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The Deputy and The Outlaw: Retribution Part 15 (F/F)


Nov 28, 2001
Ok fans, thank you for your great energy at the last part. Both Darby and La Diabla are being systematically broken down and they are still very vulnerable. We are in the deep parts of this story and hard to believe, we are getting closer to the end. I hope you enjoy this next part as well. I highly recommend listening to the soundtrack song in this part, as it it designed to touch your emotions as you read the scene. I like giving this saga a "movie" feel, so I hope you enjoy it all. I really do appreciate the support you have given this saga and I really hope you enjoy the story itself, and of course the tickling scenes. It is time for the next part! Your comments are most appreciated!


Darby felt her hair being grabbed and then her face went towards Thalia. She could see those piercing brown eyes and felt her entire body being on sexual fire. The way those fingers touched her, she could feel a very intense orgasm building in her loins and was going to have such a massive orgasm. She didn’t really want to do it, but she knew she had no choice. It felt absolutely incredible within her, and she let herself go. The pleasure overtook her will and now that orgasm was now rising into a tidal wave. The thumb on her clit gave her incredible satisfaction and now it was time to feel that release. “OH GAWD OH GAWD OH GAWD I AM GONNA CUM!!!!!” she shouted as the fingers finally broke her.

La Diabla watched in horror as she heard Darby screaming out her pleasure. She felt her heart sink because she knew there was no turning back. Thalia was going to sexually conquer Darby and there was nothing that was going to stop it. She could hear that scream of pleasure then she watched as she saw Darby’s body starting to convulse. She knew that orgasm must have hit and that was the end of her lover. She closed her eyes as she heard those primal screams of lust. Now, both she and Darby were sexually conquered and that crushed her.

Darby screamed very loud in pleasure as her orgasm hit her hard. It was such an incredible feeling. She felt every single nerve in her body on edge and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. After all the tickle torture and mental games, her body was very responsive to any kind of touch. The way Thalia’s hand touched her most private spot was very overwhelming to her even though she felt incredible. She felt tingles all the way from her head to her thick toes. As the orgasm started to subside, she felt her body starting to quit and she slumped down. She was done for, and she knew it. There was no going back now.

Thalia smiled as she removed her hand from Darby’s pussy. She looked at her right hand and saw all those pussy juices soaking her fingers. She felt an incredible amount of joy in her body as she finally did it. She forced Darby to cum and now this deputy was defeated. This was a moment to savor. After seven months of planning for this moment, it was finally here. She looked over at Darby’s slumping body and knew the woman was done. Her greatest prize was going to be all hers now. She felt so much happiness in her soul, it took everything thing she had, all the discipline she prided herself on, to contain her desire to jump and shout. She won this fight and now it was time to really finish her off once and for all. “Good girl…..Look at all this juice you gave me. I knew you had it within you. Deputy Darby Reeves, you are all mine….” she said in victory.

Sabrina watched in absolute joy as she saw Thalia finally destroy Darby. It was such an amazing sight to see a woman that embarrassed her get wrecked completely. She was in prison for months, and she found freedom when Thalia rescued her and Babs. To see this plan come to fruition and succeed, she was highly impressed by the Greek bounty hunter. She told her that she was going to capture the deputy and break her. It truly was a surreal moment and she felt victorious. This entire mission was such an emotional one as well. All her hatred for Darby made her enjoy watching the red head suffering, but she also had a personal issue to deal with. The woman she fell so deeply in love with was strapped down on a table naked, with her ass in the air and she broke her. Even though there were times she felt sad, she also felt that anger and now that satisfaction, knowing that La Diabla was no more. She had victory in two ways, and she was going to remember this moment for the rest of her life. A smile formed on her face and it was time to enjoy the spoils of their victory. “Congratulations Thalia!!! You did it!! You destroyed her! She is a defeated, cum soaked slut now! Hahahahaha” she shouted.

Thalia turned her head and saw Sabrina looking at her. She loved how enthusiastic the outlaw looked and it made her feel even more powerful. She guessed it was the thrill of victory flowing through her because Sabrina looked really attractive at the moment. She felt her arousal getting stronger and the tingle between her legs made her very wet. She was definitely going to celebrate this moment later tonight. She then looked at the other women in the room, Carissa, Peta, Amalia, Babs and Rose, and saw the looks of happiness on their faces. This was a mission complete, and she felt so proud of everyone. Everything went according to plan, and they all were going to be rewarded. But she knew there was still one thing left to do. Darby was done for, now it was time to make it permanent. “Thank you. Thank you all. But there is still one thing left to do….” she responded.

“What are you are going to do to her now?” Sabrina asked. After watching Darby cum her brains out, she figured she would be swept into a cell and prepared for the departure to Greece the next day.

“Do you remember what happened to Bessie? Now, it is this bitch’s turn….” Thalia responded. She then turned towards Carissa and nodded her head. A devious smile formed on her face when she saw her cohort walk over to the table and put on some gloves. She saw her pick up a very familiar jar and now she was headed back towards her. Thalia also saw Carissa had another pair of gloves for her to wear. She then moved in between Darby’s legs and looked at her. Her body grew excited because now it was time to finish Darby off forever. She knew when she applied the substance in the jar, she would suffer greatly and her will was going to be shattered. “Darby…..Darby. Look at me.” she called out.

Darby lifted her head and could feel the warm tears on her cheeks. She saw the look on Thalia’s face, and she felt so much emotional pain. That woman tortured her and humiliated her in front of a lot of people. She also knew her friends were tortured, including a woman she cared for deeply. She let another tear fall from her left eye and her lips quivered.

It is now time for you to suffer, you stupid bitch. I love how wet and juicy your pussy is right now. You came a lot! It is perfect for what I am going to do next. A gift! I got it from my friend Helga and I think you are going to love it…..” Thalia grinned, then looked at the jar close by. She saw Carissa open the jar and she took her right hand and scooped up a large clump of the substance and now it was on her gloved fingers. “Let me introduce you to…….The Cream. Hehehehe” she told her with an evil sounding laugh.

Darby’s eyes went wide, and she felt her breath leave her body. She was stunned that that itching cream was here in this room with a sadistic woman like Thalia. She remembered the effects it had on women as she watched it being applied to La Diabla. She also knew Helga suffered from it. That Cream was a substance that would break any woman and now it was being threatened to be put on her! “No!! NO PLEASE NO!!!” she yelled as she shook her head.

“Oh yes….I am going to put all of this cream on my hand inside your very wet pussy! You are truly going to suffer Darby and I am going to enjoy it very, very much.” Thalia threatened. She then looked down and saw the helpless pussy waiting for her. Her moment had finally arrived and now it was time to shove that horrific substance deep inside Darby.

La Diabla watched as Carissa brought a jar towards Thalia and wore some gloves. She didn’t know what it was and then she heard Thalia telling Darby what exactly it was. She was in disbelief that the evil cream was here! She vividly remembered the effects of that substance as it was applied to her toes, her nipples and her underarms. It was such an agonizing feeling for her. It was something that broke her will. She surrendered herself completely to Priscilla Montenegro because of it. She remembered how horrible she felt as she could not get it to stop itching. She also remembered how she used that same substance on Helga. The cream was so powerful and effective, it actually broke Helga. That Russian bounty hunter was very strong and powerful, but when she had her strapped down in that jail cell and threatened to put that cream on her again, she witnessed Helga begging and pleading hysterically. That substance could break even the strongest woman! She heard Thalia tell Darby it was going to be applied onto her most private area and she knew that would be the ultimate form of torture. It would surely break Darby just like it did Helga. Her heart started to race, and her emotions ran high. La Diabla was about to witness the evil of that cream on someone she had very deep feelings for, and she was strapped down to the table. She could not let that happen!!! “DON’T!!!! DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!!!” she screamed out.

Thalia paused her hand and turned around. She saw the look on La Diabla’s face and saw that great fear and concern. She could see the emotion on the face and that really motivated her. Now she could break both women’s wills at the same time. Darby would suffer unimaginable itching and La Diabla would watch it all. She knew these two had some kind of relationship and it was time to use it to her advantage. She would crush their emotions and completely render them docile. “Awww…. Don’t want to see her pussy get some cream? Well, you get to watch her suffer, you miserable bitch. It will give me great joy to hear her scream!” she told the outlaw.

La Diabla’s emotions were out of control as Darby would surely suffer. There would be no way for her to endure that, especially if it was placed inside her vagina where the moisture would only increase the sensations. She felt every single nerve in her body on fire as she was desperate. She knew she had to do something to save her lover! “DON’T!!!! DON’T HURT HER!!! ME!!! PUT IT IN ME!!!! PLEASE!!!” she screamed.

Thalia looked puzzled when she heard La Diabla scream those words. The trapped and naked outlaw just begged to have the cream put in her instead of Darby. It was at that moment she realized that the two women, Darby and La Diabla must have had a deep connection with each other. Most likely a romantic connection. That got her excited because she could use that emotion for one another against them. A wry smile formed on her face, and she wanted to make sure La Diabla was telling the truth. “You want the cream inside YOUR pussy? Why?” she asked.

“YES!!! PUT IT IN ME!!! PLEASE DON’T DO THAT TO HER!!! Please don’t do it to her…….Because…. She doesn’t deserve it. I do…..” La Diabla responded. She felt tears falling out of her eyes as she knew she was about to sacrifice her own body to save Darby. She wouldn’t be able to bear hearing Darby scream in agony. She started to cry because she wanted to save someone she truly cared for.

Sabrina’s jaw dropped as she heard La Diabla begging for the cream to be put inside her. She did not expect that La Diabla would be willing to sacrifice her own body to save another. She stood there in complete shock and looked at the tears coming from La Diabla’s face. She realized that the outlaw must have had some really serious feelings for Darby and that got her own emotions rolling. She then looked over at Thalia and saw that wry smile. She had no idea what was about to happen next, but it was going to be very emotional.

Thalia looked at Darby one more time, then back at La Diabla. She could see how emotional and how desperate she was and then it hit her. If La Diabla was willing to sacrifice herself for Darby, it also meant that Darby would have very strong emotions for her as well. She figured that perhaps watching someone Darby cared for suffering would be another way to break her will. She did want to give her a feeling of hopelessness and perhaps La Diabla suffering would have the same effect. She also thought about putting that substance inside Darby still, but perhaps La Diabla suffering would be more beneficial. “Cute….very cute. Ok, as you wish.” she said in a calm demeanor.

Darby was stunned to hear La Diabla literally begging to put that evil cream inside her. Her emotions were now running very high as the outlaw was about to sacrifice herself in order to save her. She saw Thalia walking away and now she got desperate. There would be no way for her to stand watching the outlaw suffering on her behalf. “NO!!!! DON’T!!! ME!!! YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT TO ME!!! DON’T TOUCH HER!!! PLEASE DON’T TOUCH HER!!!! THALIA!!! DON’T DO IT!!!” she yelled as tears started to fall from her eyes.

Thalia looked back and saw the look on Darby’s face. It was true in her mind. These two ladies definitely had an emotional connection between them and now she could make Darby suffer even more. Hearing her now calling for that cream meant that she was willing to sacrifice herself to save La Diabla. Only someone with the deepest feelings would even do that. Now, making someone Darby must have loved would be a great way to emotionally torture her. “You heard her Darby, she wanted the cream and now she is going to get it…..” she told her.

SOUNDTRACK SONG: Alan Silvestri "I feel you" (from Avengers Infinity war) https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=ffu4s-b85ww (remove the space)

Darby watched in horror as she now saw Thalia at the foot of the table where La Diabla was strapped down on. She could see that naked ass in the air, and it meant that the most sensitive areas of the outlaw was wide opened and helpless. She saw the gloved hand with the white, creamy substance was getting closer to the groin area and she tried to break free from her bondage. It was no use as her body was too weak and she looked at the face of La Diabla. She could see the tears flowing from her eyes and knew she was scared. She never saw the outlaw with that much fear in her face, even when she saw her in Santa Selena getting tortured. Her emotions now poured out as she was about to witness a brutal torture! “NO PLEASE NO!!! DON’T HURT HER!!! SALEM!!!” she cried out.

La Diabla could see that look of emotional distress on Darby’s face and it broke her heart. She heard Darby begging for the cream to save her and she knew the deputy had deep feelings for her as well. But this was something she wanted to do. She wanted to suffer so that Darby would not have to. Her tears flowed out and she felt something touching her pussy. She could feel that creamy substance being smeared on her most private area and then gasped as she felt a finger go inside her mound. The finger probed inside her and she could feel that cream all over her nether regions. Then she felt the finger slowly come out and now touch her hole in her ass. She grimaced a little as she felt the creamy substance being lathered into that spot. La Diabla knew this was going to be a horrific feeling, but it was something she had to do in order to save Darby. She looked at Darby’s sweet, yet desperate face and through her tears, she winked at her. “I’ll be ok….” she murmured, then closed her eyes.

Darby felt all of her tears coming out as she watched Thalia apply that cream all over the groin area. She knew the outlaw was about to suffer such horrible torture. She couldn’t help but scream in agony as she saw that look on La Diabla’s face. She heard those words from her, and she felt her heart being torn to shreds. “Salem….Salem….” she whispered back.

Thalia finished applying the cream all over the pussy and on the hole between the ass cheeks, then stepped back. She knew it wouldn’t take long for the substance to take effect. She saw Sabrina standing there in complete shock, then walked past her. She then put the jar of cream back on the table and removed the gloves. She nodded her head towards Carissa to secure that jar as it was time to watch La Diabla suffer. She loved the fact that the two women were so emotional right now. This was the perfect victory. She then walked over towards Darby’s left and now they both faced La Diabla on that table. She leaned her head to the right and smiled. “Ready to watch her suffer?” she taunted.

La Diabla kept her eyes closed as she could feel that substance all over her. Then she felt it. A small tingle started to build within her groin, and she winced. Her ass also started to tingle, and she gritted her teeth. The itching sensation was already building, and it wouldn’t be long before she would scream in agony. She started to move her body as best as she could, and the sensations started to get real intense. She then felt the substance inside her body reacting and it was getting to be too much. She tried to hold in her terror but the feelings started to sharply increase. “Aahhhhhhh!!!!” she screamed.

