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  • Hey there I was wondering if I could commission a story?
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    Hi Redknight!

    I really appreciate the kind offer, however I haven't taken commissions/requests in many years. If there's something specific (a scene/scenario) you'd like to see in the future please do feel free to PM me your idea(s) and I might be able to sneak it in somewhere down the line. Outside of that, I'm afraid there are no plans to do full-on commssion work any time soon.

    Thanks so much!

    'Mantis :D
    It's a shame you're not taking commissions 😔 but here's the idea in case you want to do something with it. After "Mother May I" Will has developed a crush on Dianne and tries to have another go with her. How ever she manipulates event to leave her sister Roe at his mercy. What do you think?
    Hi, I had a chat with darkharp and I just wanted to say Hello. I sent a friend request, I hope you repond. Look forward to chatting with you sometime. : )
    I just noticed your comment on your (superamazingawesome) story where you asked if you could call me Marquis. LOL. Considering CrystalLight calls me Dork I'd say that's way better. :D
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