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sister in law (short)


Registered User
Oct 5, 2001
So my beautiful wife and I have four kids (two boys and twin girls). My wife is not really into my fetish, so that is a little downside. But she has amazing beautiful feet and is okay with me having some little fun sometimes. Not often, but I am okay with it. She is also not very ticklish, but during sex she gets more ticklish which is totally okay for me.
Her little sister on the other hand is maybe the most ticklish girl I ever met. Not as beautiful, but extremely ticklish. I tickled her a couple of times, but always very brief. She has a really nice deep laugh when tickled. I like that a lot. My kids know her weakness and also tickle her now and then, which is fun for me to watch.
She used to live in the same city but sadly moved recently to Iceland. She often visited us because we live close to my wifes parents. The incident happened on one of her visits.
I was playing upstairs in our bedroom with my girls. I played a game I call sushi. I take one kid, roll it up like a sushi roll in our blankets and throw them on the bed. I did not realize my step sister passed by, so she suddenly stood in the door to our bedroom and greeted us. My girls (6 by the time) really like her so they screamed with joy. (Yes, she is the cool aunt, not having kids, and she was around 36 by the time). I continued playing sushi and she watched us, when one of my girls screamed "do it with her". Being the cool aunt she couldn't say no, so she lay down on the blanket and I started wrapping. Being a grown woman, I had to do it tighter and while my kids disappeared in the blanket, her head and feet sticked out a little bit. After wrapping her up I lifted her from the bed (she is heavier than my wife, but I still succeeded) and tried to throw her on the bed, which wasn't obviously not nearly as high as my girls. But everyone including her found it very funny. She landed face up and laughed about the silly game. As soon as she landed, my girls climbed on top of her, all three laughing. At this point (and I am honest, not any second before) I realized what a wonderful chance opened up in front of me. So I went to her feet (she was wearing white sneaker socks) and started tickling them. She couldn't move much and started immediately with her deep laugh. Squirming a little bit which my kids found hilarious. I continued to tickle for maybe half a minute before giving her a break. She called me a bastard and thought it was over, but I had too much fun. So I took of her socks and tickled her extremely ticklish bare feet. Which caused her to scream and laugh hard. After another minute or so, I stopped. I didn't want to push my luck too much.
Good thing is, she is never mad at me... I will attach a sneaky pic of her socked feet.
I hope you liked it, and apologies for my English...


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