Darby was in stunned silence as she saw La Diabla’s body start to jerk around and could hear her starting to scream. She couldn’t even begin to imagine the horror that she must have felt. Then she started to hear the screams get louder and louder. She saw La Diabla’s eyes pop open and now she was screaming even louder! The substance must have really kicked in and now her lover was in sheer terror! She could see the look of horror on her face and all she could do was cry. She felt absolutely terrible that La Diabla was even in that position and now she was suffering. “Salem…..” she whispered to herself.

La Diabla felt the intensity of the cream dramatically increase and now it was an overwhelming sensation throughout her entire body. When she had that cream applied back in that cavern, it was her toes, nipples and armpits. That was the surface of her body and not the most delicate compared to where the cream was now. Having it on her very private spot and on her ass simply overpowered her and she screamed in absolute terror. It was the sensations inside her body that really overwhelmed her, and she feared for her life at this moment. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAHHHHHHHH IT ITCHES!!! IT ITCHES!!! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH PLEASE!!!!” she screamed in terror.

Thalia watched La Diabla’s face and saw how the body was trembling wildly. The sounds of those screams were music to her ears. She loved it when the cream was applied to a slave. She only had to apply it to a woman’s pussy once and that slave was like a zombie the rest of her life. This would surely destroy La Diabla because she did not intend to apply the aloe solution to her. That cream was going to severely damage La Diabla’s body, and she wanted to make sure she would never be a threat again. She looked over at Darby and could see the distress on her face. The tears were heavy, and the great deputy was crying really hard. That made her smile because it meant her heart was breaking. “I love hearing her scream….” she told herself.

Darby heard those screams, and she never heard La Diabla ever scream that loud before. It was heart wrenching, and she couldn’t stop crying for her. She knew that the outlaw sacrificed herself to save her. Never in her wildest imagination did she ever think something like this would happen when they first met. She truly felt so much love in her heart at this moment and seeing her suffering was too much for her to bear. She wished it was her after all suffering because then La Diabla would not be in this much agony. Those sounds drilled down into her soul, and she felt so crushed. She looked to her left and saw a grinning Thalia. “Help her!!! You have got to help her!! Stop it!! Stop hurting her!!! DO SOMETHING TO HELP HER!!!” she screamed.

“No…..she will suffer because of you. This is your fault. All of your friends, even the very special ones, will all suffer because of you. You are going to watch her lose her humanity. Deputy Darby Reeves is now my slave….” Thalia told her.

Darby heard those words and there was no sound of mercy at all coming from the Greek warrior. That really hurt her heart because the longer the substance was on La Diabla, the worse it would get and the more damage it would do. She looked over at La Diabla and could see her fading. The screams were still at a horrific level, but she knew she wouldn’t last much longer. Her heart was breaking, and she couldn’t do anything to stop this at all. “Please….someone help her. Someone *sob* please help her…..” she cried out.

La Diabla continued to scream as the cream continued to tear into her body. The feelings were too overwhelming, and she knew she may not survive this moment. She closed her eyes as she imagined she was going to lose her mind at any moment. Her screams started to fade as she was about to lose consciousness. Her mind surrendered and her body started to go limp. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH HELP ME!!!! IT ITCHES!!! IT ITCHES SO BAD!!!!” she screamed.

Sabrina watched La Diabla’s body trembling really bad, and those screams resonated in her mind. She could feel how much pain and agony her former lover was in, and it started to affect her. She was so hellbent on revenge that she buried her feelings for the woman. Now, hearing her scream in agony and asking for help was starting to make her emotional. She looked over at Darby who was crying profusely, then looked back at La Diabla. It stunned her that Salem Veracruz, better known as La Diabla, had such a loving heart. It proved her correct because even when she was involved with her, she sensed there was a lot of love in La Diabla’s heart. She knew down deep she was a loving person. She got to see some of that love sometimes during their brief relationship. She started to shift on her two feet as the sound of that screaming was really getting to her. She could feel the pain and the terror, and her emotions started to get to her. Her eyes started to get really watery, and her heart remembered the good times she had. She closed her eyes for a moment and remembered some of those loving embraces and those soft kisses goodnight. She felt a tear coming from her eye as she just could not bear to hear La Diabla screaming like that. It was much different than the torture she put her through. Sabrina also realized that the outlaw did this to herself to protect another. She wondered if that would have happened with her. She had a feeling down deep that if it came down to it, La Diabla would have done the same for her. She looked up at the ceiling and closed her eyes. Those cries for help broke through her wall of anger and affected her heart deeply. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She had to stop this madness. “Thalia…..stop this. Please stop this.” she said with emotion in her voice.

Thalia was enjoying listening to the agonizing screams of La Diabla and the heavy sobs of Darby. This was the moment both women suffered, and she could not be any happier. She felt she could hear Darby’s heart breaking as La Diabla continued to be in great agony. She loved touching that pussy of the outlaw and after Sabrina forced her to cum, she was very wet. Moisture was the key to making that Cream so powerful. She then heard her name and looked over at Sabrina. She was surprised to see that look of emotion on her face and it appeared she was crying. She heard her words, and she was surprised. “Stop what?” she asked.

“Please…..make it stop. She has suffered enough. Please stop the torture.” Sabrina told her as another tear fell down her cheek. She couldn’t stand La Diabla suffering anymore.

Thalia moved away from Darby and headed towards Sabrina. She was still very surprised that this outlaw wanted to show mercy on that woman. She was now standing in front of her with La Diabla’s screams in the background. “You want this to stop? Why?” she asked.

“Because…..I think she has had enough already. Please, make it stop. We won. They are broken now. Please….” Sabrina begged. She felt so terrible with those screams still going on.

Thalia had a grin on her face as she realized that Sabrina never let go of her feelings for La Diabla. She thought it was a bit adorable and found her so cute at the moment. She loved the sound of that tortured screaming but decided to accept that request. She could hear Darby crying really hard and she knew her mind and emotions were shattered. Even though she wanted La Diabla to suffer more, she figured it would be a good time to stop. “Ok, I will give her mercy. Carissa? Clean her up with the aloe.” she instructed.

“Thank you….” Sabrina whispered as she heard the order to stop. She tried to maintain her composure as she did not want to keep crying. She wanted to go comfort the outlaw, but that would not be a good idea. She swallowed hard and watched as Carissa approached the helpless body and started applying that same aloe substance that soothed Bessie. She felt a little better as she saw La Diabla being taken care of. She then saw Babs walk up to her with a look of concern on her face.

“Hey! Are you ok? Why did you want it to stop?” Babs asked. She had a feeling she already knew the answer. She knew that even after that torture session, her partner probably still harbored love for La Diabla and couldn’t stand watching her suffer like that.

“I…..I just think it was enough, that’s all.” Sabrina responded. She could hear the screams dying down and now could hear the soft whimpering of La Diabla. She closed her eyes for a moment as she really wanted to comfort her.

La Diabla felt a hand massaging her pussy and even going inside her. It was so humiliating that her private area was being touched by others, but she felt relief from the itching cream. She continued to weep openly as her body went through a lot. The soothing aloe helped that terrible itching feeling subside inside and, on her pussy, and her ass. She closed her eyes and just started to cry. She was so exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically, her body went limp. She was done for and now at the complete mercy of these evil women.

Darby continued to cry as she watched La Diabla get that aloe solution rubbed on her private areas. The screams of La Diabla resonated in her mind and she knew she had to be truly suffering. She was still astonished that her lover sacrificed her body to help protect her. That truly made her lose it because La Diabla put her own safety on the line to help her and she couldn’t do anything about it. She knew Thalia had just beaten her emotionally and she just let out the very heavy sobs.

Thalia smiled as she saw Carissa finishing up cleaning the cream off and now, she had two very broken prisoners. She was still surprised by Sabrina’s request, but it didn’t matter. Darby and La Diabla were never going to be the same. It was time to celebrate. She remembered there were two other new prisoners, but after what she just witnessed, she could wait to play with them later. It was time to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. They just conquered the deputy and the outlaw, and they deserved to feel good about themselves. First, they had to clean things up, then have a wonderful time celebrating. “Ok, take those two to their cells. Ladies, congratulations. We just destroyed Darby and we can celebrate! Tomorrow, we set sail to Greece as we get to present Christos with six new slaves! Haha Rose? Come here for a moment.” she told the group.

Rose was in complete awe after witnessing what had just happened. That had to be the most erotic and horrific tickle torture session she ever had witnessed. She approached Thalia and could see a huge glow on her demeanor. She knew this had to be the greatest victory in Thalia’s career. “Yes, Thalia?” she responded.

“I want you to contact Priscilla Montenegro. Tell her that we destroyed La Diabla, and she could see whatever is left of her before we depart. She was the one who told us about this old fort. I figured she should at least see how we destroyed her worst enemy. Then, have a feast prepared for us. Tonight, we celebrate our great victory!” she instructed.

“Yes! I will get on it right away!” Rose responded with excitement.

Thalia looked over at Darby and could see the hurt in her eyes. She loved how she just destroyed her emotionally and could not wait to get her back to Greece. “You really should be grateful your friend is an idiot. That should have been your pussy suffering like that. Tomorrow, you begin your new life as a sex slave….” she told her.

Darby heard Thalia’s words and it didn’t even matter. All she could think about was La Diabla’s well-being. Her heart was shattered because she saw how much of a mess the outlaw was. She then saw Carissa and Amalia approach and they started to unstrap her from the chair. Even though her limbs were now free, she just could not take her eyes off of La Diabla, who was also finally untied. She saw her lifeless body lying on her stomach on the table. She wanted to hold her and to comfort her. “Salem….My Salem…..” she cried as she saw her now getting moved out of the room.

“Oooh……muh head….” Becky moaned as she started to come to. She held her head where she bumped it and tried to get her bearings. She looked around and noticed all the different rocks at this spot. She tried to remember what happened and felt embarrassed. She had gotten to this spot to get in position to be like a sniper. Memories of her tripping over a larger rock came back to her and she remembered her falling down and then blackness. Her clumsiness once again affected her, and she didn’t do her job. She then slowly got up and went over to where she was supposed to be. She hoped the battle wasn’t over. As she made her way over there, she realized that the sun was starting to set. That made her really anxious because a lot of time must have passed. She looked downwards and saw the area where she was supposed to aim at. Becky noticed that no one was there! Not even Darby and La Diabla! She looked towards the spots where Veronica and Kylie were supposed to be, and she didn’t see them either. “Uh oh!!! I missed the battle!!! I wonder if we won?” she asked herself.

Becky then looked around the fort area and there was nothing at all. Then she started to get really worried because if Darby had won, they wouldn’t have left her in this spot. They surely would have rescued her. That meant only one thing! Somehow, Darby and La Diabla were defeated!! Her heart started to race, and she felt horrible because she could have been the missing element to have the battle won. She sat down and looked at the ground. An extreme amount of guilt washed over her as she thought she had failed in her duties. She spent so much time preparing to be this great deputy and when the time came, she failed miserably. She shook her head and started to feel her emotions building up. She then put her face into her hands and groaned in frustration. Her clumsiness was the reason she wasn’t hired as a deputy and now her clumsiness may have doomed Darby and all the others. She lifted her head back up and felt her eyes getting very watery. A tear fell down her face as she realized she failed everyone. She was entrusted with this important mission and because she was knocked out, her friends were probably suffering. “What have I done? I am such a failure!!!” she cried.

Minutes passed as she continued to cry over her failure. She let everyone down and now she remembered her father. She remembered him saying she would fail as a deputy, and it broke her heart to realize he was telling the truth. She continued to feel sad and didn’t know what to do next. She figured she would go back and tell Phoebe the truth. That she failed in her mission and now everyone must have been captured. She stood up and before she walked away, she took one last look towards the fort. Through her watery eyes, she saw some kind of wagon approaching. It looked like there was a lot of food on that wagon. That made her realize that the battle was lost, and Thalia and her gang must be celebrating. That made her feel even worse, and more tears fell. She figured she better go back to the hotel and then head back home to Texas. Then a thought occurred to her. If they were celebrating, then they probably were not leaving tonight. If that was the case, perhaps there was still a chance to save everyone. She would have to get help somehow. She slowly went down the hill and found the horse that pulled the wagon. She detached the horse and mounted it. It was time to head back to Ciudad del Reina. “I need to get back to the hotel. Maybe we can still save them!” she told herself, then sped off.

Thalia sat at the head of the table and loved the banter that was happening. She could hear the laughter and the energy in the room. She had just finished her meal of seasoned beef and vegetables and just took in the atmosphere. This was such a successful day, and she still couldn’t believe everything went according to plan. It was such a surreal feeling knowing that seven months of planning paid off. She took her wine glass and took another sip. She felt invincible and wanted to enjoy herself. The feeling she had within her was so wonderful and she glowed with excitement. She watched as Peta and Amalia were laughing over something. Then her eyes looked at Rose who was in an animated conversation with Carissa. Then she saw the two outlaws, Sabrina and Babs. Babs looked mellow and Sabrina still looked emotional. That confrontation must have really taken a lot out of her and she thought she could make her feel better. After all, she got such great help from Sabrina and this mission was a large success because of her help. She then saw Sabrina make eye contact with her and she winked at her. She lifted her glass to make a toast of sorts.

Sabrina was trying her best to enjoy the celebration. It was such an eventful day, and the Greeks were having a great time. She figured she should enjoy herself, but she kept thinking about La Diabla. Those screams never left her mind and she was worried about her. Even though her heart was broken, she did not want her former lover to suffer like that. She had really tortured her, but that Cream was something that was truly devastating. She then looked over and saw Thalia holding up her glass. The Greek woman had such a confident look on her face, and she could tell how happy she was. She figured she should be celebratory and hide the emotions she was having. She lifted her glass and did an “air toast” with Thalia.

