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Utter Scumbag!


Level of Coral Feather
Sep 9, 2002
I dont care if this is not in the blog. I cant find how to access my blog, so I will just put it here.

"T" is either completely insane, or very evil.

I have an 83 year old father, and 75 year old uncle, both of whom I am meeting for lunch today, and who I hope and plan to have a nice time with.

I talk to my Dad most days on the phone.
We agreed to that sometime ago, even for a minute, just to check in.

Usually, a call would be 8, 830, 9.

Neither of us have ever called each other early, out of concern that something would be wrong.

7 am this morning, my phone rings.

It is "T"

Happy Birthday The bastard says.

I was.. half up, but got scared out of concern that one of my senior citizen family members was sick. I also have an 82 year old aunt.

A bit later , my cousin texted me, and I called him.

It's like. "T" could not text to be considerate?

He is at an all time arrogance because of a supposed new girlfriend and other reasons.

Too many years, comments, and arrogance from him.

This birthday, might be time to "clean house" starting with him.

He has been pulling this shit for too long.

End of rant, and sorry, but this was mega inconsiderate on his part, and the bastard did it intentionally
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