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Tickle Tutor: Collateral #5 'Malpractice' F/f


4th Level Red Feather
May 5, 2001
Tickle Tutor: Collateral

A Short Story Collection From The World of Tickle Tutor

By TickleMantis



As far as good roommates went, Lily thought she could have done a lot worse than Tabitha Sallow. For the most part Tabitha, who preferred to be called Tabby, did everything an ideal roommate should do. It had been a little nerve-wracking at first, taking in a stranger after living two years with her best friend. Luckily, the last six months had proven that she’d made the right choice in cohabitants. Tabby was clean, tidy, quiet and always paid the rent on time. She was also severely sexy in a most intimidating fashion, a fact that had been deeply considered upon choosing who should rent the spare bedroom.

Sat upon the couch of their small apartment, Lily ceased her aimless scrolling, looking up from her phone when she heard the front door unlock. Half a year gone by and the diminutive olive-skinned girl’s stomach still fluttered whenever Tabby came home. She’d tried to convince herself early on that the feeling of awkward bashfulness would pass after they’d lived together a while, yet if anything the sensation had gotten worse. It wasn’t even as if Lily found herself overly attracted to women in particular, there just happened to be something striking about her tall, tanned and effortlessly sultry roommate.

“How’d it go?” The much shorter twenty-one year old turned to look back over her shoulder.

Tabby blew a raspberry while pointing one thumb down at the floor. Lily swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry at the sight of the slender woman’s long tongue. She watched intently, trying not to stare too obviously as the slightly older girl closed the door and slipped out of her high heeled shoes. Normally Tabby came home in her nurse’s uniform and plain white shoes, but today she’d sported an assertive looking pair of sleek black pants and form fitting white top with long sleeves.

“That bad, huh?” Lily stroked a strand of her mussy dark hair back behind one ear.

“About as expected.” Tabby padded across the carpet in bare feet. With straight, shoulder length hair and sensible attire the soft spoken brunette looked quite the professional next to the much more casually dressed girl upon the couch.

Taking mental note of her own outfit, Lily felt a touch underdressed as her roommate sat down beside her. Pink pajama bottoms and a black tank top which swelled her large bosoms into ballooning cleavage, it was hardly the ensemble fit for refined company. At least her tiny feet were hidden under ankle socks, the curvy girl thought, avoiding any comparison to the taller woman’s long and flawless pair. A warm sensation creeping up her cheeks, being in such close proximity to Tabby always helped to pile on a hefty dose of sheepishness. Worse still, it seemed to Lily that her svelte new friend’s often-present smirk was there to suggest she knew exactly how she made the smaller girl feel.

“They took her license.” Said the alluring nurse, curling one long leg onto the couch cushion as she turned and tilted her head to one side.

“Oh no!” Lily pressed an open palm against her ample chest, knowing full well that now was not the time to be titillated. “What are you going to do?”

“Don’t know, we’re having dinner tonight to talk about it.”

“Doctor Weider’s not going to jail or anything, is she?”

“No, no.” Tabby wrinkled her nose and somehow even made that look seductive. “Not even a fine, they just said she can’t practice medicine anymore, at least not in New England.”

“But you can still work?”

“Of course.” A coy smile pricked at one corner of the young goddess’ full lips. “Hey, I’ve got an idea…” She leaned in a little and placed one elegant hand gently on the petit girl’s knee. “You should come to dinner with me!”

“Uh…” Lily stammered as that flutter in her tummy grew tenfold. “I don’t even know Doctor Weirder…I mean…shouldn’t it just be you two? I don’t even know what the hearing was about.”

Her smirk turning to a grin, all perfect white teeth, the vixenish nurse shrugged. “She’ll tell you if she wants to, but I doubt it’ll come up. Come on, she’s really nice and she’s had a hard day.”

“She probably wants to be left alone…besides, I wouldn’t know what to wear.”

“Lilyyy…” Tabby sang and looked up from under her brow like a tiger sizing up it’s next meal. “Don’t make me make you.”

“I’m not! It’s not that I don’t want to, I just…it’s…” Stumbling over her own words, the flutters fluttering at full force, Lily could feel her round cheeks start to blush.

“Come to dinner!” The older woman pounced, bringing up all ten fingers in a flash and clawing them into the busty girl’s pillowy sides.

“Eieeehehehe!” Flapping her arms wildly, the tiny barista exploded into a fit of high pitched giggles.

For the most part, Tabby did everything an ideal roommate should do. For the most part. If there was one downside to living with her, it was that every so often she would tickle Lily, without stopping, for minutes on end. The occasional bouts of wiggling digits were intensely troubling for two key reasons, each as equally as distressing as the other. First was that the buxom girl was, and always had been extremely, agonizingly ticklish. Tabby had worked that out after less than a week of them living together. The second reason, which as far as Lily knew remained a very closely guarded secret, was that being tickled turned her on like nothing else. Being tickled by Tabby especially caused a most baffling mix of terror and arousal, both sensations competing endlessly for attention.

“You’re coming to dinner!” Kneeling on the couch now, the sultry girl loomed over her spasming roomie.

“Tabbiieehehehee!” Lily flailed, her curvaceous butt sliding toward the edge of the cushion as she batted helplessly at the nurse’s invading hands.

“I’m not going to stop until you agree!”

“Stopeehehe!” Her bulbous cleavage jiggling, the comely girl tossed and turned.

“You need to get out of the house, Lil’!” Tabby teased, following her squirming prey to the floor with squeezing fingers.

“Okayeeeheeheiihee!” Lily curled into a ball, her tiny feet kicking as she lay on one side.

“What’s that? I can’t hear you!”

“I’ll come! Eheiehehe! Stop!”

“Come where?” A good bit more athletically inclined than her struggling roommate, the much stronger girl easily maneuvered her hands around any feeble resistance.

“Dinnereeieieehe!” The poor girl gasped as slender digits dug into her cushiony tummy and poked at her heaving ribs. Every slap landed softly and every grab at the nurse’s wrists was broken open immediately. “I’ll come to deheheeiiehehe! I’ll come teehahaha!”

Tabby crawled a fiendish digit dangerously close to Lily’s underarm, right beside her fleshy, bouncing bosom. Eyes shooting wide, the tiny girl bucked sharply as her already insuppressible laughter became even less unwieldy. Overpowered and rendered utterly useless, it was only ever by the taller girl’s say-so that the random tickle attacks would come to a stop. Her nipples already noticeably swollen through her top, Lily dreaded to think what would happen if her otherwise idyllic housemate ever decided to keep going for more than few minutes. Shamefully, she did imagine just that once in a while, usually late at night or while taking a shower.

“Tabbieee! Eiieheeiiehe!” Fighting the temptress’ assault, the voluptuous girl switched quickly to plucking at her neckline, the shirt slipping so low from all her jostling that her nipples were nearly springing free.

“Yessss?” Tabby cooed, one hand scribbling around the flustered girl’s tummy while the other frolicked near the nape of her neck.

“Ahhno! Ehehee! I’llcomeehehee!”

“You’re not making any sense, Lil’!”

“Deeieehehe! Dinneeehehee!” Lily rolled onto her stomach, pulled her knees up and tried to crawl. “I’llcometodinner!” She managed to holler in one squealing breath.

“Excellent!” The vexing brunette sat upright, leaving her rosy-cheeked roommate to pant on the floor.

“Ah…ahh…fu…so mean…” Tugging her shirt up, the flummoxed young woman inched away from the couch, weary that round-two could start at any moment.

Relative to some of Tabby’s one-sided wrestling matches those few seconds of couch-to-carpet chaos had been fairly tame. Still it never took much to get Lily worked up, and as she lay there catching her breath the unmistakable glow of her disobedient arousal was making itself known between her thick thighs. If it wouldn’t have looked so painfully suspicious, the wantonly aroused girl could have hurried off to the washroom and took care of business right away. Already terrified that Tabby was on to her perverse yearnings, Lily instead opted to remain defeated right where she lay.

“Wait a second…” Said the sensuous nurse, narrowing her eyes on the darker haired girl. “Did you just call me mean?”

“What?” Realizing her mistake, the busty barista cuddled both arms around her own tummy and started worming backward.

“You said I’m mean!” Tabby shot up to standing, her tone all mock-offense.

“No! No, no I swear!” Nearing the wall, Lily rolled over again and fumbled to push herself up off the floor.

“Then why are you running away, hmm?” The long legged woman strode directly toward her worrisome friend. “Are you calling me a liar?”

Half way up, the buxom girl could already feel her lips twisting into a dimwitted smile. “I’m not!” She turned, doubled over, one hand up and open toward Tabby and the other still curled around her midriff. Giggles were bubbling in her chest, the very thought of being tickled again causing her to try and stifle more girlish laughter.

“So you do think I’m mean!” Teased the taller girl, her hands raising and fingers curling into wiggling claws. “Ohh, I’m so mean!”

Lily stood to her full, unimposing height and hesitantly put her other hand out, both palms wide in the universal signal for ‘stop’. “Tabbehehe…no!”

“I’ll show you how mean I can be!”