Thalia saw Sabrina with a slight smile and thought she looked better with it. She figured it was the celebratory mood, the events that took place and the wine that made her feel really turned on. She looked at Sabrina’s pretty face and started to wonder if the outlaw was a good kisser. She knew she could easily take one of the new slaves, but there was something about Sabrina that really got her aroused. She started to think that perhaps they should get together in her quarters for a different kind of celebration. After tearing orgasms out of all the women, tickling them and then breaking Darby and La Diabla, she never did have any sexual release. She felt really horny and needed that kind of release. Sabrina looked really beautiful and now she wanted to have her. It would make this night perfect. She motioned her hand towards the outlaw. “Come here for a second….” she said quietly.

Sabrina saw the hand motioning her to go over and she figured she might as well talk to the woman who just destroyed everyone in her path. She sat at the other end of the table, so she stood up and walked down towards Thalia. She wondered when her role would be finished, and she could go back to New Mexico. She still had to think about what she was going to do with herself after this was over the next day. She was an escaped convict, so she had to be extra careful. Her own prestige was going to skyrocket, and she looked forward to being known as the most feared outlaw in the Southwest. She finally made it to Thalia and smiled. “You wanted me to see you?” she asked.

Thalia gestured her hand to an empty seat next to her. She smiled as she saw Sabrina sit down next to her on her right hand side. She looked at her and grinned. “Today was a very successful day. We did a lot, and it feels amazing right now.” she told her.

“Yes, we definitely did a lot today. It was quite a day to say the least….” Sabrina responded. She appreciated that Thalia was speaking with her, and it felt great to be victorious. It still took an emotional toll on her, and she wanted to rest. “I think I will turn in early tonight. It has been one action packed day. Hey, are we torturing the other two women tomorrow?” she asked, referencing Veronica and Kylie.

“Yes, we will torture them in the morning. We plan to leave in the afternoon. After destroying Darby and La Diabla, we figured we could wait until tomorrow. I mean, how can you follow up that kind of moment? Hehe” Thalia joked. She then took another sip of wine and saw Sabrina yawning. She did like the idea of perhaps turning in early as it was an emotional day for her as well.

“True! Haha I do love how everyone got involved in torturing these women. It was a great mission. Listen to them. They are all so excited and hehehehe a little tipsy.” Sabrina observed as she watched the others laughing and having a great time with one another.

“I am very proud of them. I am sure my employer will be most pleased with our victory and bringing him many new sex slaves. We have such a nice assortment of them. None of them are alike. I know I will enjoy having my way with Darby on our very long journey home.” Thalia followed up. She did enjoy the fact that the women captured had their own distinct looks. She took another sip of wine and leaned back in her chair. She could feel her own arousal growing and the outlaw next to her was looking more and more attractive.

“I am sure he will, and you do have such a long *yawn* journey ahead of you.” Sabrina responded, then covered her mouth as she felt another yawn happening. She was very emotionally spent and needed the rest. She then stood up and placed her left hand on Thalia’s right shoulder. “If you will excuse me, I will head to my quarters and just rest for a moment. It was a very brutal day and I just want to rest a bit.” she told her.

“I will walk with you. Let’s go.” Thalia responded then stood up from her chair. She walked next to Sabrina as they made their way out of the dining hall and into the hallway. She felt so much adrenaline flowing as the glory of her victory, mixed with a full belly and that delicious wine filled her soul. She knew Sabrina was burned out as she was very emotional during that event with Darby and La Diabla. She looked at the empty walls of the hallway and imagined how this place must have looked when it was occupied with the Mexican army. They arrived at Sabrina’s quarters, which was the quarters of a Mexican officer, and followed her in. She saw the full-sized bed and all the scattered papers. It reminded her of her own quarters where there was a queen-sized bed of the commander of the fort. It appeared the Mexican army just left the fort and didn’t bother fully clearing everything out. There was nothing of consequence remaining, but there was some furniture left behind. She saw Sabrina walk over to the bed and sit down on the edge of it. Now, she stood in front of Sabrina and looked down at her. She saw her yawn again and she felt energized.

Sabrina sat down on the bed and let out a loud sigh. She was so emotionally spent; she was looking forward to gathering her thoughts and emotions and trying to figure out what her next move was. She was curious as to why Thalia wanted to walk with her as the Greek bounty hunter didn’t seem like the social type. She then started to remove her boots as it was time to get a lot more comfortable. “Thank you for walking me to my quarters. If you don’t mind, I will just rest and be alone in my thoughts. We still have a big day tomorrow.” she told her.

Thalia nodded her head as she heard Sabrina’s words and then looked at her socked feet. She felt her adrenaline really building and her lust was getting strong. She wanted release and now it was time to have some fun with her partner in crime. “I can see how tired you are. Let me talk about what will happen tomorrow….” she told her, then sat down next to her on Sabrina’s left hand side.

Sabrina was surprised by Thalia sitting down as she wanted to be alone at this moment just to gather her wits and her thoughts about what happened with La Diabla this day. She figured Thalia wanted to discuss plans since they were the “leaders” of this mission. She noticed that Thalia started to remove her boots, which was very strange. She saw each boot come off and now the bounty hunter was in her black socks. “Comfortable? Hehe” she joked.

“Yes, haha. It feels good to take those boots off. Today was very physical and you know, it just feels good to let your feet breathe after such a hard day. As for tomorrow, when we destroy the other two women, I am thinking about having Carissa, Peta, Amalia, and even your partner Babs have some fun with them. Torturing them won’t be as much fun as Darby. Haha Then, we get everyone ready for the trip. I know most of them are all naked in their cells right now, but we will give them their clothes back. Can’t have them naked in public in case someone sees us, and I didn’t bring any slaves’ clothing.” Thalia told her. She wiggled her toes within her socks and felt her heart rate increasing. She felt a wetness growing between her legs and she really wanted to release all the tension in her body.

“That is good to know. I do want to tell you that I am really impressed with you and your little army. I have never seen such a dedicated force like yours before. I mean, all of you are very skilled in fighting and the way you destroyed everyone was a beautiful thing to see. You are truly a great warrior, and I also want to thank you for setting me and Babs free. I thought we were going to be in prison forever.” Sabrina told her. She was grateful for being part of this mission and every word she said was genuine. She saw Thalia looking back at her and she imagined the alcohol she drank must be making her mind see things. There seemed to be this flirty look on Thalia’s face and the way those eyes were looking her up and down made her think that the Greek warrior wanted to do something.

“Thank you for the compliments. Me and my ladies’ pride ourselves on being skilled fighters as it is important in our line of work. You and your partner are great allies! I knew adding you and Babs would make this mission a great success. You are a skilled fighter yourself. Very cunning and such a threat to anyone who opposes you. You are a great outlaw and I know you will strike fear in your area. You…..You are also very beautiful….” Thalia complimented, then reached her right hand up and stroked Sabrina’s long brown hair.

Sabrina was surprised by the compliment and now she felt her hair being stroked. She started to think that Thalia was coming on to her and she had no idea how to feel about that. Had this been any other day, she might have entertained the thought of having a physical moment with her, because everything they did was so sexually charged. But after what happened with La Diabla and Darby, her emotions were not into any sexual interactions at the moment. “Thank you. You are not bad yourself. Well, I think I will turn in now. Thank you for speaking with me and I hope you have a great night.” she told her.

“Come on, let’s celebrate some more. I was very impressed with what you did these last two days. You are quite talented and well, it turns me on….” Thalia told her boldly. She got herself closer to Sabrina as she wanted to make out with her. She felt all of her arousal peaking and it was time to finally get some release.

“Thalia…..I am flattered but right now, I just want to rest. It was such a long day…” Sabrina responded and tried to move away from Thalia. It was very obvious at this moment the Greek bounty hunter wanted more and she was not too much in the mood.

“Come on Sabrina, let’s have some fun….” Thalia said with a smile, then reached her hands towards Sabrina’s hips to try and move her closer to her. Her hands landed on the hipbones, and she squeezed them to get a grip to bring her over. She felt Sabrina’s body jerk around and saw a look of shock on her face. The adrenaline in Thalia’s body just exploded as she realized a wonderful trait of her partner. “What’s the matter?” she asked with a huge smile.

Sabrina nearly jumped into the air as she felt those very strong hands squeezing her hipbones. The tickling feeling tore right through her and in her emotional state, she was much more sensitive! She then looked at Thalia’s face and saw the look of a predator who just discovered her prey. “Nothing! You just surprised me, that’s all. I think I will turn in now. I hope you have a great night and get some good sleep.” she told her, hoping that would get Thalia to leave.

“Hehehehe why Sabrina Alamain, are you…….ticklish?” Thalia teased. She then did another squeeze of the hips and heard a strong giggle coming from her partner.

Sabrina felt a chill wash over her as she felt those strong ticklish sensations flowing through her body. Those hands were very strong and now she revealed her own ticklish weakness to a woman who was very good at tickling women. She started to use her hands to push away, but those squeezes rendered her into a pile of giggles. “Hahahahaha Thalia!! What are you *EEK* doing?!!! Don’t do that!” she giggled.

Thalia had a huge smile on her face as she kept squeezing those hipbones. The sound of Sabrina’s laughter got her really excited and now she wanted to really have some fun. Her own desires were controlling her, and she wanted to have sexual release really badly. “You ARE ticklish! I love that….” she teased, then kept squeezing.

Sabrina felt another strong squeeze and she shrieked. Panic started to wash over her, and she knew she had to get out of this room or she was going to be tickled. She tried to stand up, but when she did, those strong hands squeezed her hips again and dragged her back down to the bed. Once she hit the bed, she found herself now falling onto her back. She was now on her back and was stunned at how fast Thalia was. The woman was now on top of her, straddling her and looking down at her. She could feel her feet still touching the floor as her legs dangled over the edge. The look on her face frightened her because she knew that woman was going to try and tickle her into submission. She had seen that face several times these last two days and now it was going to happen to her! “Thalia! W-What are you doing? Get off of me! You do not want to do this!” she begged.

“Do what? Hehehehe I just wanted to have a little fun with you. Oh Sabrina, you look incredible right now. How about we just have some fun? I didn’t know you were so ticklish.” Thalia teased, then moved her hands towards the ribs and wanted to tickle Sabrina into sexual submission.

“Don’t!!! Hey, don’t tickle me!!” Sabrina yelled then tried to swing her arms to protect herself. Then she felt her fists being caught and now her arms were being raised above her head. She was surprised about Thalia’s strength, and she felt a bit helpless. She prided herself on being tough physically, but this woman was far superior and now she was being controlled. She then saw Thalia lower herself closer to her face and now their faces were inches away. “Please….what are you doing? I don’t think we should do this.” she told her with nervousness in her voice.

“I think we should. We both were very turned on by everything that happened. You can’t deny that. After tormenting Darby and that other bitch, I think we deserve some release. I want you, Sabrina. I want to drive you insane and then we both can have our release…..” Thalia told her. She then leaned her face closer and planted a kiss on Sabrina’s surprised lips. She felt the wetness between her legs grow even more as the lips felt so soft. She felt her nipples getting stiff and it was time to finally have some sex. She kissed Sabrina again and felt her body struggling beneath hers. “Just let yourself go….enjoy the moment.” she whispered to her.

Sabrina felt Thalia’s lips on hers and it completely blew her mind away. She never saw this coming and felt overpowered and helpless. The lips were very soft, which was another surprise. The way Thalia had been, she seemed so cold, so ruthless that a loving touch seemed impossible. She could feel this woman’s great strength and now she could feel her passion. She started to kick her legs around, doing anything she could to try and get out of this predicament, but those kisses kept happening and she could feel that warm breath on her. She then felt a shiver throughout her entire body as she felt those lips now kissing on her neck. That was a weakness of hers and she really started to struggle. “Thalia!! Please *mmmmmm* don’t do this. I don’t want to mmmmmmmmmmm do this….” she moaned as she felt those kisses on her neck.

Thalia heard Sabrina begging and that turned her on even more. It reminded her of the times where she would have her way with the sex slaves. They would struggle sometimes, and she loved to overpower them, and dominate them. She went into her sex mode, and it was time to dominate Sabrina. Her lust was too great, and she wanted to have her orgasm. She then lifted her upper body a little and looked down at the outlaw. She could see the panicked look on her face and that really got her turned on. She then let go of the wrists and before Sabrina could react, she plunged her hands quickly into the exposed armpits! She did a quick wriggle of her fingers, which forced Sabrina to clamp her arms to her sides, pinning her hands into those pits. “Naughty Sabrina! I guess I just have to loosen you up a bit. Laugh ticklish girl…..” she taunted.

Sabrina felt those strong fingers in her armpits, and she couldn’t help but burst into laughter! Those powerful ticklish feelings ripped right through her and now she was stunned. She had no idea how to react to this moment. She was usually the dominant when it came to tickling and now, she was the victim. The last time she was tickle dominated was during her time with La Diabla. She was very ticklish and now a woman who was very skilled was going to play with her. “HAHAHAHAHAHA THALIA!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? STOP!!!” she laughed.

Thalia felt such a rush of excitement in her body as she heard that laughter. This was such a different feeling for her because this was about controlling a woman who was not used to be tormented. This was her business partner and now she was having her way with her. The sound of that laughter sounded very sweet, and it only fueled her sexual desires even further. Her fingers wiggled deep inside the armpits, and she felt the struggling body starting to slow down. “Such a ticklish little girl! Laugh for me, laugh for Thalia! Haha” she said with excitement.

Sabrina was still in disbelief as she felt those fingers penetrating her armpits. She didn’t know what to do as her partner in crime was now tickling her. The Greek warrior was much stronger than she anticipated and now she was getting tickled. The fingers continued to burrow deep into her armpits and those intense ticklish sensations only increased. She closed her eyes for a moment as she tried to make sense of this entire moment. Thalia seemed intent on having some kind of sexual interaction with her and she never saw that coming. Even after all the intense sexual moments of those prisoners being tormented, she figured Thalia would get her release perhaps from one of her soldiers. Then her eyes opened and saw that gleam in Thalia’s eyes. She also felt embarrassed by the taunts by the Greek woman and that felt embarrassing. “Hahahahahahahaha Thalia!! Get off of me!!! Hahahahahaha this isn’t funny!” she yelled out.

