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Tickle in Public


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Jul 28, 2019
I have a question. Have any of you been tickled or saw some one tickled in public? Be it they were tied up or just ticklish?
not me someone else totally pinned down and stretched out by everyone completely immobilized with his whole entire tummh fully bared from top to bottom including the entirety of his very lowest waist and hip blades and being tickled way beyond his limits as he was going totally hysterical and frantic.
all because apparently he had been overheard pretending to his friends that he wasn’t very ticklish.
he was in fact extremely extremely ticklish.
but this all happpened very publicly in front of everyone
I’ve told this event to ppl on chat when they ask about my most tickle life changing events.
I tickle my wife when I get the chance, hoping someone with this fetish is looking on, secretly filming us, etc. This has only happened at summer concerts in parks, I’ll tickle her feet with people around.
I was, and frequently. Never tied it anything like that, but it was more than obvious what was happening.
I have been tickled in public before. Nothing major just a poke or finger wriggle to the left or right of my sides intermittently not knowing which is coming first. I find it fun. I always end up folding to whichever side is poked before the other lol
I've been both tickled in public(buried in sand @ beach w/ba
re feet sticking out). I also remember being at a benefit for an imprisoned Hells Angel
. It took place at a gun club. It had an outdoor barbecue area with picnic tables, benches, etc.
Anyway, this guy had this girl on the ground and he was just wrecking her. Every once in a while, he'd look up to see if anyone was watching and he'd go ," she's ticklish ", then continue attacking her ribs. No one paid much attention as it was a bunch of 1%ers, but it made an impression on me.
Yes. After a tickle munch in London, a guy tickled me when we were saying goodbye outside the train station.The street was busy and he was tickling my sides, and tickling me into a spin. As he was a tickle guy, it probably went on a few seconds too long to be like a normal, vanilla tickle. It was fun
I remember tickling my female friend once in a pub here in the UK, we went for something to eat, and she was aware of how I liked to tickle, and remember this time she was just poking fun at me so I grabbed her converse foot under the table and I remember her saying to me

“Don’t you dare”

While I was removing her converse, of course….I did! Tickled her socked foot for about a couple of minutes and she was trying to hide her laugh, so no one looked at the table. It was very fun, at the time lol
I used to do it in High School and I would be the one doing all the tickling.
I remember having a “hidden” tickle fight with a girl I was dating a long time ago at the movie theater. Wasn’t for long or too much because we didn’t wanna ruin the movie but it was fun trying to hold in the laughter and squirming
I have been tickled in a night club my by ex girlfriend lol. She tickled me so hard I almost fell on the floor.
Back in 1974, I went into the game room on the campus where I was then attending graduate school. There were half a dozen pinball machines there, old-style electro-mechanical machines that being the era before all-electronic video games. There was a student about 21 playing one of the machines. A young woman that I knew, let's call her Susan, an undergraduate also aged about 21, came up behind him and began to tickle his ribs, vigorously, on both sides.

As he was close to winning a free game, he tried to ignore her and play on. He did play on for about sixty seconds, laughing all the time, finally collapsing to the floor with laughter as the last ball fell down through the flippers, ending his game. Susan then nodded to her girlfriend, let's call her Kristine, and said, "Your machine now, Kris."

Kristine was the owner of the quarter on the glass top of the machine indicated that she was the next player up. The victim, not known to me, took it in good grace, smiled at Susan and Kristine, and said, "Good luck, you guys," as he left the game room.
I always found boys (not ppl into tickling) were normally very self conscious about being seen to be ticklish in front of people
I tickle my fiancee in public all the time. The most recent being sticking my fingers in between the open spaces on her sandal and tickling her arch. :)
I was pinned down and tickled past my limits and to hysterics by bullies in public outside school after they discoved how ticklish I was. Very humiliating and completely unbearable and they loved it.
jeeezzz omg how were you reacting to that?? :shock:
I once had the chance to tickle a girl I knew from HS when we went to a (big)post graduation party at a big bowling alley/entertainment center. We weren't close friends, just aquaintences, but it was loud and crowded, and I was sitting on this tall counter behind the bowling lanes. She wanted to sit up there with me, but there was little room, so I graciously opened my legs so she could hop up and sit between my legs (we were both wearing jeans plus she had a denim jacket on). So we talked, and we were pretty pressed up to each other (yay!) and one thing led to another, and I took advantage of her thin shirt u ender the jacket and began poking her ribs. In trying to escape, she slid off the counter, but the end of her jean jacket was caught under my legs. So she was essentially trapped up against the counter, with her arms kind of stuck up away from her sides, in just perfect reach of my hands. I gave her a good tickling, but she didn't seem to mind too much (never got mad-but did twist around and get loud with her laughter and 'protests'. The close bystanders just watched in glee, but her noises were drowned out by the bowling alley/arcade noises. It only lasted a about 5 minutes or so, but it was really fun while it lasted. We never saw each other after that, as I went to college, and probably so did she.
I was pinned down and tickled past my limits and to hysterics by bullies in public outside school after they discoved how ticklish I was. Very humiliating and completely unbearable and they loved it.

How many people holding you down ? Did they pull off your shoes and socks and tickle your feet while someone else tickled your belly and someone tickling your armpits ? WOW very cool !
I met a girl online in a park. She was wearing a pink tank top. I was astonished and thought to myself "I have to tickle her armpits". So we started walking and got into a lake. I told her to take a selfie and she says yes. As I put my cellphone, I saw that she wasn't smiling, so I started tickling under her arm, but to no avail. After a little while we sat on a bench, and after chatting a little bit I asked her "Are you ticklish?, because I was tickling you before and didn't laugh". She giggled and told me "No". I told her she was a liar, so she raised her arms behind her head and said "You can try". I was kinda nervous because her armpits were beautiful, so I started tickling her softly there, feeling the smoothness of her armpits, I don't know how but I touch a part of her armpit, and she quickly lowered her arms, laughed and hit me to stop. It was really funny but nevere got to see each other again.
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