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The Five Guys (MMMMM/F, Non-Con)


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Jan 13, 2021
Hello! I'm not new to the world of writing, but this is my first time trying to write anything fetish/tickle related. I normally write poetry for my books, but after some pushing from a particular friend of mine, I've decided to mess around with some tickle fiction! Any feedback or suggestions/prompts anyone might have would be greatly appreciated! I might write more stuff, who knows.


“There she is...”

A small group of men huddled behind a bush looking into the window of a nice-looking house. Inside was a young woman, dressed in white crop top, a pair of pink and green shorts coming 1/3 of the way down her thigh, and a pair of black flip flops. She had just got home from a trip to the grocery store, and unbeknownst to her she had been selected... Selected by whom?

“You did good finding this one K...”

A short, stocky, bushy faced man patted the back of his tall, thin, but muscular companion beside him.

“Thanks R. Remember, we do this clean. Right boys?”

All four men nodded and replied in a hushed tone. “Right K...”

The young woman plopped down on her couch and turned on her TV which had been left on the local news station.

“FTKL, Channel 8 Breaking News. To all listeners in your local area... LOCK YOUR DOORS. We repeat, LOCK YOUR DOORS. Local law enforcement state that 5 men are currently at large and wanted for multiple felony charges, including robbery, breaking and entering, and aggravated assault. Reports state these men silently break into young women’s homes, forcing them int-”

She turned the TV off and threw her remote onto the loveseat across the room.

“UGH! I’m tired of hearing that story. I LIVE IN A GATED COMMUNITY.”

She leaned forward and yelled at her TV loudly. This was true, she did live in a gated community. Neighborhood watch and all. That didn’t matter to the group though. What could a couple of wannabe security guards or do-gooder old men REALLY do to a group of five fit young men with nefarious intentions? Nothing much really.

“See that, she’s yelling at the TV. You sure know how to pick the rich, spoiled brats K...”

A nerdy looking man with short hair and a pair of very thick glasses praised his companion.

“Thank you, C. Alright gentlemen, enough chatter. Let’s perform a quick roll call and go over the plan. We need to do this quickly, and quietly. Get her in her bedroom and secure fast. R?”

The bushy faced man with the alias of R raised his hand.

“Here. I’ll be entering through the back door and holding my position. Just in case she tries to bolt towards it.”

K nods. “Perfect. I know we can count on you R. Next up, C.”

The nerd called C raised his hand now.

“Here. I’ll be on lookout, staying in the bushes outside the house until I’m informed that she’s secure. If I see neighborhood watch coming, I’m to delay them as much as possible and try to redirect them elsewhere. In the event they catch on to what’s going on, I’m to raise alarm.”

K pats C on the shoulder. “Beautiful C. I knew you’d take the job seriously. Alright, F?”

The largest man of all raises his hand. His biceps alone are the size of the poor woman they’re targeting... F was his nickname for this little ‘operation’ they were performing.

“Here. I’m the triggerman so to speak. I’ll be getting the runt and bringing her to the playroom...”

K chuckled quietly and rolled his eyes. “F, come on. Loosen up. No ‘trigger pulling’ going on here. We aren’t here to be violent, get that through your head. We’re clean and you know it. We don’t even leave bruises. Anyway, W. You’re up.”

The man has his head down and raises his hand slowly. He seems to be nervous.

“Here. I’m supposed to stay out of the way...”

K speaks in a firm tone. “Damn right you’re going to stay out of the way W. You screwed up the last op, and now the COPS are on our ass. This is our LAST hit before we have no choice but to skip town. You’re going to find a corner to sit in until we tell you we’re ready. Lastly, I’m going to block the front door so our little cutie can’t bolt out of it. Anything we need to go over before we kick this off?”

The men all look at one another silently. K finally pipes up. “No? Okay. Everyone, places. Let’s go.”

Everyone scatters, and takes their assigned places... The young woman sits on her couch, playing with her phone. She texts one of her friends telling her how bored she is, and how she wished there’d be a bit of excitement for the night. Her friend tells her that it’ll get more exciting, and that she’ll find something to do. As she sends her last text for the night to her friend, she hears a thump in her kitchen. She squeaks in fear and calls out.