“Then why are you laughing?” Thalia teased as she continued to tickle deep within the armpits. She loved the feeling of the fabric of Sabrina’s shirt on her fingers, but she also wanted to touch her flesh. She figured the more she tickled this woman, the weaker she would get and then stripping her naked would be much easier. She kept feeling the fight within Sabrina’s body and it got her even more aroused. This was like a wrestling match, and she wanted to dominate her into ticklish submission. Not only would she be stripped naked, but she planned to get naked herself. She wanted sex and she was going to get it. “Such a beautiful laugh you have! I love it. I didn’t think you were going to be this ticklish, but you are! Tickle, tickle!” she taunted.

Sabrina laughed harder as she heard those teasing words. The entire moment was still surreal, and she desperately tried to kick her legs, but it was no use. Thalia had all the leverage, and her powerful fingers were finding all the sensitive spots in her pits. Her legs stopped kicking as hard and now fear started to overtake her soul. If she was rendered helpless, an orgasm would be torn from her just like all the other prisoners. “PLEASE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MERCY!!! HAVE MERCY!!!” she screamed.

Thalia loved the sounds of that begging and she wanted to keep going with this. She grew more and more sexually attracted to Sabrina the more she tickled her. She could see that look of ticklish anguish on her face with her eyes opening and closing, and that mouth so wide open with the hysterical laughter coming from there. She always loved a ticklish woman, and this outlaw was a lot more ticklish than she even imagined. She licked her lips as her arousal was at fever pitch. She then slowed down her tickling to allow Sabrina to breathe for a moment. She heard her cough a little and heard her gasping for air. She loved that look of ticklish fear on the face and she moved her own face closer. “You are so sexy, Sabrina. I just want to take you! Those lips, those sweet lips…” she told her.

Sabrina was trying to recover a little as the tickling paused for a moment. She felt her entire body being very warm and that feeling of helplessness started to wash over her. She could still feel those fingers deep in her armpits and that fear was still running through her body. She felt herself breathing heavily and then she saw that Thalia’s face was directly in hers. She got nervous because she saw the look on the Greek’s face. Then she felt those lips kissing hers again and even though it was surprising, her body reacted. The kiss was very aggressive, and it sent tingles throughout her entire body. Part of her wondered if she should just go with this to avoid the tickling that was sure going to come if she resisted. She was very aware of the thrill of tickling a woman into sexual submission as she loved to do that as well. Thalia had all the leverage and the position, but she didn’t want to be a sex toy. Her own pride was still there as she was someone who could dominate and would no longer be dominated. That was why she wanted revenge on Darby. Darby had tickled her when she was captured, and it was the most humiliating moment in her entire life. Now Thalia was trying to do the same and she also knew she would not be like Darby. Darby wouldn’t try to have sex with her! She then felt the tongue going inside her mouth as the kiss was turning really passionate. She felt her body melting and she wondered if the fight would be worth it. The kiss broke and she saw Thalia close her eyes to savor anything. Sabrina felt really shy at the moment and hoped somehow, she could get from under this woman. Then she saw Thalia looking right back at her and she still had a lot of lust in her eyes. “Please….let me go. Come on Thalia, someone could come in and see us…” she said trying to persuade her to stop.

“Mmmmmm you taste so sweet. Your lips are like fine candy, I just can’t get enough. It does make me wonder if you taste good somewhere else….” Thalia whispered with a wink. Her sexual desires were in a raging fire at the moment, and she wanted to keep having her way with Sabrina. She had to get her release and there was no turning back. The thought of physically dominating the outlaw really turned her on and her urge to tickle her also grew. “Don’t worry about the others. If they show up, they can join us….” she teased.

Sabrina gasped when she heard that response and it appeared no amount of reasoning was going to deter Thalia from trying to have sex with her. She then felt the fingers starting to dig into her armpits again, and she exploded in laughter. Her legs started to kick around again as she became desperate to get out from under Thalia and her powerful tickling fingers. She also heard that response about her tasting good. As much as she loved hearing those kinds of words when she was having sex, when Thalia said it, it made her feel humiliated because she knew the bounty hunter was going to go after her most private area. Her ego was still there, and she couldn’t be the one sexually dominated. The issue was that she was so ticklish at the moment and those fingers were now really deep inside her armpits, which sent very intense ticklish sensations throughout her entire body. “THALIA!!! PLEASE!! HAHAHAHAHAHA THIS TICKLES!!!” she laughed.

“I bet it does cutie pie…..I love the sound of your laughter. I can’t wait to find all of your ticklish spots….” Thalia threatened as she continued to move her fingers in the armpits. She could feel Sabrina struggling beneath her and the warmth between her own legs kept increasing. She knew she was going to have a major orgasm soon and looked forward to it. It had been a while since she had sex with another woman, and having this moment would mean a lot to her. She felt so powerful as she looked at the ticklish agony on Sabrina’s laughing face. She tickled harder in the armpits as she wanted to speed up this process and get this woman naked.

Sabrina felt the aggression in the tickling, and she was about to lose it. Her armpits were such a weak spot on her, and it was starting to happen again. Her legs stopped kicking and they went limp. She was losing this battle and that fear returned to her. She looked at Thalia’s face and saw this look of sheer lust and she felt like such a helpless woman. Then the tickling slowed down, and she felt some hope again. She was already tired from the day’s events and this tickling was getting her weaker more quickly. The tickling then ceased, and she also felt relief when the hands were removed from her armpits. She wondered if Thalia had a change of heart and was going to stop trying to have her way with her. She took the moment to breathe and looked up at Thalia. She had this sinister grin on her face and a chill washed over her as she knew this situation was not done yet. “Thalia….come on. You have to stop this. Ok, I am ticklish, and I am really tired. Please, I just want to rest. Enough tickling please….” she begged.

“You are SO cute! I can’t help myself. I want you Sabrina, and I WILL have you. Now, since you are so tired, how about we take off that shirt of yours? I bet your body is getting very hot, right?” Thalia teased. She was eyeing the brown shirt and wanted to take it all off. She then placed her hands on the edge of the shirt and started to pull it up. She could see the pale skin of Sabrina’s belly starting to be exposed and she loved the look of that skin. Her arousal remained at fever pitch, and she wanted to devour this woman.

“Hey!! Don’t take off my shirt!! Thalia, please. Why are you doing this?” Sabrina asked. She felt so helpless and vulnerable as her shirt was being pulled up. She realized that the stripping process had begun, and she had to resist. She had no idea what she was going to do to get out of this situation.

“Why am I doing this? It is really simple. I want to fuck, and I want to fuck you silly. You are so beautiful and sexy. I have to have you. Our partnership proved to be very fruitful and now I want to celebrate. Now, off with this shirt!” Thalia told her. She then pulled the shirt up further then noticed that Sabrina crossed her arms over her chest, effectively blocking the removal of the shirt. She had a wry smile as it appeared the outlaw still had some fight in her. That only turned her on more and it was time to make this woman submit. “Lift your arms and let me take this shirt off. Or…..” she threatened.

Sabrina felt so ashamed at the moment as Thalia was taking off her shirt. She felt shy and wanted to protect her body as best as she could. She heard Thalia’s words, and a chill went through her body. Then she felt some fingers lightly tickling her belly and she gasped in shock! Her stomach was about to be tickled and she knew just how sensitive she was on that spot. “No!!! Don’t hehehee do that!!! Not my stomach!” she shouted.

Thalia ran her fingers lightly over that stomach flesh and loved how Sabrina reacted. It also made her feel another wave of lust wash over her as she loved that sweet giggling. Her prey was still fighting, and she had to show her dominance. “Either you let me take off your shirt, or I will tickle this tummy of yours. Your choice….” she told her.

Sabrina hated that choice as the light tickling on her stomach was already driving her crazy. She didn’t want to get tickled, but she also did not want her shirt to be removed either. She groaned as she made her decision to allow her shirt to come off. She lifted her arms up and looked at Thalia. “Ok, don’t tickle me! Take it off. Take my shirt off….” she instructed.

“Good girl…..” Thalia mused. She saw the arms go up in the air and now she had easy access to remove the shirt. She lifted the shirt up further and now the complete stomach was exposed. Now, she moved the shirt further up and out came the bra covered breasts. Her eyes went wide with a surge of lust as she saw those mounds hiding behind that bra. They weren’t large breasts, but appeared to be a B size, close to a C size. She felt herself trembling a little as she wanted to play with those breasts and devour them. She then moved quicker, and she removed the shirt over Sabrina’s head and then off her arms. She finally had an article of clothing removed and she was closer to getting this woman naked. She held the shirt up in the air like a prize and grinned. “Hmmm….this is just the first item I will take off of you. Soon, you will be naked my friend….” she said as she stared at the shirt in the air before she tossed it.

Sabrina shuddered in fright as Thalia was telling her what she wanted to do with her. She knew she was going to be stripped and then sexually dominated. She still had to figure out a way out of this mess. Thalia was still straddling her but was completely upright and looking at her shirt. She wondered if she should use this brief opportunity to strike back at her! Perhaps she could punch her in the stomach which could force her to get off of her. Then an idea came to her mind! She was being tickled so much and it made her weaker and embarrassed. She had watched all day of Thalia tickling and sexually dominating women and it made her wonder. Since the Greek bounty hunter had use tickling as a method of torture, was she ticklish herself? She knew this might be her only opportunity to find out! She looked at those exposed sides and figured it was now or never. She quickly reached her hands forward and placed them on Thalia’s sides and started to squeeze! “What about you?! Are you ticklish?!!” she yelled.

Thalia felt those hands on her sides and felt the squeezing. She was absolutely stunned as she felt very intense ticklish feelings in her body, and she dropped the shirt immediately. She looked down and saw the determined look on Sabrina’s face and she had to act very quickly, or her own weakness would be discovered. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you bitch!” she declared.

Sabrina was stunned as she heard that ticklish laughter coming out of Thalia. It was the greatest discovery in her entire history as this very dominant woman seemed to be ticklish herself! It meant she was human and not some kind of kind of machine. A surge of adrenaline flowed through her as her hands continued to squeeze those sides. Perhaps she would be able to turn the tables on Thalia and make her squeal. That motivated her to get aggressive then she felt a slap to the side of her face which completely stunned her. Then she felt herself quickly getting turned over on her stomach and once again felt Thalia straddling her. The sheer speed of that woman stunned her and now she felt helpless again. She had no idea what happened and now she was at the mercy of a most likely angry bounty hunter.

Thalia lashed out at Sabrina for tickling her by slapping her to stun her and then quickly got up off of her in order to flip her over onto her belly. She wanted to put Sabrina on her belly to render her helpless and prevent her arms from touching her again. She didn’t have anything to bind the arms, so she decided she had to use leverage instead. She was not happy that her own ticklishness was revealed and now she was going to torment Sabrina into submission and then ravish her sexually. She grabbed the arms and put the wrists on the back and leaned forward. “You shouldn’t have done that! You are a VERY naughty girl! You are going to pay for that….” she told her in a very firm voice.

Sabrina felt her arms behind her and felt slight pain. She was still trying to comprehend how she was flipped over so quickly. She went from tickling Thalia’s sides to now being in a more helpless position. She heard those ominous words, and she felt a cold chill in her body. She realized that she just pissed off a woman who was a very skilled fighter and was now in complete control. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do it! I wanted to know if *OW* you were ticklish, that’s all! Please Thalia! My arms hurt…” she tried to explain.

“Why would you want to know that? That was such a bad move by you. I don’t want to be touched like that.” Thalia told her, trying to control her anger at the same time. This was supposed to be a fun sexual interaction for her and not a torture method. But she felt some embarrassment as Sabrina now found out her weakness. Only a few people ever discovered she had ticklishness in her and those people would never tell anyone. Carissa accidentally tickled her during a sex session between them and one time a sex slave tickled her. That slave paid a severe price, and she wore that young woman out to the point that even Christos didn’t want her anymore. She was a broken soul and not very responsive as her mind was tormented and The Cream was applied to her sexual areas. Carissa would never try again and swore secrecy. Now Sabrina found out and she had to make her pay for that discovery.

“I was just being playful! You are tickling me, and I figured it would be fun to *OW* to play with you too. Please…I’m sorry, I am so sorry. I just wanted to *OW* have some fun.” Sabrina lied to her as she felt her arms in pain. She knew she had to somehow placate Thalia, or she was really going to get tormented. If she was going to be played with, she at least wanted Thalia to be in a good mood and not in that mood she witnessed when all the women were tortured by her. The last thing she wanted to do was make this woman really angry.

Thalia started to calm herself down as she heard Sabrina begging and explaining herself. It seemed to make sense since the outlaw did tickle others as torture as well. Her wanting to be playful sexually was a good thing and now she could resume her sexual advances with her. She knew she had to be careful going forward as she did not want Sabrina to touch her like that again. She let the arms loose and placed her own hands on the bare back. She could see the bra still on and she knew it wouldn’t take very long for her to remove it. Her lust started to build up again and now she wanted to have some fun. “Ok, that sounds cute. But I am warning you, do not try that again, ok?” she warned.

Sabrina felt a sense of relief when her arms were released, and Thalia started to sound a little more calm. She definitely did not want this woman to ruthlessly torture her. She was still concerned she was on her stomach and Thalia was on top of her. She felt very vulnerable, then she gasped as she felt fingers touching her back and they were also very close to her sides. She felt those ticklish tremors building up in her body again and she became very worried. “T-Thalia, w-what are you doing? Your touch….it hehehehe tickles!” she giggled.

Thalia started to lightly trace her fingertips on both hands all along Sabrina’s back and sides. She could feel Sabrina squirming beneath her and that only fueled her lust even more. She could hear those giggles and she loved teasing her. She really liked how soft the skin was and when her fingers moved right to the spine, she was rewarded with a very cute squeal. “You are adorable. Hehehe I love the way you squirm around. You are so soft, so sensitive….” she teased with a sensual tone of voice.

