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Think mum likes having her feet tickled


Apr 25, 2023
Awhile ago I told about the situation with my friend at university. It went down well so I thought I'd tell another one
So it was the next year after university while I was at home. I took the chance to see old school friends from before I left for university. One particular friend was a fat guy called Daniel, he was a cool guy who often had something funny to say and we had fun back in the Day. Anyway I also knew that he had a major crush on my mum and loved getting to see her. I didn't know that they'd been meeting til I was home from university. Quite a few times now Danny who was 20 at the time asked my mum repeatedly if she could come help with his garden since she's so good at making things pretty, she as expected always said yes. At one point I offered to come since I was bored and my mum replied that I shouldnt since I'd be bored there apparently and theybdont need help. Obviously I thought it odd how adamant she was I didnt come but I left it.
Anyway one day I was at home alone watching TV while my mum was at Danny's and I got a text from Daniel saying"hey man, your probably wondering what we are getting up to and don't worry, she's laughing up a storm;)" I thought that odd and didn't know what he meant until I received this picture
This is a spitting image of my mums feet but this is pretty much how it looked.
When my mum finally got home she had a spring in her step yet wouldn't tell me what happened. I'm still trying to piece it together and will be asking her again tonight for more details since she's more open now
So I asked her and this is apparently what happened. When she arrived he got her a glass of cool orange juice and invited her to chill in his parents conservatory where he proceeded to massage her feet for her in the sun which sge said made her excited. He eventually got to tickling her feet after sending me the picture as seen in the previous post and sat teasing his fingers up and down her feet until she was in hysterics.
Ask your friend to tickle her more do videos get her sexy toes with your tongue between her toes &#55357;&#56843; &#55357;&#56860;
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