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WarioWare: Mona's Story


TMF Master
Jun 13, 2003
Ah, Diamond City. Full of lucious life, rising stars, and palm trees. One such star happened to be always on the run.

"Oh man, I'm late again!" a young girl said looking at her watch while driving her red moped . "Ooooohhhhh!" Seems this girl had waken up on the wrong side of the bed, as it was now 10 o'clock, and Mona Pizza was supposed to be open an hour ago. The girl had on a casual brown bike helmet with long red hair, along with a white fur coat that many celebrities liked to wear in public. She also had on an orange tube top and skirt with matching-colored boots. She could already hear her boss now screaming, "Mona! You're late again! How many times must I tell you blah blah blah blah..." As most people of Diamond City knew, Mona has always had a bad habit of being late to everything, even to a rock concert that was down the street from her home. But no matter what happens to the poor girl, she always managed to arrive to her destination no matter what. Mona revved up her moped as it suddenly sped faster down the street towards the pizzeria. When she got there, she found her crew waiting at the front door, wanting to get inside for another busy day working at their jobs. Strange, she thought, where's Joe? He's usually here by now. Mona parked her moped and walked towards the door. "Sorry guys," Mona said with a sad tone, "I kinda overslept." "Mona, don't sweat it." said one of her crew members, "You ALWAYS oversleep. Trust us, we're used to it." She unlocked the door and flipped on the lights to notice a piece of paper on the counter. As everyone ran inside to put on their uniforms, she picked up the note and read the writing.

"Dear Mona, I'm going out of town for the next few days and need you to watch the pizzeria until I return. If your other job interferes with this, no problems as I understand that and will accept a few days for you off, but not the whole week again, like last time! Your boss, Joe."

Mona was in utter shock. She hasn't been in charge of Mona Pizza ever since she got her own band. Joe must be looking at her performance rates better to do something like this. "Okay guys," Mona started, "according to this note I found, Joe went out of town and made me the manager until he gets back. The lunch rush is about to come, so we need to be prepared!" Mona raised her fist into the air triumphantly. "Lets make some pizza!" she said winking as everyone else cheered on.

"WHAAAAT!?" said a green-haired girl stomping around her home. The girl had green hair with a spiky ponytail sticking up from the back of her head, a light blue dress that covered her knees, and she also had on fancy red high heels. She was nearly screaming at the top of her lungs over the phone. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE ROCKIN' BROOKLYN TOUR IS TAKEN?! I'VE HAD RESERVATIONS ON THAT FOR WEEKS!" "Sorry, miss Vanessa, but Mona and the Hot Slices got the spot first due to high demand," said the other person on the line with her, "There's nothing we can do unless she changes her mind about it." Growling in anger over even hearing Mona's name, Vanessa hung up the phone and threw it out her sliding glass door. "Grrrr, curse that Mona! She's ALWAYS taking away from MY fanbase! She's the reason behind all of my misfortune! I can't even run Pizza Dinosaur with her around!" Vanessa stomped around the room in anger as one of her butlers came in to see what was the manner. "Miss Vanessa, please calm down." he said, "There's no need to this kind of anger." Vanessa turned her head towards the butler as she revealed the anger in her face by the sign of her eyes being on fire. "NOT. NOW. WILTRED!" she yelled as she started to stomp back and forth in her mansion. Unlike Mona, Vanessa was a rich woman who owned three homes in Diamond City. She also has a pizza business called Pizza Dinosaur, which tries to thwart Mona and her small business all the time, and even has her own band with only her as the star to take on Mona's own. Yet, it seemed like no matter what she did, all of the fans really enjoyed Mona more than her. This fact was the one flame that was driving her crazy. Now, it seemed like due to her rather large fanbase, Mona had snatched Vanessa's reserved Rockin' Brooklyn Tour right from under her nose.

