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The tickling instruction concept as a theme for new videos


Sep 19, 2002
I'm posting this in discussion instead of videos, because I'm more interested in hearing people's thoughts. I'm sure I've posted more often over the years about video concepts I don't like, rather than the ones I do, so here's a flip on that.

For some reason, the video premise of a tickling tutorial feels to me both incredibly rare and absolutely great. There's just something about the host talking directly to the audience, while verbally ignoring the lee, that makes me lose my shit.

Am I alone? Why isn't this done more often? There should easily be whole studios specializing in this. For me, it's not even so much about the "tutorial" per se, it's more about the tickler talking to us, ignoring the lee verbally (i.e. talking to us about her reaction is okay) and making some kind of point -- which could be anything. The tickler could be talking about wiggling vs. poking styles, fast vs. slow, light vs. hard, belly button vs. sides vs. ribs, one hand vs. two hands, gloves vs. bare hand, continuous vs. intermittent, verbal teasing vs. no verbal teasing... or where to invest money when expecting a recession. They could even be telling us about their piano lessons as a kid, while playing the "piano" on her sides. As long as they're talking to us and not the lee.

Here's an example:
I made a tickle instruction video as a custom earlier this year, although it was me (the lee) directing it, as requested by the client(s). Tickle HQ have started a similar series too.
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