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What to expect at the DC Tickle SIG (Posted on 8/27/2023)


Feb 25, 2023
WHAT is the Black Rose TickleSIG?

The Black Rose Tickle Special Interest Group (SIG) is also known as Tethers and Feathers. We hold Black Rose events as a SIG and, therefore, no alcohol is allowed.
At the TickleSIG there is no pressure to play. It is just a lighthearted gathering filled with people who are fun to hang out with.
On FetLife, our group is “Tickle DC - Washington Metro Area Tickling” and the party announcements are listed as “BR TickleSIG.”
You must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend TickleSIG events.

WHO Are You?

The TickleSIG has both newbies and seasoned kinksters. The TickleSIG tends to be a newbie’s gateway into the kink lifestyle. Whether you are a TickLEE (bottoms), TickLER (Tops), or just a voyeur, we are not going to try to define you; that is your job. This process is about exploring.
We are loving our journey, and we want you to do the same.

WHO attends the TickleSIG?

The group is very welcoming, open-minded, and non-judgmental; we want everyone to feel at home.*There is no pressure to play--you can just enjoy the atmosphere because we make a lot of BACON and cookies and have a good time. The TickleSIG is a fun, lighthearted atmosphere that is full of humor and variety, with people that are open-minded and looking for new ways to play.

Who and what we are not: YOUR PERSONAL MATCHMAKER!

Do not ask the group moderators or host/hostess if the TickleSIG has young, attractive, athletic attendees–it just makes you an asshat.* If you cannot pick these types of people up at other events or in day-to-day life, you will likely be out of luck at the TickleSIG, too. Our group is well balanced in age, ethnicity, education levels, gender, body type, and physical attributes. This is real life, not the porn you find on the internet. Please leave that frame of mind at home and come with a set of realistic expectations. If you are a pleasant person who gets along well with others, more than likely you will do the same at the TickleSIG. We are a social, educational, and tickling special interest group; if you are looking to hook up, try FeelD or Grinder.

WHEN to attend?

The event takes place every second Saturday of the month.* This is subject to change due to unforeseen emergencies, scheduling conflicts with other events (AUNT, NEST, etc.) or the event falling on a holiday weekend. Event information is always posted to the FetLife Group.

Time of Year: There is Summer and the Rest of the Year.

SUMMER: All our parties start with eating and socializing. Our hosts provide the drinks (e.g., soda and water). Bring a potluck dish to share; protein is always a favorite and we ALWAYS have too many desserts. The house has a pool, so bring your suit and towel, because most of us end up wet sooner or later. Always expect a much bigger crowd during the summer.

REST OF THE YEAR:* The pool is closed.* We have “themed” TickleSIGs such as costumes in October and Ugly Sweater contests at Christmas. This information can be found in the invites on FetLife.

WHERE is the event?

The event takes place at a private home in Northern Virginia. *PamelaPleases and TicklesYou*on FetLife are our hostess and host.*

IMPORTANT: The TickleSIG is a COMPLETELY non-smoking venue. This includes cigarettes, vaping, eSig, and marijuana use anywhere on the property. Our host and dungeon monitor are extremely allergic. DO NOT smoke or come in close contact with someone who has smoked within several hours of attending.* Just the smell on your clothes triggers an allergic reaction, and if that happens, you will be asked to leave.*


The private residence is a split-level home with three separate areas (Upstairs, Main Floor and Split Level).
We utilize sheets on all the equipment. Once you have used the equipment the dirty sheets should be removed and replaced with clean sheets which are available in each room. All dirty sheets should be placed in the Family Room on top of the washing machine.
Please ask our hosts where the washing machine is located.
Respect the furniture; cover all squishy/naked bits before sitting, do not sit down with a wet bathing suit on, and please do not sit on the arms of any chairs or sofas.*
Bathrooms are available for your use with extra toilet paper stored in each. Please change the roll if you find that you have utilized all the TP. Upon exit ensure the bathroom door is left OPEN so that others do not think it is in use.


There is a bedroom and an office that are available for playing.* Although both doors lock, our hosts ask that you leave them unlocked for safety reasons. * Close the door if you want privacy, but, of course, you can leave it open, too–we enjoy a good show!* Leave the door ajar when you leave so others know the space is available. Always knock and wait for an answer before entering any play space.

- * * * Office: The office is normally set up with a massage table–only one person on it at a time, please!* The hosts ask that you do not place anything on the computer or the books/papers in this room.