Sabrina started to kick her legs around again as the tickling sensations started to increase within her body. It was very apparent that Thalia was not going to stop tickling her. She had no idea how she should react. She wanted to fight back and force this woman to stop touching her. However, she greatly feared a backlash if she tried to stop her. She wanted to tickle Thalia back to give her a taste of her own medicine, but that woman was very skilled in fighting. She watched her single handedly take down Darby and La Diabla at the same time and didn’t use a weapon. She saw how women who were bigger than her physically were frightened of her. If she angered her, then she would probably get beat up, tickled and then perhaps even have that evil cream applied to her own body. She then felt another ticklish streak tear through her body as she felt a finger lightly tracing up her spine from the small of her back, all the way to her neck and every ticklish spot on her spine. “HEHEHEHEHEHEHE THAT TICKLES!!!” she squealed.

“I bet it does…..I love touching you. I love how ticklish you are. Perhaps you should visit Greece in the future. We could spend a weekend together and I will make sure you are satisfied as I fuck your brains out and tickle what’s left.” Thalia told her. She was starting to feel more aggressive as she was extremely horny at the moment. Watching and feeling Sabrina’s body react to her touch really drove her wild and now she placed her fingers right on the sides of the ribcage. Once she placed them there, she pressed into those spots and a wide smile formed on her face as she heard that delicious laughter coming out and the body was really wriggling like a snake. “So ticklish…..I love it. You’ll be naked soon….” she told her.

Sabrina felt those fingers on her ribs, and she couldn’t help but laugh profusely. Those fingers were very strong but touched her delicately in those areas which sent her into a fit of laughter. Her legs started to kick around again as she was now feeling more helpless. She wanted to fight back but she was not in a position to do so. Those presses in her ribs were now driving her wild and she also was concerned about the way Thalia was talking about sex. She truly realized that whether she wanted to or not, she and the Greek bounty hunter were going to have a major sexual interaction. “Thalia!!! Hahahahahahaha stop please!!!! DON’T TICKLE MEEEEEEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHA” she begged.

Thalia felt herself swooning the more she heard that wonderful laughter. She really felt like doing this all night long. She felt her nipples getting really hard and she figured it was time to let them loose. She then stopped the rib tickling and smiled. She felt Sabrina’s body stop struggling and saw her head rest on the bed. She loved hearing the residual giggles and the heavy breathing. She was going to dominate this woman sexually and finally get the release she had been holding back since she arrived in Mexico to begin this plan. She then started to unbutton her uniform top as she wanted to get herself ready. She was looking forward to this interaction and wanted to experience intense pleasure. The uniform was finally unbuttoned, and she started to slip her arms out of it. The shirt came off and she gently tossed it to the ground. Now, she was in her bra, and she started to remove that. Thalia felt her arousal skyrocketing again as she prepared for sex. “Mmmmmmm you are so tasty looking. I can’t wait to have you.” she said lustfully as her bra was coming off.

Sabrina felt herself trying to suck in air as that rib tickling was draining to her. She was still in shock and surprise this was all happening. She was grateful that the tickling stopped at the moment. Then something caught her eye! She saw something being dropped to the ground and she didn’t quite make out what it was, but it was black and appeared to be clothing. She was still in her bra and then a thought occurred to her. That could have been Thalia’s uniform! A streak of fear grew within her body as the Greek bounty hunter could be stripping herself. Then she saw something else fall and it was gray. It wasn’t as large as the previous object, but she had a feeling that was a bra. Her face went red with embarrassment as she realized Thalia was getting naked! The prospect of sex grew and now she wondered what was going to happen next. “Thalia…..um, are you taking off your clothing?” she asked.

“Hehehehe yes, of course. I don’t want to have sex with my uniform on. It is time we both get naked, don’t you agree?” Thalia teased as her breasts were now exposed. They were a B size and very firm. They were rounded but were strong. She always worked out her pectoral muscles which caused her breasts to lose some of that soft roundness she loved in her victims. The nipples were pink and now they were at attention. She tweaked them with her own fingers and felt that pang of lust tearing through her. She then leaned down so she could whisper in Sabrina’s ear. She felt her arousal growing as her nipples now touched the back of Sabrina. “Mmmm….You are just too soft. I love it. I am going to get you naked. I promise, you will cum tonight….” she whispered.

Sabrina felt a chill in her body as she heard those words whispered in her ear. She could feel the warm breath and it made her have goosebumps. She could also feel those very hard nipples pressed into her back. She started to have flashbacks of when La Diabla would do this same thing. Dominate her sexually. She loved those times because La Diabla was very good at seducing her and now this woman on top of her was trying to do the same. The difference between the two women was that she didn’t know she was going to have sex with Thalia. They were business partners! She then felt her body tense up when she felt kisses on the side of her neck and on the back. She felt hands moving her hair off her neck and she could feel those lips kissing there. This really stunned her because that was her weak spot. If someone kissed the back of her neck, right below the hairline, it pushed all of her sexual buttons. She felt her own nipples getting stiff and she started to panic. If she wanted to prevent having sex, she had to do it now. “Thalia….please….we shouldn’t do this. How about I take you *oooh* on your offer and visit *oooh* in Greece. Maybe we should get to *oooh* know each other better.” she cooed as she felt those kisses on her neck.

Thalia continued to kiss that soft skin and it gave her such a thrill. Her own nipples started to throb and the wetness between her legs only increased. She heard Sabrina desperately trying to beg her to stop but there was no turning back. She then reached her hands back to the ribs and started to press into them, trying to tickle her. She felt the body beneath her starting to squirm and she lifted her upper body up so that Sabrina’s head didn’t accidentally strike her head. She loved those giggles and continued to tickle those very sensitive ribs. “hehehehe we are getting to know each other now. You are ticklish and I want to cum.” she said with a grin.

Sabrina continued to writhe her body around as she felt those fingers on her ribs again. The ticklish feelings seemed to be increasing and her legs started to kick again. A wave of helplessness started wash over her and she wondered if she should just go with the ride. Resisting Thalia only seemed to make her more aggressive. That was something she loved as well whenever she was dominating a victim. She wanted them to resist so when she broke them, it made the sex that much better for her. It was now being done to her and her ego was getting bruised. She felt her laughter getting stronger and she felt weak. She wanted to fight back, but then figured she should just let Thalia have her way and this could be over quicker. “HAHAHAHAH THALIA!! PLEASE STOP TICKLING MEEEEEEEE!!!” she laughed.

“I love tickling you….You’re not as ticklish as Darby, but oh, you are so sweet!” Thalia responded as her fingers continued to probe into those ribs. She then moved her hands down and started to squeeze the sides. That really delighted her as Sabrina was really bucking around wildly. She found a devastating spot and wanted to have some fun. She loved making Sabrina squirm and laugh and was going to make this woman crazy. It was also time to make Sabrina surrender to her. “You want me to stop tickling you? Well, beg me to remove your bra! If you don’t, then I will just tickle……..HARDER!” she threatened and then continued squeezing on those sensitive sides.

Sabrina felt those squeezes on her sides, and she exploded in laughter. The tickle attack was very powerful, and it really sent her body into a frenzy. The sensations were very intense, and she did not know what to do anymore. She was becoming desperate as that ticklish electricity really tore right through her. Her legs kicked again, and she felt so helpless. It was like she was this woman’s prey and there was no escape. She heard those words, and she knew she would not last long if she didn’t succumb. “HAHAHAHAHA OK OK OK!!! TAKE OFF MY BRA!!! TAKE IT OFF!! PLEASE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” she laughed.

Thalia smiled as she heard those desperate words. Her tickle torture was working very effectively and now it was time to enjoy herself. She let go of the sides and clapped her hands. It was another measure of victory in her quest to have some sexual fun with Sabrina. She then reached her hands down and started to unfasten the bra. She managed to get it open and now she was removing the garment off Sabrina’s body. “Good choice! Mmmmmm I can’t wait to see what your chest looks like. I bet your breasts are magnificent. I promise you, Sabrina. You will love what happens to you….” she teased.

Sabrina felt her bra coming undone and now being removed off of her. She started to feel humiliated as she knew Thalia was going to keep tickling her until she was completely naked. She did not want to be tortured by this woman, so compliance was going to be key. She felt some sadness in her body as she was allowing herself to become submissive to her. After this very emotional and exciting day, she was now just another victim to Thalia. Her own ego was so large after she broke La Diabla and felt like she was on top of the world. She was just as powerful as the woman on top of her after tormenting Mia and La Diabla. Now, she was begging to be stripped naked to avoid being tickled. It was such a humbling feeling for her, and she started to get a little emotional. Now that her bra was removed, she was close to being naked. “Thalia….please….let’s stop. Please...” she pleaded.

“Why? Aren’t you having fun? It is not like I am torturing you. I am just getting you ready for a night of intense sexual pleasure!” Thalia told her. She meant her words as this was not about torture like the other ladies. This was foreplay to an amazing sexual encounter she hoped to have. She heard Sabrina’s pleadings and she wanted to get her more excited about this moment. She loved to dominate women during sex, but she wanted Sabrina to at least enjoy the ride. Then she had an idea and she smiled. She figured that if she were to do more sensual tickling, perhaps the outlaw would beg her to make love. She then placed her fingertips around the hips, right above the black pants and lightly stroked the skin. She felt the body twitching and then she heard some cute giggles. Her fingers then softly went up and down the backside and even though the giggles were still flowing, it wasn’t a torturous sound. “See? Doesn’t this feel better ticklish girl?” she asked teasingly.

Sabrina was in a state of confusion as this woman was toying with her. She was tickling hard and now she was tickling much softer. She felt those ticklish feelings going right through her body and somehow, she felt grateful that it wasn’t the aggressive tickling. She squirmed a bit and even tensed her back as the fingers softly went up and down her skin. She planted her palms on the bed and lifted her upper body up, similar to a push up. That soft touch was driving her wild and she moved her body in response. “Thalia….hehehehehe that really tickles me…” she giggled.

Thalia couldn’t help but smile when she saw Sabrina lifting herself up from the bed. She knew this soft touch had to be driving her wild and then it occurred to her. With the body up, the breasts were exposed. All she could see was the back and that brown hair and she wanted to play with breasts! She then reached her hands around and cupped them on both breasts. She was delighted to feel those nipples poking into her palms and she gave the mounds a soft, sensual squeeze. “Oooh! Nice!” she cooed.

Sabrina went into shock as she felt those hands on her breasts. She didn’t expect that to happen, and she dropped herself back to the bed. Unfortunately for her, the hands did not let go of her breasts and she could feel them softly squeezing them. She could feel how strong the hands were, but also how gentle they were. Her nipples responded to the touch and were now very stiff. She just continued to be in shock by all of these events and wondered what was going to happen next. “My breasts! You’re touching my breasts!” she told her.

“Yes, I am. I like them. You shouldn’t hide them from me. I think you will enjoy my touch. I love how soft they are. And your nipples…..I can’t wait to taste them.” Thalia said with heavy lust in her voice. She loved the sensations on her hands and that fueled her more. She was really getting ready to take this woman sexually. Her own nipples were throbbing, and she had to keep pushing the pace. This was not going to be a long, torturous time. This was going to be an intense sexual encounter as she felt her loins ready to burst. It was time to get Sabrina ready! “I think it is time you lose your pants…Or should I take your socks off first?” she asked.

Sabrina felt her breath leave her body when she heard those words. The next part of her clothing was going to be removed and that worried her. She knew if her pants got taken off, her underwear would follow and there would be no turning back. She also feared her socks coming off as well. Thalia was a tickling machine and if her feet were bared, they were surely going to be tickled. She didn’t know how to respond to this, and she felt that helplessness. “I….I don’t know…..” she murmured.

Thalia grinned as she heard that response from Sabrina. She loved how the outlaw seemed confused and was probably disoriented by all of this sexual aggression. That was where she wanted her, and she was truly going to enjoy seducing this woman. She then reached back and grabbed Sabrina’s right ankle. She then bent the leg at the knee and placed the foot under her right arm and locked it. She could see that socked foot trapped and saw it wiggle around a little. It was time to have a little fun with her feet. She wondered how her feet would look and if they were attractive and of course, ticklish. “I like your feet. I want to see them. I bet they are really pretty. Hehehe” she said with a slight giggle.

Sabrina’s body froze when her ankle was grabbed and now her foot was trapped. She had zero leverage now since she was on her belly and now her foot was trapped. She knew what Thalia was after and that sent a large wave of fear throughout her entire body. Her feet were going to be tickled and that was a major weakness for her. Not only did La Diabla enjoy tickling her feet a lot when they were together, but even Darby got to tickle them. Her feet were tickled when she was captured, and it was the most humiliating experience in her life. That moment made her surrender to Darby and that was how she ended up going to prison. Now she was going to have her feet tickled by a woman that was ruthless in her tickling and made so many women suffer in front of her. She had to get out of this now! “Thalia!!! No, no, no, no no!!! Not my feet!! Please!! That would be cruel!! Let me take my socks off! Let me do it instead!” she begged.

Thalia could only feel excitement in her body as she heard that desperate begging. It appeared that Sabrina was going to be really ticklish on her feet and she had to explore that. She loved playing with a woman’s feet and to have this outlaw laughing and giggling in her clutches only fueled that lust between her legs. She looked forward to stripping herself naked, along with Sabrina and get a much-needed orgasm. She then took her left hand and found the top of the sock. She started to pull it down the leg and then felt it come off the heel. Her heart raced with excitement as she was so close to revealing that ticklish prize underneath. The foot looked to be about a size 8 and was narrow. She loved big feet, but she also loved narrow feet. The nerve endings would be concentrated in smaller areas as compared to a wide foot. Then the sock started to come off the arch and she could see the top of the foot as well. She loved that creamy skin color and her adrenaline started to increase. “Oh yes, I want to see how pretty your feet are. Do you have cute feet? I really love pretty feet.” she teased.

Sabrina felt her sock coming off and she was desperately clawing at the mattress, trying to pull herself from under Thalia and to some kind of safety. It was such a helpless feeling not moving anywhere and all she did was shift the blankets that adorned the bed. When the sock exposed her arch, the panic really set in as her foot was going to be attacked and she was really going to suffer. Her feet were always highly sensitive, something both La Diabla and Darby seemed to really enjoy. Then she felt the sock come off the ball of her foot and she knew her toes were next. She thought about what Thalia asked and she had to try something at this point. “NO!! THEY ARE NOT!! MY FEET ARE REALLY UGLY!!! HIDEOUS!!! REALLY UGLY FEET! YOU WILL PUKE!” she screamed.