Tabby lunged and the smaller girl pivoted sharply, making a mad dash for her bedroom. As she fled, libido spiking in sync with fearful anticipation, Lily recalled the single worst time she’d been tickle-attacked by her roommate; Hair wet, wearing nothing but jeans and a bra to keep her shirt dry, she’d accidentally used one of her roommate’s towels after a shower. Horribly vulnerable, Lily had tried to explain her honest mistake through nervous, bumbling giggles yet none of it mattered. Tabby wasn’t interested in excuses, except for the flimsy one she needed to punish her petit housemate for the transgression. So it was, right there in their shared hallway, the tiny buxom girl had ended up floundering on the carpeted floor. For nearly five full minutes Lily had laughed helplessly as the nurse unleashed a barrage of pokes, prods and pinches over her almost bare upperbody.

After that incident, the perplexingly turned-on girl had needed another shower, though the second one was a lot colder than the first. She hoped now, careering madly through her bedroom door, that history was not about to repeat itself. One hand clamping the edge of the door, Lily spun about, conscious to not slam it hard into her pursuer’s pretty face. Tabby stood just short of the threshold, her fingers poised for further mayhem. A stand-off, Door versus Tickling. If it came down to a struggle there was no doubting who would come out on top. The younger girl’s heavy cleavage raised and fell with every anxious breath, nipples embarrassingly erect through her tank top.

“Dinner’s at six.” Tabby dropped her arms to her sides and flashed a kindly smile.

“Okay…” Lily kept her grip firm around the door even as the sultry shorter haired woman began strolling back toward the living room.

“I’ll drive.” Almost beyond the couch, the coy nurse showed no obvious signs of springing back. “And wear something pretty!”

Later that evening Lily stood by the unlit fireplace in Doctor Alison Weider’s sitting room. She was thinking, half empty wineglass in hand, that perhaps she simply had a thing for professionals in the medical field. Either that, or by some cosmic coincidence the universe had seen fit to bring together two immensely captivating women. Though quite different in many ways from Tabby, the Amazonian doctor caused Lily to become practically stupefied in much the same fashion as she did around the enchanting nurse.

“You have a wonderful home.” Said the busty girl, realizing that after nearly two hours in the large suburban house she hadn’t once paid it compliment.

“Oh, well thank you.” Doctor Weider spoke with a slight and natural huskiness in her voice. “How’s the wine?”

“Mm, yes, very good.” Lily swirled her glass a little while kicking herself internally that she didn’t have more to say about it. She wasn’t much of a drinker to begin with, and didn’t know the first thing about reds or whites or sow-vig-nons.

“I hope you’ll like whatever Tabby brings back from the cellar.” The tall blonde woman clinked a couple of her long nails against the empty wine bottle which sat upon a thin drinks-table beside her.

“I…I’m sure I will.” The tiny girl smiled.

In what had been a series of uncomfortable silences since their mutual acquaintance left the room, the petit barista struggled to find something else for conversation. Anything else would do. Between Tabby and Doctor Weider, as much an assertive and confident pair of people as Lily had ever met, the two tall and imposing women had carried most of the evening’s discussion through dinner and beyond. Instead of filling the silence, which the youngest of the three women sensed didn’t bother the good doctor one little bit, the shapely girl stole every shy glance she could at her bosomy host.

Taller than Tabby, most of that extra height probably in her hypnotizingly long legs, Weider wore a brilliant scarlet red dress that showed off her every mesmerizing curve. The way her milky white cleavage bulged, Lily couldn’t imagine the good doctor ever wore such a thing around the clinic. Black heels added another few inches to the forty-something-year-old’s swimsuit-ready figure, which compared to her comely guest’s white flats hardly seemed fair. At least the younger woman gave Weider a run for her money in the breast department, Lily thought, her own flowery yellow sundress doing a fine job of displaying a good amount of squished, cushiony bosom.

“Lillian…” Doctor Weider’s icy blue eyes caused a small shiver to run up the buxom girl’s spine. “Can I call you Lillian?”

“Uh, um, you can…”

“Or you prefer Lily?”

“Just-just Lily is fine…but if you want, you can-“

“No, that’s alright.” The sinfully voluptuous woman strolled gradually closer. “I’ll call you by whatever you wish. You’re a waitress, aren’t you?”

“More or less, mmhm.”

“Well which is it?” Weider came to stand beside the illustrious fireplace, her sudden closeness making her go from tall to towering.

“I don’t…”

“More or less?”

“Oh. I’m a barista, technically, at a café.” Lily had to tilt her neck back a touch to meet the doctor’s eye, short of staring directly at the woman’s large boobs. “You know, coffee and the like.”

“I see.” Reaching up to the mantle, the bewitching blonde scratched a few of her long, red-painted nails down the length of an antique brass candlestick. “Do you enjoy that line of work?”

“It’s…it’s a job.”

“Hmm.” Weider gave a thoughtful pause as she ran her fingertips along the edge of the mantle. “Perhaps that’s what I should have done. I take it Tabby’s told you about my recent career woes?”

“Oh…nono, not really.” From awkward to uncomfortable, the bashful girl knew she had no idea how to navigate such a sensitive subject, especially as she was finding herself oddly fixated on the doctor’s long, roaming fingernails. “I mean, not in detail anyway.”

“The state held a hearing this morning. They took my license to practice medicine here, did she tell you that?”

Lily nodded and drew her lips into an apologetic line.

“And did Nurse Tabby tell you why they did that?” Doctor Weider slid a little closer, her nails dragging along the front of the smooth stone mantelpiece.

“N…no?” Resisting the urge to take a step back, the busty girl had to look even higher to maintain eye contact.

Leaning forward, the blue-eyed woman bought herself down almost to her tiny guest’s height. “If I tell you…” Her voice lowered to a near-whisper. “Do you promise not to tell anyone?”

“Y-you don’t have to.” Lily felt a surge of goosebumps riddle across the exposed skin of her very generous chest.

“Are you sure? Because from what Tabby tells me, I believe it would be of particular interest to you.”

The already befuddled girl furrowed her brow. “To me?”

“Well of course. Unless what I was told isn’t true.” Doctor Weider leaned so close that their cheeks were hardly two inches apart from each other. “Some of my patients…” Her voice turned to a full, slow, whisper that could have melted chocolate. “I tickled them.”

Lily froze, certain she’d misheard. Unable to stop a shuddering breath, the diminutive young woman couldn’t believe she understood correctly. It was a joke of some kind, a prank set up by Tabby, that kind of thing wouldn’t be beyond her.

“Ah…ha ha.” The dark haired girl forced a quiet laugh, hoping the eerily close doctor would join her and they could chuckle about it all together.

Instead, Weider turned her head to the point her plump red lips were nearly stroking the nervous girl’s ear. “You are ticklish, aren’t you?”

“Mmm!” Suppressing a squeak, Lily bought one shoulder up and ducked away, clumsily stepping out from between the fireplace and the scarily flirtatious older woman. Continuing backward, she stumbled into the center of the carefully arranged circle of settees, her wine sloshing back and forth in the glass.

“Don’t spill on the rug, dear.” Doctor Weider grinned, somewhere between friendly and frisky.

“Sorry, sorry!” Awash with embarrassment, the tops of her cheeks a pinkish hue, the blushing girl hurriedly used both hands to steady her glass.

“I’m afraid you’ve rather given yourself away, haven’t you?” Moving away from the mantle herself, the leering doctor moved with the precision of a ballerina.

“I’m-I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Ticklish.” Weider’s smile grew and the word made her guest’s eyes widen a little more. “The mere mention of it and you nearly went screaming from the building.”

“I don’t know what Tabby’s told you but-“

“Oh, it’s too late to deny it now.”

“You’re joking…you didn’t really…tickle those people…” Lily forced each word, risking a glance to the door in the hope her curiously tardy roommate would return. “Did you?”

Her expression unchanging, the doctor slowly began to wiggle five of her long sharp nails in the open air. “Did I not?”

“D-Doctor Weider…?” Another look to the door, both it and the hallway beyond still terribly empty. “Okay, ha ha…Tabby? I know you’re there…Tabby! Jokes over, very funny!”

“Where could she have gotten to, I wonder…” Beginning a painstakingly gradual approach, the tall woman advanced.

“Come on…don’t…” Lily squeaked, one hand around the stem of her glass and the other up and open just as she’d done earlier that day in her own home. “I don’t like it…I don’t like being tickled…”

“Neither did my patients.”

Any good humor that the buxom girl had hoped for was rapidly crumbling to dust, even as she could feel her nipples start to swell. “I’ll spill the wine, I will!”

“You had better not.” Weider’s other hand came up, all ten razor claws stroking in her anxious guest’s direction. “This is a very expensive rug!”

“Please…pleeheeheese…” Turning side-on to the approaching doctor, the giggling girl started stepping in the opposite direction. Feeling herself turn a touch frantic, she looked around for somewhere, anywhere to set down her glass. “I-I can’teehehehe!”

“Don’t you spill that!” Taking a single, swift step forward, the teasing physician suddenly closed the gap between them. Sweeping by the bosomy girl’s one free hand, five quickly dancing nails ran across the front of her tummy while five more flickered around the small of her back.

“Yeeheieheehee!” Lily sprung up on her tiptoes and threw both arms down, the wineglass immediately tipping and sending the fruity red contents to splash across the ornate rug below.

“Now you’ve done it!”

