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Tickling Paradise Loyal Fans

Hello Everyone............Renee here. Although I have removed all of our specifically animal licking videos from clips for sale, apparently there were a few clips in other videos that had some animals. They found 2 and removed them, but they have closed my site until I go through all 1300+ clips to be sure there are no more. This is serious because if I miss anything, they could close me permanently and I don't what that to happen. So............please bear with me as I go through everything to be sure there is not more licking anywhere. I think I can get this done in less than a week. Thanks to those of you who emailed me to let me know. I treasure all of you and I promise I'm working as fast as I can! I have posted a lot of material on my Loyal Fans site that you might enjoy in the meantime. I really appreciate your concern.
Thank you all so much.

I think that may have been my fault. I have a friend who has tons of his own dog/cat licking feet videos, and I had thought that Clips4sale would have been a good place for him to share his content. He had told me about the no animals rule they have, but then I noticed some of your own animal clips were left up, and I was confused, and looking for clarity.

So, I want to take this moment to apologize. I have nothing against you personally, and I didn't mean to get you into that bit of trouble, I was just trying to help a buddy make some business.
Hi all. For those of you who want to see tickling paradise / foot paradise videos and images, Renee has started a loyal fans page linked down below. It’s really awesome so go check it out!

She posts almost daily awesome photos / videos from all those shots TP had over the years. Definitely go subscribe to that!

Just checked out the loyal fans site and signed up for a free account. May ‘bite the bullet’ soon to gain access to the full site. Really great stuff that Renee’s put together on this site for all of us tickle paradise aficionados :) Thanks Renee! Thanks @rhxc 🙏
Does anyone know have the video where this lovely lady's feet are tickled? I bought never before seen #76 and despite the setup it only includes upperbody :') Her name would also help!


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