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Winter Storm.. Maybe. For New York City?


Level of Coral Feather
Sep 9, 2002
In what has been a virtually snow free wiinter in New York City, that streak may be about to be "broken"

We had a few very cold days this winter, but otherwise, the winter has been very mild.

We had two.. dustings of snow, fairly close to one another, that were about one inch each.

Now, according to www.weather.com.

Three to five inches is expected for NYC overnight Monday night, and into Tuesday, with far more than such north of the city, including close to a foot, and a foot or more, up into the Hudson Valley, CT, and Mass.

It's not supposed to be exactly cold, and the snow is supposed to start as rain, and change to snow.

Snow! Bring it on!
Well it may happen.

From all rain, to 1 inch of snow, increasing to now. a Winter Storm watch for NYC for Tuesday for 5 to 8 inches of snow

If anything more than an inch does happen, it would be the first such event in 2 years, since a 14 inch snowfall in early Feb 2021
Thanks, mils.


A "Winter Storm Warning" has just been issued for NYC for 4 to 8 inches of snow.

If this does occur, it would be the most snow that NYC has gotten since 2021.

Bring It On, Baby!
The storm seems to be worse than they originally thought.

Heavy snow is falling outside my window now, with up to 7 inches expected before it is supposed to end around mid afternoon.

The biggest snowstorm in two years.

We will see if this is the only major snowstorm this season, or if there will be more to come.

We still have half of Feb to go , and March can also have snowstorms
They said that the "total snowfall" is supposed to be 4 to 8 inches.

Right now it almost sounds like a rain or sleet hitting my window.

It is supposed to come to an end in the next couple of hours.,

This was definitely a decent sized storm

Edit. On weather.com. Queens, where I live said. "Last 24 hours: 5 inches" they said there "might be another inch, and while it sounds like something might be hitting my window, it also looks like the skies are clearing, so it probably is not anything significant
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