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NEW: The Tickle Researcher (m/f and f/m, 18+ strictly!)


2nd Level Green Feather
Apr 3, 2001
The Tickle Researcher (m/f and f/m, 18+ strictly!)

Well, not really a new story: This was actually one of my first stories in German, written about 15 years ago, but somehow it had eluded my translation until now. Still, I think you’ll like it. Heeding the advice of some of my readers, I hereby issue a PRODUCT WARNING: Caution, reading this story may increase the room temperature! ;)

The Tickle Researcher

Recently, I had a dream which I’d like to share with you. Dreams like that are probably typical for tickle fans like you and me. Oh, you are a tickle fan, aren’t you? Otherwise you would have found this story to read it.

But let me go back a little further: At one of my previous jobs, there was a female colleague called Jana, a really cute blond girl of 22 with a gorgeous figure. One of our young apprentices always used to tickle her ribs from behind, which always caused Jana to buckle forward as she was horribly ticklish. This reaction never failed to arouse me, but as her boss, it was impossible to tickle her myself. You know, sexual harassment at work, and all that stuff.

Well, the very day before my dream, I ran into Jana at a shopping mall by coincidence. I had moved on to a different company, she wasn’t my co-worker any more. After an amusing chat about old times, I eventually dared to tickle her ribs during our farewell hug. She reacted as I had expected: Her upper body buckled forward like a pocket knife, and she giggled uncontrollably. Of course, I apologized at once, but I let her know that I had always wanted to do this to her. She didn’t know what to say, so I just walked off into the crowd.

That night, I dreamed that I was a researcher. My aim was to explore the phenomenon “tickling”, and why it led to such strong erotic arousal for some people.

In my dream, Jana lay spread-eagled and bound on an examination table, fully clothed. She was just waking up from her unconsciousness. After a first attempt to find her bearings, she noticed the fetters and started to cry for help.

I stepped into her view and tried to calm her, but as she recognized me, her fear turned into utter fury. She shouted at me and demanded to get untied and set free immediately. “You’re a perverse swine, I’ll report you to the police!” It seemed she was not in the mood to listen to my explanations now, so I let her rant and rave for a good while.

After several minutes, she realized that I didn’t react to her accusations and insults. I just stood there beside the table and concentrated on the charts on my notepad. “Why don’t you answer me? What do you want from me anyway? Let me go at once!” She tried to struggle out of her bondage, but in vain. After she had exhausted herself, I turned to her:

“Welcome in my research laboratory, dear Jana. Before I explain the reason of your presence here, let me assure you that you won’t be harmed in the least. Nobody will hurt you here, and you’ll be back home within a few hours, sleeping in your bed as you should at that time of the night. You have my word of honor on that.”

“But – where am I? And what are you going to do with me?”

“Patience, my dear, one thing after the other. You might wonder why I dare to show you my face so openly, despite the danger that you could report me for kidnapping later. Very simply put: You won’t be able to remember tomorrow what has happened here. I’ve got a certain spray from CIA’s secret labs that will erase your memory from the moment you breathe it in. You received your dose of this when we abducted you from your bed at home. And there’s a second spray that terminates the memory gap. You’ll receive it later today, after we’ll have brought you back. Your memory will work normally from then on. There’s a just a gap of a few hours which won’t bother you, as you were sleeping anyway. See? No need for me to hide my face, or to be afraid of a potential report to the police.”

She just gazed at me incredulously, so I continued: “Now to your question where you are presently: This is a mobile research laboratory on a big truck. The container is absolutely soundproof; you may shout as loudly as you wish, nobody will hear you outside.”

“And what do you research?” Jana wanted to know. “What’s all that jazz for?”

“Well, I’ve been interested in tickling for all my life, and I wanted to find out more about this fascinating phenomenon. But there’s practically no research done on this topic. Nobody found out what happens in a body while getting tickled, or why most people are forced to laugh from tickling.”