“Aieeeheehenoho!” Buckling forward and trying to wriggle free, the busty barista slapped one hand against the towering doctor’s forearm, while her other hand whirled aimlessly around with the wineglass held tight. “Ididn’tmeanto! Idideeehehhehehe!”

“You silly little thing!” Weider teased, one hand scurrying around to the shaking girl’s side.

“Eiiiehaha!” Shooting upright again, her back arching, Lily jerked away from the pinching fingers, pushing herself further into the statuesque blonde’s grasp. Caught in the long arms of a hectically ticklish bear-hug, she stood stumbling in one spot, uncoordinated steps going nowhere fast.

Mortified by the newly created stain on the rug and not wanting to add broken glass to it, the shapely dinner guest concerned herself almost as much with the wineglass as she did the tickling. With only one hand to fight back, the amount of defense Lily was usually capable of was even more pitiful than usual. Adding to the rapidly growing list of woes was that Doctor Weider’s very prominent bosoms were now pressed up against one side of the blundering girl’s face. Every toss and turn of her head met with a great wall of squishy cleavage, a fact that was causing far too much titillation on top of the humiliating amount she already had.

“The glahahass! Her cheeks now flushed bright red, the hypersensitive young woman’s own bulging cleavage quaked as she hopped uselessly in place. “Ahaha! Pleheease! I’mgonnadroptheeeiieieehehee!”

“Ohh, you are tremendously ticklish, aren’t you!” Weider sounded giddy as a schoolgirl, five fingers spidering up to the bare flesh just below the comely girl’s underarm.

“Nohooiieee!” Snapping one arm down, the loudly squawking guest managed to stop the boisterous doctor’s digits right before they entered the danger zone. Sadly this panic-induced maneuver had the unintended result of clamping those curious fingers between her bicep and soft skin. From dark confines those five fingertips were still able to wiggle more than enough to cause havoc, and the wineglass went plummeting for the floor.

“How dare you!” A playful scowl crossed the older woman’s face as the glass, by some miracle, hit the rug and rolled harmlessly under one of the settees. “Come to my house and throw my things around!”

“Eeieienononoeieiee!” Lily was starting to lose any bit of composure she might have had left, her laughter wavering erratically in pitch. She’d barely known the eye-catching doctor more than a couple of hours and that unfamiliarity caused a notable tinge of extra fear. Out of control and in unknown waters, her feverishly alarmed nerves were on even higher alert than normal. Evidently Weider’s mystique also caused a few notable tinges of extra arousal to boot, the tiny girl’s nipples peaking blatantly through the front of her thin dress.

Feeling her knees turn to jello, Lily tried to convince herself this was all some sort of elaborate set-up. Tabby must have been just outside, snickering away in the hall as her roommate slowly collapsed to the floor. And there was no way Weider’s story about her patients was true. Certainly, the curvy girl thought as she curled over laughing, if the exquisitely dressed woman had actually tickled her patients there was no way she would admit it to someone she’d just met. As her knees touched down upon the rug, the gasping girl had to believe her ticklish troubles would be over at any second.

“Look at you!” Bent over, the tall doctor clawed at the fitful younger woman’s convulsing sides. “How much have you had to drink? Crawling around on the floor!”

“Aha! Aha! Ahahahaha!” A broad, open-mouth smile plastered across her face, the powerless girl’s brow furrowed deeply as she reached weakly back. “Doctor! Eieieiehe! Pleheease!” She strained each desperate word, her tiny upturned shoes kicking against the floor. “Weidereehehe! Alison! Eeeihahaha!”

“Alison?!” Scoffing lightheartedly, the Amazonian woman squeezed her hands higher, kneading vigorously into her struggling guest’s heaving ribs. “I’m still a doctor, young lady!”

“Aaiiieeeaahahaha!” Lily shook forcefully, her petit hands prying and clutching as fast and furiously as they could against the fingertips drilling into her ribcage.

Craning her head up with deep belly laughter, the tiny girl’s neck stretched and her ballooning breasts slipped a little inside her bra. Her erect nipples nearly at the top of each cup, it was a wonder either of the voluptuous barista’s large bosoms were still contained at all. Conscious of causing any further offense, Lily squealed out another round of breathless pleas and apologies, Weider goosing her ribs even harder in reply. Each new word requiring more concentration than the last, coherent thought was not something the preposterously ticklish girl had in large supply.

“You’d have made a wonderful patient, wouldn’t you?” One of the fiendish doctor’s elegant hands took a firm grip around the blushing girl’s shoulder and tugged backward.

“Nononoeeieieie!” Lily pushed down, a fruitless fight at the best of times and an utterly hopeless one as Weider’s other hand still pinched wickedly at her ribs.

“Come on now…” With a strength probably well practiced at wrestling uncooperative patients, tickled or otherwise, the frighteningly powerful woman’s second attempt sent the much smaller girl tumbling on to her back with one swooping pull.

“Oh! Ohnono!” Waving both hands in front of her, a big goofy smile across her otherwise fretful face, the curvaceous guest couldn’t help from tittering with antsy giggles as the looming blonde planted one high heeled shoe either side of her. “Pl-pleeheeheese! No more! No morehehehe!”

“Do you want to know why I tickled those people, Lily?” Weider hung in the air right over top, her slender fingers and long nails dancing just inches from the jumpy girl’s now scantily clad cleavage.

“No! No I sweareehehe! Pleheeheese!” Her fleshy bosoms jostling as she squirmed, the poor girl feared her dress and bra would both let loose at any moment.

“I tickled them…” The doctor’s long legs bent more, her heels propping up on her toes as she lowered herself down.

“Tabby!” Lily balked, planted her hands on the rug and shoved backward. About two inches was as far as she got, Weider’s well-toned thighs clamping around her hips in a startling instant. Caught between the kneeling woman’s steely legs and the blonde’s weight pressing just above her knees, the tiny girl winced as she tried to free herself in a burst of repeated, useless pulls. “Tabbyyy! Help me! Heeeelp!”

The older woman’s precisely trimmed eyebrows raised quizzically. “Do you think Tabby would help you?” She said as the girl beneath her continued to push, thighs straining to break free and her little shoes kicking at nothing. “Because from what she tells me, that doesn’t seem very likely…”

“Please! Please Doctor Weider!” Changing tact, the wide-eyed girl turned her puppy-dog gaze to the dauntingly arousing doctor, open palms once against held up in front of her. “I don’t know about your patients! I don’t want to! I’m sorry your license got taken and for the rug, and the glass! I’m really sorry but please, PLEASE don’t tickle me again!”

“Tickle you?” Weider frowned as if the idea was completely absurd. “You mean, like this?!” Both hands darted down and pinched cruelly right above the buxom girl’s wide hips.

“Eeiiihahaha!” Lurching up, her stomach tensing, the out-matched girl grabbed the scandalous doctor’s wrists and yanked for dear life, fingertips prodding through her dress and into tender flesh. “Ahaha! Stop! Eieieiehahastohahahap!”

“Oh, you sound just like my patients!”

Strongly starting to suspect that perhaps Doctor Weider’s story was not entirely untrue, Lily fell back down, her upper body flopping uncontrollably. Overwhelmed by the thought, the forcibly trapped girl’s pulse escalated, though spurred on by dismay or her own libido she couldn’t begin to tell. Whatever her internal dilemmas she’d have been much happier sorting them out on her lonesome, escape being the main priority as the tall woman’s ten fingers squeezed at her love handles. Bucking as she was, her bosoms threatening to burst free at every turn, Lily’s dark strands whipped about her contorting face, her distressed forehead almost as red as her cheeks.

“Now…” The mischievous medical practitioner lightly flickered her fingernails up the gasping girl’s sides. “I’ll ask again.”

“Eiheeheehee!” Swatting futilely, the busty girl rolled one way and the other with no direction safe from wiggling fingers.

“Have you figured it out, hmm?”


“Why I tickled those people…”

“Pleasestopehehehe!” Lily squirmed, as fearful of the answer as she was the ten digits frolicking up and down her cushiony sides.

“Why I’m tickling you now…”

“Eieieno!” The flustered guest giggled, barely able to think straight let alone deduce why anyone would want to tickle another person half out of their mind.

“It’s because…” Doctor Weider leaned in close, her fingers curling into lobster claws and digging viciously at the buxom girl’s ribs. “I like it!”

“EIIEEEHEEIIEHE!” Tensing sharply, that terrifying thought stuck with her as the pinned girl shrieked.

Shaking wildly beneath the Amazonian doctor, Lily reached madly to protect her tender ribcage, her lower legs vibrating up and down. Short of breath, each attempt at a new pleading word resulted in half screamed efforts, every one cut short by her own uproarious laughter. Her world a claustrophobic blur, Weider’s creamy white breasts jiggled in the forefront of the frantic girl’s view while both sides were assaulted by devilishly prodding fingertips. Caught up in the calamity of ticklish agony, it was only through her subconscious that Lily noticed one of her areoles was beginning to show, the puffy pink skin appearing just over the slipping neckline of her dress. The helpless girl’s perverse sense of arousal took notice next, as the accidental display sent a wave of warmth tingling between her thighs.

“Didn’t you ever stop to wonder why Tabby tickles you so much?” Inches from the young woman’s twisting expression of mirth and anguish, the leggy doctor burrowed her fingertips into the soft spots between each supple rib.

