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  • I don't want to brag, but I am a pro napper. No 1 hour for me, I go full on 3-4 hours straight. lol.

    Are you really considering moving up this way?
    Hey, I heard you liked to say hey, so I figured I'd say hey for you to say hey back again hey.

    I wish I could summarize my life right now into a tiny neat little pile of words, but I think it would turn into one massive novel. It's not bad by any means. I think I'm just tired, you know?
    Have you seen all of the "Take pokemon and make ULTIMATE version of them"? They're terrible. Mewtwo is just one of them.
    There is apparently one I can find, but it says it's in heavy BETA phase, and only runs a select few games, if it runs X and Y when they come out, I'll give it a shot, but probably not, I'm hoping the emulator works, and Drayano makes a hack of it, cause I imagine it'll be the same as X and Y, in that I'll hate it because I'm forced to use Gen 5 (Now 6) pokess.
    X and Y are a huge dissapointment for me so far... I doubt I'll be buying them, especially as there is no emulators for a 3DS yet.
    I only JUST saw the trailer, I think I just had an explosion of fangirl-ism! AUGGGGGGHHHHH I NEED IT NOW!
    Yeah that's usually when I'm at classes, we have conflicting schedules how annoying zzzz
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