Jana shrank back at the first mention of the word ‘tickling’. Her eyes became wide and she breathed faster. “You – won’t – tickle me now, will you?” she asked fearfully and hesitantly. “No need at all to be afraid of it,” I tried to calm her, but she was unable to conceal her fear. “You have no idea how ticklish I am! I just can’t take it! Please, pretty please, don’t TICKLE ME!!!” Once more she tugged at her bonds.

“Don’t panic. Just let me explain you everything first, then you may ask all your questions. Tickling usually is uncomfortable only for a few moments. If it continues, it produces an erotically arousing sensation in most people. That’s exactly what I want to research. But I need test persons for this, and there wouldn’t be many volunteers for that job. Therefore, I created some methods to get access to test persons, with a little help from my American friends. I just carry out my tests, erase the memory, and nobody gets hurt or harmed.

“We‘re going to attach you to different instruments which measure your body functions: blood pressure, pulse, muscle tension, electrical skin resistance, skin temperature, brain waves, and so on. Then I’ll tickle you according to my schedule, and the results get recorded. You’ll get enough breaks for breathing and recovering between the different steps, I’ll see to it personally.

“If you weren’t bound, you’d try to fend the tickling off, or to escape the tickling. That way, it would be impossible for you to reach the point where the uncomfortable feeling turns to arousal, and that would cause my research to fail. That’s what the bondage is for; the straps are made of a specially designed skin-friendly plastic material, filled with gel, untearable but absolutely pain-free.

To measure your skin reactions, we need to have you naked, so you must undress. Don’t worry, nobody will rape you. But eventually, I’ll have to tickle your genitals briefly, just as your whole body.”

“For God’s sake, not that!” she begged fervently. “Isn’t there anything to make you change your mind?”

“I’m repeating myself: Nobody will hurt you. We’ll bring you back home immediately after the tickling. But I have one more suggestion to you: In principle, there are two ways to carry out this test: With your cooperation, or without.” – “Cooperate with you? Never!!” – “Just hear me out! We’ve got a spray to temporarily eliminate your will to resist. You’ll be fully conscious nevertheless, and you’ll feel the whole procedure anyway. Still, you won’t be able to resist against it, be it mentally or physically. After the test, another spray will restore your free will, and everything stays as mentioned.

“If you should cooperate, you’ll have the possibility to influence my actions. You can choose when you want a break, for example. Or you could tell me if the tickling feels particularly uncomfortable at one spot; in that case, I’ll only continue as long as absolutely necessary to get sure test results.

“But there’s one more argument for cooperation: The sexual aspect shows greater efficiency. About 30% of the tickled female test persons have chosen not to cooperate. More than half of the remaining 70% experienced an orgasm during the final genital-tickling, two of them even a multiple orgasm. However, none of the uncooperative women reached a climax, even though almost all of them experienced a certain degree of arousal.”

Jana protested: “And that’s why I should cooperate in this perversity? Forget it!” I shook my head and replied: “You should see it that way: You’ll get tickled anyway, whether you like it or not. But in case of cooperation, you’re able to make it easier on yourself, maybe even have a little sexual fun. So, what’s your decision?”

“Hmm. Oh well, what the heck, I choose the smaller evil. Okay, I’ll cooperate. But what happens if I really can’t take it anymore? If I faint?” – “That won’t happen. For one, I’ll give you several breaks to catch your breath. Plus: My instruments will tell me something about your degree of exhaustion, so I can interrupt in time. We have tested over 100 women so far, and none of them has ever fainted.”

“Oh, but you were forced to interrupt your test sometimes, weren’t you? Have you ever tested somebody as ticklish as me?” – “Yes, of course. But we only had to break off two of our tests. In one case, the test person wasn’t ticklish at all, and the tickling caused pain for another woman; she had a neural disease, but we realized that quickly and brought her back at once. Any more questions?” – “Yes. How am I to undress when I’m in bondage?”

