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The Tickle Tutor Saga -A Guide to The Full Timeline


4th Level Red Feather
May 5, 2001
In chronological order, below is every story in the Tickle Tutor series. This list contains brief descriptions for each story, and will be updated when new stories are released.

The Tickle Tutor Saga –A Guide to The Full Timeline

Tickle Tutor International #1: ‘Apex Predator’ – After a supposed accident turns Samuel Lucas into an orphan, the oddly quiet boy is raised by his estranged aunt. Now eighteen and dangerously intelligent, Sam begins to unleash the darkest parts of himself, much to his aunt’s horror.

Tickle Tutor #5: ‘The Terrible Origin of Jai Lin’ –Raised in secrecy as a high-end slave for the rich elite, a nameless young woman is sold to her first master. Unfortunately the new master, and the cruel madam whom runs his house, are sadists of the most nightmarish kind. Thrust into her personal version of hell, the cunning girl must use her wits, forge new alliances and be crueler than even the master and the madam if she wants to keep her sanity –and rise to power.

Tickle Tutor Collateral #3: ‘Izan’ –Nearly devoid of all human emotion, only one thing in the world has ever proved to get Izan Rocha’s heart beating faster than normal. Hatching a plan to turn his singular interest into a full time career, Izan enters into a dangerous deal with the leader of a Mexican drug cartel, Don Collazo. Forced to prove the worth of his unconventional technique to the Don, Izan must race against the clock as he interrogates a local journalist for much needed information –and the chance to take his unique brand of cruelty around the world.

Tickle Tutor International #5: ‘The Recruiter’ –Maria Aiello loves nothing more than afterhours at old man Aldo’s restaurant –for this is where she routinely harasses her young coworker and fellow waitress, Carina. Carina, however, is not the type of young woman to suffer in silence, and seeks out her strapping cousin Riccardo for protection. Now, faced by Riccardo and his three burly friends, Maria finds herself on the wrong end of the same torment she all too happily, and too often, dishes out.

Tickle Tutor International #2: ‘Insider Trading’ –Heiress Nahng Jeong has bought great shame upon her family. Now the only way Jeong can save herself –and her inheritance- is to spend an evening with her father’s business partner, the much admired Goman Tae. Reluctant at first, Jeong soon discovers that Goman is not the usual stuffy kind of old man with which her father usually does business. Goman is young, handsome, charming, and excellent company, at least for the first half of their night together. Before long the dashing businessman begins to unveil his true nature, one that just so happens to expose Jeong’s worst nightmares.

Tickle Tutor International #3: ‘The Physician’ –Coming off a string of unfortunate life decisions, twenty-year-old Dee is certain she’s at last found her place in the world: As the latest resident of Jai Lin’s mansion. In order to complete her induction into life at the mysterious mansion, Dee must complete a routine physical exam at the hands of the in-house doctor, Alison Weider, and her sultry nurse Tabby.

Tickle Tutor #4: ‘Romey’ –Small town Kansas girl Romey Verbeck dreams of being a domineering queen. As Romey experiments with her sadistic tendencies, the hapless girl increasingly finds herself on the receiving end of the very thing she wishes to control –and is hopelessly, lethally defenseless against. Plagued by both the charismatic wanderer Orin and her own karmic sins coming back to haunt her, Romey’s dreams of being queen only ever seem to slip further and further away.

Tickle Tutor #1: ‘Back to School Special’ (parts 1-4) –High school senior Cindy Reid cares little for her failing grades, especially when it comes to boring old math. Luckily for Cindy’s hopes of graduation, the charming Mr. Lucas takes a special interest in her performance. Cindy’s luck ends there, however, as she and her best friend Tanya are dragged kicking and screaming into a hidden world so darkly sinister neither of them ever dared imagine anything like it –the world of merciless, unyielding tickle torture.

Tickle Tutor #2: ‘A Little Guidance’ –Star quarterback Jason Whitmore has it all; good looks, popularity, the pick of the senior girls cheerleading squad, but this all-American teen wants more. Swelling beneath the façade of his prom king persona is a twisted, perverse desire he can no longer contain. Finally unleashing the beast within, Jason’s activities soon catch the attention of another like-minded, and much more experienced, individual. Taken under the wing of the secretly sadistic math teacher Mr. Lucas, Jason relishes in his newfound extracurricular activities, even as other interest parties threaten to unravel it all.

