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  • Thank you, and always happy to meet new people :3 Dang it looks like you've been around here forever, impressive :O
    You are correct! I'm a big fan, although more of the video games than the shows. They weren't quite as good!
    Thank you for the compliment. I have been traveling a bit more but usually if someone wants me in their area they sponsor me to travel. Is that an interest of yours?
    That's about what I expected. I worked with some graduate students in physics this summer, and some tracked through quite quickly, while others kept adding more and more tasks. That's a reasonable length of time.

    What nobler pursuit could there be than the origin of tickling and ticklishness? ;)
    Awesome! I'm not sure about grad school yet, but it's a consideration. Always nice to have some time for personal projects too ;)
    Oh, nice! Yeah I've seen those before. Not sure either, why they stopped selling. Maybe it was too much for the majority of decorators to use, so they have a supply somewhere you just have to know how to get to in order to get 'em. LOL Not sure!


    Oh yeah, I know CA's pretty bad. Know many people from all over, and my best friend was born somewhere in southern CA. She's right down the road from me now, though. :D

    Awes, no! :( If my lees are okay with getting lovable kisses from their ler afterwards, then yes I'm more than happy to give out kisses while you're catching your breath! ^_^ ;)
    Ohh I love the randomly twinkling lights. :aww: :jumpupanddown: :veryhappy:wahooo: ACK! They don't have a hypnotized smiley! xD Must request! Because the tons of twinkly lights hypnotize the mess out of me!!! :redheart:

    Ooooh, :wow: wow! :wowzer: Yeah, it's definitely not your time to leave the planet just yet!

    Bah! I can't drink seltzer water. Gotta have some kinda flavor in it, or be filtered or spring water for me. Beh. You can have my rations! LOL!

    OMG Yes we are definitely doing better than CA in that department!

    If only I got a New Year's Kiss, it would have been perfect! :sadcry: Or someone to make scream with laughter! :happycry:
    LOL Wow! :bowing: I could never pull that off! I'm pretty good at untangling things, but you know Christmas lights never stay untangled for long. LOL! I bet it looked great!

    Thank you. :) Very nice! Yeah you ARE lucky! :microsmiley: xD

    Hehe yeah I think that's about right. I have no idea how much water I drink a day, only that it's a lot. LOL! I used to not drink water at all, but I ate ice! :wave: :p Yeah, it's annoying to drink cold water when it's cold outside...but warm water is nasty!

    Hey, if you moved to TN I'd have a regular lee! :tickling: :headpat: :3poke: :happyhop:

    Awe, any time! You be'z aweshum tew!
    Yeah I have one fiber optic tree...it's actually plugged in and twinkling right now! :D :happyhop:

    Yeah, how crazy!? My foot healed up great, except for one dark and one light mark where 2 went in. The other healed fine! So weird.

    Yep, I've been getting up and down off of EVERYTHING lately! I don't sit still for too long anymore...especially drinking water like it's going out of style.

    Awe yay! Glad your Christmas was great!

    Well if you could get a little closer, I'd help you out with your lack of being tickled. ;)
    :swayparrot: Got some speakers for Christmas with 4 colored water spouts in each that react to music (or sounds, or voices!) and the best music for them is reggae. Which I love! :santasmil

    Oh no! I know how scary that can be. I don't have bleeding issues, but once stepped on a cluster of 3 LONG nails that went halfway through ONE foot! It bled for longer than I was okay with...

    I believe that completely! You're always getting up and down off of the ground, stretching your body and having to support your weight plus whatever supplies you may be holding. :) I'm just not good at sustaining plant life long enough to enjoy. :bump:

    My Christmas was way better than I thought it'd be! My family was actually NICE to me! Believe me, they're rarely ever nice to me. Maybe it's a part of growing up.

    Oh, and I tickled my first real victim on the 14th, as an early present for both of us. :D :2poke: Been a wonderful Christmas! I hope yours was rant-worthy as well! :xmas: :stocking: :snow:
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