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His Divine Shadow

Dec 2, 2002
Ever wanted to make a list of all the friends you have on the TMF? With a newly-activated feature you can. Let's take a look, eh? Click on any picture for a larger version.

Let us examine the User CP. Ever notice the Contacts link under networking?

Well, it's been replaced with by Contacts & Friends:

If we open that link we see a little interface to add friends. Or, to be more precise, request that another member become a friend. Both members have to approve the friendship. (so fear not, all ye curmudgeons, refusal is possible)

There must be a better way than typing in usernames, right? To find out, let's go visit CrystalLight's profile.

Well look at that; a new box has appeared at the left. We can add CrystalLight as a friend (or anyone else) right from her profile.

What happens if we do? We're taken to a confirmation page. Without adding CrystalLight as a friend we can just place her in our contacts. Yet that's boring and not what this thread is about. So keep the checkbox checked and then select "Yes" to send a friend request.

Now if we go to that Contacts & Friends in our User CP we see a pending request for CrystalLight sitting there. Now CrystalLight has to accept our request. We did some magic and usurped CrystalLight's account to show you what she must do. If we log in as CrystalLight we see the usual notifications area.

A new notification! And unread PMs, but we'll leave those alone. (they were boring anyway)*

Clicking the Incoming Friend Request notification takes us to a place we can confirm or deny the request.

Let's say CrystalLight is feeling sympathy for my sad and pitiful self and wants to accept my request. She just checks off my name and clicks "Save Changes".

Check out her profile now! HDS is a friend.

If we go to my Contacts & Friends page we see that the formerly "Request Pending" status under CrystalLight has changed to "Friend".

Look at my profile and we see CrystalLight there.

What if CrystalLight realizes what a schmuck I am and wants to dump my sorry patootie by the wayside? She'll head back to her User CP and that Contacts and Friends page and uncheck the checkmark by my name.

Selecting "Save Changes" gives a final confirmation and then I am gone. That should be all you need to know; go ahead and make some friends!

* No I didn't read her PMs you suspicious goobers.
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