“NNEEIIIHEHEEHEEE! STAHAHAP!” Lily didn’t answer, couldn’t answer, the question already forgotten as she wriggled desperately.

“I think she’s shown amazing restraint these past few months.” The shockingly corrupt woman continued, her words unheard by the squealing girl beneath her. “No need for that anymore, is there Nurse?”

“I sure hope not.” Tabby stood less than a foot from the top of her bewildered roommate’s head. Barefoot, she’d have made a fine cat burglar, stealthy as she was. “I nearly tickled her to death this afternoon, I could hardly wait.”

“Wh…wh…what…” Panting heavily, the curvy barista put her palms flat against her ribs and looked up. She could scarcely make sense of the brunette’s sudden reappearance, and had only half understood the nonsense coming out of her full, sultry, sensuous lips. “Tabby…Tabby…oh…I’m so glad to see you…”

Doctor Weider, now sitting upright, pouted sympathetically. “Isn’t she a sweetheart?”

“Oh, I love her.” Lowering herself gracefully to the floor, the alluring nurse slinked onto her knees. “Lily’s the most adorable little tickle toy I’ve ever had.”

“T-tickle toy?” The puzzled girl stammered, the implication of such an expression making her stomach twist.

“Well sure!” Tabby’s patented smirk arrived. “You’re a doll, Lil’. Couldn’t ask for a better roommate. Kind, thoughtful, tidy…and so, SO ticklish!” She raced five fingers either side of the confused girl’s head, swiping gently against her ears and upper neck.

“Deehehehestohop!” Like a shot, the giggly young woman’s hands covered the sides of her head, her shoulders coming up faster than a panicked turtle. What she and Doctor Weider both realized a split second later, of course, what that her entire torso was now completely undefended. “NOAHEEIEIEE!” Lily bellowed when the frisky physician’s fingers clawed menacingly at her sides.

Caught between the two women, the madly shaking girl’s arms whipped up and down from one tickle attack to the other. Her eyes wide, the now out-numbered barista couldn’t so much as slightly hinder more than one set of flickering fingers at a time, either her ears or belly totally without aid. Reaching one arm up and one down, trying to protect the different areas at once did next to nothing, at least one side of her head or tummy always under assault. As her mind whirled trying to make sense of what Weider and Tabby had just said, Lily also felt a potent sense of disbelief that both ravishing women were now running their elegant hands all over her shapely, cripplingly sensitive body.

“Oh dear, you’re a mess!” The eldest of them scurried her fingers in wild patterns over the laughing girl’s quaking belly.

“AHPLEASE! EEEHAHA!” Her other areole peeking out right at the edge of her neckline, the hapless young woman couldn’t waste a moment on protecting her modesty on top of every other disaster in the moment. Far from wrong, the teasing blonde’s observation could have been based on any number of things; Lily’s gradually escaping breasts, her ever-switching facial expressions of alarm and hilarity, her purposefully mussed hairstyle that now was becoming genuinely disheveled. Or maybe it was the way she struggled, helplessly writhing and rolling without going anywhere. All together it made for a riotous sight, no doubt.

“Come on Lil’…” Tabby curled both hands under the bosomy girl’s right elbow and began levering it upward.

“NONONO!” Grabbing at her own firmly-gripped arm with her free hand, the overpowered dinner guest fought to keep her limbs to herself. As she strained, the tall woman straddling her thighs continued clutching her heaving midriff, an unfair advantage that destroyed any hope of disobedience. “TABEEHEHEHE!” She slapped down at the fingers prodding her tummy, jaw dropping wide when the nefarious nurse yanked her other arm straight passed her head. “AHNOHIIIEEEHEHE!”

One arm pinned tight, Lily flailed against the tickling digits, her nerves and libido both excruciatingly aware of how suddenly vulnerable her entire right side had become. Pulling with what paltry might she could muster, the wincing girl lay with her one wrist held in place and squeaked loudly when Tabby made a grab for her left arm. Knowing that if both arms were rendered immobile she would surely lose her mind, the tiny girl thrashed, squealing as her otherwise-ideal roommate wrestled with her. Luckily, even in her most frazzled state, pure desperation won out and Lily was able to keep her left hand trembling in undecided battle right by her ribs, at least for a few precious seconds. With one hand on the dark haired girl’s arm and the other cruelly pinching at her side, Doctor Weider helped her nurse force their plaything’s arm upward, this time without fail.

“Hhh! Hhhno! N-nono! Tabby!” Wheezing with her arms trembling overhead, the curvy and totally trapped girl glared back at her kneeling friend.

“Yesss?” The older girl purred, her squishy tanned cleavage practically swaying in the smaller girl’s face.

Expecting no more sympathy from their host than she found with her roommate, Lily still ventured a pleading glance at the woman sitting atop her thighs. “Please! Please, Doctor Weider! I can’t…no more, no more! N-n-not like this!”

“Oh, no no…” The towering woman shook her head slowly. “This is much better. Now I can tickle you all over-“ She fanned five fingers in the air over the helpless girl’s tummy and chest. “And there’s not a thing you can do about it.”

Her bottom lip quivering, the fitful captive tried to shift her hips when a lewd pang struck between her thighs. “Can’t we just have dessert?”

“We are, aren’t we?”

Tabby raised her eyebrows and nodded. “What could be a sweeter treat than this?”

“Nono! We’re friends!” Lily tugged hurriedly at her arms. “This-this is too much! Y-you know I hate being tickled! Let me g-“ Pausing the instant she caught movement out the corner of one eye, the suddenly silent girl looked down to see Weider’s long nails wiggling slowly toward her taut underarms. “Oh god! No PLEASE!”

“Try not to move around so much, dear.” Her scarlet claws just inches from the cringing girl’s dreadfully delicate skin, the bosomy doctor was clearly savoring her latest victim’s horrid anticipation. “”You’re going to fall right out of your dress!”

“TABBYYYNEEEEIIEHAHAHA!” Arching her back, the shapely young woman screeched when all ten of those demon-red nails skated around her silky soft hollows.

Bucking so forcefully she managed to lift her plump butt almost a half inch off the floor, the screaming girl’s large bosoms wobbled to the point the entire top halves of her puffy areoles were showing. Stiffened nipples only just under the linings of her dress and bra, Lily laughed uncontrollably, her eyes closing tight as she threw her head every which way. Opening her eyes again at random, the blurred visions set the comely tickle toy’s already fuming arousal into a tailspin. Wry, wicked smiles paired with the glinting stares of the two seductresses, their evil intentions no longer hidden behind thinly veiled kindness. In the fervor of it all, the atrociously horny girl knew now that there was no jest, instead it was an elaborate set up from the start. Horrifying as it was to face, the question was no longer whether Doctor Weider and Nurse Tabby were playing a prank or not, but how far their villainous plot intended to play out.

“Ohh, isn’t it horrible?” Lifting her weight by a most miniscule amount, the imposing blonde pinched the gasping girl’s dress either side of her flaring hips. “Believe me, I know just what you’re going through…”

“Ahn…ahh…ple…” Lily whimpered, only noticing that her sundress was being inched higher when she felt the bare skin of her legs against the insides of Weider’s strong thighs. “Wh-what’re you doingggg?”

“Didn’t I just say?” Setting her weight back down above her pinned guest’s knees, the increasingly depraved doctor hiked the bottom of the dress up to the point that almost the entirety of her thick thighs were on show. “Do you need Nurse Tabby to check your ears again?”

“Nono!” Trying to bring her shoulders up, the flinching girl did her best to press her arms against the sides of her head. In that same moment, Weider bunched the lower half of the dress up around the curvy barista’s pillowy tummy, her pink and mortifyingly damp panties now on full display. “Hey! No, NO, please! This is too far! It’s too far!”

“What did you think I meant…” Leaving the dress where it lay, the oath-breaking medical professional gently dragged a few long nails down either side of Lily’s hips and over her cotton waistband. “When I said I was going to tickle you all over?”

“Neehehehe!” Grimacing awkwardly, the buxom girl squirmed as much from her unending humiliation as she did the tickling. “Yohoohoocaahahahan’t!”

“Ohh, but I can!”


Her words falling on what were proving to be sadistic ears indeed, Lily continued to chirp helplessly as Weider’s talons flickered. Dancing down her quaking thighs and up to the tops of her hips, the frazzled girl begged and giggled, the sides of her big round butt squishing in and out from sporadic movement. The occasional woeful glance up to Tabby showed no signs of long-sought rescue, treacherous hellcat that she was appearing utterly devoid of any sympathy. In fact, the cunning nurse looked every bit as eager as her statuesque boss to keep their prey’s suffering on a path of steady escalation. Fearing for the fate of her sanity, Lily could only laugh louder as Weider pushed her dress higher, those razor sharp nails skittering around her now bare midriff.

Save for her panties, ankle socks and swiftly kicking shoes, the half-stripped barista was nearly nude from her ribs on down. With so much hypersensitive flesh exposed, Lily could feel those pangs of lust becoming more frequent by the minute, her voice cracking as long nails skated directly around her jostling tummy. Arms flexing and near permanently tensed, her hair batted at her stretched cheeks, now beet red from the ongoing onslaught. Try as she might to beg through the laughter, the poor girl couldn’t dismiss the idea that every one of her desperately wailed pleas was only serving to feed whatever demented desires Weider possessed. As the tall woman’s slender digits crept up and under the dress and over the sides of her bra, the thought that her unavoidable distress was exactly what the wicked duo were after didn’t bode at all well for Lily’s immediate future.