I laughed: “I’ll untie you in a moment. But first you’ll get a small dose of the anti-resistance-spray, so you won’t develop any stupid ideas like trying to escape.” I calibrated the dosage on one of my instruments and held the plastic tube under her nose. The spray worked quite fast, so I was able to untie and undress her, and only a few minutes passed before she found herself nude in the same bondage as before. It took another minute to apply the measurement electrodes on her skin. They were self-adherent miniature plates, just the size of a fingernail so they wouldn’t hamper the tickling. And they transmitted their data remotely, so there was no un-erotic cable chaos. To measure her brain waves, a metal ring was put around her head.

The she received the antidote and I asked her: “Are you ready?” – “Yes, but please be nice to me!” – “Of course. We’ll start with a feather. That doesn’t tickle too intensely, but it produces a very erotic sensation, you’ll see.”

Her naked, stretched-out body presented a wonderful image. She breathed heavily in anticipation. Slowly, my long goose feather glided over her ribs and tummy. This forced out a sweet giggle, but she really seemed to like it. My instruments told me unmistakably: she became aroused.

The real laughter started when my feather touched her armpits. From that point on, she seemed to be even more ticklish than ever; the feather produced loud guffaws wherever it touched her now. Slowly, I let it wander down her sides, and her tummy muscles twitched ticklishly. But the most efficient result happened when I touched her loin crease. She cried out: “No, aaaahaaah, not there! Aheeheehee!” But her genitals were not on my schedule yet.

She badly needed a breather, so I paused for a moment. Even though the tickling was stopped, she had to continue laughing for quite a bit. Only when she had calmed down halfway, I resumed the tickling, this time on her inner thighs. Changing the sides constantly, my feather wandered downward. The instruments showed me that her excitement increased when I approached her feet. Once more, she attempted to distract me from going on: “My feet are not ticklish at all, really, believe me! You’re wasting your time down there!” I grinned: “Nice try!” The merest feathery whisper at her ankles was enough to make her guffaw, but the real thing began at her soles: Wild screams erupted as she futilely tugged at her bonds. Her face glowed beet-red, and the first tears appeared on her cheeks. Well, that was my signal for her next break.

This time, it took her almost twice as long to calm down. The break presented an opportunity to continue our chat. “So, what are you feeling right now?” – “Oh my God, that’s indescribably cruel! I knew that I’m very ticklish, but that surpassed even my worst expectations! The feather on my soles is simply unbearable, a veritable torture!” – “Interesting you should mention that. Well, tickling was indeed used as a torture in the Middle Ages, mostly for interrogation purposes. Sometimes with feathers, and sometimes the delinquents were forced to stand in a bucket of brine; then they used goats to lick off the salt.” – “Oh, that sounds horrible! I think I would have died!” I smiled: “Well, some delinquents indeed died from the tickling. But that won’t happen to you here. As you can see, I’m keeping my promise of granting you enough breaks. Now, tell me about your state of sexual arousal, please.” – “None of your business!” came the snappy retort.

I turned my monitor sideways so that she could see the screen, and I pointed to one of the charts on it: “You see that? This considerably ascending curve shows me the exact extent of your arousal. Again: tell me about your sexual feelings right now!” Fascinated she looked at the screen and remarked a bit astonished: “Indeed! That’s incredible! But, I think, ahem, well, I think my pussy is really tingling a bit. What are you going to do now?” Grinning, I replied: “I’ll go on, what else? But with my fingers this time. That might come over a tad heavy, but I think you’ll react quite positive to my tickling.”

After climbing on the examination table, I straddled her hips and let my fingertips wander down from her elbows to her armpits. Long before I actually arrived there, her delightful guffaw rang out, but finally my whirling fingers on one of her most sensitive spots forced her to struggle and wriggle ferociously. Then my fingertips stroked her sides gently, intermitted by some harder kneading at her protruding ribs. Now, that made her really freak out, and her breathing troubles started again. Another break was due.