Tickle Tutor #3: ‘Parent Teacher Night’ –Promiscuous housewife Olivia Reid has little time for her daughter Cindy, or her pesky college applications. Too busy day drinking and sleeping with the pool boy to bother with much else, Olivia sets her wanton sights on her next handsome tryst –Cindy’s strapping math teacher, Mr. Lucas. Much to Olivia’s terrible surprise, Mr. Lucas has a keen interest in seeing Cindy succeed, and is willing to do anything to make it happen. Anything, including taking full advantage of the flirtatious woman’s most crippling weakness.

Tickle Tutor Collateral #2: ‘Pony Up’ –Good natured riding instructor Harper Hill enjoys her work. Landing a job at one of Kentucky’s most prestigious horse ranches, Harper loves showing visitors how to handle themselves in the saddle, and doesn’t even mind holding private lessons for the owner’s rambunctious twin granddaughters. Aubrey and Nora, a pair of statuesque and trouble-making teens can certainly be a handful for anyone. When the sisters discover Harper’s most devastating weakness, the kindly teacher quickly learns the identical pair are far more wicked than she ever could have imagined.

Tickle Tutor #6: ‘The Postgrads’ –Four years after high school small time journalist Emma Clark might finally have the story to make her career, even if it means leaving the bustling streets of New York and heading home. Digging into her own past and the guilt that still haunts her, Emma begins to uncover a side of her hometown few ever knew existed. Worse still, a side of herself she hopes isn’t there.

Tickle Tutor Collateral #1: ‘Underbelly’ –Downtrodden strip club manager Skip Okrutny has no life outside his job. No girlfriend, no prospects, and no respect. Unwilling to do the kinds of things other club managers to do keep their dancers in line, Skip suffers daily at the hands of his bosses, his customers, and the ever-demanding girls. Luckily, change is coming as the universe delivers a surefire way to take control –and a sadistic yearning Skip never knew he had finally begins earning him the respect he always dreamed of having.

Tickle Tutor #7: ‘A Hard Study’ –Personal assistant to the brash billionaire Harry Deveno Junior, Hannah Quist has her work cut out for her. Three months into the job and Harry’s handsy antics, the commanding man’s activities are becoming more questionable with each passing day. Going to great lengths for both his business and dark personal appetites, Hannah can only watch in horror as the man reveals evermore of himself –all the while hoping his sadistic eyes don’t turn to her. Meanwhile, thousands of miles way, former journalist Emma Clark is down to her last fifty dollars. Seeking revenge on the notorious Jai Lin, and hoping to save her friends, Emma enters into an uneasy alliance with the domineering Madam Ui.

Tickle Tutor International #4: ‘Nothing Nowhere’ –Distracted by daydreams of finding lost co-eds to handcuff, small town sheriff’s deputy Stephanie Armstrong patrols the barren backcountry. Sadly for Deputy Armstrong it’s not submissive college girls she finds way out in the lonely wilds, but a hardened criminal with a personal grudge –and the ability to make the painfully sensitive deputy suffer like never before.

Tickle Tutor International #6: ‘A Life Less Ordinary’ –Despite four years living at Jai Lin’s mansion, Romey Verbeck still finds herself at the bottom of the pecking order among the other girls. Questioning her own future, Romey and her best friend Dee must contend with newer, younger arrivals, especially a pair of haughty, diabolical twins. Caught in the clutches of the athletic blonde sisters, Romey and Dee must once again suffer every indignity that is forcibly thrust upon them.

Tickle Tutor #8: ‘A Legacy of Maniacs’ –Victims and villains from past and present alike clash as Emma Clark and her cohorts launch their unforgiving vengeance. In a daring daylight raid, billionaire widow Gwendolyn Deveno lets loose her team of ravenous, highly trained men upon the women of Jai Lin’s mansion. From one luxurious room to the next, Jai Lin’s girls are systematically rounded up, tortured and taken prisoner. But, Emma and her allies aren’t the only ones seeking revenge. As Jai Lin’s illustrious mansion falls into chaos and it’s worst secrets are revealed, so too are the secrets from within Emma’s own group.
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