“Let’s get this off, shall we?” The broadly grinning Amazon took hand full’s of the yellow sundress and tugged it upward.

Breathless, the busty girl beneath the two women could do little but worm fruitlessly as her flowery garment was lifted over her head. “Nono…hhh hhh…please stop…I’ll die!”

“Nothing to worry about there then, is there?” Weider bunched the full dress up around the pinned girl’s trapped wrists, leaving her to writhe in panties and strained, white bra. “In any event, if you do expire Tabby and I will gladly resuscitate you so we can continue!”

“Aw please! PLEASE!” Lily whined, panting and hoping the stress in her vocal chords would strike just the right note to garner even the tiniest amount of mercy. “Y-you’re a doctor! You’re supposed to take care of people!”

“We are taking care of you!”

“No! I told you! Tabby knows! I can’t stand being tickled!”

“Oh yes, Nurse Tabby knows a lot of things…” The fiendish doctor stroked one fingernail lazily around the top of their curvaceous prisoner’s left bosom, grazing the deathly sharp tip just along the outer most edge of her half-revealed areole.

“Stohohohop!” Lily shook, her large breasts jiggling and face twisting miserably.

“Do you really believe…” Weider continued, stroking along the squishy gap between the fitful girl’s breasts. “That after all these months, Tabby hasn’t noticed the effect her attentions have on you?” Sliding that same, torturous nail, the pitiless woman teased the border of the other pink nipple. “Or that I didn’t note the signs when I confessed my sins?”

“Pleeheeheease! Pleheehese let me gooeiiehehe!”

“You are excited, young lady.” Spidering all ten nails, the husky-voiced doctor wiggled her fingers down the ballooning sides of Lily’s bosoms and raced them up and down her tender ribcage. “And we’re going to take care of that!”

“NEEEIEHEHEHE!” The disgraced girl howled, embarrassed beyond repair that her perverse little secret was out and undeniable. A microsecond later her wrists were no longer clamped down, though the realization only came when Tabby’s taunting fingertips scribbled into her hyperticklish underarms.

Snapping her arms down, Lily curled to sit upright and instead rolled mindlessly on the floor. Still firmly trapped between Doctor Weider’s straddling thighs, the scantily clad girl cackled among the twenty wiggling fingers as she fought to throw the dress from her hands. It went against all sense to discard her own clothing, yet freeing herself from the tangled sundress was the only way to mount any defense. In a few rushed seconds that felt like forever, Lily was finally able to snatch her hands loose, an insignificant mercy as the mirthful girl achieved little more than batting the air. First reaching for her underarms, she clutched at Tabby’s hidden digits, then reached down frantically to where the cruel physician’s long nails tormented her tightly flexing tummy.

One hand up and one hand down, it was the same dance as she’d performed minutes before, incapable to protecting herself from either attack. Now the difference was Lily no longer had a layer of cotton covering her skin, the yellow frock crumpled in a heap off to the side. Fingertips prodded her ribs and sides, nails raked around her thighs and poked at her bobbing bosoms, the shapely girl laughing ever more wildly by the second. Slave to her own buxom body, there was no respite from the fit of squealing and gasping pleas, all of which she knew served to give Doctor Weider and Nurse Tabby exactly what they both wanted.

Without any way to avoid feeding the two seductress’ evil desires, Lily’s undisciplined libido was reaching a fever pitch. Weider’s promise that she and her duplicitous assistant would take care of their guest’s unwilling excitement swirled in the bewildered girl’s frenzied mind. As the doctor’s claws feathered along the deep creases between her thighs and panties, the tickle-addled captive’s arousal surged, memories of her late night solo fondlings crashing against her thoughts like waves churning on rocks. She’d imagined all too similar scenarios more than a few times since Tabby had moved in, lewd fantasies of her sensuous roommate tickling her far beyond the point of girly teasing. Fantasies, Lily told herself time and time again, the wanton flights of fancy had to stay just that, even as she’d writhed quietly in her bed sheets with one hand beneath her pajama bottoms.

“Let me help you with that!” Said the grinning brunette as her slender thumbs hooked under the edges of the wheezing barista’s bra cups.

“NOPLEASE! EEEIEHEHE!” Lily grasped hurriedly at her bouncing breasts when she felt the tension of her bra loosen. A few inches lower, Doctor Weider’s clamping claws dug viciously into the curvy girl’s sides. Compelled to fight the tickling over anything else, the poor plaything slapped at her convulsing tummy, her bra unceremoniously forced downward in the same desperate second.

“Tell me these aren’t ticklish, Lil’!” Tabby teased and danced her fingertips swiftly across her friend’s newly naked breasts.

Bra caught around her ribs, the virtually topless young woman’s huge bosoms jiggled in the open, rigidly erect nipples exposed for all to see. Pushed up by the folded cups beneath, a light sheen of sweat gleamed across the undersides of Lily’s ridiculously ticklish chest as fingertips brushed freely over her quivering flesh. Gasping loudly, there was no time to absorb the abject shock of her newfound half nakedness as Tabby and Doctor Weider continued their savage, dual assault. From her thighs to her bosoms and everywhere in between, the helpless girl’s tiny hands pawed aimlessly, her strained expressions as much made of wide eyed hysterics as outright dismay.

“Such a fuss!” The devious physician cooed as she slid both hands under Lily’s back. “One might almost believe you haven’t wanted this for months!”

“DON’T! EHEEHE!” Torn between fending off the wiggling digits at her breasts and Weider reaching behind her, the bucking girl pressed hard against the floor, certain she knew the doctor’s intended target. Sure enough, the feeling of eager-tugging at her bra strap confirmed the spasming barista’s suspicion and, unable to keep herself from worming madly up and down, could not prevent the clip from coming undone. “AHNO! EEIEIEHA! DON’T! PLEEEEHEEIEIIE!”

Lily snatched at one side of her bra when Doctor Weider pulled the unfastened back-straps out from underneath her. It was a weak grip and a brief one at that, the nurse’s mischievous fingers stroking near her nipples taking immediate precedence. In the panicked effort to cover her bare chest, the barely clothed girl screamed as the towering blonde pulled her shoulder straps down her arms. Crazed in the midst of her ticklish stripping, she clutched weakly at both straps and her wobbling bosoms, neither stopped from doing what her attacker’s wanted. Pointless as it was by then, Lily continued fighting to keep hold of her bra even as it slid forcefully over her crooked elbows and up toward her hands.

“Ohh, you can’t lie to us dear!” Weider crossed the two sides of the bra sharply over one another.

Working in unison to a terrifying end goal, Tabby took a firm grip of the bare breasted girl’s wrists and forced them together. “Do you really think I don’t know what you do after every time I tickle you?”

“N-nuh! W-what?” Writhing hopelessly, the tightly held young woman felt a pulsing swell behind her soaked panties as she watched the doctor’s skilled hands spin the bra tightly around her wrists.

“You won’t look me in the eye for hours after!” Reinforcing her hold on the struggling barista, the alluring nurse spoke gleefully through a toothy smile. “It’s so cute, Lil’! How you always rush off thinking I don’t know what you’re doing!”

“N-no! Nnnggh!” Lily tightened her jaw and pulled, her petit hands waving uselessly as Weider weaved an elaborate knot. “Y-you’re wrong! I don’t want this! Not this!”

“Ohh, but you kind of do!” Taunted the sadistic physician as she and the nurse both forced the now bound girl’s tied wrists upward.

“Nono! Nononono!” Shaking her head, the buxom girl’s arms vibrated as the two taller women wrestled her hands over her head.

“You’ll…thank us…in the end, Lil’!” Tabby shuffled back, pulling her topless roommate’s arms out straight and pinning them to the floor.

“Or maybe not.” Doctor Weider’s strong grip slid up Lily’s arms and held her forearms in place. “Either way, some part of you will get what you want!”

There was no denying the truth, the bound girl admitted to herself. Even in the thick of struggling, pleading and the constant urge to flee as far away as possible Lily had to concede that the doctor was right. All three women in that room knew it. Without a shadow of a doubt the most carnal, perverse parts of her wanted to be tortured, to be exposed and powerless and utterly taken advantage of. Still, when Tabby hooked both hands under the nearest settee and lifted one corner a couple of inches off the floor it made for a stomach-twisting, nerve-wracking sight. Almost as afraid of her own libido as she was of more tickling, the tiny girl spasmed violently as Weider forced her forearms open and the sinister nurse set one leg of the settee down between her arms.

“N-nono! N-n-no! Not like this!” The topless girl pulled at her hands, the tightly wound bra catching on the short wooden leg. Trapped firmly by the makeshift bondage, the frantic prisoner tried to lift the settee, a near impossible task from her splayed position. Even if she’d been able to somehow hoist the whole thing upward, getting her tied wrists out from behind the leg while she was mid-lift would be an entirely separate challenge.

“Do you remember…” Tabby stood upright and Doctor Weider joined her, the two sultry women evidently confident that their nearly nude plaything wasn’t going anywhere fast. “Earlier today when you said I was mean?”