Thalia laughed out loud when she heard that reaction from Sabrina. This woman was desperate and trying to avoid having her feet tormented. So far, the skin looked amazing on the foot and now she was going to see the toes. She wanted to see how long they were and then she would peek at the sole. She then plucked the sock off and her eyes looked at the helpless toes. She felt excited as she saw the medium length toes that descended in length from the big toe to the baby toe, and those natural nails were trimmed. She nodded her head in admiration and then she leaned her head a little forward and shifted her arm back a little, so she could take a really good look at the sole. When she saw the bottom of that right foot, she loved what she saw. The foot was narrow with the skin being a very light pink and the arches were creamy. The foot was a little flat, but still had a nice design to them. She could see the toes had a natural “curl” to them, so the pads of the toes were that same light pink color, but the undersides of the toe stems were pale. The skin did look soft as she did not notice any obvious callouses. It was a very pretty foot, and she was truly going to enjoy this moment. “You little liar! Your feet are not ugly at all! They are very pretty. I like them. I am truly going to enjoy playing with your foot.” she cooed.

Sabrina continued to claw her hands at the mattress and the fact she was not moving anywhere horrified her. The way Thalia was talking about her foot, she was going to suffer a lot. Then her body froze as she felt fingers touching her sole. They were lightly tapping on the foot, and it sent very strong ticklish tremors in her body. It was such a horrible feeling to her knowing her foot was helpless and she was going to be tickled there. That simple touch to her foot made her writhe some more and she strained as much as she could to get her leg freed. “Thalia! Please……I..I am begging you. Please don’t hehehe touch my foot. Ok, let’s have sex. I…I want to have sex now…” she begged, hoping the acceptance of sex would get this woman off of her and away from her foot.

Thalia felt her nipples were about to burst and another wave of erotic lust rocked her between her legs. She loved desperate victims and Sabrina’s begging was really turning her on. She wanted more and then she placed the palm of her hand on the bottom of that foot. The skin was soft and also very tender. She then slid her foot up and down the sole and she heard more cute giggles coming from Sabrina. She wanted to tease her at first, then go after that foot and drive her wild. Once she tormented these feet, she wanted to strip her naked and just have her way sexually. “Listen to you! I want to have sex with you, and we will have it, trust me. But your foot is just too cute! I do wonder about something. Want to know what it is?” she asked teasingly.

Sabrina shivered as she heard that question. She knew from her own experiences that Thalia was setting her up, so that she could really torture her. With her foot trapped, she knew that was going to happen anyway, so either she went along with the game, or the brutal tickling would be much longer. She buried her face into her hands and prayed this foot tickling wouldn’t last long. “What? What are you wondering?” she asked.

Thalia grinned as she saw Sabrina appearing to brace herself. She took her hand off the foot, to get ready for her attack. She loved how soft the foot was and when she went after it, she wanted to really play with it and drive Sabrina wild. “I wonder if your feet are as ticklish as Darby’s. Are they?” she asked with a giggle in her voice.

Sabrina’s head lifted from her hands, and she tried to turn around and look at Thalia. She was asked if her own feet were as ticklish as Darby’s, and she didn’t know how to answer. She didn’t see Thalia tickling Darby’s feet earlier, so she had no idea how Darby reacted to Thalia when her feet were tickled. She saw Rose tickle them and the deputy was roaring in laughter. She also tickled them herself and she remembered just how much Darby was screaming in ticklish agony. Those large, deep pink feet were the most ticklish feet she ever encountered. Even after tickling other women, including La Diabla, no one compared to Darby. But with her own feet, she could feel those ticklish sensations and knew how bad it was. Perhaps it was just in the eye of the beholder about who was more ticklish. But she also had an ego, and she didn’t want to be worse than Darby! Her feet were agonizingly ticklish to her, but she had to be not as bad as the deputy. “Hers are! She has the most ticklish feet in the world! We are not the SAAAAAAAAMMMMMMEMEEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA THAT TICKLES!!!” she roared as she felt fingers sliding up and down her foot. She did not expect the tickling to happen at this exact moment, so she didn’t get to brace herself.

Thalia laughed as she heard Sabrina explode in ticklish laughter when she started to run her fingers up and down the helpless sole. She loved how soft the skin felt and the sound of that laughter was music to her ears. It was more of a tortured laugh compared to the other areas she tickled. She also loved how she surprised Sabrina with the tickle attack. That was always the best way to torment someone because when they were talking, they were not focusing on bracing themselves when they knew they were going to be tickled. She knew she caught her off guard and would get the best reactions. Judging by the way the foot was squirming in her grasp, it was a very ticklish foot indeed! “You’re right, no one is as ticklish as that idiot Darby, but you are quite sensitive. Such soft skin, and it just seems so……ticklish!” she playfully said as her fingers were sliding in the low arch area.

Sabrina was thrashing around as the tickling continued on her foot. She could feel those strong fingers on her arch and the sensitive nerves there were driving her wild. She started to bang her fists on the mattress, then buried her face in her hands. She tried to squirm her body around, but it was useless. She was trapped and now the fingers moved over to the ball of her foot. Her toes curled tightly and then went wide open as she was desperately trying to get herself free. Now she understood the ruthlessness of this Greek warrior and the helplessness only grew. She had no idea how long she was going to be tickled, but she hoped it would be very brief.

Thalia loved the different reactions Sabrina was giving as she explored that ticklish foot. When her fingers went to the arch, she saw the outlaw’s body thrashing around. When she played with the ball of the foot, she would bury her head in her hands. When she went after the heel, she would see the arms waving around. That made her wonder what would happen when she got to the toes. Would that make this woman lose her mind? She then took the tip of her index finger and placed it at the bottom of the heel. She then slowly zigzagged the finger up the length of the sole, going side to side across that tender flesh from the heel, through the sensitive arch and then across the ball of the foot. Once her finger made it to the inside edge of the ball of the foot, she slowly zigzagged it back down the sole. Her finger touched the instep, which forced a very cute shriek from Sabrina. She truly loved this moment. It wouldn’t be long before she had sex with this woman. “You are such a ticklish girl!!! I love how you are this tough and dangerous outlaw, but now we know that you are nothing but a ticklish little girl! I love this foot of yours. Sooooo ticklish. Hehehe” she teased.

Sabrina felt that finger moving all over her foot in that zig zag motion, and she was about to lose it. Even when Darby tickled her, it didn’t seem this bad. Thalia was definitely a skilled tickler and that feeling of weakness filled her soul. She never liked being teased verbally like that and now Thalia was doing it to her. She couldn’t fight back. She could not get free. The Greek bounty hunter was going to have her way with her body and there was nothing she could do to stop her. That was such a humiliating feeling and her emotions started to go wild. She was not in love with Thalia, so this moment of being tickled into having sex was such a humiliating feeling. “Thalia!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA please stop tickling me!” she begged.

“I like tickling you! Your feet are so nice to the touch! Don’t worry my sexy friend, soon we will have such powerful orgasms. Hehehehe Oh, I wonder if your feet are more ticklish than La Diabla. I didn’t get to touch hers. I guess I better explore your feet while I can, then compare it to when I tickle hers when I am back in Greece.” Thalia teased. She had images of tickling the other outlaw’s feet and would probably imagine Sabrina’s a lot. She now felt it was time to explore the toes. She really loved ticklish toes and she hoped Sabrina’s were no different. She then slid her fingers up the ball of the foot, and then went to the base of the toes. She saw the toes curling very tight and she saw the tops of them. That made her laugh because her victim was desperately trying to protect that area. “Open up these toes! Come on! I have a surprise for them! Either you open them, or I will just have to tie you down and force them open….” she threatened.

Sabrina was happy the foot tickling stop, but she felt those fingers near her toes. She could not let Thalia play with her toes unless she absolutely wanted to lose her mind. She also heard what she said about La Diabla’s feet, and she remembered how ticklish they were. It was so crazy to her that after all those women were tormented, including Darby and La Diabla, she was also a tickle victim. She wondered if Babs would be tickled as well. She then heard the threat of being tied down and her toes were forced open. She saw how Bessie’s toes were tied, which rendered the foot completely vulnerable and when she entered the main interrogation room, she could see Darby’s toes were also tied. The thought of her foot being completely helpless and exposed gave her great fear. She wondered what surprise Thalia had in mind, but she had to find out. She had to remember her plan of appeasement to avoid true and vicious tickle torture. “Ok….please….please don’t torture my toes. You don’t understand….” she begged.

“Oh, I understand. Your toes must be your weakness. Hehehehe oh, I got plans for those toes. Now, open them up.” Thalia threatened. She then watched as the toes started to open up and that made her happy. She was surprised that Sabrina was not as defiant as the other victims. She was pleased to know that the outlaw figured out it was better to go along with her wishes or suffer some major ticklish consequences. Once she saw the toes open up, she then lifted her right arm up, forcing the foot to get higher into the air and near her face. She could hear the grunt coming from Sabrina as it put some pressure on her back, so she had to be careful not to injure her. The toes were now right by her mouth, and she leaned her head down and managed to wrap her lips around the big toe. She then started to softly suck on that toe, and she felt her own lust explode within her body. The skin of that toe was so soft, and she started to suck harder. The toe tasted delicious to her, and she felt her nipples pulsating with sexual heat. “Mmmmmmm delicious…” she cooed as she continued to suck away.

Sabrina’s eyes went wide open with surprise as she felt her big toe inside Thalia’s mouth. The woman was now sucking her toes!!! She had mixed feelings about this moment as she could still feel ticklish tremors throughout her body, but she also felt her own nipples tingle. She did love having her toes sucked, especially when La Diabla did it to her years ago. She remembered how aroused she was when the outlaw took her delicate toes into her mouth and sucked on them so hard. It tickled her a lot, but the feeling she had between her legs during that time was very erotic and got her really horny. Now she felt her toe inside that very warm and wet mouth, and she couldn’t help but feel the wetness between her legs growing. She felt the small pressure on her back from her leg being bent upwards, but that sensation on her toe felt amazing. She wanted to resist, but this felt incredibly good to her. “Thalia……mmmmmmmmm oh no…..mmmmmm you….you…..you’re sucking my toe….” she moaned in lust.

Thalia loved the sounds Sabrina was making and she continued her toe sucking. She wanted to get Sabrina very wet in her pussy as she prepared her for sex. The tickling was a great method to break down the defenses, now it was time to get her ripe for sex. She always enjoyed sucking a woman’s toes throughout her life. With Christos’ harem, she had plenty of opportunities to divulge in her desires. She remembered the sex slave named Ingrid. That young slave was a lot of fun because she could actually have an orgasm by having her toes sucked. She wondered if she could ever find someone like that again. She didn’t get the chance in the interrogation room, but she wondered what Darby’s toes would taste like. She had to suck those meaty toes and looked forward to finding out. Now it was about sucking Sabrina’s toes. The moans she was making got her excited and now it was time to get the other foot ready. The big toe slipped out of her mouth, and she smacked her lips. “That was delicious! Now, let’s check out your other foot….” she said with lust.

Sabrina felt Thalia’s mouth coming off her toe and she felt many different feelings within her body. Her body loved how that toe sucking felt and her nipples throbbed, and her wetness began to increase between her legs. She also knew Thalia was trying to break her down and make a sexual interaction easier. The toe sucking also felt ticklish, but she was able to feel more of the pleasure. She then felt her right foot falling back down to the bed. Then she gasped as her left ankle was grabbed and now was trapped under Thalia’s left arm. Her other foot was about to be played with and she felt fear growing. She hoped she wasn’t going to be tickled and would be able to at least tolerate toe sucking. She then felt her body tensing up as she felt fingertips drumming on the bottom of her socked sole. “T-Thalia…..are you g-g-going to suck my toes?” she asked, hoping to steer the Greek bounty hunter to that action.

“Hmmmmmm….you liked my toe sucking, huh? That is good to know.” Thalia said with a sensual tone. She liked the fact that Sabrina mentioned the toe sucking and she was going to enjoy the toes on the left foot as well. But she had some tickling to take care of first as she loved how much Sabrina laughed when she tormented the right foot. She then reached for the top of the sock and started to pull it down the leg and then off the heel. She loved that moment when a sock came off the heel of a foot because it meant the foot was going to be exposed and at her mercy. She continued to slide the sock off the foot, and she could see the creamy skin on the top of the left foot. She couldn’t wait to strip this foot naked, then look at the sole. She loved how the right foot looked and knew the left foot would be just as beautiful. “I really like your feet, Sabrina. I think I am going to have lots of fun with this one too.” she told her.

Sabrina felt her nerves going wild as she heard Thalia talking about her feet. She knew her foot was going to be tortured and she felt very trapped. Her mind started to race and wondered if she should just ask for sex right now so she could avoid the tickle attack. She could feel lust in her body, but she didn’t really want to have sex. She also hated the fact she was the submissive in this moment when she really liked the feeling of being the dominant. She then felt a chill go up her spine as her sock came off her arch and now the ball of the foot. It was going to be moments before her toes were exposed. “Please Thalia…..how about we make out? Would you like that?” she offered out of desperation.

Thalia paused her sock removal as she heard Sabrina offer to have a makeout session. She liked that idea, and she was quite horny at the moment. She also knew it was a sign that Sabrina was getting more desperate and had great fear of being tickled. The outlaw even asked her to have sex earlier. That excited her even more. She loved it when her victims had that ticklish fear. That fueled her inner fire, then she plucked the sock off, and exposed the toes on the left foot. Just like the right foot, the toes descended in length, and they were medium length. She loved the shape of the nails and couldn’t wait to have them in her mouth. It was time to tease this woman and have a lot of fun with her foot. “That sounds very tempting! I absolutely love to make out with you, and we will. In fact, you know I am going to fuck your brains out, but we need to have a little fun first! I have to get you ready, and I must say, I love how your laughter sounds.” she told her.

“No!! Don’t!! Hehehehehehehe hey!!!” Sabrina laughed as she felt fingers now stroking up and down her sole. She already suffered when her right foot was tickled, now the left foot was enduring the same fate. The fingers started on her heel, and she felt those ticklish tingles through her body. She tried to jerk her foot around, but it was trapped under Thalia’s arm. That feeling of torture was growing as the fingers moved into her lower arch area. That really sent an intense feeling in her body, and she started to wave her arms in the air.

