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  • hi my friend.. how are you..if you have skype.. norman.ftts...added lets talk..regards
    hi .. i am really your fan..your work is the best i evern seen...my skype if you wants to talk is norman.ftts..
    I like'a dat icon :I

    The general discussion forums have become saturated with stoopids. I need engaging conversation, and thus I've wandered over here. What's going on in your knick of the woods????
    Thanks for creating the sort of character that makes me want to go and draw him within hours, and imbuing him with colourful life. I'm glad you like the piece: using it as an avatar so quickly is praise indeed! It is definitely not the last Low Roads/Fox Sisters crossover I want to do.
    LR project? Sorry, I may have missed something. I'm going to put some art relating to my story Growing Up With The Fox Sisters up today, though.
    Blue guy has found himself a new buddy, and artwork relating to that prose prequel will go up tomorrow. Getting Babs and McFeely sorted out as well, and hopefully that will go up later in the week.
    Thank you! I just stayed home and ate food myself...

    I'm definitely planning some good things for tickling... The last pictures that I posted here on TT just last week have given me a lot of ideas and practically a new way of doing artwork too!
    Oh, that avatar is much more suitable! I know it's a bit out of character for Mercy to be so coquettish, but I just wanted to show what she might look like, if you got her in the right mood. I'm used to drawing 'come hither' looks with my girls, especially on Lucy.
    Ugh! I recognise that avatar from somewhere. Hopefully more pulchritudinous characters of yours on the way.
    have i told you how flattered i am that youre still using that pic of mercy as your avi? <3
    Thank you! It allows me to showcase a lot for stranger or friend to see!

    Ah, I see. Well I still look forward to your first comments when you get there!
    Or... you could ask me! I do have a DA account, I post every single one of my pics on there FIRST before TT or TMF gets to see them! A link to my page is always available by clicking on my fancy signature that is below each post that I make here and on the TMF, but here is the link to my page for your convenience!


    I hope to see you there soon! :D
    Ah I see, well, DA has had many changes since a few years ago, lots of conveniences have added of which you can see when you start using the site! One of which is you can group all your chapters into nice gallery folders (DA can provide help on that if you have trouble figuring it out). Ah, the limit on how many pics/pages you can post is...ZERO... you can post unlimited amounts of artworks and not have to worry! You'll find that DA is a bit more focused and possibly more active than the forums. Also, you don't have to worry about buying a premium account, if you're lucky someone could probably buy one for you! I'm sure someone would...everyone loves LBH! :D

    If there's still confusion, any and all questions can be answered by DA's handy FAQ option at the very bottom of the site page.
    Do you know how well the "Low Roads" series would do on Deviant art?

    I know you probably considered it before, but give it another chance... ;)
    You're welcome!

    Ah, I had a large feeling that everything was from that period... I just wasn't entirely sure... It's been bugging me for a while. It's nice to have a tale based somewhat off of a time period and have the freedom to make changes to it. It's very distinct and besides, who would know in these times if it's by-the-book accurate? It all sounds great to me!

    Heh, I have to add you to the list of people who've asked me! I am indeed thinking of a Teeva comic and I've got a perfect story for it to, of which I've ran in my head dozens of times and I'm sure it will be totally enjoyable.

    Now I just need time to run the story... in art form!
    Hey LBH!

    I've been wondering, what is the origin of the dialog in The Low Road stories? What time period is the story influenced by?

    Ah, thanks. After i've coloured the next few pages, I may have a go at drawing Mercy and co again. My favourite is sultry, sun-kissed Jenny. Perhaps Lucy and Jenny could be in a scene? I have a few ideas.
    Pretty amazing to see Babs as your avatar, even if she's caressed by Sid's slippery and blubbery tentacles.

    This weekend should give me opportunity to colour, especially tomorrow. I'm not going to grovel like some forelock-tugging serf before my TV set. That bloody wedding is almost inescapable. My hands will be busily stroking the endowments of Lucy, Babs and Nina... if only stroking an airbrush!
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