“Nngh! Nnn!” Lily yanked at her arms and managed to slide the settee a few inches toward her head. That one wooden leg caught on the edge of the rug, bunched it up a little and ultimately ended up doing nothing toward the fight for freedom.

“Well?” The alluring brunette reached one hand up behind her own back and pinched the zip of her dress. A few short feet away her Amazonian boss did the same, both women slowly unzipping their form-fitting gowns. “Do you remember?”

Lily mumbled something, or whimpered, it made no difference. Her wrists kept turning and fidgeting feebly, yet the busty girl’s attention was no longer entirely fixed on escape. Caught in what must have been a form of hypnosis, the dazed barista’s eyes darted between her tormentors as the pair slipped out of their evening dinner wear with a shared graceful sensuousness. Each setting their dresses neatly aside, the two sadists sported lacy lingerie, Tabby in a jet black bra and g-string panties, and Doctor Weider in a similar number that matched the deathly red of everything else she wore. Turning their attention back to Lily, sharp heels stabbing at the carpet, the fiendish duo’s eyes cast hungrily over their overwhelmed toy.

“She remembers.” Said the tallest of the two women, who then turned and began to kneel to beside the trapped girl’s lower right leg.

“You were right, you know that Lil’?” Following suit, the tanned nurse lowered to her knees beside the other anxiously writhing leg. “I am mean.”

“W…wait…” Lily squeaked, dragging her shoes slowly up toward her as the realization of her attackers’ next target took hold. Instinctively she didn’t want to move too fast. Go slow, she thought gingerly, maybe they won’t notice. Maybe she could sneak away, or redirect their cruel attention elsewhere. Anywhere else.

“And now…” One of Tabby’s slender hands reached back and coiled around the cowering girl’s left ankle. In the same moment, the scantily clad Doctor Weider performed the same move on the right. “I’m going to show you how mean I can be!”

“NO!” Jerking her legs sharply, the curvy barista balked. Despite a torrent of wild kicking, both legs were dragged outward and upward, the two women at her feet holding the poor girl’s tiny shoes under their arms. “NO PLEASE NO! NOT MY SHOES!”

Renewed with desperate vigor, any seductive entanglements Lily found herself getting ensnared by were instantly thrown aside. In her most sordid fantasies the bosomy girl never once pictured her roommate getting tickling fingers upon her tiny feet. For all the terror of being tickled, there was nowhere quite so all consuming, so unbearably hellish and inhumanly sensitive as there. The idea alone was too much, the act itself bore memories much better forgotten. It was by some miracle in all their months of cohabitating that Tabby, for whatever reason, hadn’t gone near Lily’s feet. Now, as the frenzied girl begged furiously to the feeling of her shoes being plucked away, it seemed perhaps the villainous nurse had simply been saving up the moment.

“Oh no Lily…” Tabby teased as she and Doctor Weider gently placed the frazzled girl’s shoes down beside themselves. “Don’t tell us you have…ticklish feet?!”

Curling her tiny toes inside her socks, the worrisome captive could feel the soft flesh of both women’s ample bosoms pressing against the outer edges of her feet. “Pleeheeheehehese nohohoho!” She giggled, unable to control bubbling laughter that shook her naked chest.

“I don’t think we need these…” The voluptuous physician smirked and pinched the tip of one sock.

“NONONO! Eehehehee!” Lily shook harder, her eyes wide as she felt both thin cotton rims slide out from under her ankles and drag across her marshmallowy soft heels. Seeing both women smile back at her, the tiny girl’s heart raced. Small beads of sweat glimmered across her wrinkled forehead, her petit toes spreading and wriggling in one last hopeless effort to keep from being unveiled.

“Uh oh!” Dangling a sock between two fingers, the giddy brunette sang. “What do we have heeeere? Are those some ticklish tootsies I see?”

“Ohh, I think these little feet deserve some extra special attention!” Doctor Weider added unhelpfully as she threw the other stolen sock back behind her shoulder.

“Nohohohoplease! You can’t!” Unblinking as she stared, the shapely girl tugged helplessly at her arms, rattled her hands up and down between the floor and bottom of the settee, kicked her knees, and breathed rapidly, her stomach rising and falling. “NOT THERE! Eiiieheiiehehee!”

Together the devilish pair’s grins grew in gradual, haunting tandem. Lily knew she had damned herself, if not for her constant girlish giggling than certainly by loudly advertising her terror. Not there was the incriminating confession of the appallingly ticklish, the unintended admission that nowhere would elicit as much pandemonium as that particular spot. To divulge such information around anyone was unwise, to do so in the presence of people who derived no end of pleasure from another’s suffering was like opening the gates of hell and throwing yourself in head first. Or in Lily’s case, feet first.

Doctor Weider took the initiative, dragging the tip of one singular nail slowly up and over the petrified girl’s right heel. Curling her lips inward to a straight line, Lily rolled her head back and snickered. A deep breath in caused her nostrils to flare, and as that lone claw meandered onto her silky arch the poor captive clenched her fists so tight they shook. Wide eyed, her brow furrowed tight, the pressure of building laughter pushed at her belly, ribs and throat. Every ounce of dwindling willpower was dedicated to holding a full blown freak-out at bay. Her snickers turning to a muffled, dog-whistle pitch whine, the raking talon crept on to the balls of Lily’s foot. So tender and sensitive was the flesh against the doctor’s sharp fingernail it was as if it had been ripened for the maximum degree of doom. Straining furiously, the helpless dinner guest was unable to shake the thought that nineteen more wiggling fingers were impatiently awaiting their chance to terrorize her soles.

As Lily curled her tiny toes, Weider’s nail turned back and began an equally painstaking trek down the full length of her bare foot. Squirming against the inevitable, the urge to unleash a barrage of forced mirth was less than a second away when Tabby mirrored her companion’s technique. Starting at the bottom of the fitful girl’s left heel, the sinister nurse leisurely stroked a solo fingertip upward. A premature shriek of glass-cracking volume tore from the buxom girl, her soles wrinkling as the rest of her body froze for the briefest of moments. When that shrill wail devolved into hysterical laughter Lily’s entire voluptuous frame thrashed. From her shoulders on down she launched off the rug, hips thrusting sharply into the air before her wide butt came slamming back down.

“We’ve barely touched you!” Tabby chuckled. “You need to calm down!”

“So silly!” Doctor Weider chimed in, her vicious claw snaking an S-like path along the maddened girl’s arch. “All worked up over a little tickling!”

“She needs to relax!”

“Perhaps more tickling?”

“Only one way to know for sure!”

“NOOOOOEEIIIE!” Lily howled, springing her bulbous behind off the floor a second time as an additional digit on each foot joined the chaos. “NNNYYYIIIEEGGHAHAAAA!”

With four combined fingers strolling over her soles, the tendons in the topless girl’s neck stretched taut. From her shoulders on up the screaming prisoner quickly turned a dark shade of red. What had been tiny shimmers of sweat just minutes before were now thick beads that drizzled down the sides of Lily’s contorting face. A glossy, slippery coating of exhaustion covered her wildly quaking bosoms, the crazed young woman’s heaving tummy taking on an overworked sheen at the same time. Hair whipping at her pained expression, a few rogue strands matted to her skin, every hellish second making more and more of a steaming hot mess.

“It doesn’t appear to be working, Doctor!” Said the shockingly perverse nurse. “The patient’s condition is worsening!”

“Up the dosage!” Weider scribbled all five scarlet claws over the tied girl’s hopelessly vulnerable sole.

“YAAAAHAHAHAAAA!” With might far beyond what she’d have ever been capable otherwise, Lily rolled forcefully to her left. Tabby’s full compliment of fingers danced over her left foot a second after and the poor girl lunged to her right, almost to the point of turning completely over.

There were no words to be had, nor scarcely a thought besides. Trapped in pure survival mode, the screeching barista’s fight or flight response was in anarchy. Spidering nails and fingertips ran freely over her heels, arches and insteps, skated and prodded at the balls of her feet and, in what was perhaps worst of all, dug fiendishly beneath her hyperticklish toes. Had Lily been able to focus on anything else she might have taken some miniscule satisfaction in how much effort Doctor Weider and Nurse Tabby were putting in, both scantily clad women wincing and rocking to keep hold of their plaything’s fiercely kicking legs. It was no consolation in the thick of torment however, the busty girl’s entire existence consumed by digits racing about her wriggling feet.

A few minutes of harrowing exploration was all it took for the pair of medical professionals to keenly note their alarmed victim’s most reactive spots. Naturally, being the elite sadists they were, simply discovering which parts of Lily’s feet drove her the most out of control wasn’t enough. Various techniques were tried across all areas of the tiny girl’s soles and toes, doctor and nurse both committing to memory which malicious maneuvers worked best on each. By the third or fourth minute, each second undoubtedly passing a great deal quicker for her ticklers than it did for the wailing tickle toy, the two sinister women had their fingers finely tuned. Tabby and Doctor Weider’s skilled digits caressed, stroked and wiggled with such precision they had crafted mayhem into an art form.

