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Story ideas

Hey, thanks for stopping by to read some of my random thoughts and rants...

So story ideas that are floating around in my head, amazing how everyday events can trigger tickling themed story ideas...
  • Elemental Giants that are beginning to terrorize the land, the adventurers need to figure out how to stop them, with a foreboding vision that killing them would unleash death on the land, Tickling is always the answer right?
  • Choose your own tickle adventure, a group of motley adventurers that are not the luckiest it seems at first, but discover hidden useful things.
  • Runes, crafting, embedding, using for skills , using for traps, to power machines thinking will be Halflings, Gnomes, Dwarves and other races are the willing and unwilling victims
  • Tickling adventure where you are being force to choose by a bored deity, think a mix of Loki and Q, where and when you get tickled, teased and tormented. Different eras, planets, times.
I have upload some of the AI images that are inspiring me a bit...


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