"GRAAAAAAH!" Vanessa yelled as she banged on one of her wooden furniture, smashing it into pieces. "That tears it! I'm gonna get that tour if it's the last thing I do!" Just then, an idea just struck her. Why not make Mona give her the tour? But wait, if she even struck Mona, her fanbase would dwindle majorly! But...what if she didn't strike her and instead....yup, that's the plan alright. Vanessa struck a cunning grin as she grabbed her cell phone and dialed a number. "Gang, get over here, on the double!" As she hung up her cell, a red van suddenly busted through the wall in front of her and only stopped a few inches away from her current position. Two goons then came out from the wreckage, both in some sort of weird uniforms. The body was covered with black while their heads wore a helmet that resembled a race car drivers' helmet. The helmets came with black visors that covered their eyes and only showed pure white coming from them. The two goons saluted as they got out of the van and stepped in front of Vanessa. "Pizza Dinosaur, at your service ma'am!" goon #1 spoke. "My, my, aren't we quick to the chase?" she said to the goon. Goon #1 smiled confidently as Goon #2 looked onto him with frustration. "Ok, enough games, goons." she started, "I have a plan for you two, and it involves our rival...."

"That was a great job you did today, you guys!" Mona said with glee to her co-workers. It was finally closing time for Mona Pizza, as it was already past five o' clock, the normal closing time for the pizzeria. "We made lots of money today!" she continued as she locked the safe. "Mona, we always make a lot of money here," one of the workers said, "This place is one of the most popular spots in Diamond City." Mona still had that cute smile on her face as she turned to look at one of her co-workers. "I know, but it's always great to see people walk away happy!" "Well, we'd better get." one of them said, "It's that time to go home again." And with that, all of the employees walked out and returned to their homes, while Mona stayed behind and locked the front door on her way out. She grabbed her helmet, jumped on her moped, and was about to take off home.

Unfortunately for Mona, tonight was not gonna be a good night for her, for someone smacked a rather large squeaky hammer behind her head, knocking the poor girl out. Gripping the handle of the squeaky toy-like hammer was none other than one of the goons from Pizza Dinosaur, obviously up to no good again as usual. Another goon stepped out of the van as the two of them picked up Mona and carried her into the red van as it drove off, swerving left and right all over the road as it did.

When Mona woke up, she felt more tired than usual. Did she take yet another job? Obviously, that wasn't the case as she felt herself unable to move. Being more alert now, she noticed that she was inside some kind of fancy house, possibly home to some kind of celebrity. There were windows surrounding the room, showing the city lights looming and bright. As she tried to get up, however, she felt herself unable to, seeing as how she was tied pretty tightly with rope, keeping her hands behind her back as her arms were tied behind her stomach. Her feet, which were stripped of their proper footwear, were propped on a stool, tied together but not on the stool itself. She looked over and noticed that her orange boots and long white socks were laying on the floor next to the chair. "Um...hello?" she called out, not knowing if anyone would answer. "Is anyone there?! Can someone help me? Please?!”

"Oh, Mona Mona Mona, you silly girl." a voice from in front of Mona said as it stepped out of the shadows. "Vanessa?!" Mona said in surprise as the shadow revealed itself to be none other than Vanessa herself in her usual garments. "Wh-why are you here?" "Don't play dumb with me, red-head!" Vanessa angrily said, pointing at the red-headed diva, "I know your band stole the Rockin' Brooklyn Tour from me, you can't deny it!" Mona was pretty confused by her statement. Neither Mona nor any member of her band get any kind of notice that she had gotten a band tour from anyone. "Huh? What are you talking about? What tour?" Vanessa smirked. "Apparently, you need a refresher course on our conversation." Vanessa then began to walk toward Mona with a wide grin on her face. This is too perfect, thought Vanessa, I have her right where I want her, and she can't escape! Revenge is finally mine!

Vanessa walked to the stool next to Mona's bare feet. She never noticed it but Mona's feet were quite pretty, along with how they match her looks. Her feet were about a size five or six and she even had painted her toenails orange to match her outfit. It was cute and effective if she ever decided to wear sandals. "Mona deary," started Vanessa as she looked down at Mona's feet, "why do you take such good care of your tootsies but don't even bother to show them off?" Even though Mona got angry by this comment, she couldn't help but blush a bit. But as soon as Mona was about to say something in rely to Vanessa's comment, a new sensation filled into her head. A weird feeling. Something......funny. As in a "Ha ha" funny.

