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Temporary Silence, , Legal Forward, And Permanent Silence, On Two Fronts?


Level of Coral Feather
Sep 9, 2002
Ross and Steve studied the papers which the process server had given them, still in silence.

Steve knew that Ross would be "Beside himself " with his development, and, not wanting Ross to get seriously sick in addition to the situation with Mister P, Steve tried to "Take Control " of the situation.

"Ross, both of us know that these papers could be serious. Yet with all we are going through with Mister P and his health situation, I think that we should just forward these papers to our company attorneys and tell them the facts. The attorneys know how ill Mister P is. I think that perhaps they can suggest a way out of this, that will not turn into a tornado or a long drawn out legal battle. Whatever we do, neither Mister P nor Missus P are to know a thing about this. Those poor folks have enough problems without upsetting them more knowing this crap. You and I will have to deal with this" Steve said.

Ross nodded silently. "I know"

Steve called the company attorneys. "This is Steve White. I have an important message for the office. Ross and I were just served papers by a process server at our office , stating that both RFS Energy, Ross, Fritz, and myself are being sued by a group of investors. One of the claims is "Mismanagement of the investors interests. They want to appoint a person to watch over supposedly "The investors interests while Mister P is sick. They can claim that one of the two company partners in OKC is incapacitated and may die, and that Ross is not here on a full time basis to oversee the company or their interests, with Ross living in New York, and being CEO of RossShell. I'm going to send these papers over, please let the attorneys look it all over, and prepare an appropriate answer ASAP on our behalf. These papers say that those who sued us, are going to go "Full speed ahead with this action. Okay, thanks" Steve said.

Steve looked at Ross, "I'm going to prepare a FEDEX package, and send it. The lawyers will get it in the morning, look it over, and then we will discuss it, and the lawyers will reply. Ross, please dont tell Kayley, because you and I both know that Kayley will only upset herself, and worry about you, and will make you more upset. When the lawyers have prepared the reply, you can then tell her, if you want" Steve said.

"Steve, I've been married to Kayley for twenty six years. Trust me, I know that you are one hundred percent right about everything you just said" Ross said, calmly but realistically.

"Let's get the Hell out of here, go visit Mister P, and then go have lunch. Maybe it will help us clear our heads." Steve said.

Steve and Ross walked out of the office. "Ross and I are going to visit Mister P and then to lunch. We will be back in a few hours" Steve said.

"Okay, guys, have a nice lunch" Kristen, the secretary said.

Steve and Ross went over to the hospital.

They entered Fritz's room.

Fritz looked a bit more wide awake and with it.

"What are you guys doing here? Go recruit some investors and close some deals" Fritz said.

"Ah, Fritz, neither of us are in the mood for that. We are just looking over things" Steve said.

"Okayyyy, but we both know that RossShell boy will have to go back to his real job anytime soon" Fritz said.

"Not true, Sir. Kayley knows that I am down here helping out, and working with Steve on important things in the office. I have a week at least. In addition, I dont want to go into my other office. I am upset enough about you as it is" Ross said.

"Bullshit. I will be back on my feet ASAP" Fritz said.

"From your mouth to God's ears, Fritz" Steve said.

A Doctor came by, and said.

"As long as there are no more complications, Fritz might be able to be moved to a rehab center within a week. Let;s just see" The Doctor said.

Then Fritz started in about business.

"Steven, who do you propose we trust to make decisions when Mister New York City has to go back to his real piece of shit company? The only six people I do trust are the three of us, and our wives" Fritz said.

Ross felt sick to his stomach, knowing what had just happened with the lawsuit against Fritz, Steve, Ross and RFS.

"Mister P, please dont worry about that. We are here to see you. If Ross really has to leave, which he says he does not, I will find someone as an acting partner, bring them here for you to meet, we will approve them, and then have Ross and I and you if you can, video conference them. Please , just get well, and dont worry about that" Steve said.

After that, another Doctor came by, and gave Fritz a sedative. Then, Fritz fell back to sleep. Missus P wanted to go home, and Steve and Ross went out to lunch.

While they were at lunch, Kayley called Ross. "I can hear that your voice does not sound right and that you're upset about something. Other than Mister P, you never get upset down there. What happened buddy? Spill it or I swear I am taking the next plane down there, and will get it out of you!" Kayley said.

Ross sighed. "Fine! When Steve and I got to the office today, we were met by a process server. RFS is being sued on behalf of investors claiming mismanagement. They want to put their own "Watchdog" so to speak while Mister P is laid up. Steve and I sent it to the RFS attorneys. Dont worry about it. We will figure it out. Most importantly, Mister P seems to be improving" Ross said.

"Okay, please just take care of yourself. I'm very concerned about you, but I know how much you love Mister P as your dear friend and partner, and that everyone is in a terrible situation , so I will keep quiet and let the process play out" Kayley said.

"Thank You, teacher. Energy boy loves you very much" Ross said.

"Teacher loves her energy boy to the end of the earth and back" Kayley said.

Ross and Steve were headed back to the office.

While there, two ominous messages arrived. One on Steve's cell phone, another on Ross's

"Steve, we looked at these papers. We have to figure out how to proceed. it might be nothing, something moderate, or something very, very serious. Stand by. We will try to get a continuance for 30 days, but will hope to know something within a week" the RFS attorney said.

Then, literally at the same minute, Ross, who had not heard his cell phone ring, got an ominous message from Victor at RossShell.

"Ross, you really need to call me. I know that you are tied up in knots down there, but , something very bad could be coming here. I might need you to come home. " Victor said

Two potential tornadoes, one for Ross at RossShell, and another for Ross, Steve and Fritz involving RFS, could be threatening to spiral two empires out of control, and potentially crush both of them.

What would happen? How serious would they really be?

That would all be seen.
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"From your mouth to God's ears, Fritz" Steve said.
One of my grandmothers used to say that fairly often.

"Steven, who do you propose we trust to make decisions when Mister New York City has to go back to his real piece of shit company?
That is quite an unkind description of RossShell.

Ross may be juggling too many responsibilities. Not clear where he should be when two or three of them are falling at once.
Ross has always had a habit of juggling two or three responsibilities at once.

Thus is what has cost him good health sometimes, and peace in his relationship with Kayley

First Ross calls RossShell a "Pig Pen" , and now Fritz refers to it as a "piece of shit company"

Might something surprising be coming for either RFS or RossShell.?

Hmm.. we will see about that beginning within the next 24 hours
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