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Which tickle model has the best laugh?

Britney Brooks always gave me a perfect visual of what it might look like seeing Anna Paquin getting tickle tortured, so she's definitely on my favorite laughs list!
So MANY great answers here.

These are the ones that come to mind (today), in no particular order:

Barbara - real tickling
Catherine Fox - love it when ftkl gets his hands on her
Daisy - tickling paradise
Indica - always brings a smile to my face watching White Girls Are Ticklish
Tori Sinclair from back in the day
Just recently discovered Dre Hazel, yes she's awesome.
Ryan Conner, even though not technically a tickle model but she did have that one gig with MTP; if you love a cackling laugh like me, go check her out
Paris from Brazil Tickling
Avery from Tickling Paradise. I could go on, but I imagine so could we all LOL
Going back to FM Concepts days, Rachel Wells and Whitney Prescott.
Jordan (Tickling Central)
Lo Lo (Tickle Abuse)
Foxy Roxy (Zen Tickling)
Jacklyn Lick (Real Tickling)
Lauren (Czech Tickling)
Yvonne Thomas (FM Concepts)

And my 2 all time favorites who sadly only made ~1 clip each:

Tracy (Tickling Paradise) - Cop Kitchy Koo
Kelli Lynn Sage's "Yoga Instructor" (Tickling Intensive) - Yoga Instructor's First Time
I admit it, I may be biased. :D But Priti, who I worked with in 2014 and early '15, is hands-down my favorite. She laughs, and laughs hard... but if you get her just right, she'll start to squeal, babble, and beg. It's adorable and really defies description. "Let's Tickle Priti to Death!" is probably the best of the bunch, although "Belly Up!" and "Priti's Last Stand" are definitely contenders.

My second favorite is Lolly Gagger, the sword-swallowing clown(!). Lolly will, if tickled hard enough, start to cackle like Harley Quinn.
For me, right now, it is Savannah! Especially when she gets going with full on laughter. In the past, I always felt Lily and Tracy from Tickling Paradise was excellent! Also, Tracy from Silver Cherry Tickling.

However, since they are not regular models I feel MANY of the women from Stuck in the Stocks, have some of the best ever laughter. Lees like Terri, Ami, Rachel and other mature women have a very sexy, mature, distinctive laughter than many younger lees don't.
2 classics: Leticia Miller (Brazil Tickling) and Francesca Le (I think she's worked for several companies?)
Ariel from Tickling Paradise. Her immediate out-of-control deep hard laughing was awesome. Also Avery from Tickling Paradisewas a lot of fun to hear.
Hard to choose just one. Pocahontas Jones has one of my favorite laughs. And with Taylor Raz I love it when the ler hits a really bad spot and she gets that cute little cackle.

Definitely right. Taylor Raz isn't always the best laugher but her intense cackle is to die for
I have to say also Sara from Real tickling...such a great laugh
Tracy from Tickle Torture

If this is Tracy Jordan, then I second that!! She's got quite the adorable laugh, particularly in her video "Ticklish Tracy" from Stryker Productions. She's out of this world in that video.
Luna Vera, Carmen (Tickle Abuse) Shelly Dare/Sunshine and Samantha (Zen Tickling)
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