For as terrible as she’d expected the foot tickling to be, the screaming girl’s expectations were now obliterated in the worst way possible. Though previous experiences with fingers running wild around her feet had been the stuff of nightmares, Lily would have returned to any of those past encounters in favor of her present without a second thought. Friends, coworkers, overzealous dates, all those who had before swept a fingertip or two across her explosively ticklish soles were clumsy buffoons compared to the likes of her roommate and the blonde bombshell physician. Their prowess unmatched, Weider and Tabby knew just how to torture the bound girl to maximum effect.

“Your toes look totally scrumptious, Lil’!” Teased the svelte nurse when at long last her fingertips ceased their mad attack. “I could eat them all up!”

“One at a time or all at once?” Ensuring the trapped barista remained beside herself, the compassionless doctor continued dragging four long nails up and down.

“Which ever tickles the most!”

“What do you think about that, dear?” Weider looked back over one shoulder as the breathless girl continued to cackle and bounce. “Would you like Nurse Tabby to have a taste?”

“AIIIE! IIEEEHAHAHA!” Despondent, Lily could only squeal mindlessly as she caught snippets of the taunting conversation.

“I could lick them like ice cream!” Tabby danced two fingers up the poor girl’s arch.

More than any other remark it was the line about licking that reminded the buxom captive how feverishly aroused she was. While the torment of her petit feet had made Lily forget, those swollen, tingling, soaking feelings of titillation returned to the forefront of her mind with all the force of a tsunami. Prior to the relentless roaming of her soles the nearly nude girl was already well beyond the point of keeping a handle on her libido. Now with her panties drenched through and a large wet patch of arousal on the rug between her thighs, the sweat slicked barista found herself verging on the very edges of orgasm.

“I think she rather likes that idea…” Doctor Weider observed in a clinical tone as she gently lowered the curvaceous girl’s foot back to the floor.

Tabby did the same and Lily wheezed, her feet finally free of tickling clutches. Writhing while trying to gather air and some form of coherent thought, the bosomy girl barely had a second to herself as the two women pivoted around toward her. Together on either side of her legs the doctor and nurse reached for the flinching young woman’s hips, though she had no energy left for a struggle. Instead of more tickling, the devilish pair grabbed a side of Lily’s panties each and began tugging downward. Feeling as though she could climax at any second, a series of soft moans squeaked from her lips as the comely girl slowly thrust her hips in a most lewd display.

From her thick thighs, down over her wobbling knees and sweeping passed her curling toes, Tabby and Weider slipped their now stark naked guest’s sopping panties away. Strangely, even in the overwhelming mix of weariness and arousal, Lily discovered she still maintained some capacity for humiliation. Without so much as the illusion of any protection left, the nude girl felt her cheeks grow hotter as the embarrassment caused a rush of tantalizing waves across her bare, puffy pussy. A mini orgasm, not quite, whatever it was had her squirming and taking a shaky, whispery breath, mouth open wide and bottom lip aquiver.

“First you spill wine on my rug-“ The not-so-good doctor slid her open palms up Lily’s right leg. “And now this mess…”

“No respect.” Tabby tutted as she did the same on the left, stopping midway up the curvy girl’s thigh.

“I could just give this young lady’s bottom a good spanking!”

“There’s plenty of it to spank!”

With a sudden heave from Doctor Weider, Lily mewled softly as she felt her right leg roll over her left, wide hips following on. Resisting weakly, the disheveled girl was turned over in her own puddle of pleasure, four hands wrestling her facedown. On to her tummy she was slumped, large breasts pressed beneath her and ballooning at the sides. From the small of the shapely dinner guest’s back her bare ass protruded at a sharp curve upward, and those cruel hands pawed at the back of her thighs. Forehead resting flat on the rug, Lily flinched nervously, dreading whatever new indignity her seductive tormentors were cooking up next.

“My my.” Weider purred as she straddled the back of the bound barista’s left leg. “A very spankable bottom indeed!”

“Ticklable too, I bet!” Added the kneeling nurse as she mounted their prisoner’s right leg.

“Nooo…” Lily whined quietly, both legs pinned and her most private of parts helplessly vulnerable.

“And what does our giggly little patient think?” Said the Amazonian doctor as she traced one fingernail slowly up the back of the fitful girl’s thigh. “Should we spank your bottom, or tickle it?”

Lily tensed sharply and spluttered, her bubble butt quaking like two great mounds of jello. Spanking, spanking was the answer. For reasons she’d have very much preferred to forget, the jostling girl knew all too well that her ample rear end happened to be distressingly, wretchedly ticklish. As Weider’s lone wandering talon drew further up her thigh, Lily’s girlish giggles stayed barely muffled behind pursed lips. The hypersensitive crease where cheek and thigh met trembled just a few short inches away, no barrier nor border nor even a pitiful slap could be arranged to slow the creeping claw’s advance. A second rush of toe-curling waves spread across her slippery smooth pussy, the poor girl fearing climax almost as much as more fingers wiggling across her skin.

“I think she’s making the rug worse.” Tabby’s grin could be heard through her voice.

“Impolite, that’s what it is.” Doctor Weider danced her single nail a little quicker. “To be a guest in someone’s house and make such a mess.”

“YEE!” Lily squawked, the unendurable touch stroking up on to the lowest region of her left butt cheek. “Pleheeheeheeheease!”

“Who’s got a ticklish tooshie?” Like she was talking to a puppy, the overly eager brunette fluttered a few fingertips quickly over the right side of her roommate’s bare ass. “Is it you? Does Lily have a ticklish tooshie? I think she doooes!”

“Eeiieheehehee!” The trapped girl shook, her generous derrière wobbling in the open.

Kicking her upturned feet against the much-discussed rug, Lily’s giggles grew. A shriek signaled the arrival of more crimson nails against her flesh and within seconds both nurse and doctor had at least five fingers each scribbling around her cheeks. Few words squeaked forth among the laughter then, those the floundering tickle toy did manage were quickly drowned out and barely coherent. Throwing her head back and jerking her hips from side to side, the poor girl bucked rapidly, her fingers gripping and pulling desperately at the misused bra around her wrists. Within moments her hosts’ remaining ten combined fingers feathered up the bulbous outer sides of Lily’s ass, a cocktail of squealing cackles making her head rock violently between straining biceps.

Around the fleshy tops of both cheeks and over the horribly ticklish peaks, Tabby and Doctor Weider’s tireless digits frolicked freely. One of the women, no telling which, targeted the nude girl’s tailbone with agonizing frequency, no doubt encouraged by the outpour of shrill yelping that filled the room every time. Just as they had with her soles, the two devilish professionals spent long minutes testing every inch with a variety of raking nails and nipping pinches, honing their maddening techniques. Fingertips wormed into the sweat slicked creases between Lily’s thighs and butt, clawed at the meaty muscles just below her back and spidered fiendishly right down the forbidden center valley over and over again.

As the evil pair took their time learning how best to torture the buxom girl, not one of their exploratory touches helped to quell her libido one iota. Flooding the rug with an apparently limitless deluge of liquid lust, those waves of almost-orgasmic arousal had become a near constant between Lily’s legs. If she’d had her hands loose the bafflingly horny girl would have shamelessly bought herself to climax, right there in front of the other women. Never in her life had the buxom barista been so overpoweringly turned on, certainly not without much needed release. Nearly as desperate to cum as she was for the tickling to end, the loudly laughing girl hoped that each new wave would bring relief. Every tingling burst a promise of carnal ecstasy, and each one a dreadful disappointment that worsened her torture.

“Oh, Tabby-” Doctor Weider wiggled one last nail along the disturbingly sensitive inner edge of Lily’s left cheek. “In all the excitement of the evening I nearly forgot to tell you; I’ve been offered a job out west.”

“Oh really?” Said the nurse cheerfully as she clawed five fingers up the breathless girl’s butt. “You’re leaving New England?”

“I’m not sure yet. It’s a very lucrative offer, but I told them I’d like you to come with me.”

“Move out west?” Tabby chatted casually while their naked victim wheezed.

“If you’d like. They’ve already agreed to cover all moving expenses.”

“Sounds a little mysterious…”

“I’m flying out next week for a meet and greet. You should come too, see if you like what they’re offering.”

“Alright.” The slender nurse sounded quite pleased. “Before we do that though…” She poked Lily directly in the cushiony underside of her butt.

“Eiiiieehee!” Moving abruptly, the tickle-wrecked girl’s ass cheeks clenched firm.

“Indeed.” Weider mimicked her accomplice’s deep prodding on the other side.

“Ahaha! Pleehease!”

“Pinchy pinchy!” Tabby teased and gripped the squishy flesh at the bottom of Lily’s right cheek, squeezing with lobster-like viciousness.

“AAAIIEEHAHAHAA!” Feeling the physician pinch at the other side, the busty girl howled as the two women’s fingers dug at handfuls of some of her softest flesh.

It was a very recent and hard learned lesson that her roommate was never one to let an opportunity for wickedness pass by. In unison with her equally depraved cohort, Tabby reached back with her free hand and swept five fingers across the bottom of the deranged barista’s kicking right sole. Weider did the same to the left, one hand rigorously kneading the underside of Lily’s butt cheek while the other chased her tiny upturned foot in every direction she could move it. Flailing harder, the curvaceous girl’s lower legs slammed up and down, darting as far to left or right as her knees would allow. It was a fruitless pursuit that lasted only seconds on each side, the two women soon catching their fleeing prey’s ankles midflight.