This time, I didn’t give her that much time, instead I continued on her tummy muscles. This rendered her laughing so hard that it became soundless. Do you know the feeling when you’re unable to utter a sound because your laughing so much? During her hilarious seizure, she tried to sit up several times, but the bondage prevented that efficiently. Her face became a contorted grimace, and her bosom heaved. That’s how she probably looks like in an orgasm, I thought by myself. Finally my computer told me to stop before she could faint.

This meant I had to grant her another break, so I jumped off the table. As soon as she breathed more regularly, I approached her feet again. My fingertips moved over her soles, gently at first, but with steadily increasing intensity. The underside of her toes seemed to be particularly ticklish. As I had tied her big and her third toes backward before, she was unable to curl her tootsies downward. I continued her toe treatment for quite a while, it was so much fun. To my personal delight, I noticed that this caused her sexual excitement curve on my instruments to rise up steeply. Even though she got tickled heavier than ever, she obviously enjoyed it.

Her intense guffaws exhausted her fast, so another brief breather followed. I used the time-out to press another button on my instrument panel, and the lower table part with Jana’s legs on it angled upward, similar to dentist chair. Well, more like a gynecologist’s examination chair, as it formed two perfect stirrups which granted me excellent access to her genital area. She seemed to anticipate my next step; she giggled: “Now it’s my pussy’s turn, I suppose… Strange, I think I have no objections any more, on the contrary: I’m rather horny now. Was it the same for your other victims?” – “With most of them, yes. I told you that you’ll like it.” – “That doesn’t mean I believed you! Will you use the feather again?” I nodded and moved closer.

At first, I only tickled the soft skin between her sparse pubic hair and her thighs. She was highly sensitive there and giggled shrilly. But the tickling became worse, and another surprise awaited her: The feather glided down to her perineum and her back entrance. That made her go bonkers, she bucked in her bondage and hollered: “Stop! I can’t take that!”

Needless to say that I continued for a minute or so, then I spread her inner labia with one hand to tickle the rosy skin there. Deliberately I avoided to touch her clit yet, but sighs intermingled with her giggling nonetheless. As a test, I interrupted my treatment, and as I had expected, she asked me to go on.

So I obeyed and continued to tickle her inner and outer labia as well as her sensitive vulva entrance for several minutes. Her pussy flesh started to swell and exuded a little moisture, her arousal went up nicely. When I thought she was ripe, I let my feather circle around her protruding clit, touching its very tip now and then.

Now all barriers came down. Her laughter sounded shrill, almost hysterical now. In her fit, she bucked up strongly and wriggled in her bondage like fish in a net. Her face and neck wore bright-read blotches, and her eyes gleamed with lust. Finally her features contorted and her eyes closed, and an avalanche of mind-shattering lust waves rolled through her. But she still hadn’t enough, she practically begged for more. I fulfilled her plea by touching her clit tip more frequently now, and she convulsed in more lust cramps.

My computer showed that she had at least six independent orgasms in a row before she finally sank down, utterly wrenched-out. She even lost her consciousness for a few seconds: ‘Le petit mort’ it was called in French, the ‘small death’. I untied her and hugged her tenderly. Very slowly, she found back to Earth, still breathing heavily; I soothed her with gentle strokes on her back.

Finally, she sighed: “Wow, that was paradise! Who would have thought that tickling could be so erotic? What the hell did you do to me?” I took this as a positive signal and replied: “I’m glad I could show you something new. You really seemed to like it.” – “Like it? That’s the understatement of the year! That was a completely new body experience. I nearly freaked out from lust! Does tickling always work that way?”

I swallowed. “Well, some people react more positively than others. You seem to be particularly susceptible to the erotic effect of tickling. So far, you’re only the third test person who reached a multiple orgasm.” – “It was my first multiple climax. And it wasn’t even real sex! May I ask a few questions?” – “Get going!”

