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  • Hi FF!

    Damn, sorry it's taken me so long to reply. The communication notices are a lot harder to see here than they were at the TTC. Sorry too that I didn't respond to any of the posts you've recently made. Saw you had about a zillion of 'em in the Art section. Yeah, a crying shame about the TTC. I really loved that place. 'Course, I hadn't posted anything new there either in ages. Same problem... I can't post artwork anywhere until my laptop's either repaired or replaced. Hope to see to that in the coming months. I've got a backlog of nearly 4 chapters I'm dying to contribute. Anyways, hope you get just as much appreciation here as you did at the Theatre! Folks still live your stuff to pieces!
    Ah! Thanks for alerting me, FF! I'm not as thorough checking the site as I used to be, and this new addition in Non-tk eluded me. What a beauty! Another smart example of Firefox compositional firepower! I'll be commenting there in short order!
    My pleasure, FF! More importantly, my extreme pleasure to once again see Mercy captured (!) by your fine creative style! She always has the bestest time in your scenarios!

    Am still, at present, confined to my phone... I lost my roster of tribute avatars when my laptop went down. Am slowly reconstituting that collection... expect to see other examples of your tribute artwork soon.
    Hiya FF! Oh yeah, I really dote on that avatar image myself! More importantly, Mercy adores it! Gotta keep the lady happy!

    Hope to see more of your commission work soon! That's an impressive flurry of productivity you've unleashed this past couple of months! Wonderful looking stuff! On my end, I do have some encouraging news to report: the newest Low Roads chapter should be ready to present as soon as next weekend! I'll post a preview tomorrow, probably. Stay vigilant for it!
    lol Yeah, DA does have some weirdos. I guess I'm considered weird too by most people since I have a foot/tickle fetish. :lol Yup. Engagement. New job (soon to be transferring to a shop in my town to make more money). Soon to be new house. Life is just great right now. I'm really happy and excited with all the future plans my fiance and I are making together. :)

    I'm glad to hear that everything is the best for you right now and I hope it continues that way. I'll be sure to let people know you are still alive. :stickout
    Well it's good to know you're still around in the tickling community. :) And thank you! We just got pre-approved for a home loan so hopefully by next Spring once we've saved up a little more for the downpayment we will have our own house. :) Hope all is well with you! *hug*
    Honestly? It's been going okayish for me man. I've been busting my ass off working on my first book for my series and I sometimes feel like some of my friends don't wanna talk to me anymore. But I keep my head high and push forward. Backing down was never really one of my strong points in life.

    Sometimes though I just wish it'd be a little easier. Ya know?

    It's great to see you back and active though. Your style has become really incredible since I first saw you on DA. =)
    Say do you think that maybe someday you would be able to draw lil ol' naughty Sebrina showing herself off? :3 I would love to see her in your style!
    Aw Damn it I wish i would of read your post sooner, I should have drawn you a B-Day pic! :( My cobra gal Sebrina would LOVE to meet ya, but I really should draw one for you when I get the chance!
    You can check it out on my facebook, it's not much, really. Just scenery.
    But yeah I'm all about my little hobbies and keeping busy. :p

    Stylized little version of myself? Not really, no. I've stayed far enough in the background to be a disembodied voice, more or less.
    Nah, I just throw them up on my face book as I finish them.
    I dropped in here to find a few people from another forum. Mission accomplished and now I mainly bounce around the discussion forums.
    And yeah, I'm a bit more lerish than leeish. Now-a-days.

    But hey, it's all "real art" to me, just in case you were trying to sell yourself short.
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