“Eeeep! H-Hello? Is someone there?” There’s no reply... She decides to investigate. She steps into her hallway from her living room and looks down it into her kitchen. Nothing but a dark room... so she approaches slowly. She steps into her kitchen and flips on the light. Suddenly, a hand wrapped around her mouth, and an arm around her waist. She’s lifted from her feet and dragged rapidly through her kitchen towards her bedroom.

“Shhh, shhh... Don’t scream... Make this easier on us...” F’s warm, calming voice is definite NOT calming for our petite little victim. Within a matter of seconds, she’s forced onto her bed and a new man appears. K grabs her wrists and pulls them above her head. He produces several lengths of silk rope from his backpack and begins lashing her wrists together.

“Mmmfffmmmm! Nmmmm!”

Her bright blue eyes are wide open, watching in fear as these two men attempt to control her. She offers a little bit of a struggle, but F’s strong arm wrapped around her, and strong hand clasped over her mouth keeps her trapped. With the use of her hands quickly taken from her by K, she feels her situation starting to set in. Before long... three more men step into the room. Her wrists are secured to the headboard of her bed, and she looks around, seeing 5 men in her bedroom...

“Nmmm! Nmmmm! Mmmmfffff! Nmmmmmm!”

“Oh? She’s already panicking... Does she know who we are maybe...? Hmhmhm...”

R chuckles and verbally teases her. The men stand around, halting in the process to take another roll call...

“K here.”
“R here.”
“W here.”
“F here.”
“C here.”
They all nod to one another and get right back to work. F keeps her mouth closed as K gives R and C a class on how to lash limbs together.

“Watch carefully boys. See how I form a quick loop here. Wrap the loop around the ankles, push the tag back through the loops. This is a loop style cow hitch. Make sure it’s tight, but not TOO tight. Pull it back towards you. This is what’s going to hold tension on the ankles. Now you take your two tag ends and pull them under the wrists. Wrap them around like so and pull them taught. See how that forces her ankles together a little tighter? Now we must make sure this tension stays, so we tie a quick shoelace knot to make sure it doesn’t loosen or slip. Just like... That.”

And before she knows it... her ankles are tied together, then another little class is taught on how to secure already bound limbs to an object. She watches in fear the entire time, her eyes wide and her fists clenched... Eventually, F takes his hand away from her mouth, and she coughs...

“Eugh, what in the HELL are you all doing?! Untie me RIGHT now! This is INSANE!”

The five men grin and take their positions around her. Feathers are passed around... makeup brushes are passed around... paint brushes are passed around...

“What are those for...? What are those for?! UNTIE ME RIGHT NOW!”

Her panic sets in more and more... she already knows who these men are, and what they want. They’re the ticklers from the news story... and she’s about to lose her mind. She feels her flip flops sliding off, and looks down to see C grinning at the sole of her flip flops where the size is marked...

“Size 6... This is going to be a blast... What’s your name sweetie? You’re going to be here all night; we may as well get to know each other...”

C speaks calmly. These men seem to have done this several times...

“J-Jessica... Please give me my flip flops back... I know what you guys want! You can rob me! Take everything you want!”

Here eyes dart around. C at her pampered little feet, F and W on either side of her hips looking down hungrily at her toned thighs and smooth belly, and K and R at either side of her chest while drooling with anticipation while staring at her delicate underarms and delicate ribs.

“Jessica, hmm? Well Jessica... don’t believe everything you see on the news. We aren’t here to rob you of anything... other than your sanity...” K speaks without lifting his eyes from her chest. “We aren’t going to hurt you, though by the time we’re done? You’ll think you’re dying... Now then. Boys? Dig in...”

Without a second of hesitation, they all dig in. Fingertips dig into her sides and underarms, feathers swish across her belly, a hand forces it’s way between her thighs and starts squeezing them frantically, C can be seen at her feet tracing the tip of his tongue across the tops of her wiggling toes...

“Nahahahahahahahahaha! Oh my god! Noooohohohohohohoho! Hahahahahehehehehehahahahahaha! Nononononono! Hahahahahahahahaha! I’M SO TICKLISH, PLEASE! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

Jessica bucks and writhes, trying hard to escape this full body tickle assault, to no avail. The men hum, and giggle, and laugh along with her.

“Hahaha! Look at your toes try to get away from my tongue! Red polish is always the tastiest you know...”

