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oriental nurse tickle treat fm


TMF Poster
Oct 21, 2001
Hi Guys,

Last week I sent you some new experiments with my digital pen.
To celebrate the spring feeling of this beautiful easter we had in Holland, here some new results of fresh inspiration I had on a special oriental clinic.
Have some fun seeing this nurse giving a very special massage..

They are a few stills, of a series of sketches, with which I made a clip, small enough to upload, with animated vision and ticklish laughter.
Curious? Just peep in into the ticklegarden..


:rowfull: if you dare!


  • bed tkl orgy fm2ceg.jpg
    bed tkl orgy fm2ceg.jpg
    216.3 KB · Views: 320
  • bed tkl orgy fm2cc.jpg
    bed tkl orgy fm2cc.jpg
    208 KB · Views: 445
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