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Scented massage lotion (M/F, playful)


Registered User
Apr 16, 2006
My wife stepped out of the steamy shower, her reward and treat for having spent an entire long workday on her feet at her clinic. After toweling off, she wrapped herself in her fluffy robe and parked her butt in the recliner. She complained that her feet were hurting and, of course, being the nice guy that I am, not to mention seeing an opportunity in the making (shhh! I TOLD you not to mention it), I offered her one of my specialty foot massages. (heh-heh ...)

She, being no fool, realizes a good thing when she hears it. The next thing I know, she's handing me a bottle of scented massage lotion before propping up the footrest of her recliner, presenting me (sitting on the floor before my princess, natch) with her perfect size 6 1/2s.

I love to tease her, really I do! I pumped a dollop of the lotion into my left hand and rubbed my hands together, looking her straight in the eye as I tell her, "Okay, babe, you know what this means -- a good massage, then it's my turn for some fun."

She doesn't look away. "MMMmmm, honey, I love your hands -- rub my feet, please ..."

All righty, then. I start rubbing her feet, massaging the lotion into her soft heels, the small smooth areas just under her toes, her tender arches. She squirms a little, settling back in the chair as I press harder, working out the soreness in the muscles along her tired soles.

I massaged her feet for a good fifteen minutes, I think ... then, while still working my fingers on her arches, I sneaked a short fingernail along as I asked her, "Does that tickle?"

"No," she says, and I can see that she's serious ... my nail makes a few strokes, there's no reaction.

OK, I can live with that ... but I bet if I try this --

I move my fingers a little closer to the midline of her foot and draw my fingernail across again. This time she jerks her foot away and giggles a little. I hold my hands still, and she puts her foot back in my hands. A little massaging, then a little tickling -- she pulls her foot away again, complaining, "That tickles!"

Well, no kidding? I alternate both hands on each of her feet, one at a time -- some massaging, followed by a little scrape of my nails along the edge of her foot. I make her giggle again, and she squirms, but she manages to hold her feet fairly still. When I draw all ten fingers up both of her soles at once, she laughs and pulls her feet away, telling me, "Stop -- you're tickling too much. I like the massaging, but not the other."

I tell her, "That's okay, sweetie. I'll try again later this evening -- after I have you completely at my mercy."
She notices the glint in my eyes and she laughs.

"I love to hear you laugh," I say, and she blushes a little. I've embarrassed her a tiny bit.

Heh. Wait until later, I think to myself…

True story.

(author: Takahane. Posted to AMTk -- May 1998; first revision May 2024)
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