“Coochie coochie cooooo... You’re SO screwed Jessica! I don’t think we’ve EVER found a cutie THIS ticklish!”

“Tickle tickleeee... Your legs are so soft! Do you shave them every night? I bet you do... You are SO pampered you little tease!”

“She shaves her underarms all the time too! I could lick them just like you’re locking those toes C! In fact, I think I might...”

“Oh, I gotta get in on that!”

She clenches her fists and her eyes clasp shut. She feels two warm, wet tongues begin swirling in circles around her smooth, soft pits. She’d never felt anything like this... the feeling was absolute torture. Five men in her home, enjoying her gorgeous body... They were right. She really was pampered. She shaved every night, moisturized from head-to-toe multiple times a day, and didn’t even have a job! Her rich father paid her way through her life up until now... She had just turned 18 six months earlier.

“Bahahahahahahahahahaha! No! NOOO! No licking! NO LICKING! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Ahhhhhhh! I can’t TAKE IT! Hahaheheheheheheheeeeeeekkkkk!”

The men are in heaven, grinning, licking, and teasing the poor trapped young woman. She feels fingertips crawling up and down her soles and a puffy makeup brush swishing into her innie navel. Her eyes shoot open, and she looks around, seeing her personal tickle hell unravel around her. Jessica had a fear of being tickled... but the men didn’t know.

“Hahahahahehehehehehehehehe! SHIT! Please! STOP! Hahahahahehehehahahahaha! I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE! PLEEEEEASE! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaahhhh! NO! NO NO NO!”

The tickling never ceased. The men just continued to torment her... enjoying every second as time passed. Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes turned into hours... She would turn her head to look at the clock, but K kicked it off her nightstand. She looked out of her window to watch the stars change positions... and before long she could see the sun coming up. Her soles were tormented with every tool imaginable... Hairbrushes, feathers, makeup brushes, paint brushes, electric toothbrushes, back scratchers, C’s rough fingertips, his warm and wet tongue...

Her inner thighs had hands force their way between them many times. Working all over, up and down, squeezing and teasing... As well as the undersides of her knees getting scratched, and the tops squeezed. Her belly was targeted with endless licking, feathering, and soft brushing. Her navel being the main focus.

Her ribs were counted over and over, one by one, with the teasing fingertip of a tickle master. Feathers swished away at them, and teeth nibbled at them softly. Her underarms received the same treatment but got lots and lots of passionate and seemingly endless licking.

Her sanity was certainly robbed of her. She could still feel their fingers and tongues against her body as they packed up their stuff. K untied her wrists and held them firmly. He whispered in her ear...

“Thanks for the fun night, Jessica... Be a good girl and count until ten before untying your ankles... or we’ll turn around and put you through a whole day of torment, understand?”

She nods, tears still streaming down her lovely face... She closed her eyes and counted slowly...











She opened her eyes and sprang up. She untied her ankles and looked at them. No rope burn... not even on her wrists. She put her flip flops back on and raced to her front door, where she looked around outside. No one could be seen down the street... She rushed to her back door to see the same. Nothing. She sighed and sat down in her living room. She picked her phone up and contemplated calling the police. Instead, she texted her best friend...

“Hey Kelly. My night did get exciting. I need to get some sleep. I’ll call you later tonight...”

She sat her phone down and drifted off to sleep as her phone buzzed with several replies back-to-back...

“Jessica, I think someone is in my house. I’m scared. I need you to come over.”

“Hello Jessica... We never realized you were friends with the blonde down the street. Don’t worry... we’ll give her the best treatment. Just like you.”

The last message was a picture of her friend Kelly, bound to her bed in her underwear. With K, C, R, W, and F... all grinning wide as Kelly laughs her pretty little head off...
I would like them to be misguided vigilantes that take “justice” into their own hands by tickle torturing naughty women.
I would like them to be misguided vigilantes that take “justice” into their own hands by tickle torturing naughty women.

These guys definitely weren't vigilantes, their intentions were quite nefarious! Though, that is an excellent idea. A group of guys who watch for women who've committed petty crimes, and take justice into their own tickling hands. I'm gonna add it to my story ideas, thank you for the suggestion!
Well, these guys have justified their actions by punishing women for their “crimes” whether real or imagined.
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