She thought for a moment. “So, how come you picked me for your experiment?” – “Well, I have always dreamed about tickling you, even during the time when I was your boss. I wasn’t allowed to tickle you then, but today, my dream came true. You know, it works best with highly ticklish girls.” She drilled deeper: “Tell me, can you really get anybody for your experiments?” – “Of course, if they’re not under a 24/7 surveillance. This spray works for all.” – “And do you know which women are ticklish?”

“Well, almost everybody is ticklish to some extent. In the meantime, I’ve gathered enough experience to see it in their eyes. I even tickled some celebrities on that table, you know. Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer, for example, and some well known German TV stars. Right now, we are planning a trip to USA to tickle the American girls and celebrities, like Jody Foster, Heather Locklear, and some pop starlets. I bet this’ll be a lot of fun?”

Jana laughed, too. “Big plans, I must say. But you said ‘we’. Who’s ‘we’?” – “We are a whole team of tickle freaks. There are some women in our team as well who test-tickle good-looking males, and even homosexual men and women who find their victims in their own social groups. But as I’m the founder of this operation, I’m the boss, so to speak, and I can choose whomever I like to tickle. Quite naturally, I tend to pick girls I find highly attractive. This work has to provide some fun as well, and tickling old, fat grannies wouldn’t be much fun to me.”

Again Jana giggled. “Oh, another request: Couldn’t you leave a small part of my memory intact? Not only as a souvenir of my super-orgasm, but to remember testing it with my real-life boyfriend!” – “Well, the drug doesn’t erase all your memory. If this experience impressed you, a small part of it will remain in your sub-conscious memory, similar as if you had dreamed it. You won’t be able to remember details like faces and such, but you certainly won’t forget that you liked tickling. Just talk about your ‘dream’ with your boyfriend, maybe it turns him on as well. Works on me every time, I always become horny when a girls talks about her previous tickle experiences. By the way: did you ever get really tickled before?”

“Apart from you? But serious, my best friend Doreen always used to wrestle with me for fun, and of course we tickled each other as well. But never as much as you did, a few moments ago.” I grinned: “But that wasn’t even half serious tickling, just a small hors d’oeuvre. Only when you’re really exhausted from the tickling, it becomes highly erotic. And the more often you practice, the more you get hooked to it. You will want more and more of it, and you also can take more. To avoid boredom, you should think of interesting role plays full of fantasy, and of course the roles have to be switched from time to time. You’ll learn to use tickling during sexual intercourse to produce more lust. That’s especially gratifying for both partners, as your internal muscles contract convulsively during laughter. And you should try out the active part, too. It’s a completely different kind of lust you feel when tickling somebody. I don’t even know which role I like better, the active or the passive one.”

“Stop it now, I’m already getting horny once more! Must I really go back right now? I’d surely like to try out some more!” I was thunderstruck: My dream girl really asked for more? I had experienced that only once before, with my ex-wife. So I asked her: “We’ve still got about two hours left, what’s on your mind?” – “Well, first I’d like to tickle somebody myself to see how that feels. You, for example, if only to get even!”

It was my turn to laugh: “You’re not, by any chance, thinking about escaping with your memory still intact? You won’t get out of this truck without my help, the lock has been programmed accordingly. And we’re watched by my assistants via monitor. No chance at all to escape!” She pouted: “Now what are you taking me for? No, I don’t wish to escape, I wish to tickle YOU!” Her hands sneaked forward and tickled me with nimble fingers. I flinched and started to laugh. “Okay, okay, you may tickle me. But first you must tie me down, otherwise I won’t be able to take it without fighting back. And you must obey one condition: Stop the tickling when I cough. You haven’t got that much experience, and you may go too far.” Twinkling, I added: “It would be nice if you could think about my sexual satisfaction, too. That’s another bill we have to settle…”

She giggled: “Imagine, that’s exactly what I have in mind!” Grinning, I undressed and lay down on the examination table, where she tied me down. As usually in such a situation, I began to feel slightly squeamish, especially when I noticed the sadistic grin on her face. She started with two feathers dancing about on my upper body, but that didn’t work very well for me. I needed a more intense finger treatment, and she found that out quickly.

