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Old user, new username

Monkey D. Lucio

Registered User
Aug 27, 2023
Hello everyone!

Formerly known as James Bondage or something, I messed up and lost my account credentials, so I created a new profile and I introduce myself again.
I’m a 37 y.o. man living in Italy. I’m a tickler, but I’m mostly here for scientific purposes. In fact, I run a website in which I talk about tickling from a scientific point of view. I’m also the founder of a Discord server and I organize many tickling-related events in my country.

Sometimes, I will share some of my articles, and I hope to gather many opinions and different perspectives about tickle fetish, and to continue improving my knowledge about it.
Welcome back to the TMF, Monkey D. Lucio, and congratulations on making your first post under your new screen name. :D
This is a wonderful place. Have fun here.
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