A grin started to form on Mona's face as she looked down and saw that Vanessa was now starting to lightly scratch at her right foot. The scratching started to get harder and as it did, Mona found herself grinning wider and wider. She knew what was going on, but what she didn't know is how to react to this action. Vanessa then used her other hand and started to also lightly scratch on Mona's left foot. This made Mona's mouth show a bright smile on her face as she continued to hold in her desperate-escaping giggles. "Now now dear sweet Mona, you go on and let those widdle giggles out for mommy Vanessa." Vanessa started to baby-talk to Mona as she then started to lightly go to town on the red-headed diva's soft soles. Amazingly to Vanessa’s surprise, Mona’s feet didn’t move away from her tickling. Knowing Mona however, she must’ve not realized they weren’t restrained to the stool and acted as if they were tied down.

Mona continued to hold in her giggles with a wide smile on her face. That wouldn’t last long as Vanessa went and tickled the balls of her feet. Soft giggles managed to escape from Mona as Vanessa made a big smirk. “Aaah, there’s some. Now lets hear some more, my sweet Mona.” She said as she started to focus on that one spot. That was the moment that Mona would soon regret. The giggles held up inside of her suddenly exploded into laughter.

“..plehehhehehehese! Stahhhahaaaahahahaahapahahahahaha!”

“Aw, poor Mona. Reduced to laughter already?” Vanessa asked her rival, “But we haven’t even seen how ticklish your pretty feetsies are.” Vanessa smirked as she stopped and let Mona focus. “Down to business now. Here’s the deal, Mona dearie. You have me alone perform on this tour and we’ll have no problems and I’ll let you go.” Mona just stared at Vanessa, still shaken up from the surprise of this situation. “Vanessa I swear, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about!” Mona said with a tiny bit of anger, “What tour?!” In Vanessa’s view, it was apparent she wasn’t gonna give up the tour without proper convincing. “Ookay, if you say so.” she said in a teasing voice as she went ahead and started scratching her fingernails all on Mona’s soft sweet soles. “Coochy coochy coo~!” Right as she did this, Mona immediately lost it. She had never been tickled anywhere before ever since her childhood, so this was a fresh thing for her to be in this kind of predicament with her screams of ticklish laughter filling the room.


“Not until you give me all of the rights to the Rockin’ Brooklyn Tour. Until then, your ticklish tootsies are all mine!” Vanessa said to her longtime rival, “Tickle tickle~!” This was probably Vanessa’s shining moment. She had always been out beat by Mona countless times over and over again, but now here she was being putty in her hands as Vanessa’s fingers scratched up and down all over Mona’s cute feet. And all her rival could do was laugh and take it as she struggled in her bonds trying to get away with little success. It wasn’t until Vanessa scratched under her toes did Mona really lose it. After nearly three minutes of the toe tickling, Mona has had enough.


“Aaaaaannnnyyythiiiiiiiing?” Vanessa teased, scratching even more under Mona’s cute toes.


Vanessa smirked, confident in her victory over her red-headed rival through submission to her torture. She suddenly stopped to let Mona speak. The poor girl was taking deep breaths from all that was happening. “Oh…okay…*huff*….you can…*puff*…have that…tour thing…*huff*…now please let me go!”

Vanessa had that little grin of hers on her face. She got what she really wanted, but why stop there? Why not have a little more fun with the poor ticklish girl? Vanessa looked at her with a smirk. “Mmmm, Nah I don’t think so.” she simply said. “WHAT?! BU-BUT YOU SAID YOU WOULD!” Mona shrieked to her in fear. This was quite possibly the first time Mona was actually frightened to death by being in a sticky situation. Usually she could handle such things herself, until today anyway. Vanessa simply giggled. “What, I can’t have a little fun first before you go?” And with that, Vanessa leaned back toward Mona’s feet. “Besides, I still have much exploring to do,” she said as she lightly tickled in between Mona’s big toe.