“Hahaha you sure are ticklish on your feet! I like that! I really could tickle you all night. I wish I had known about your ticklish feet earlier. I would have played with you last night….” Thalia teased as her fingers continued to stroke on the spot where the arch and heel connected. She saw the toes wiggling around and knew she hit a hot spot. She then moved her fingers slowly into the arch and she heard a very ticklish squeal coming from her play toy. The foot was trying to curl, and she could feel the wrinkles forming in the skin. She moved her fingers where they went over those wrinkles and it seemed to make Sabrina even more crazy. She liked how the arms were waving in the air and saw her hair starting to thrash in the air. She felt another throbbing feeling in her loins and her lust only increased.

Sabrina was really panicking now as the tickling seemed to have gotten worse. The way those strong fingers stroked her very tender arch, she didn’t know how she was going to survive. Her leg was bent, and her foot was trapped. She moved her hands down to her sides and she felt Thalia’s knees next to her. She remembered the woman was straddling her body and thought about squeezing those knees. She had discovered that even someone as powerful and skilled as Thalia was also very ticklish. She was really tempted to fight back, but then she remembered how she even got on her stomach to begin with. The Greek bounty hunter had flipped her over after she tickled her sides. That did anger the woman and if she were to squeeze those knees and tickle her again, she might really be tortured. Thalia did destroy plenty of women these two days and there would be a severe price if she tickled her and did not win that battle. Her ego was starting to get to her and figured she should fight back! She was a dangerous outlaw and forcing Thalia to give in would make her the most powerful outlaw the Southwest had ever seen. But then the logical side of her brain figured she was not in position to fight back, and she would truly suffer. Thalia was being playful with her and once again, she figured going along with everything would probably spare her true torture. Then she squealed again as she felt the fingers moving towards the instep and center of her arch. Those ticklish sensations ripped right through her body, and she felt like she was going to lose it. Those spots were very responsive, and it really overwhelmed her nervous system. “HAHAHAHAHAHA COME ON THALIA!!! PLEASE HHAHAHAHAHA STOP TICKLING MY FOOT!” she begged.

Thalia couldn’t help but grin when she heard that delicious laughter and that begging. She was getting really excited playing with Sabrina and was craving her even more. She was having a lot of fun tickling the feet of the outlaw and wanted her to react even more. She focused on tickling the arch and then did a quick zip of her fingers to the ball of the foot. That forced her love prisoner to squeal again, and she chuckled over that sound. “Hahahaha you sound so cute when I tickle your foot! Laugh for me Sabrina, laugh….” she taunted as she continued to scrabble her fingers all over the arch.

Sabrina felt her body shifting side to side on the bed as those powerful fingers continued to tickle her arch and instep. She felt her laughter getting stronger and her desperation grew. She had to think of something to get out of this predicament and not anger Thalia at the same time. She knew the Greek woman was very aroused and she figured she would have to get her to focus more on the sex part than the tickling attack. She knew it was risky, but she had to do something for her own survival. “THALIA!!! KISS ME!!! KISS ME PLEASE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I WANT TO MAKE OUT NOW!!! HAHAHAHAHA HORNY I AM HORNY FOR HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOOOOOUUUUUUUU!!” she shouted.

Thalia paused her arch tickling and cocked her head to the left side. She heard Sabrina talk about being horny for her and that made her pause. She wondered if all the tickling and even the toe sucking on the right foot had made the outlaw really horny. That is how she wanted her, and she liked that idea. She then stopped her arch tickling and let her hand drop down. She still held the foot and could see it quivering in post tickling vibrations. “You are horny for me?” she asked.

Sabrina felt that relief washing over her as the hand finally stopped tickling her foot. She tried her best to catch her breath, but she also had to keep interacting with Thalia or the woman may tickle her again. She let her head drop in her hands again, then lifted her head back up. “Yes….Yes. I-I am horny for you. Can….can we make out now?” she asked.

“Hmmm….that does sound nice. I would love to kiss your lips. Both sets…..” Thalia responded. She did like the idea of making out with Sabrina as that would lead to their eventual sexual encounter. Her eyes then looked at those cute toes and she had that craving again to put them in her mouth. She wanted to devour them and that should also get the outlaw horny for her. She then lifted her arm up, bringing the foot closer to her face. “But first, let’s get your pussy really juicy….” she teased, then wrapped her lips around the left big toe.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhh” Sabrina let out a loud moan as she felt that warm, wet mouth sucking on her toe. She anticipated her foot being released, but this feeling she had as her toe was being sucked on felt incredibly good. She loved this sensation and felt her lust skyrocketing. The effect on her right big toe drove her wild, but this sucking on the left big toe really went through her sexual desires. She lowered her head into her hands, and she continued to enjoy that pleasure. She felt she shouldn’t moan too loud, but she couldn’t help it. That mouth was wonderful. Then she felt herself twitching a little more as she felt the tongue now licking and swirling on the top of her big toe. It wasn’t a bad tickle, but it did make her giggle a little. “hehehehe that tickles…” she laughed.

Thalia wanted to touch herself as she heard those sweet giggles. She continued to move her tongue on the big toe and now the foot was really quivering. That got her motivated and now she wanted to tickle those sweet toes! She figured she could have some tickling fun with them, then suck each of them to drive Sabrina wild. She let the big toe slowly slide out of her mouth and she saw the toe glistening with her saliva. She then lifted her right hand back up and placed the fingertips under the curl of the toes and onto those very delicate undersides of the toes. “I love your giggle, Sabrina! You have some ticklish toes, huh? Let’s find out!” she threatened.

Sabrina froze in place as she heard that threat! Her toes were in danger, and then she felt fingers near the base of the toes and it was time for her to panic. Her body shook when the fingers started to touch the undersides of her toes. Her toes were always extremely ticklish and now the powerful fingers were touching that delicate skin. She tried to scrunch her toes, but with the fingers there, she locked them in that spot. Her body started to writhe like a worm on a hook on the bed as her hands desperately gripped the blankets, trying to do anything she could to get out of this position. She started to laugh uncontrollably as the intensity only increased. “THALIA!!! WHAT ARE HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU DOING?! THOSE HAHAHAHAHAHA ARE MY TOES!! NOT MY TOES!!!!” she roared.

Thalia laughed to herself as she listened to that desperate laughter. She loved the feeling of the soft skin on her fingers and wanted to keep sending shockwave after ticklish shockwave throughout Sabrina’s body. This always got her excited and the way Sabrina was writhing around was really getting to her. She could see that naked back and glimpses of the sides of the breasts when the body twisted. The sound of Sabrina’s laughter was addicting, and she wanted to get more of it. She then felt her fingers slipping in between the toes and then saw Sabrina’s body go completely stiff and there was a brief pause in her laughter. Then she smiled when the laughter came pouring out like an explosion!

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AH STOP!!! STOOOOOOP!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA TOO MUCH!!! TOO MUCH!!! HHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA I CAN’T STAND IT!! HAHAHAHAHAHA MERCY!!! MEEEEEERRRRCCCYYY!!!” Sabrina screamed as she felt fingers between her toes. This feeling was breaking her down and she felt completely helpless. This was becoming more like torture, and she understood what her own victims felt during these moments. She couldn’t even move her foot around because she was in a paralyzed ticklish state as the fingers probed her toes. Her head slowly fell back to the bed, and she laid the right side of her face on the bed and her arms also laid on the bed, completely spread out. The tickling was breaking her down and all she could do was laugh herself silly. Her hands slightly tapped the mattress as she felt herself submitting. She started to pray this would be over soon as the sensations were just too overwhelming.

Thalia gave a few more squeezes on the toes as she was now hooked on that maniacal laughter coming from Sabrina. There was never a time she didn’t enjoy tickling a woman’s feet. She really loved ticklish toes and just couldn’t stop herself. She could see how submissive Sabrina’s body was getting, which only turned up the sexual heat within her own body. She then pulled her fingers out from between the toes, lifted the foot a little higher, then started to wrap her lips around that big toe once again. Once she did that, she sucked the helpless digit. Hard.

Sabrina’s mind almost went into liquid as she went from the horrific tickling to that very pleasurable feeling of having her toe sucked. She couldn’t even recover from the toe tickling before that sexual pleasure filled her body. To have her body go from one extreme to another so rapidly really set her off and she felt so weak as she enjoyed the pleasurable feelings. Her laughter stopped and a loud moan came out from her lips. Her mind started to spin as feelings of sexual pleasure filled her body. The way those lips sucked her toe and then feeling that tongue also swirling around it only sent that sexual electricity throughout her body. She knew she was being systematically broken down, but her body did not care. That sensual feeling overtook her rational mind, and she kept moaning in pleasure.

Thalia heard those very strong moans of pleasure, and she knew she had Sabrina right where she wanted her. Now it was time to finish her toes and then she could enjoy the rest of that body. She let the toe slip out of her mouth and then let go of the foot. She then moved her hands forward and placed them on Sabrina’s back. She started to softly massage as she wanted to keep stoking those sexual fires within her new victim. “Ah, poor Sabrina. Let me make you feel better. Let me make you feel so good…” she said softly.

Sabrina felt her toe slipping out of that very warm mouth and then her foot fell back down to the bed. She couldn’t believe she was just tormented with tickles and then that amazing toe sucking left her body in a state of a sexual mess. Then she felt those strong hands on her back, and she tensed up, preparing for another tickle assault. Then she started to relax as she felt the hands massaging her back. It actually felt soothing, and she started to moan softly. She knew she was being prepped for something else but took this moment to just relax after being tickled so ruthlessly. “Mmmmmmm….. please…. Please…” she cooed.

“Please what sexy Sabrina?” Thalia asked in a soothing voice as she let her hands started to rub those back muscles, trying to limber the woman up. She knew Sabrina would be hers shortly and she was excited about that upcoming sexual pleasure.

“Please….no more tickling…..I…I can’t take it anymore…” Sabrina whimpered as she continued to feel the pleasure of the back massage.

“Admit it, you like me tickling you. I think I should do it again, unless…..” Thalia began. She then moved her hands to the sides and started to slightly stroke her fingertips there. She felt the body starting to tremble and heard a very cute ticklish squeal coming from the outlaw.

Sabrina felt those fingers lightly tickling her sides and panic started to set in again. She was about to be tickled tortured once again. She had no idea what Thalia was about to offer, but after being tickled so much already, she decided she would accept whatever that woman asked. “hehehehehe stop!!! Hehehehehehehe unless what??? UNLESS WHAT???!!!” she laughed.

“….unless you ask me to get your pants off and strip you completely naked. You do that and I stop tickling these sides of yours. You do that and I won’t go back and tickle those sweet toes of yours…” Thalia told her. She knew she was going to get a nice reaction and her body was ready for that sound of Sabrina submitting to her. Another tingle of lust filled her body, and she shook her own naked chest.

Sabrina’s eyes went wide with shock as she heard what the offer was. She had to be stripped naked in order to stop being tickled. This felt like such a humiliating moment to her because she would make these same kinds of offers to her victims. She made those offers to really break her victim’s minds and make them submissive. Now it was being done to her and she felt shame. She knew that Thalia would tickle her again if she refused and her plan of trying to appease the Greek woman was now being put to the test. She understood that if she went naked, there was no going back, and she would end up having a sexual interaction with her business partner. Those fingers on her sides and the threats made to her toes made her swallow her pride as she knew what she had to do. “Hehehehe ok!!! Take my pants off! Strip me naked!! hehehehe I want to be naked!” she giggled.

“Good girl…..” Thalia said softly, then removed her hands from the sides. This was the moment she was waiting for and now it was time to strip the rest of Sabrina’s clothes off. She then scooted her body back, so she was now sitting on the calves. She reached her hands underneath the body and found the belt buckle. She quickly unfastened the belt and slid the belt from the jeans. She tossed the belt onto the floor and then her hands went right back underneath and unbuttoned the pants. She quickly pulled the flaps open and then pulled the pants right off the hips. She did not want any teasing seduction to take place with stripping. She wanted to get to Sabrina’s naked body as quickly as possible. The pants were coming off the legs and she then got off the bed, so she could stand up. Once she did, she finished pulling those jeans off and then tossed them across the room. Thalia was in full sexual mode, and she wanted that body. She then leaned down, grabbed the edges of the underwear and started to yank them off the hips and soon they were down the long legs and off the feet! She held up the underwear for a moment and looked at it. The final piece of clothing was now in her possession, and it was time to claim her prize. She let the underwear fall to the floor and she looked at the naked body lying on the bed. She looked from that brown hair on the head, then the naked back, and her eyes then saw that naked ass. She loved the shape of the ass as the cheeks looked really firm. It wasn’t a large ass, but it was a well-designed one. The cheeks looked muscular, and she wanted to spank them. Her eyes then looked down the muscular legs and saw the feet again. She thought that body looked beautiful and now she was ready for action! “You look good naked! Now, turn around so I can see what you have…” she instructed.

Sabrina could feel her face red with humiliation as her pants and underwear were removed rather quickly. It was as though she was a gift that was unwrapped by an anxious child. Now she was completely naked and that made her feel so helpless. She didn’t know how to react to being dominated like this and shuddered when she heard the instruction to lay on her back. That would expose her most private areas to a woman who was out to dominate her sexually. She took a deep breath and knew what she had to do. She had to go along or there would be ticklish consequences. She slowly turned her body around and once she got to her side and fell to her back; she could see Thalia standing there. Her hands were on her hips, and she had this smile of a conquering hero on her face. Sabrina got onto her back and then she was stunned to see Thalia’s naked chest! She could see those B sized breasts with those tight pink nipples. They looked very firm and now she shuddered. This was really going to happen. There was going to be sex and she was going to be dominated. She suddenly felt very shy, and her right hand covered her chest and her left hand covered her pussy.

“Hehehe like what you see?” Thalia teased as she shook her chest. She saw how shy Sabrina looked and it was time to keep pushing this woman. She could see her covering her breasts and that spot between her legs and she laughed. “Move those hands! Let me see your body! Or should I tie you down?” she threatened.