At first, her fingertips only stroked me teasingly, but when they arrived in my armpits and on my tummy, loud laughter and the first screams escaped my throat. Her fingers were incredibly fast, and she seemed to know how to use them best. When I couldn’t take any more, she granted me a break. As soon as I was able to speak again, I asked her: “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” She smiled: “Natural talent, I guess. Not only with tickling, as you’re going to notice now!”

But she went down to my feet and toes first and gave me a thorough treatment with her nails. Again I went wild with laughter and struggling. She obviously enjoyed that and remarked: “You were right, it’s really so much fun to tickle somebody. You seem to like it, too!” She winked towards my very excited best friend. Gently grazing my inner thighs with her nails, she approached that interesting area. She sat down between my knees and held my member prisoner between her feet while her fingers practiced a few massage exercises on it. Now I knew what her other ‘natural talent’ was! Never before had I experienced a similarly skilful treatment of my most erogenous zones. She pulled the foreskin halfway back, moistened her index finger in her mouth and drew circles around my penis tip. Then she pulled the foreskin forward again and milked my penis within her fist, always turning and twisting her hand. Meanwhile, her toes played with my testicles, and from time to time she tickled my loin crease and stomach area. It was heaven!

Just as I thought I would come, she interrupted her massage and concentrated on tickling again. Her fingers danced over my upper body in a completely random and asymmetric pattern. I screamed out my tickle agony, but I couldn’t escape it. She tortured me this way for several minutes before she turned to my best friend again. Once more she brought me to a point shortly before climax, only to interrupt it again! But she paused just for a few seconds this time, then resumed her tantalizing stimulation. She kept depraving me of my well-earned orgasm a few times, enough to make my head feel ready to explode.

Finally, she had mercy on me: Laying back, she massaged my penis with her toes while she tickled my own toes with her fingers. This double treatment was decidedly too much for me, I drifted into an earthquake of climax intermingled with tickled laughter!

Afterwards, she untied me und hugged me tenderly. “Wowsers, that was wonderful. Nobody had treated me like that before! What made you realize that my feet are such highly erogenous zones?” – “I didn’t really know it, but I noticed your reaction to the previous foot tickling. Seems I was right!” We both laughed.

But she came forward with another idea: “You told me that it’s a lot of fun to get tickled during real sex, didn’t you? You climax made me really horny again; do you think you can, erm, manage it once more?” – “After a small break, yes. If I may show you what tickling really means during that break, that’s the condition!” She thought it over briefly and consented: “Okay. I admit I’m curious about it now. And as I won’t remember it tomorrow, it wont be on my conscience like really cheating my boyfriend. But please: Only with a condom!” – “Of course. Now I have to tie you down again to show you real tickling. Lie down!” She obeyed, blushing slightly.

I took my time to explore her wonderful body leisurely this time. Every square inch got its proper dose of tickling, from head to toes. Her spread legs provided a delectable view on her pussy, and I noticed her intense arousal. Her labia opened by themselves and glinted as moist as her eyes. The engorged clit peeked nosily out of its protective skin folds, and I couldn’t help but kiss it.

The tickling took well over half an hour, and she was extremely exhausted afterwards. As I untied her, she asked me, a bit disappointed: “That’s all? You wouldn’t have needed a condom for that!” I laughed: “Patience, my dear, now we’re getting to the interesting part!” I guided her to a different compartment of my truck. It was big enough to hold several separate rooms.

In one of them, there was a short gym bench with a love swing hanging over it. I helped her into the leather slings that held her thighs and tied her wrists behind her back. The dangling legs received broad leather ankle cuffs, then I fixed them with short chains to the thigh supporting straps; her feet pointed backwards almost horizontally, her knees were bent so much that her heels almost touched her buttocks.

