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Odd questions thread


4th Level Orange Feather
Jul 31, 2016
Ok in this thread you have to answer the question above you,while asking yourown question,

If you pickle a pickle is it a pickled pickle
Only on the second Monday of every other month. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around who gives a F$#K?
The tree does

How many peas make a pod
She rubs it every night. :eek:
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?
It can't chuck

How do you do the dew
Rome around

Can you tickle your back
They want a man who stands with them.

Not much is up because baseball season is over. :(

In a year, how many melons does a melon farmer farm?
Not any idea how many melons as I am not a melon farmer :D

Whats the atomic number of Hydrogen?
Because it bombs every fitness test! XD

If you and a purple cow were stuck on Uranus, how many bowling balls would it take to eat a cactus?
Trick question. Bowling balls are carnivores. Exactly why can't a silly rabbit enjoy a bowl of damned Trix?
Because those kids are greedy fucking bastards, that's why! >:C

Do you think Superman ever gets itchy? Or would his invulnerable skin keep out all the irritants and shit...?
I dunno, 'snot any of my business...! XD

How is it that an object as far away from Earth as the sun still has the impeccable aim it takes to hit me square in the face when I get up in the morning...?
Very often, including female squirrels.

Why are there two sides to the road?
So the chicken can cross it.

Does the little light in the refrigerator really go off when you shut the door?
No it just goes and hides

How many clusters make a clusterfuck
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