Sabrina closed her eyes in shame as she was now just like Thalia’s other victims. She didn’t know how to react but knew what she had to do. She slowly moved her hands away and she felt really shy and nervous. She started to tremble with nerves and wondered what else Thalia would do to humiliate her.

“Good girl…….mmmmmm I like what I see. So pretty….” Thalia cooed as she stared at Sabrina’s naked chest. The breasts were a B size, close to a C and she really liked those soft brown nipples. The shape of the breasts was a soft rounded shape and she licked her lips. She looked forward to ravishing those mounds and having her way with them. Then she looked down and saw the brown pubic hair on the groin. It was such a great feeling knowing she managed to get her business partner naked. She felt her excitement growing even higher and her nipples were aching with sexual lust. She then looked at Sabrina’s eyes and for the first time since she met the woman, she could see how timid she looked. She was becoming submissive to her and that was such a great feeling. She then moved her hands to her pants and started to unbuckle the belt. It was time for her to be naked and they could finally have sex.

Sabrina felt so embarrassed as her naked body was on display. She knew her chest and that most special place between her legs were being gazed upon and it made her feel like a display. This would have been different if she was with someone she loved or just having a regular one-night stand. This was different. She was being dominated by a partner and she couldn’t do anything to stop it. Then she gasped as she saw Thalia unbuckling her belt. She saw the belt slip out and now she saw the pants being unbuttoned. Thalia was stripping herself! This was frightening and yet very intriguing. The Greek bounty hunter looked menacing in her black uniform and now she was showing what was underneath. Now her curiosity peaked as she wondered how she would look naked. She could see the chest already and it was impressive, but now she was going to see all of her. Her eyes watched in amazement as the pants fell down the woman’s legs and saw her step out of them. She felt her breath leave her body as she saw one foot get lifted up and saw the black sock getting peeled off. This was also an exciting moment as she was going to see Thalia’s feet as well!

Thalia could see Sabrina focusing her eyes on her stripping herself. She felt good about herself as Sabrina looked to be in awe. She pulled her sock off and now her right foot was bare. She dropped the sock and then lifted her left foot up. She quickly peeled that sock off and now she stood barefoot and only had her underwear on. She blew a kiss towards Sabrina and then pulled down her underwear, exposing herself. She smiled as she could feel how wet she was and how she was going to dominate this woman shortly. The underwear fell down her legs and then she stepped out of them. “hehehehe I know you like this….” she told her.

Sabrina’s jaw hit the ground as she now saw a naked Thalia standing there. She could see that long, auburn colored hair draped behind her back. She could see that very serious, yet strong looking face with that smirk on it. She could see that chest sticking out as though she was proud of her body and her hands were on her hips. She looked at that very firm stomach and could see some abdominal muscles being defined. This woman was a physical specimen and she really felt shy about her own body. Then she looked at those auburn colored pubic hairs and saw the hip and groin area. That woman was very fit and athletic looking. Then she saw the very muscular legs and then lifted herself up a bit and stared at the floor. She could see the barefeet and she was impressed. The feet were large, probably a size 10 and those toes were long and had some thickness to them. The nails were natural and trimmed. They were very nice looking feet. Her mind started to wonder if those feet were ticklish and that would be a wonderful way to have fun. Tickling Thalia would be a lot of fun, but she was too scared to even try. She even thought about asking for forgiveness for even thinking about it.

“Yes, you like this. Now, lay down on your back….” Thalia commanded. She then watched as Sabrina lay on her back and saw her close her eyes. She found that very amusing as the outlaw seemed to be completely docile to her at the moment. She then went towards Sabrina’s feet and grabbed the left ankle. She then lifted the foot into the air, and she stared at the sole of the foot. This was the same sole she loved tickling and playing with those toes. She then leaned her face in, and she planted her lips right onto the arch of the foot. She felt the foot flinch a bit as she kissed up and down the bottom of the foot. She loved how soft the skin was on her lips and she heard some faint giggles. That made her smile as Sabrina was so ticklish. “Hehehe my kisses tickle you?” she asked.

Sabrina felt her ankle getting grabbed and her foot lifted into the air. She watched as Thalia put her face near her sole and then she felt those kisses. The lips felt amazing, and it even tickled her a little. What surprised her was that Thalia was kissing her sole and she did not kick that woman right in the face. That could be a turning point as she could break Thalia’s nose and she could make her escape. There was a firm grip on the ankle, but if she did a quick kick, she could stun the woman and get herself free. This was a moment that frightened her. Even though she could do that and be free, she felt fear. She felt fear about what would happen if she failed. Thalia was so skilled in her fighting; she may be anticipating a kick. If she failed in that idea, then she would suffer more than she already did. She saw what happened to La Diabla when that cream was applied to her most sensitive body parts. It destroyed her former lover and if she were to break Thalia’s nose, that cream would be applied to her and there would be no one to save her like she saved La Diabla. That fear really overpowered her mind and she just allowed the Greek bounty hunter to kiss her sole. It tickled a lot, but she could hold it for the most part. Sabrina could also feel the sexual pulses running through her body. She did like it when her feet were kissed and now another concern filled her mind. She could feel herself getting horny and she once again had to tell herself to just enjoy the sexual ride. If she just went along with everything, this could end sooner than if she resisted. It was very humiliating, but she had to think about her survival. Thalia was playing with her, and it felt like torture, but she also realized her partner was not really trying to torture her like she tortured all the other women inside this fort. She heard Thalia’s question and she giggled. “Yes hehehehehe your hehehehe kisses tickle.” she responded while giggling.

Thalia could only smile and continue to kiss that tender foot as she heard that reaction. She was really feeling a lot of sexual heat within her body as she continued to have her way with this foot. She then stuck out her tongue and placed it at the bottom of the heel. She then started to lick the heel and she loved the taste of that skin. The toes were absolutely delicious to her, but the sole was also tasting very good. Her tongue then slid into the arch, and she let it linger there for a moment. She then wiggled her tongue a little there and heard another giggle. That gave her goosebumps and made her even more horny. “Mmmmmm your foot tastes delicious.” she moaned.

Sabrina felt that very wet tongue sliding on her sole and she felt herself really getting turned on. She was still stunned this was all happening, but she was trying to enjoy some of these pleasures. When the tongue went into her arch, it sent a wave of ticklishness throughout her entire body. It wasn’t as bad as fingers, but it was still enough to make her laugh. She felt the tongue now wiggling in her arch and she really wanted to kick her foot, and it took everything she took to not kick. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as that slimy tongue continued to probe and tease her arch. Then she felt another wave of ticklishness tear through her as the tongue now moved to the ball of the foot. She curled her toes for a moment and then opened them. “Hehehe that tickles….your tongue tickles!” she squealed.

Thalia really felt excited as she heard those giggles happening as her tongue licked over the foot. She could taste the sweat of the skin and it was not unpleasant at all. She then moved her tongue towards the base of the toes, and she felt the foot trembling. She still held onto the ankle and even prepared herself in case Sabrina kicked her. She did not want to be caught off guard and have her nose or teeth broken. She was pleased that there wasn’t an attempt by the outlaw to kick her in defense. That meant only one thing. Sabrina was becoming submissive to her. She then let her tongue slide on the undersides of the toes, and she absolutely loved the feeling of that very soft skin. She closed her eyes and savored the taste. The sweet giggles coming out of Sabrina only fueled her passion and she wanted to have these toes. She then bent the foot down a little and then wrapped her lips on the middle and index toes. She then sucked on those digits and she had an incredible amount of lust.

Sabrina’s eyes popped wide open as she felt her toes inside Thalia’s mouth. The sucking of her big toe drove her wild, now the other toes being inside that warm and wet mouth sent another wave of intense pleasure through her body. It tickled her but the feelings of arousal started to dominate her. She realized that Thalia was a ruthless tormentor, but she also appeared to be a very sensual lover. She knew how to make a woman’s body react sexually. She then placed her hands on her nipples and started to rub them. She watched as she saw Thalia sucking on her toes. The mouth was moving up and down her toes. Then she felt a surprising ticklish shock tearing through her as that strong tongue of the Greek bounty hunter slid in between the two toes. It took everything she had to not kick her leg in a natural defense. The sensations went from her toes, through her foot, up her leg and right to her loins. “Hahahahaha Thalia!! That tickles!!! That tickles a lot!! Hahahahahahaha mercy!! Mercy!!!” she screamed.

Hearing Sabrina laughing and begging only made Thalia slide her tongue faster between those two toes. She really loved that reaction and continued to have her way with the digits. She then sucked harder on the toes and heard a very loud moan from Sabrina. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her own sexual lust was at an all-time high and she had to relieve herself. She had dominated this woman and now it was time for her to enjoy the spoils of victory. She slowly let the toes slide out of her mouth and she looked down at Sabrina. She could see her touching her nipples and it appeared she was ripe for the taking. She then lowered the foot back down to the bed and then gazed at the outlaw. She then slowly knelt on the bed and then stared at Sabrina. “Mmmmm….you are quite pretty. I love your naked body and now I want to have you…..” she cooed.

Sabrina felt her ankle coming back down to the bed and watched as Thalia got onto the bed. She heard what she wanted to do, and she felt extremely nervous. It appeared this was the moment the Greek warrior was going to have her sexual way with her. She then saw Thalia get on all fours and now making her way towards her head. The way the hair was falling on Thalia’s back and shoulders, she looked like a lion coming for its recent kill. She could see the look of lust in her eyes, and she felt really helpless. Now the woman was lying on top of her, and she could feel her nipples pressing into hers. She held her breath as Thalia’s face was now directly into hers. Her body froze and she wondered what was about to happen next. “W-What are you going to do?” she asked.

Thalia had a slight smile on her face as she heard that question. She looked at Sabrina’s lips and she loved how they looked. She then lowered her head further and planted her lips on top of Sabrina’s. She loved the feeling of those tender lips on hers and she started to get more aggressive in her kissing. She loved the way she felt within her body, and she really needed this release. She broke the kiss and stared into Sabrina’s eyes. “I want you….I am going to devour you…” she whispered.

Sabrina heard those words from Thalia, and she shuddered. This woman truly dominated her and now she was going to be sexually ravished. She was still trying to comprehend this entire situation. She was allowing Thalia to dominate her out of fear of getting tortured, but she also loved how pleasurable some of the touches were. The kiss she had just received felt amazing and now she wondered if her own lust could be held back. She stared deep into Thalia’s eyes, and she saw a woman that was so dominant. Her body went limp, and she felt like such a helpless lover. Then she felt the kiss again on her lips and a tongue went inside her mouth. Thalia was kissing her aggressively and she just let it happen. She did not want to fight back out of fear and just try to enjoy the moment. The kiss did feel great, and she did feel those waves of sexual pleasure in her body. She closed her eyes and tried to think of something pleasant as the Greek bounty hunter was kissing her passionately.

Thalia continued her kissing and every nerve in her body was on fire. She truly loved this moment and let herself go. It was time to have sex and she was going to truly have her way. She couldn’t wait to release all of her sexual energy on this woman. She then broke the kiss and put her head to the right side of Sabrina’s head and started to kiss the neck. That soft skin felt amazing on her lips, and she started to kiss even harder. She then heard a moan from Sabrina and knew she was now touching a weak spot for the outlaw. Her lips even made it near the earlobe, and she playfully started to bite that lobe and tug on it. “Mmmmm you are so delicious….” she cooed.

Sabrina couldn’t help but moan in pleasure as Thalia found a sexual weakness in her. She always loved having her neck kissed and even having her ear bitten softly. She could feel some hot breath on her neck, and it sent goosebumps all over her body. She wondered if she should wrap her arms around Thalia just like she would with any lover, but she kept them on her sides. “Mmmm Thalia…..That ooooh feels so good.” she whispered.

Thalia broke the kiss from the neck, and she went back to kissing the lips. Her internal fire was raging, and she wanted more. She then lifted herself up a bit as she wanted to play with the breasts. She placed her hands on each mound and started to softly squeeze them. She loved how soft they were, and she felt another throb of lust in her own nipples. She then took each thumb and began to flick them off the stiff nipples. She loved that feeling of the nipples rubbing against her thumbs and she knew Sabrina was in sexual heat. “I love these breasts of yours….you truly are a magnificent creature. I wish you could come to Greece. I would fuck you every day…..” she told her.

Sabrina didn’t know how to react to the compliment. She was pleased that she was found attractive by Thalia, but she also felt odd because she was a sex toy to the woman. She imagined what would happen if she did go to Greece. It was pleasing to know that she wouldn’t be a sex slave and she did enjoy having sex with a woman. But she didn’t want to leave the country and she didn’t want to anger the woman on top of her. She felt those thumbs continuing to rub against her nipples and it sent jolt after jolt of pleasure throughout her body. She looked at Thalia’s face again and could tell she was truly enjoying dominating her. She felt like such a specimen as she was being touched and teased. Then she felt a ticklish sensation flowing through her body as the other fingers were touching the undersides of her breasts. “hehehehehe sorry! That kinda tickles…” she giggled.

“Like I said, you are truly a magnificent creature. I can fuck you every day….” Thalia teased. She moved her hands a little so she could tickle under the breasts easier. She loved how Sabrina was now struggling underneath her own body and that made her smile. She was sitting on those upper thighs and knew her pussy was nearly touching Sabrina’s. She was truly enjoying this sensual tickling and loved that look on Sabrina’s face. She then slowed her tickling down and just wanted to enjoy touching the very soft skin. She felt her nipples throbbing and her fire was roaring within her. She decided she needed release, and she needed it now. She ceased her breast tickling and looked down on her toy. “Now it is time I have you. But I want my release too. I will get in position and you should be able to figure out what I want you to do…..” she told her.

Characters featured in this part:

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UP NEXT: Hope?

Ok fans, what did you think of this part? Our ladies suffered a brutal defeat. Can they recover? Has Thalia proven to be too powerful for them? We are now entering the next phase of this series. I hope this ride has been fun and we still.....still got some great stuff coming! I hope the soundtrack song was effective. Let me know what you think! Your comments are most welcomed.
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