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Wife Tickled by her Boss M/F Feet, Nylons


TMF Expert
Sep 16, 2002
This is the first story I ever posted on the TMF back in August 2003. Part 2 is coming August 2023

Wife Tickled by her Boss M/F Feet, Nylons

The alarm went off at 7:30 AM that day. My wife got up and started her usual morning ritual of preparing for work. This ritual was the same every morning; a hot shower, blow dry her hair, iron her clothes, get dressed, and sit at her makeup mirror and get ready. I had the day off , so I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. But, as usual, I couldn't, so I just sat there and watched my wife get ready.

One thing I've always found sexy is a woman putting on her stockings. I stared as she rolled the black sheer hose up her left leg, then her right. Then she got up and stepped into her skirt, a black knee length deal with a slit to mid thigh up the right side. Then, she sat at her makeup mirror and crossed her legs as she applied her face. Her legs are probably her best feature, nicely shaped, especially the calves. I stared at her legs and especially her sexy little feet, probably the nicest feet I've ever seen, and also quite ticklish. I moved down to the foot of the bed and reached over to her foot, and lightly scratched on the sole, reminding her of her ticklishness. "Not now" she replied as she hurriedly tried to
finish her makeup. "I'm running late as it is!" she grumbled. She then got up and stepped into her black pumps. She asked if she could use my car as she was low on gas. I told her to go ahead, and that my keys were on the nightstand. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and was off.

I finally got up around 10:30 that morning, and decided I would see if my wife wanted to have lunch with me. I called the office where she worked as a receptionist for an insurance salesman, and she said she had already made plans. I accepted her answer and hung up. Then I got suspicious. The last few days, she seemed to have plans almost every day for lunch. Also, she was getting home late every day too. But, it seemed like as soon as she got home she was ripping my clothes off for sex, and she was always soaking wet. It didn't make sense. I had to check this out.

I arrived at the small office at 12:00 noon. A sign on the front door said "OUT TO LUNCH. BACK AT 1:00." I looked in through the blinds and saw my wife's empty desk, and turned to leave. Then I thought I heard something, so I pressed my ear against the door. I had heard something, it sounded like laughter. Then I heard it again, only louder. Now my mind started going! Was my wife cheating on me? I had to know what was going on. Maddening thoughts of my wife having sex with this insurance nerd filled my head. I tried the door, but it was locked. Then I realized, I had her car, so I had her KEYS! She had an extra set of keys to the office. I unlocked the door and proceeded in.

As soon as I opened the door the sound of laughter filled my ears. I slowly approached the door to his office. It was partially open. I
peeked in, but what I saw was nothing like what I expected. There was my wife, sitting in this guys chair at his big metal desk. Her two feet were protruding out from under his desk, and had been placed in between the slots on a high-back wooden chair, with an ankle tied to adjoining posts on the back of the chair. He also had restrained her two big toes with something, maybe a shoelace, and himself was sitting on this chair, furiously tickling my wife's helpless feet. She was hysterical with laughter as he ran his fingers up and down her black stockinged feet. He taunted her with things like "kitchey kitchey koo" and " so you wanna tease me with your legs huh!" He then got up and went to a drawer and got a scissors. "I'm gonna cut these hose off and really tickle your ass!"

"NO!!" she replied, "My husband would definitely notice that!!" I sure would have!!

It was about this time that I realized how incredibly turned on I was! Here was my wife, her ankles and toes tightly bound, helplessly watching as this Nerd has his way with her feet, unable to stop the furious tickling because the desk was in between them. It was incredible!! After watching for almost 15 minutes and realizing that this was all that was going on, I decided to leave. Then, the phone rang. My wife picked up "Blah Blah insurance", as she was on the phone, the nerd started tickling her helpless feet again, this time with a pen. She bit her lip and tried not to laugh. It was incredible watching her try to hold in the laughter and still field the call. I left, and locked the door behind me.

That night, my wife got home from work ( late again, I wonder why!) and almost immediately dragged me to the bedroom, where we fucked like crazy. Already super excited from the tickling, she came several times, screaming so loud I thought the neighbors would hear.

It has always been my fantasy to see my wife squirming under the relentless tickle torture of another. I never dreamed it would be her geek boss!!!
I love this kind of story about abuse from a boss and else, especially when the victim loves it and is even getting horny from it, your wife is the Perfect secretary [emoji4]

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Nice to see this classic pop up again! Can't wait to read part 2
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