“Dear me Mona!” Vanessa said in shock, “You seriously are pretty ticklish, aren’t you?” It was pretty obvious that the spots in between Mona’s toes were very ticklish. Finding this out, Vanessa grinned mischievously. Mona stared at her green-haired rival with shear terror. “Vanessa please, I’m begging you, please not there! Anywhere but there! PLEASE!” The girl simply smiled. “Don’t think begging will get you out of this,” Vanessa said as she then pulled out a simple orange feather. “The fun has just begun.”

Meanwhile on the streets of Diamond City, a rather familiar fat man with a very pointy mustache, a yellow and blue bike helmet with goggles and matching gloves was driving down the road on his so-called ride, a motorcycle with two tall exhaust pipes towering over the bike itself. “WHAAAAHAAHAAHAAA!” he yelled out in excitement, “With the WarioWare franchise being a huge success, I’m living the good life!” The fat man was Wario, head of the gaming factory known as WarioWare Inc. Though Wario has a tendancy to grab as much cash as he can, shown by his failed attempts at escaping with the profits of his game sales, he knows how to handle business well and was now just passing by through Diamond City. As he was, he heard a scream coming from downtown somewhere. It sounded like it came from a kid or something. “MY NAME IS RED AND I’M DOMINANT!!!” Wario shrugged it off. “Pfft, whatever you say freak kid,” he said to himself as he turned his head and suddenly found out he was way off the road and onto hard downhill grass, riding down the rather tall hill out of control. “WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

Back with Mona, who was now a shrieking and laughing mess at this point, things weren’t looking too good for the redheaded pop diva. Vanessa was having a wonderful time torturing poor Mona as she used the orange feather to brush up and down all over Mona’s size six feet. “NOOOHOHOHOHOHOAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAPLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEEHESEHEHEHEHEHEHEH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!” Vanessa was now beginning to tease her rival once more. “Aw, widdle Mona-wona is ticklwish. But she just woves to waugh!” she said as she used the feather and brushed it in between each individual toe, enjoying Mona’s laughs of torment with each passing minute.

Luckily for Mona however, the noise of a motor started to get closer and closer. Pretty soon, a motorcycle came crashing through the windshield, catching Vanessa by surprise as it landed on top of her, obviously knocking her out. “Whaaaa…” The bike belonged to none other than Wario, who’s bike crashed through Vanessa’s top window and landed right on top of Vanessa. “Wario~!” Mona said with joy. Mona had a rather secret crush on Wario, mainly because she saw him as a super strong cool guy. Even though she fell victim to one of Wario’s get-rich-quick schemes, she saw something about him that others didn’t. Wario was still in a daze as he shook his head to regain focus.

“Maama mia…” the overweighted biker said as he held his head. “Uh, hey um Wario?” Mona began as she got his attention. “Eh, oh it’s you again. What da ya want?” “Um, do you mind if you could get me home? My friends must be worried sick about me.” Wario, being as stubborn as he is, only shrugged off her offer that is, until she said this.

“I’m uh, willing to pay for you rescuing me.”

“Heh, you got it!” With that, Wario immediately sprang onto the scene as he picked her up and held her over his shoulder. “Waah!” she exclaimed as Mona felt herself flung onto Wario’s shoulder as he jumped onto his bike and drove out of Vanessa’s mansion…right through the front door. As they passed the haunted mansion, which was now full of unknown laughter of some kind, only one sentence was said on the entire trip back.

“Wario…..you forgot my boots.”

Writer's Comments:
This was part of an agreement me and ElStarko thought up to do in our spare time. He agreed to make a WarioWare story that involved Ashley and Red while I would focus on a story revolving around Mona's life balancing jobs. If you enjoyed my story, then please read my friend's story while you're at it. I even inserted a little tibit of his story into mine, as if the two stories were one whole story.

UPDATE: Apparently, someone on deviantArt liked this story so much that they decided to do a piece of art based off of it. Lets hear it for Bendersminion for making such nice art. =3
Please do visit his page, he's got some rather nice DID stuff there.
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