- * * * Bedroom: The bedroom has a bed with ropes attached to it in case you want to use cuffs. The hosts also ask that you do not place anything on the keyboard or the books/papers in this room.

- * * * Master Suite – This room is OFF LIMITS. Even if you see guests or the dungeon monitor walking in or out of the room, it does not mean you can use it.

- There is a full bathroom on this floor.


- Entrance Hall:* Our hosts ask that you remain clothed and do not play in the entranceway, as the neighbors are able to see inside when people are coming and going.*
There is a cooler with water bottles in the hallway.

- * * * Living Room: The cot is set up here and this is a Public Play area. Remember, please respect the furniture; cover all squishy/naked bits before sitting, do not sit down with a wet bathing suit on, and please don’t sit on the arms of any chairs or sofas.* Do not play anywhere near the Grandfather Clock!

- * * * Dining Room: This is the area where the food is set up, buffet-style.* There is also a fridge with drinks located in this room.

- * * * Kitchen: This is a place to chat, have unrestrained play, and sometimes you will even find some of us foodies in there cooking. The trash cans are labeled as Trash and Recycle.
You are expected to clean after yourselves and dispose of your trash in the proper containers.


-*******Family room: This area is used for quiet chat, foot worship and/or aftercare. As a reminder, please respect the furniture, cover all squishy parts before sitting on the upholstery, no bodily fluids in this area, and remember, no damp or wet swimsuits, even when covered with a towel.

-*******Dungeon: There is a large wooden structure in this space ideal for using cuffs or doing suspension. This room is lockable but the same rules apply as above with the bedrooms. You can play privately or you can have a group scene. In the past, we have put some very large groups in the dungeon.

- There is a half bathroom on this floor.


The garage is off limits except for the disposal of recycling and trash.


The backdoor is in the Family Room. The backyard has the pool, lawn chairs, umbrellas, and table. Generally, you will find us all out here during the summer. The
space has a 7-foot privacy fence and you are welcome to dress or undress to your level of comfort.

HOW*to get to the venue?

Most of our attendees drive. If this is not an option for you, the Metro Silver Line has two stops near the venue: The Reston Town Center metro station is 3 miles away and the Herndon/Monroe Metro station is 2 miles away.* The Dulles Airport is also connected to the Silver line.* Reagan National Airport is connected to metro system and buses and trains arrive at Union*Station which is on the metro system.*If you do not have transportation, please let the host/hostess know and there is usually someone who can pick up and drop off at the station. UBER or Lyft is also an option.


When parking near the venue, make sure you are not blocking access to driveways and mailboxes, that you are parking at least 15 feet away from a fire hydrant, driveway, mailbox, and 30 feet away from the Stop sign at the end of the street. The hosts are not responsible if you get towed.
Parking is not allowed on the pipe stem. That is the long driveway type road beside the lawn (left side of the house). You must park legally on the street.

To Play or Not to Play?

Not to Play: Please get comfortable, hang out, meet people, converse, learn who we are and what we are all about. Many people are not comfortable playing in public or playing for the first time in an open forum. We understand; many of us have been there. We will play around you.

To Play: We always encourage you to play; if you are not comfortable in the open forum/public space, please ask one of our long-time members for a small-group or one-on-one play scene. They are at liberty to say yes or no, but you may be pleasantly surprised. We are all about negotiating what is comfortable for our newbies. We invite you to watch or even take part in public scenes; the TickLEE will outline their limits and appoint a TickLER who directs the scene. All private scenes should be negotiated in advance, see Whiteboard and Timer information below.

The TickLEEs (bottoms) are encouraged to set limits on who can tickle him/her/them, where he/she/them can be tickled on the body and with what. Please see the Public
Play section, but those limits also apply to private play.

Does more than just Tickling happen at the TickleSIG?

This is a resounding YES!!! We are the gateway drug for many new kinksters. Some people have called us tame; we are okay with that. Please underestimate us. :) It is so much more fun when you do.
Other types of play have been known to happen at the TickleSIG: food, electrical, bondage, impact, foot massages/play/worship, wax, themed parties, knife, temperature, sensual play/massage/touch, rough body, pool, and even Tickle Twister.

House/Global Safe Words:

All in all, we are pretty good communicators and will generally check in with the TickLEEs we are tormenting tickling. During our events we utilize the universal BDSM safe words:

Yellow - slow down; I need a break; I need to check in.
Personal Safe Words - These should be communicated to the room if in public play, and to the individual or all players in small group dynamic.

Many of our attendees are seasoned players and ALL safe words are respected and acted on immediately. However, some words are not considered safe words: GO AWAY, barking, and NO NO NO.