Easily pushing the bewildered barista’s feet to the floor, Doctor Weider and Nurse Tabby pressed the bottoms of their hands against her spongy heels. Legs now wholly pinned and their fingers free, both heartless caregivers started tapping their digits against her immovable soles like they were trying to see who could type the fastest. Lily screeched, mouth agape as her arms jerked forcefully and her hips bounced like an overpowered jackhammer. Bare ass jiggling helplessly, the cruel tickling of her tiny feet did nothing to take any focus away from the berserk girl’s behind. Evidently, the seductively dressed pair atop her were as talented at multitasking as they were at medical misconduct, the squeezing of Lily’s butt and skrittching of her silky soles equally as hellish as the other.

“About time for that taste test, wouldn’t you say Nurse?” Asked the statuesque blonde, who in that moment had her long nails burrowing beneath the nude girl’s toes.

“I concur, Doctor!” Tabby’s fingers raced from the front edge of her screaming roommate’s heels to the defenseless balls of her right foot.

“IIIEEEHAHAHAHA!” Lily wailed nonsensically, not a word of the conversation heard as somewhere in the ordeal she’d come unglued from sanity. She felt the weight lift from her legs a few seconds later, the pinching hands and spidering fingers relenting for what the unhinged girl knew would only be an all-too-brief moment.

“Now you must listen, dear…” Weider shuffled about, and turned to straddle the back of the breathless barista’s knees in the other direction. “We know you’re very, very excited.”

“A little too excited if you ask me!” Chimed the wicked nurse as she took a snug seat next to the doctor, their shoulders pressed against each other as they both kneeled over Lily’s legs.

“Even so, Lillian, you must control yourself!” The devious doctor’s hands slid slowly down the back of the writhing girl’s calf. “Because if you make an even bigger mess of my rug than you already have, you having yourself a naughty little orgasm will not be the end of our evening together!”

Lily whimpered, some distant part of her psyche somewhat understanding the impossible predicament. Hands coiled around each of her ankles and as she felt her lower legs begin bending backward the curvy young woman grinded herself against the soaked carpet. Together, the nefarious nurse and fearsome physician nestled the backs of her heels between their bosoms, the lace of their overstuffed bras against her skin making the bound girl squirm. Hands ran up her shins and cupped the front of her ankles, Weider and Tabby both trapping Lily’s wriggling feet against their chests.

“Now remember Lil’-“ Said the frisky brunette, her breath hot against the bottom of their naked guest’s right foot. “No more messes, okay? Alison welcomed you into her home and all you’ve done is embarrass yourself!”

“Tabby’s right.” Weider’s full red lips brushed ever-so-softly against Lily’s left heel making the petit girl vibrate sharply. “Anymore unruly behavior out of you…I’ll keep tickling you ‘til morning!”

“Neeehieehehe!” Giggling loudly as the bursts between her thighs intensified without end, the dazed girl strained to wriggle away. Held tight by professional hands, the tops of her feet were gripped solidly in place, unable to move up, down or anywhere that would keep merciless mouths off of her hyperticklish soles.

“Did you hear that, Lil’?” Tabby reached back with one hand and danced five fingers along the inside of the busty girl’s thigh.

“Eieheehee! Eiieheeheehee!”

“Is your friend being impolite again?” Doing the same, the good doctor scribbled five nails up the opposite trembling thigh while her other hand kept hold of the struggling young woman’s foot.

“It’s rude to not answer…” Her fingertips spidering along the underside of Lily’s left butt cheek, the amorous nurse’s lips stroked her roommate’s instep as she spoke.

“EIEEIIHAHA!” The baffled girl balked.

“You’ll not cum in my house, young lady!” Doctor Weider’s wandering claws flickered downward, two fingers stroking painstakingly over the cackling barista’s slippery smooth taint.

“NEEEIIIGGHHAHAHAAAA!” Lily shrieked, her eyes bugging out and her neck stretching as she thrashed.

“Don’t cum!”

“Don’t do it Lil’!” Tabby teased as she feathered her fingertips up and down between the deranged girl’s bouncing ass cheeks.

Somewhere in the whirl of madness that was her broken mind, the shapely captive strived with everything she had to avoid climax. An exercise in hopelessness if ever there was one, especially when the tips of the two wicked women’s long tongues skimmed across the center of her soles. Bawling with hysterical laughter, a loud and breathy gasp broke the mania when the doctor’s same two savage digits snaked across Lily’s sopping pussy lips and found her engorged, hypersensitive clit. Moaning with almost the same uproarious volume as she’d been wailing, the voluptuous girl’s unstoppable mirth entered into battle against her insuppressible lust. Sobbing cries of unprecedented pleasure interjected through the spasming barista’s laughter with rapidly growing frequency, the titillating waves turned tidal.

Feeling her pussy throb, the frenzied girl’s focus split between the precise fondling of her clit and quickly licking tongues that slithered between her toes. Straining maddeningly against the oncoming storm, Lily’s libido went into maximum overload when she felt Tabby and Weider’s teeth rake softly over the balls of her bare feet. Closing her eyes tight, the furiously bucking girl’s tiny toes curled and her soles wrinkled as the long promised orgasm finally tore through her buxom body. To the sound of throat wrenching moans, the bosomy barista clutched so hard into the leg of the settee that her nails dug scars into the polished wood.

At once it was the most intense and torturous climax of Lily’s life, her tormentor’s giving no ground as they continued their savage work all throughout. Fingertips still stroked swiftly from her tailbone to her shuddering thighs. Plump lips, flickering tongues and nibbling teeth fed ravenously at the distraught girl’s soles, never once stopping to allow for a moment of unhindered ecstasy. Riding out the frighteningly powerful release, it was those same sadistic attacks that drove her unwillingly into a second typhoon-force orgasm. Unbelievably more sensitive than ever, Weider’s expert massaging of Lily’s clit suddenly became more nightmarish than any other of the numerous assaults upon her curvaceous body.

Fearing her heart would leap clean from her heavily pounding chest, the sweat soaked girl could do nothing to stop a third inhumanly excruciating orgasm. From the tips of her toes to the top of her scalp, barrage after barrage of tingling, magma-hot waves wreaked devastation across Lily’s every nerve. So sensitive had she become by that point, the crazed tickle toy didn’t notice until long after that tears were streaming down her contorting face, or that her laughter had turned to a nearly silent series of squeaks. How many more times she climaxed the buxom girl had no idea, nor how long her torment continued as she writhed and twisted helplessly on the now soaked-through rug.

“I don’t think she can afford to buy you a new one.” Tabby’s voice sounded oddly distant.

Lily stirred wearily and blinked away tears. She hadn’t slept, yet she hadn’t been resting in reality for a while either. Doctor Weider sounded closer when she spoke. “Not to worry, Lillian can work off her debt.”

“I’m sure she can…” Said the nurse, her tone carrying a smile.

“Uhn…” Turning her head, the nude and sticky girl frowned to see her friend standing near the door, her sleek black dress once again worn elegantly over her slender frame.

“There she is!” Tabby’s toothy grin grew. Something was very wrong. “Coming back to us are you, Lil’?”

Lily was still on the rug, laying on her back now. She pulled at her arms and they didn’t move, the bra still wound tightly around her wrists. Looking away from her roommate she stared down, tried to close her legs and went wide-eyed. Her ankles were tied by what looked like nylon stockings, spread far apart, the ends knotted firm around legs of other settees. Naked and splayed, the nude girl breathed shakily and cast her eyes wearily to the right. Doctor Weider loomed near the unlit fireplace, the only thing on her Amazonian body was a glass of wine in one hand.

“T-Tabby…?” Lily murmured, her mind moving like molasses.

“It’s late Lil’.” One hand on the edge of the door as she turned toward the hall.

“Don’t worry-“ Weider set her glass on the mantle with a gentle clink. “She’ll come pick you up in the morning.”

“W…waitwait…” The puzzled girl tugged weakly at her makeshift bondage. “D-don’t leave me!”

“Late morning.” Tabby started closing the door behind her. “After this evening, I’m going to need a gooood sleep in!”

“N-no! No please!” Lily pulled harder as the stark naked Doctor Weider began sauntering toward her. Turning hurriedly back to her departing friend, the pleading girl looked just in time to see the door click shut.

“Oh dear…” Stepping one leg over the helpless barista, the husky-voiced blonde towered high as she looked down. “It’s just us now.”


“Please?” Weider lowered herself slowly, coming down to her knees as she straddled the stammering girl’s wide hips. “Please what? Make you cum again?”

“No! Nono!” Her libido already beginning to stir, the only thing the squirming girl felt more strongly was a sense of disbelief. “Tabby! Tabby please! Come back! Pleeeeaaaase!”

“She can’t hear you anymore.” Shaking her head slowly, the long legged physician wiggled all ten of her scarlet red nails in the air.

“Nnnnggh! Nononono!” Lily sucked her tummy in, her eyes unblinking as she watched the doctor’s talons inch lower toward her terribly ticklish skin.

“I’m the only one who can hear you now.”

“Ohnono! Pleeheeheeheease! Not agahahahain!”

“And I just love hearing you laugh…” Weider’s nails grazed the giggling girl’s quivering sides and her shapely young body spasmed.


The End​
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