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The scale of 1-10 on her feet


TMF Poster
Dec 6, 2011
My wife got her pedicure recently, and so this morning I was lightly rubbing her feet. I had an idea and scooped up both feet under my arm. She thought for sure she was going to get tickled and started panicking. Instead I firmly pointed to different areas of her feet and asked her on a scale of 1-10 how ticklish she is there. So, some of the smaller numbers are when I was just firmly pointing and touching she said that lighter touches increase her ticklishness! She is a size 7.5. Her toes are painted purple (my fav on her)

Soles: 6 when firm, 9 when lightly touching
Toes: 5 both touch
In-between toes: 9-10
Sides of feet/instep: 6 when firm, 9 when lightly touching
Heel: 4 when firm, 7 when lightly touching

I love to tickle her feet! Enjoy this photo and let me know how you would tickle her! I told her later, thanks for the scale, it’s going to be useful later!
Great sole shot! :feets: Thanks for sharing it here. :D
I would run fuzzy pipe cleaners between her toes. :devil:
Very smooth sole with wrinkles.

A 9 definitely lol.

Thanks for the post
You’re a very lucky guy to have such a cooperative wife who lets you indulge, plus she has very pretty soles and toes!
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