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  • Well it shouldn't be that long before you see the first pages of Pleasure Island, now that i've actually started drawing it.

    Lucy would be bemused by her popularity here and with some ofline friends of mine in general, even though she is no wallflower, but would be more flattered by compliments from tk artists such as Bandito and yourself. It might also help that you're from the States and subsequently, a little more interesting.
    Iron Man?...:cool

    Don't worry about having no computer, I have had a hiatus from the tk scene and haven't been here for a good while, but am now working on a different Fox sisters story which I find more exciting and is more straightforward in narrative but more exotic than Avian Oddity as far as the antagonists are concerned.

    I won't have anything to show for a while as i'll be busy drawing.
    hey thanks so much for the email you sent a while back..i'm soo sorry i didn't answer it..the thing is i'm having some computer problems..but i thoroughly enjoyed the continuation of the series..thanks again..
    I think sir, that the best compliment of all, is seeing Iron Mercy in your icon. I bow down to that gesture! I bow!!!
    Dunno if you deserve it??? Might I point you to that one endeavor of yours... what was it?.... Oh yeah, the 21 chapter comic that's still going strong?!? XD

    And muchas gracias for the PM, it definitely helped =] Right now all that's left is the brainstorming.
    You're flattered!?? Hahaha, did not expect that. I found you and all these other big dogs(cheshirecat, snailshell, tomatodragon, bombers as well, etc) in the fetish game when i was younger thinking "wow..... these guys are like olympic tickle gods", so that means a lot to me.

    Anyway I'm very thankful for the permission =) Um, seeing as my style is more modern Marvel-ish, I figured I'd ask you first, what exactly is Mercy's nose structure? Is it a full on cat's nose or is it a hybrid nose?
    Sorry I haven't been around lately. I think the Fox sisters are on hold for a while.
    My scanner needs t be sorted out and I haven't really thought about tickling or anything related for a while. I'm not quitting on them, as I enjoy sharing my ideas.

    Hope you are okay.
    I'm glad you like the news, just take a look at the introduction first when you read it, it helps to clarify a bit the nature of the story. And even there is long fetish action, there is a lot of info about Raven and Xelloin too (specially she, the last part is very emotional).

    I'm looking forward to know your thoughts about it, hope you'll like it.
    Hi LBH! I have read the PM you have sent me and I have news about the TR comic, in my forum you have the lastest chapter, is a story and picture that is the second part of the last chapter I did. It explains how Raven and Xelloin got really connected. Hope you'll like it.
    I prefered to let you know directly that the comic was done, there is a lot going on in it, I really hope you are happy with Sephie's performance and that you enjoy the first meeting of Sephie and Raven.

    I will really apreciate to know your thoughts about it. And the honor is mine for having the chance to create an adventure with this two together.
    Hi LBH! I answered the last PM with the info I have till the moment.

    I wanted to let you know that instead of the group plan that I have explained there I have a suggestion which Sephie will enjoy more (I think) and it wouldn't break your work in your art. If after reading the last PM you still want to know that suggestion just let me know, I think Sephie would be more pleased with that.
    i know it has been ages since i have said this but, new art here.
    hope you like them, it is just a catchup post.
    No worries LBH!

    There's no rush!

    Anything rushed has lower quality! Which is why your Low Roads series (which definitely isn't a rushed product ;) ) is so beautifully done!

    Write whenever you feel! Unsullied by the hectic and exhausting schedule of real life!
    Thanks for telling me too. I have seen your comic LBH, great as always! I have let my thoughts there.

    Sorry for the late replies, I would like to answer sooner but I couldn't.
    No prob LBH! Oh, I wanted to let you know that the next chapter of my comic is on the way, I finally have been able to get the plot I wanted.
    I think you've a while before you approach the age of the 'sages' that tutor and torture the girls. Doctor Featherfinger is about 83 (as of 2008).

    And then there's his dad...

    No, it's a good beard. I think guys should at least try including a beard in their tickling armoury, even if it doesn't last.

    I see Lucy becoming all a-quiver at the mere prospect, and her elder sisters might giggle now, but I don't remember them ever turning down the pleasures offered by more senior gents with thickets of chin (and brow) growth.
    Hello again Low_Roads. I know its been quite a while since we last spoke. I just wanted to say again how striking and brilliant your work is. I must've looked over every single piece you've made about 7 or 8 times now and I'm always thoroughly intrigued to look at them again.

    Mercy has become a favourite of mine now and the trouble she's got herself into has been both appealing and fun to see. I love your innovation towards creating a perfect scenario where one or more victims are subjected to interrogation. I await the next part of the series.

    My apologies for the longer-than-normal message but I just needed to establish how fantastic I think your works are. Keep up the good work my friend.
    i havent posted much art lately and now i have just posted all the stuff i am late with.
    so here we go.
    Knuckles Sonic and Tails
    Knuckles tied to a tree
    i hope you like them!
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