Now I lay down on the gym bench and slipped my head between her thighs. Gently, my hands parted her labia to give my tongue free access to her most erogenous parts. As skilful as I could, I started to eat her out. The intense tickling had already aroused her considerably, so it was easy to get her over the brink quickly: she had her first climax!

Then I moved upward on the bench until she hovered above my loins. “Are you ready?” I asked her, and she nodded, still highly aroused. With one hand, I guided my best friend into her hot, moist prison. My other hand touched a switch beside the bench, and the swing descended a few inches. She was impaled on my penis now, unable to move her body the least bit as the bondage provided no lever whatsoever.

I pumped my hips back and forth, and she threw back her head in delight. But then the real action started: Both hands tickled her ribcage and tummy, and she had to laugh out loudly. At once I felt her internal pussy muscles tighten in convulsions, similar to an orgasm. But we hadn’t got that far yet; I continued to tickle her upper body intensely. She would have liked to hop up and down on my lust pole, I clearly sensed that, but she managed to move only a few millimeters. Not enough to satisfy her crave. But there was a lot of internal movement in her pussy, and she seemed to enjoy this as well. Her laughter was intermingled with deeps sighs and moans.

Because of her tightly bent knees, my hands were able to reach her fettered feet. The tickling there had her in more intense twitching and writhing, not to speak of her laughter. My own arousal spiraled upward as well, my hips bucked faster now. Just a few more minutes, then she was ready. Her guffaw became hysterical, her face had blushed deeply, and she climaxed in screams. I deliberately held back my own orgasm then, because I wanted to show her something else:

I took up a sharply pointed goose feather and started to tickle her engorged clit before her climax was over completely. My other hand stroked ticklishly across her soles, and she cramped once more. Like mad, she struggled in her bondage and screamed out her infinite lust. Again and again, the feather raced across her hyper-sensitive clit tip, and her convulsions became even heavier. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer, uttering a primeval lust roar I was swamped by my own orgasm, which was immensely intensified by her laughter und her internal muscles contractions.

My feather continued the stimulation until Jana’s lust waves ebbed off gradually. Then I untied her and helped her out of the love swing to embrace her lovingly. She showed her gratitude with a burning hot kiss, and finally she asked me: “Now you’ve got to bring me back to my home, I suppose? Pity, I just started to enjoy tickling. Do you think we can repeat this, some time real soon?” Lost in thoughts, I shrugged: “That’s not so easy. You’ll have forgotten everything then, and we would have to start from the very beginning again. But wait a minute, their actually IS one possibility: Post-hypnotic command! A keyword would reactivate your memory. We can easily bring you back here during sleep once more. Then I repair your memory gap with the key word, and we can have fun together. Afterwards, you’ll be hypnotized into amnesia again. Yes, we can try that!” She clapped her hands and cheered: “Great! Will you try it soon, please?” I laughed and agreed, we got dressed again and chatted merrily.

Her cute little blond head seemed to be full of horny ideas: “Do you grant me one more wish, yes? Then please try to bring my best friend Doreen, too, for our next encounter. She’s even more ticklish than me, and I would just LOVE to tickle her silly. Will you?”

I was speechless. Two extremely gorgeous girl to tickle? And to get tickled by the two of them? And sex with both? That was enough to fulfill my most secret desires! I nodded in excited agreement: “Fantastic idea! Where does the girl live?” She gave me address, and I smiled: “Seems I’ll have to postpone my trip to the States for a while. Too much research work waiting for me here in Germany!

We both laughed. That could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship…

… or could have been, if my alarm clock hadn’t awakened me rudely just then!!!


As always, this and all my other stories can be downloaded for offline reading from my smartgroup: http://smartgroups.com/groups/halticklingclub1 (section ‘Files’)
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It took me way too long to read this one!

Incredibly Hot!!! Especially the clitoris tickling oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Hal!
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