face was grinning and she was even covering her face in an adorable way, trying to pull her feet away or apart and it wasn't working muhahaha. She started moaning now, "Weskerrrr" So I stopped and took my hand away for 2 seconds and replaced it again but this time I surprised her and dug in to her soles scurrying all over both feet making a "ftftftftftf" tickling sound, she started gently giggling now, "uhtahaha....uhtahahaha" still trying to yank her feet away.. She moaned again "Weskerrr" Funny how she never says stop. :D
Then I thought I would test her soles so I slid my finger up and down one sole from the heel to the toes and whistled causing the foot to flinch a few times, I then gently tickled the centre of the sole on the other foot and that foot really tried to hide when I did that lol!
I went back to tickling her soles again now particularly the centre, her toes were curling hard, she was moaning again "mmmm" as in stop it, she the mmmmm started changing in to a giggle so it sounded more like "mmmmmmmeeee" so adorable, following that she managed to shift her feet upwards lol, a galiant effort but with her feet tied it was easy to pull them down again to rest on my legs.
I scratched the centre of her soles again causing feet to animate and her to "Weskerr, Weskerrr," I taunted her copying her tone knowing this was getting to her, I know this because again the mmmm was bordering on "mmmmeee," then I scratched all over her soles to make it tickle more and stopped....

Raising my hand above again I dug in to her soles this time making a hellicopter sound :D, her feet were again animating trying to hide and not moving anywhere, Xu actually squeaked like a mouse and went back to her "uhtaha...uhtahaha" (This is the best way to describe this sound, it sounds like a cross between a half giggle and a titter)
"Tickle helicopter" I said and continued attacking her soles eliciting more gentle tittering.
I tickled her big toe for a moment, this caused her other foot to adorably try and push my finger away, so then I went after her other toes causing her foot to flinch. Then I had an idea, I poked my finger between her last two toes and twisted, she moaned again "mmm" and I pulled it out slowly with a whistling sound effect, Xu went "ehehe" and curled her toes.
I went back to her soles again as the helicopter, causing another "mmmmmmeeee" It was almost at this point as if her feet could sense my fingers were nearby, they were moving around in a nervous way anticipating what would come next. And it did, I started tickling the centre of her sole again and the tickling was definately getting to her now because she again, pulled her feet away "mmmmmmeeeeeeee" and sniggering "kkkkkhehe"
Now she was trying to really pull her feet back and I jokingly said, "oh prisoner trying to escape," and I decide to change my game a bit and looked for a hair brush, well I found a comb :D
I slid it between her toes again and it almost sounded like she tried to say but half laughed, "wahahaht a teheheh" followed by a few "mmmmee" as the comb slid through, she kept trying to curl her toes closed but it didn't work lol. Then I just went after her soles with her comb again causing a few gentle squeals.
I poked her sides out of nowhere and her feet shifted up, pulling them down again I caused a titter. Suddenly Xu started trying to be serious now and started talking about getting up and doing something.... I just said "mmhmm yeah" and continued my tickling, sorry Xu I am not done yet. :D
"mmmmeeee" "Ctctctctctctctct and I went after her soles again, they still couldn't get away, Xu was now back to "uhtahaha....uhtahahaha" tickling her arms and sides now as she adorably lay hiding in the pillow lol, I think she just accepted her fate at this point and took it, "ehehehehe" yes she was actually slightly squeaking again. :) back down to her soles "uhtahaha....uhtahahaha."

I got up again and decided to look for another weapon, "First" I said and I pulled out a hair tye, I looked back and Xu was trying to get off the bed. "Oi" I said "don't try and escape prisoner." Then stroked her soles a few times to make her lie down again. :D
I slid the hair tye through her toes again, "what is that?" she weakly said, I slid it out of her toe and she sniggered "kkkkkehehe" and her toes curled again. I gently tickled her soles with it causing a lot of tittering and her feet trying to cover each other but it didn't work. :)
Her feet were so ticklish now I could just poke them! I went back to her toes again and this time put the tie around her two middle toes and pulled it around like a winch lol, Xu immediately pulled her foot away and tittered again to herself, "nouthahaha slightly silent laughter" "Stop messing up my winch" I said to her and did it again, I love the way her toes curled right away when I did this. :D
After again wiggling the tye up and down her soles I pulled the tie through her toes one last time causing a snigger and the tie to fall over.. That was the last straw, now you are going to get tickled for that Xu!

I tickled her soles again and she was clearly surprised by my sudden change because she "uhtahaha" again, but then squeaked like a mouse "ehehehehe" lmao.
I wasn't going to stop now, she tried saying "come on, we need to get up" "so I said, you have to get free first!" "Come on Wesker", she said "make it freeee." Holding my fingers above her sole I said in her own language "Ticklish foot ticklish foot", and she said "huh?" To prove what I was talking about I tickled her soles again and repeated "ticklish foot ticklish foot, ctctctctctctctctc" Xu responded with "mmhehehe...hehehehe" she was actually giggling loudly now. "Wesker, "ukutakuta," Like I said before she talks in gibberish when tickled lol. I decided to switch to behind her knees which surprised her "nahuhuh" she laughed. Xu again tried moving her feet away but it wasn't very effective.
"Hey" I said, "come here feet" and pulled them back to me again, she was actually laughing a bit from me just doing that!
I held the tie and said "handy this isn't it" I tickled her soles one last time causing a lot of squirming and tittering, then I realised I had been tickling the girl for nearly 10 minutes! So at that point I untied her feet and I think she as usual kissed me, she always does that when I pin her down and tickle her. :D

Suffice to say I realised how effective even tying her feet together was so I will have to do that again sometime. :D
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Nice experience bud, lovely to hear all about! You always have great opportunities against your partner, thanks for sharing them, with us all here 😁
Thanks for posting your tickling fun in such a detailed way. She sounds adorable, and you’re very lucky!
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