White Boards and Timers:

At the door to each private play space in the house there is a white board and timer. The white board indicates two things: who is currently using the room and who wishes to use it. The timer’s function is to indicate how much time is left before the room is vacated.

Note: A room with a closed door is assumed to be occupied.

If you are done using a room:
• Clean up after yourselves. See above for laundry.
• Leave the door OPEN after you are done.
• Erase your name from the white board when you depart the room.
How the time and white board system works:
If the room is unoccupied and there is no name listed on the white board:
• Use the room.
If the room is occupied (door is closed or you can see someone is in the room playing):
• Place your name or group name on the board.
• Set the timer for 30 minutes and knock lightly to let the occupants know that you are next in line and the timer has been set.
• Knock again when the timer goes off to let the occupants of the room know that the time is up.
• Allow the occupants a few minutes to vacate the private space.
• Use the room, once vacated.
• Set the timer for 30 minutes (If there are any names listed below yours upon entering.)

If the room is occupied and there is more than one name listed on the white board:

• Place your name on the board under the name lowest on the board.
• Check the board periodically to see where you are on the list.
• Once your name or group name is second on the list, you are next in line to occupy the room.
• Check the timer (if it not set previously, set it for 30 minutes and knock lightly.)
• Knock when the timer goes off to let the occupants of the room know that the time is up.
• Allow the occupants a few minutes to vacate the private space.
• Use the room, once vacated.
• Set the timer for 30 minutes (If there are any names listed below yours upon entering.)

If there is not a line, then the timer is not necessary and the play time is not limited.
If you knock and there is no answer, slowly open the door to see if there are any occupants in the room. If there are, see above. If vacant, please feel free to use the room.
Set the time for a FULL 30 minutes when you knock.

Public Play (and the COT):

Most of our public play happens on the cot in the Living Room. Many adore it; some abhor it. The hosts request that only one person use the cot at a time. The cot can hold up to 600lbs, however, concentrating too much weight in one spot can either bend or break the legs of the cot. The cot has ropes and cuffs that allows TickLEE to be secured in order to ensure that the TickLERs do not get hit.
The Trust Standard for the TickleSIG is very important to us. If a male does not want other males tickling them, we respect that. If a woman only wants females tickling her, then that is her right. If you are asked to keep your hands to yourself, or a TickLEE excludes you, it is not personal. It is their preference and their right to have those bounds respected.
Do not interrupt a scene that is on-going. If there is a designated monitor for the scene that you can ask without interrupting the scene, check with them on who is permitted to join and what are the limitations, or wait until the next TickLEE is preparing to get on the cot and ask permission and understand clearly what their limitations are.
Sometimes spontaneous play happens, but that does not mean you can join in. Some people that attend the TickleSIG have known each other for years, have blanket consent, and can be very playful with each other. If you do not know the people involved or are not sure if you can join, ask before joining. When in doubt, ask the hosts. We are more than happy to share what is permissible and what is not.


Aftercare should be part of the scene negotiation, both public and private. Ensure that if you have any needs after a scene that those are made known to those around you.
In public scenes, the TickLEE will be offered water, wrapped in the sheet they used on the cot to keep them warm. It is recommended that if you need further aftercare you should arrange that with someone that is present prior to the scene beginning.
In private scenes, aftercare details should be discussed in advance.
If you tend to come down from the endorphin rush later (drop), you need to ensure you speak with someone to get a ride or carpool with someone that can get you safely home. This person should be someone you know and trust.

There is always food available if you tend to crash without the appropriate nutrients.

REMINDER: The TickleSIG is a COMPLETELY non-smoking venue. This includes cigarettes, vaping, eSig, and marijuana use anywhere on the property. Our host and dungeon monitor are extremely allergic. DO NOT smoke or come in close contact with someone who has smoked within several hours of attending.* Just the smell on your clothes triggers an allergic reaction, and if that happens, you will be asked to leave.*

If you have further questions, please feel free to message our hostess at*[email protected].*

Beware of frosting and bacon in a tickling scene. Just kidding--we use those things in bulk.

Hope to see you at an event soon!
The next event will take place on Saturday, September 9, 2023 from noon to 5pm. Pool will be open, so make sure to bring a towel. Hope to see you there!
Just rejoining this forum… do you have the DC Tickle SIG often? It sounds amazing. I am in NYC and trying to put together a tickle party but would love to attend a good one first. Sorry I missed the most recent but hoping I can make the next?
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